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INFORMACIN GENERAL Para resolver la prueba, usted debe contar con un folleto que contiene 80 temes de seleccin, un bolgrafo de tinta negra o azul, corrector lquido blanco y una hoja para respuestas.

INSTRUCCIONES 1. Verifique que el folleto est bien compaginado y que contenga los 80 temes de seleccin. En caso de encontrar alguna anomala, notifquela inmediatamente al delegado de aula; de lo contrario, el estudiante asume la responsabilidad sobre los problemas que se pudieran suscitar por esta causa. 2. Lea cuidadosamente cada tem. 3. Si lo desea, puede usar el espacio al lado de cada tem, para escribir cualquier anotacin que le ayude a encontrar la respuesta. Sin embargo, lo que se califica son las respuestas seleccionadas y marcadas en la hoja para respuestas. 4. De las cuatro posibilidades de respuesta: A), B), C) y D), que presenta cada tem, solamente una es correcta. Cada respuesta debe basarse en la informacin que proveen los textos o ilustraciones. 5. Una vez que haya revisado todas las opciones y est seguro o segura de su eleccin, rellene completamente el crculo correspondiente, tal como se indica en el ejemplo. C D B A 6. Si necesita rectificar la respuesta, utilice corrector lquido blanco; rellene con bolgrafo de tinta negra o azul el crculo correspondiente a la nueva opcin seleccionada. Anote en la parte destinada para observaciones de la hoja para respuestas: La respuesta del tem N ___ es la opcin ____. Debe firmar al final de todas las observaciones. 7. Ningn tem debe aparecer sin respuesta o con ms de una respuesta. 8. ESTAS INSTRUCCIONES NO DEBEN SER MODIFICADAS POR NINGN FUNCIONARIO QUE PARTICIPE EN EL PROCESO DE ADMINISTRACIN DE LA PRUEBA. 9. Las imgenes y textos utilizados en esta prueba son tomados del material disponible y recursos afines para la enseanza del Ingls.

Para efectos de determinar el puntaje obtenido, solamente se tomar en cuenta lo consignado en la hoja para respuestas.

SELECCIN NICA Read the text and choose the correct alternative to complete each idea. TABLE MANNERS? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. When you sit down to eat, use a napkin to clean your mouth if necessary. Clean your hands on the tablecloth or your clothes. Put only small pieces of food into your mouth. Eat big pieces of food. Youll finish faster. Eat with your mouth closed. Dont close your mouth when you chew.


Manner N 4 is ____________ when you sit at the table to eat. A) B) C) D) a requisite incorrect fabulous the best


Suggestion N 5 is very ____________ at any dinner. A) B) C) D) disgusting disastrous adequate rude

Read the text and select the correct option to answer each question.

The environment is everything around us, both natural and made by humans. A major problem in the world today is the destruction of the natural environment. This is a complicated problem. We burn fuel, and this causes air pollution. We throw away millions of plastic bags, containers, toys, and other objects. These stay in the environment; they are not like paper or wood that slowly disappear. We have made thousands of new chemicals. Factories that make or use chemicals always have chemical wastes. These are often poisonous, and they stay in the environment. Since 1945, several countries have been testing nuclear bombs in the air and underground. The explosions in the air cause nuclear fallout (radioactive rain). The fallout causes cancer and kills animals and people. Now there are nuclear power plants to make electricity. These produce dangerous wastes and have accidents that can be very dangerous.

3) What is the main idea of the article? To ________________________. A) B) C) D) explain what the environment is inform how electricity is produced collect plastic bags and containers state that contamination is dangerous


Which type of contamination does the article mention? ___________________________________. A) B) C) D) Wastes from factories and trash Cancer in humans and animals Electricity and accidents Non acid rainstorms

5) A) B) C) D)

Why does nuclear power damage the environment? Because ____________________________________. industries handle wastes responsibly people use chemicals adequately countries follow strict safety rules fallout residuals remain in the air


How do humans pollute the air? By ___________________________. A) B) C) D) killing animals and people producing more electricity burning fuel and testing bombs throwing all wastes into containers

Read the text and choose the correct option to answer each question. RADIO WAVES All over the world, radio is one of the most important sources of entertainment and information. People can listen to the radio almost anywhere and there are many different types of programs to interest people of all ages. The United States has more radios than any other country in the world. There are approximately 2,100 radios per 1,000 people. It also has the most radio stations, around 12,000. Regular broadcasting began in many countries in the 1920s. Music has always been the most popular form of radio entertainment. A music radio station plays an average of 13 songs each hour. Many popular stations offer mostly music, mixed with some competitions, talk shows, and news. Portable radios have helped to attract more and more listeners to radio stations: with small hand-held radios and car stereos, listeners can tune in when they are on the move.

