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Wind Service Offshore

We cant conquer the elements But we can outthink them

We make maintenance a routine, not an adventure

Turning unpredictability into output

Massive waves. Racing tides. Early nightfall. Hail, lightning, blizzards and ice. All realities that Siemens Offshore Technicians regularly take in their stride. Siemens is relentlessly focused on driving down the cost of wind energy. As a company, we strive to help your wind turbines produce electrical energy in a wide range of conditions. By offering a wide variety of modernization and upgrade options, we can retrofit turbines to increase their daily output and reduce maintenance requirements. We have also put decades of brainpower into helping your offshore installation deliver in tough conditions. And no less brainpower into maintaining our service capability to do the same. Not through encouraging heroics. Far from it. Our remote diagnostics are dedicated to identifying and when possible resolving issues remotely. Our rigorous technician training stresses the importance of extensive onshore preparation and planning. When offshore maintenance is required, a broad variety of service craft, both floating and airborne, provides safe access to your offshore installation. Some of our latest nacelles feature spacious work benches in which technicians can work, regardless of the elements. We recognize that the hazards that we are exposed to may increase as we go further offshore. Thats why our technicians are rigorously trained to recognize and deal with an array of challenges so that, as far as possible, maintenance is a routine, not an adventure.

Over 20 years of offshore experience

We installed the worlds first offshore wind farm in Vindeby, Denmark, in 1991 and it is still running today. Since then we have gone on to install and service half of the worlds offshore wind turbines. As our turbines grow larger and are placed further from land, our service offering has evolved accordingly. Today, we lead in the development of new and better ways to reduce downtime and achieve high levels of energy production. Looking ahead, we are focused on maintaining this leadership through continual innovation. For a service provider well suited to helping you meet your goals, look no further.

Increasing availability with proactive planning

Offshore work could be unavoidably costly if not for Siemens Remote Diagnostic Services. Through remote monitoring and intelligent planning, we can turn unplanned repair work into planned preventive maintenance reducing time spent offshore and maintaining high energy output. 24/7 remote monitoring of turbines, SCADA and park control allow for improved remote and fast fix rates, and efficient dispatching of service technicians onsite, resulting in increased production Advanced vibration diagnostics in many cases enable us to predict potential damage to essential components, thereby potentially preventing major breakdowns and delivering substantial savings. A variety of diagnostic support services is focused on improving the troubleshooting and support of hardware and software components (turbine, SCADA and park control), with the objective of leading to greater reliability and performance of wind farm control and grid support. The impressive track record of remote monitoring and vibration diagnostics, combined with our comprehensive support services, makes Siemens a trustworthy and reliable service provider.

The reassurance of a strong service partner

When service contracts can last the best part of your wind turbines lifetime, its a given that you need a partner with staying power. Founded over 160 years ago, and with 360,000 global employees of whom over 15,000 are employed by Siemens Energy Service Siemens is an excellent choice. Today, our offshore service headquarters in Denmark is a hub for regional service centers in the USA, Singapore, Germany and the UK. And with Siemens now represented in 190 countries, we can quickly establish a service capability and supply chain close to many new installations. The sheer scale of our offshore operations leads to a more efficient service operation in terms of knowledge sharing, vessel availability and training.

The right craft for every task

Based on historic and simulated weather data, we tailor the logistical set-up for each individual wind farm, taking into account its location, distance from shore, water depth, tidal variation, weather complexity, wave height, and models and numbers of turbine. The access craft we utilize can reduce turbine downtime through accelerated response times, better and safer transfer and access, and extended service weather windows. Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) Cost-efficient and safe, CTVs are mostly used to transfer technicians and components to near shore wind farms. For more remote far shore wind farms, the CTVs are also utilized for transfers in combination with either a Service Operation Vessel or offshore accommodation platform. Service Operation Vessel (SOV) Standalone units for far shore wind farms, the SOVs utilize self-stabilizing platforms with gangways for direct access to the wind turbines which reduces the risks and loads involved with boat landing and ladders. With accommodation for technicians as well as appropriate storage facilities for all common used spare parts, the SOVs are designed for long-term duty at the offshore wind farm. Accommodation platform Providing stable and comfortable accommodation facilities for a large group of technicians, as well as ample

The worlds leading training centers

With enormously experienced technicians available as instructors, our training courses are world-class. Training centers in Brande (Denmark), Bremen (Germany), Newcastle (UK) and Houston (USA) provide training excellence in safety planning, technical skills and survival at sea. New developments in turbine and nacelle design are fed directly into our training. We also keep a record of technicians individual competencies so that suitably specialized teams can be made available for specific tasks. Our training allows our technicians to react to situations in an efficient, and above all safe, way.

