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Stage 1 Meeting Week 5 Minutes

1. Staff Welfare 2. Student Welfare Newsletter No students allowed up above friendship and basketball rings. Need to organise areas and have whole school reinforcement. 3. Numeracy Discuss Maths group progress. Are there any issues or teething problems? Organise assessment strands for reporting next week. 4. Literacy - Assessment strategies for Writing. Post-poned. 5. Medicine No child is to carry medicine or take to the office. Must be done by a parent at all times. 6. Bell times Bell times are to stay the same. Most people happy with current arrangement. 7. Bell training Adjustment to wet weather bell. Try and train students before Term 2 i. 1 bell outside ii. 2 bells inside iii. 3 bells undercover outside. 8. Grandparents Day Scheduled for week 8, Term 1. Discuss possible ways we could incorporate into an interesting task. Come back to after thinking. Need to follow up exact date as this could affect those running assembly. 9. K-2 Literacy Night Used to discuss literacy strategies and how to assist your childs literacy development at home. To be held on the 13th March. 10. TARS Programs due to supervisor week 7. Rob to open his for Stage 1 week 6. 11. Excursions Thank you to Beth. All excursions for term 1 and 2 locked in. Costing completed as excursions are already on student fee invoices. 12. Students and Parents No students or parents are to enter the classroom when the teacher is not there. 13. Stewart House Nominations Any nominations for visit this year. Please send to Amiee before Friday,

14. Spring Fair : Ideas Fair stalls and stage arrangements. Joint classes decided. 15. Special Needs Nomination Forms - Awareness of anxious students. Please include to list so as to monitor and cater to differing needs 16. Tablets - Allocated to stages, stored in storerooms. Staff want to know what apps are on them and is there a central billing account? 17. Helena Choir Rob to take Helens class to assembly. 18. Book Packs Parents complaining about amount of money paid. Also, , scissors too small, and no left hand ones given out. Jill missing 5 handwriting books. 19. Harmony Day : Friday 22nd March Lunch K-2 storytelling, 3.50 per child check with Rose. Liesel displayed art activities . All staff encouraged able to grab and use. Need to know about art requirements for art show. Speak to Amanda during exec meeting, Why are we not having interviews during school times? Follow up with exec. ESL language note conversion for different areas. Why are we not using these for Best Start and other notes going home?

***To be discussed at exec meeting