7) Why is radio broadcasting considered important in the world? Because, _____________________________. A) B) there are 21,000 radios there are 12,000 radio stations of

8) Why did portable radios become an attraction? Because, they __________. A) let people listen to their programs everywhere B) were competitions C) hands D) mixed with some

C) it offers a great diversity programs

D) 1,000 people listen to the radio in the United States

helped listeners with small played 13 songs every hour


What is the main kind of entertainment that radio provides? __________________. A) B) C) D) Music Portable help Small-hand radios Radio station average

Read the text below. Choose the appropriate option to answer each question. OLYMPIAN RETURNS AFTER SUSPENSION By Maria Burns Tico Times Staff After a controversial two-year ban (prohibition), former Olympic and World champion swimmer Claudia Poll will return to international competition next week participating in an Olympic qualifying event in France. Poll, one of Costa Ricas best athletes, made history in 1996, winning the countrys first ever Olympic gold medal with her victory in the womens 200-meter freestyle in Atlanta. Four years later in Sidney, she captured two bronze medals. During the course of her career, Poll also has won five World Championship gold medals and set three world records. However, the International Swimming Federation banned Poll from competition for 4 years, in March 2002, after testing positive for an anabolic steroid the month before.

10) Where will Claudia participate after a two-year ban? In ___________. A) B) C) D) Costa Rica Sydney Atlanta France

11) What did Claudia win in Sydney? She won _________. A) only one bronze medal two bronze medals two gold medals one gold medal

B) C) D)

12) How many records has she set? She has set ____________ records. A) B) C) D) five one two three

13) For how long did the International Swimming Federation ban Claudia in 2002? For _________________. A) two months one month four years two years

B) C) D)

Read the text below. Choose the appropriate option to complete each sentence. IN DEFENSE OF CLEAN WATER Human beings have a primal and indispensable need for a simple substance called water. Holding this truth to be evident, a panel of environmental experts, representing organizations and individuals from Central America has set out to publicly condemn those who commit crimes against the requisite liquid. The Central American Water Tribunal, a non-governmental court created in 1998, denounced several cases in Nicaragua, petroleum exploitation in Guatemala, community drinking water polluted with agricultural chemicals in Costa Rica and the contamination of La Orejona stream with industrial waste, which harms residents, plants and animals in Honduras.

14) The text talks about _____________. A) the protection of water animals of Central America the importance of chemicals a governmental organization

15) Industries polluted currents with ________________ in Honduras. A) wastes animals harmful plants petroleum exploitation

B) C) D)

B) C) D)

16) Environmental experts condemn those countries that pollute _______________. A) C) D) non-governmental courts B) organizations chemicals waters

Read this information. Choose the appropriate option to answer each question.


Heres how to prevent skin damage caused by the sun. Use a sunblock cream. Put it on fifteen minutes before you go out into the sun. Wear a hat and closeweave fabrics, wear a shirt with a collar, not a T-shirt (remember a wet T-shirt still transmits ultra violet UV- radiation). Try to work or play outdoors before 11:00 A.M. and after 3 P.M. to avoid the very dangerous times of the day for sunburn.

17) What is the main cause of skin damage? __________________________ . A) B) C) D) Shirts with collars Sun block cream Ultra violet rays Dry T-shirts

18) What kind of clothes protect people from UV radiation? ____________________. A) B) C) D) Any T-shirt Wet T-shirts T-shirts without a collar Those made of close-weave fabrics

19) At what time is the exposure to the UV rays dangerous? __________________ A) C) D) From 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. B) From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. After 3 in the afternoon. Before eleven in the morning.

Read this conversation. Choose the appropriate option to answer each question. Its March 20, 2004. Miss Durn is applying for a job. Mr. Taylor: Margaret: Mr. Taylor: Margaret: Mr. Taylor: Margaret: Mr. Taylor: Margaret: Mr. Taylor: Margaret: Mr. Taylor: Margaret: Now tell me Miss Durn, what experience do you have in the fashion industry? Well, I went to the School of Design, and at present Im the manager of Lords Clothing Store. Have you ever worked as a fashion designer? No, I havent. And how long have you been at your present job? I have been working there since March 12, 2003. Why do you want to quit? Because Im not learning anything new. When can you begin? Immediately. Very well, Miss Durn. You can start a part time job right now, and after 3 months you should get a full-time job. Thank you very much.

