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Independent Study

Workshop 5 Oral Presentation Skills

Local Lecturer: Sharon Lam
Email: sharon.lam@hkuspace.hku.hk

Oral Proposal Presentation

(1) Oral presentation, A4/1 page summary both-side accepted (10%)
Provide sufficient copies (3 copies) for examiners Turnitin Coursework Submission Form

(2) 1,000-word proposal (10%)

Submit proposal to your supervisor at the end of your oral presentation (Late Policy will be applied!) Turnitin (Late Policy will be applied!) Coursework Submission Form (Late Policy will be applied!)

Oral Assessment Criteria

30 minutes for each student:
10 minutes: Verbal presentation 10 minutes: Q& A 10 minutes: Feedbacks from examiners

Oral Assessment Criteria

A good candidate will have: a firm idea of the specific area they wish to study a clear understanding of their research objectives undertaken a sound level of initial research and literature review in their selected topic selected an appropriate research methodology for this topic be able to explain their proposal within the 10 minute time frame allocated respond confidently to questions in another 10 minutes

What we expect

Present Ideas Clearly

Good tone and manner Eye contact/ body language Well-structured content Good time management Confident Professional manner & look Good use of summary page

Present Ideas Clearly

How? With an A4 paper only.
Provide a summary on an A4 paper (1 page but both side accepted) with bullet points of your presentation in an organized flow and structure. Prepare sufficient copies to the examiners (3 copies; typed; colored if appropriate) Make good use of figures/ tables/ charts, etc. Reference list should be included. With good introduction and conclusion
clear introduction and state the topic title clearly summarize the presentation in a precise and concise way re-cap main ideas of your project in a memorable way motivate the audience to respond in positive ways provide closure

Present Ideas Clearly

Grab ATTENTION (first 30 seconds) with good introduction Gain good impression within 3 minutes (nice study rationale & clear research objectives) to create

Keep good momentum for another 5 minutes (with well-structured content such as clear & detailed literature review and well explained research methodology) to create DESIRE Wrap up with good

CONCLUSION (Well, you really

deserve a good mark!)

Marking Grid
Oral Presentation

Q&A Session
Connect Your Audience

Q&A Session

Predict questions before the day. Listen the questions carefully. Avoid hesitation. No long answers, answer precisely (1-2 minutes). Ask examiner to repeat question if you really cannot catch it. Clarify with examples. Avoid simply repeating the same contents that you have just presented. Be open-minded when there are disagreement. Keep good attitude!

Feedback Session
Prepare to write down feedbacks for improvement and amendment.

Please discuss in a group and prepare a A4 summary sheet for the sample proposal. Each group should appoint a member for presentation. Students will be invited to participate in demo presentation. Identification of strengths and weaknesses. Discussion and feedbacks.

Are you ready?

Practice Makes Perfect!

Marking Grid

Second Individual Meeting

Prepare amendments after receiving some feedbacks during the presentation. e.g. Revised proposal e.g. Draft questionnaire Ask Questions!