Specialist service vessels: saving time, helping enhance your returns

storage facilities, the accommodation platform is an ideal long term reactive maintenance facility for large and far shore wind farms. Helicopter With its speed and flexibility, a helicopter enables fastresponse deployment of technicians and smaller components, even to far shore wind farms. Technicians are hoisted directly down to the nacelles heli hoist platform, with immediate access to the nacelle itself. Looking ahead With installations being planned further and further offshore especially off the UK and Germany Siemens is already planning new concepts to service the wind farms of the future. 5

Our service technician training is focused on reducing risks. Not taking them.

The ever-increasing scale of the wind industry has led to the inevitable industrialization of its service sector. Larger wind parks require access to service craft and supply chains. Larger turbines require bigger technician teams that rely on standardized planning and procedures honed by years of training and experience. Its a situation to which a global company like Siemens is extremely well suited. Among the major benefits of industrialization are the economies of scale that result. As a provider of service solutions to many of the worlds offshore wind farms, Siemens can help you explore the option of sharing service resources with neighboring wind farms. By sharing costs, wind farms can potentially select the most effective solution leading to higher turbine availability and more energy output.

Innovative and responsive

Constantly improving the way we service your wind farm is vital both to your investment and the industry as a whole. Our service innovations come both as a result of our own work and as a response to input from the field. 6.0 MW designed for service efficiency Service considerations were highly important during the development of the SWT-6.0 MW, where the ergonomic nacelle interior helps technicians perform their tasks faster and more safely.

Continuous upgrades for increased energy output

Over the lifespan of a wind farm, new innovations will steadily help to reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy of wind energy. Our commitment to modernization and upgrades enables you to benefit from up-to-date technology and increased energy output. One example is our Power Curve Upgrade package, where adding specially designed components to legacy turbine blades can result in better aerodynamic performance and enhanced energy conversion. And a practical deployment plan is part of the design. Tablet solution With service technicians working in high winds far above the sea, our tablet-based system reduces paperwork compared to conventional hard copy manuals, safety documentation and service checklists, resulting in faster work and quicker, more accurate service reports.

Accessibility To make turbine access easier and safer in higher waves, we have supported the development of a new access system, MaXccess, which utilizes boat landing platforms mounted on the wind turbine foundations. MaXccess provides safe, stable access for personnel in higher waves than previously possible, leading the way to added turbine availability.

Specially trained Siemens Service Rope Access Technicians install a power curve upgrade package

Service agreements tailored to your goals

Our specialists can help you choose from a range of service solutions, any of which can be customized to suit your particular needs. Our two most common service agreements are outlined below.

Why choose Siemens Service Offshore?

Size and experience

Over 20 years of offshore experience Largest fleet of offshore turbines Extensive service fleet Global and local presence with dedicated support teams
around the world

Commitment to Health & Safety World class training centers to promote technical expertise
and safety

Financial stability Focus on enhancing lifetime energy output while driving

down cost Leading expertise and innovation

Most advanced supply chain for availability and quality

of spare parts matching the offshore requirements
Long term program helping you attain highly predictable returns Available for the best part of your wind turbines lifetime, this package is tailored to Siemens offshore customers who seek a larger degree of security from their wind turbine investment over its lifetime. It offers you the unique opportunity of securing extended warranties on both Siemens turbine components and availability and our flexible pricing models can help align our objectives and yours. Balance of Plant reducing interface risk Our extended scope solution offers one point of contact throughout the service period, with the service contract covering physical assets including turbines, substations, cables and subsea cables, foundations, site roads, buildings and the subsea structure. This substantially reduces the interface risk between different parties that can lead to added downtime and lost output. Also, by leveraging your existing relationship with Siemens, you reduce the complexity of managing your assets giving you more time to focus on your business.

Flexible service solutions Committed to enhancing your turbine output with

modernizations and upgrade innovations

Safety: our highest priority

With an overriding aim of establishing a safe work environment for all our employees, Siemens works closely with government agencies and rescue authorities to attain the highest safety standards. Our Zero Harm programme is a way of life. It starts with identifying and acknowledging the hazards we may face, then reducing exposure to them through design, safety procedures and intensive training.

Customer satisfaction: our ultimate aim Were not solely focused on the machines. We take great pride in the loyalty of our customers and to this end we measure your satisfaction annually and continuously strive to meet your expectations as a business partner.

Siemens also promotes safety throughout the industry. As wind turbine design evolves, and as we head deeper offshore, we are helping to set new global benchmarks in offshore safety.

Looking ahead
The offshore wind industry has just begun to take off and we look forward to being a major player in its development. Be assured that we will continue to maintain our industry-leading innovation and service to help you enjoy an excellent long-term return on your investment.



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