20) What kind of interview did she have? A ___________ interview. A) B) C) D) learning school news job

21) Which position does she currently have? Shes a _______________. A) B) store designer store manager C) school manager D) clothes designer

22) How long has she been at her present job? For ____________. A) B) C) D) ten years about one year about two years more than three years

23) Why does she want a new job? Because ____________. she wants to learn more she needs more money she hates working her salary is low A)

B) C) D)

Read this article. Choose the appropriate option to complete each sentence.


For a wife or girlfriend roses, especially red roses, are the most popular for this Valentines Day. They mean passion and love, says Javier, a flower vendor. In Costa Rica, tropical flowers such as bird of paradise and heliconias abound, but according to florists, are primarily given to men. For children or men, florists suggest spring bouquets which include a variety of flowers, such as lilies (beauty), daisies (innocence), orchids (love), irises (friendship), which come in a variety of colors. For people looking for something different, artificial or dried flowers are gaining popularity and last longer.

24) Red roses for Valentines Day signify _____________. A) B) C) D) popularity friendship passion beauty

25) Tropical flowers are mainly for _______________. A) men wives women girlfriends

B) C) D)

26) Natural flowers last _____________________ the artificial ones. A) C) D) more time than B) less time than longer than as long as

Read this information. Choose the appropriate option to complete each sentence.


Confusion, happiness, anger, sadness and peace are all part of a chromatic spectrum stamped in the abstracts created by Jos Pablo Sols. His show Sin-Tctica displays 23 acrylics he has worked on during the last three years. In Mexico, he obtained a Masters degree in visual arts and the experience allowed him to develop a more mature vision of art and the uses of color, to demonstrate its emotive and evocative power. According to Efrain Hernndez, art critic at the Universidad Nacional, Solss painting is a personal answer, an ethical answer that shows a spiritual renovation where the human soul is touched by the world image.

27) Jos Pablo Sols works ______________. A) B) C) D) developing immature visions at the Universidad Nacional on abstract paintings as an art critic

28) Sols produced ____________ acrylics in the last three years. A) twenty-three twenty three two

B) C) D)

29) His paintings manifest _____________________________. A) stamps lack of experience spiritual renovations impersonal answers

B) C) D)

Read this information. Select the appropriate option to complete each sentence.

Visas for India are necessary for travelers from all countries. Travelers need to have two photographs and go to an Indian embassy -not more than five months before the visit-. With a visa, travelers can stay in India for 6 months in any year. No special permission is necessary to visit Kashmir or the Ladakh region. It is easy to cash travelers checks anywhere in Indian cities.

30) Tourists must visit __________________ before the trip. A) B) C) D) the Indian embassy the Ladakh region any Indian city Kashmir

31) Tourists can ____________________________ without difficulty in India. A) exchange only two photographs cash travelers checks spend eight months stay a whole year

B) C) D)

Read this information. Choose the appropriate option to complete each sentence.

TRAVELING TO JAPAN To enter Japan, visas are not required for tourists or business visitors of many nationalities for stays of not more than 90 days. Travelers from Germany, Ireland or Mexico can stay up to six months without a visa. Travelers from Canada, France, Italy and the USA can stay up to three months. South African and Australian visitors cannot enter without a visa. Passport and return tickets are required to get a visa. Visas are free.

32) Italian and French tourists can stay in Japan for _______________________. A) six months three months ninety months more than ninety days

B) C) D)

33) Visitors have to ______________________ in order to get a visa. A) pay some money stay more than six months stay less than three months present their passport and return ticket

B) C) D)

34) People from Australia _________________________ . A) B) C) can stay without their visas pay for a business visa always need a visa D) never need a visa

Read the text and choose the correct alternative to answer each question. RAFA FERNNDEZ, COSTA RICAN ARTIST Rafa Fernndez, age 65, is one of Costa Ricas prominent modern painters. He has devoted his entire life to painting, and is heavily influenced by the many years he lived in Spain. The Magic Realism technique is present in his paintings where the beauty of women is explored with a sense of intimacy. His ladies appear as quasi Victorian ones wearing floral hats. His paintings have traveled around the world and prestigious Costa Rican and international art galleries have exhibited them. Not long ago, Fernndez suffered from a stroke (paralysis attack). It took all his courage to overcome the serious problem. Sitting in a wheelchair, he is back to what he knows how to do best: painting!

35) Where are Fernndezs paintings exhibited? ________________. A) B) C) D) In his home Only in Germany Only in Costa Rica In international art exhibits

36) How does the article define Rafa Fernndez? As a _____________________. A) B) C) D) loser weak person talented artist man with no courage

37) What kind of problem affected Rafa? A(n) _______________ problem. A) B) C) D) emotional technical financial health

Read the text and choose the correct alternative to complete each sentence. TELEVISION DIRECTS TEENS INTO A LARGE BUT USELESS AREA The average American teenager spends 1,500 hours each year sitting in front of a TV set. In comparison, they spend only 900 hours sitting in a classroom. This is not good news. Studies show that excessive TV watching is associated with many bad things, such as poor school performance, less ability to pay attention, and an increase in aggressive behavior. Too much TV watching also makes teens feel less secure and worry. Television also makes children fat. It is not just the content of TV shows that is the problem. Studies suggest that the passive nature of TV watching can cause a diminished brain growth in children. So, if a teen watches 4 hours of news, documentaries and public television a day, that is still too much.

38) Teenagers spend _______________ than watching TV. A) B) C) D) more time reading more hours practicing sports less time sitting in a classroom more time doing outdoor activities with people their age

39) The results of studies about TV watching are ______________. A) B) C) D) good irrelevant bad news not important

40) To prevent negative effects of watching TV, you have to watch _________. A) B) C) D) cartoons good movies fewer hours of TV news and documentaries

Read the text. Choose the correct option to answer each question.

SLEEP Most people need seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Some people need less than this, and some people need more. According to sleep expert Dr. Robert Schachter, many people have difficulty sleeping, but they do not know why. Most people know it is important not to drink coffee or tea before they go to bed both beverages have caffeine. Caffeine keeps people awake. However, not everybody knows that some medicines, such as cold tablets, also have caffeine in them. Stress can cause insomnia, too. Busy people with stressful jobs may not be able to sleep at night. Dr. Schachter suggests, You shouldnt use your bedroom as a TV room or an exercise room. You should use it for sleeping only. Its a good idea to have a regular sleeping schedule. Get up and go to bed at the same time every day. Its also important not to eat before bedtime. Eating may keep you awake. And if all this doesnt work, try counting sheep!

41) How many hours of sleep do most people need? About __________. A) B) C) D) ten five nine seven

42) Why do many people have difficulty sleeping? Because they __________.
A) B)


count sheep feel stressed avoid eating before bedtime have a regular sleeping schedule

43) How could some drinks affect sleeping? Because they _______. A) B) C)

44) Who has difficulty sleeping? __________________________. A)


are hot are too sweet contain caffeine have no caffeine in them


Everybody Very few people Unstressed people A large number of people

Read the text. Choose the alternative that best completes each sentence. AND OUR VALUES? At home, parents need to work harder to keep up with it all. Single-parent families and two-parent families work extra hours and double jobs, leaving children and adolescents without the supervision and guidance needed to teach them to make sound judgments. What has happened to our values? Have we lost our humanity in the process? We put things and thrills ahead of people, ahead of human life. Maintaining our standard of living may be responsible for thousands of other people dying of hunger, thirst, war or disease. Our way of life may be damaging our own families and our own futures. Our indifference to the damage to the planet may mean its destruction and certainly will lead to future conflicts. We must examine what our lives mean and what we really need, and put humanity first. We must think of values that support human life to avoid its destruction. We must think of peaceful solutions within the family and all nations.

45) Parents work extra hours to maintain their ________________________. A) B) C) D) indifference to the planet standard of living loss of humanity thrills


Parents lack of guidance causes________________________ of their children. A) B) C) D) a strong sense of responsibility high levels of support and care a lot of concern for the welfare a deterioration of the values

47) Undoubtedly, __________________ will cause conflicts in the future. A) B) C) D) family solutions peaceful solutions our lack of interest the planet protection

48) According to the text, people must change their ____________ in relation to life. A) B) C) D) parents families children attitudes

49) The lifestyle described in the text will provoke ________________ in the future. A) B) C) D) peaceful solutions toward problems hunger, disease and death more union within families healthier values

50) To recover the values system, people need to _________________ before other aspects. A) B) C) D) have two jobs think of humanity disregard adolescents avoid putting human life

Read the information and choose the alternative that best completes each sentence. RICE AND VEGETABLES 2 cups of rice 1 Tbsp minced garlic 1 Tbsp chopped onions cup of chopped red pepper cup of finely chopped carrots 2 Tbsp of cooking oil 1 cup of green peas 4 cups of water 2 cubes of beef 2 Tbsp of salt

Fry the garlic and onion, add the red pepper, carrots and green peas. Remove from heat when all ingredients are fried sufficiently. Add water, beef, salt and rice. Mix and cook until the Multi-Use-Rice cooker turns off automatically.

51) This recipe needs____________________ of rice. A) B) C) D) one tablespoon a pair of cups two cubes half a cup

52) The first step to follow is to ______________________. A) B) C) D) add pepper fry the garlic add green peas mix the ingredients

53) For this recipe you need vegetables like ________________________. A) B) C) D) pepper and carrots meat and cubes rice and salt beef and oil

54) In recipes, the abbreviation Tbsp means _____________________________. A) B) C) D) tiny table spoons tablespoons total spoons teaspoons

55) Once all the ingredients are well fried, they should be _____________ the heat. A) B) C) D) moved away from located on placed on put on

56) When the rice is already cooked, ______________________________. A) B) C) D) you put the beef you add the water the appliance has all the ingredients the appliance turns off automatically

Read the ads. Choose the best alternative to answer each question. HELP WANTED ELECTRICIAN: Part-time, with experience, good benefits. Call Mr. Brown. 933-1264. ENGINEER: With experience, 4 weeks vacation. Call Ms. Wong. 765-4200. SALESPEOPLE: Full-time and parttime, with or without experience. Call 645-9763. FLIGHT ATTENDANTS: With or without experience. Training program. Call 359-5802. WAITER/WAITRESS: Full-time and part-time, with our without experience, training program. See Mr. Mazzela. La Strada Restaurant. MECHANICS: Part-time and full-time, with experience, excellent salary. Write Mr. Johnson, 258 Park Road, Winfield, N.Y. 10820 NURSES: Parttime, with or without experience. Call 869-7351.

57) Which occupation requires a training program? The _________________. A) B) C) D) nurse mechanic salesperson flight attendant

58) Which occupation offers good benefits? The one for a(n) _________________. A) B) C) D) salesperson electrician mechanic nurse

59) Which option offers both, a full and a part time job, at the same time? The one for a(n) ___________________. A) B) C) D) nurse engineer mechanic flight attendant

60) How can an electrician contact Mr. Brown? By __________________. A) B) C) D) writing electronic mail writing a letter sending a fax making a call

Read the article. Choose the best alternative to complete the sentences.

TECHNOLOGY MAKES US FATTER Mobile phones make us avoid walking approximately twenty kilometers a year, and they are just one of the machines that now contribute to make us fatter. Fewer stairs and an increase in the number of escalators have also helped to reduce our exercise rate and thus, we gain weight. However, the greatest contributing factor of all is watching television. People now spend an average of four hours a day watching television. This is another change in lifestyle that has cut exercise and caused a weight increase. Many lazy parents prefer to watch television and cook processed foods to spend the time cooking, shopping and talking to their children at meal times.

61) Mobile phones make _______________________________. A) B) C) D) people walk many kilometers a year users walk less than usual you enjoy walking you lose weight

62) The invention that has raised our fat levels the most is ___________________. A) B) C) D) the mobile phone the electric stairs all the stairs television

63) According to the text, television viewing makes people ________________. A) B) C) D) lose weight gain weight spend more hours with their family exercise for 20 minutes per month

64) Lazy parents prefer to _________________ rather than talking to their children. A) B) C) D) cook shop blame watch TV

Read the article and choose the best alternative to complete each sentence. COSTA RICA TRAVELING TIPS To make your stay in Costa Rica the most enjoyable experience, take into account these personal traveling tips: PASSPORT: It must be valid. You need to have a return airplane ticket. To exit the country, you have to pay a tax. The passport should have validity from 1 to 3 months. PAYING WITH CREDIT CARDS: Major international credit cards are widely accepted. TIPS AND TAXES: Always find out whether the 13% sales tax is included in the price. In restaurants and bars an additional 10% tipping tax is charged. CABS: Every city has a taxi fleet; theyre usually red. You can get one at any hour. Phone the cab company for one or just stop one on the street. There are also cab stops in different places.

65) Your __________ should be valid while youre in Costa Rica. A) B) C) D) cab stops passport sales exit

66) Credit cards are ____________ at almost any store. A) B) C) D) accepted refused denied stolen

67) Tipping taxes in Costa Rica are ____________________. A) B) C) D) forbidden mandatory not mandatory not common at all

68) Travelers can get cabs almost _________________________. A) B) C) D) nowhere everywhere only at hotels only calling the cab company

Read the text and choose the correct option to complete each idea. COME AND TRAVEL IN COSTA RICA WHAT TO WEAR: Light clothes are recommended, but it may be wise to carry a sweater or jacket since nights tend to be cool. At sea level, shorts are good enough. If you plan to walk in the forest, long-sleeved shirts, jeans, boots and a hat are more appropriate. During the rainy season, a jacket and an umbrella are a must. TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Telephones, faxes, cellular phones, internet, as well as audiovisual equipment are always available. HEALTH: No vaccinations are required to enter the country. Its wise to keep in mind that some dengue cases have been reported in coastal areas. There may be a few exceptions to this. Ask about it.

69) _______________ clothes are not recommended when traveling around the country. A) B) C) D) Expensive Heavy Cheap Light

70) People should always carry _________________ during the rainy season. A) B) C) D) long-sleeved shirt and jeans sunglasses and sweater clothes made of cotton jacket and umbrella

71) A) B) C) D)

In Costa Rica you can find __________________________. only fax machines no cellular phones just cordless telephones any kind of communication

72) Vaccinations are _____________ when people visit Costa Rica. A) B) C) D) not required forbidden required a must

Read the article and choose the best alternative to complete each sentence.

ANOTHER NEW POLITICAL PARTY AIMS FOR CHANGE Not happy with the way the two traditional parties have governed the country during the past two decades, and not impressed by the legislative track record of upstart parties, alternative groups are coming together to establish new political parties. Leaders of at least two new political movements express confidence they can provide voters attractive alternatives, during the 2006 elections. One of them organized by former legislators, union leaders, womens rights groups and environmentalists, was officially named the Alternative Leftist Movement last May 1st. Another new party organized by outspoken former Justice Minister Jos Miguel Villalobos, is off on a strong start, having already obtained the approval of legislative deputy Emilia Ma. Rodrguez, of the Patriotic Parliamentary Bloc.


Some groups are trying to establish new political parties because they _____________________________________________________. A) B) C) D) are unhappy with the way last governments have ruled want to become part of the current government are happy with the traditional parties work want to support the two traditional parties


The new political parties offer _______________________ ideas. A) B) C) D) unintelligent the same attractive antique

75) The name of the new political party that the Congress approved is __________. A) B) C) D) Alternative Leftist Movement Patriotic Parliamentary Bloc Environmentalists Union Leaders


One of the new political parties was the _____________________________. A) B) C) D) Alternative Leftist Movement Patriotic Parliamentary Bloc Alternative Group Upstart Party

Read the text and choose the correct the alternative to complete each idea. CHRISTMAS IN COSTA RICA During Christmas, families gather to display nativity scenes at their homes and to celebrate the "posadas," a custom where children, pretending to be shepherds, go from house to house and sing Christmas carols, re-enacting the journey of Mary and Joseph. The "Rosario del Nio" is a rosary the families pray to conclude the Christmas celebration. Musicians perform traditional carols while the party-goers feast on traditional meals. One of the most typical foods families serve is tamales; people prepare the tamales with corn, rice, pork and vegetables.

77) During Christmas time, families _________ to display nativity scenes. A) B) C) D) get together conclude perform serve

78) The posadas represent ________________________. A) B) C) D) a shepherds game a custom of the children a visit to different houses the journey of Mary and Joseph

79) It is a tradition to pray the Rosario del Nio __________________. A) Christmas Day B) Christmas Eve C) Christmas Day before during after


When the Rosario is over, people eat tamales made of ______________________. A) B) C) D) fish seafood corn flour wheat flour

D) Eve

on Christmas

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MINISTERIO DE EDUCACIN PBLICA DIVISIN DE CONTROL DE CALIDAD Departamento de Pruebas Nacionales Prueba de Bachillerato Noviembre 2004
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same text same text same text same text