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Ohio University Early Childhood Professional Development School Partnership Junior Year Experience Lesson Planning Document

Lesson Name/Title: Movement Poem about ch. Lesson Source: Alyssa Bush Learning Outcomes/Learning Target/Lesson Objective: Reviewing the sound ch makes. Students will become more familiar with the phoneme/diagraph of ch. Common Core State Standards/Ohio Academic Content Standards: Phonemic Awareness, Word Recognition, and Fluency Standard: 2. Identify and say the beginning and ending sounds in words. 5. Use knowledge of common word families (e.g., -ite or -ate) to sound out unfamiliar words. 10. Read aloud with changes in emphasis, voice, timing and expression that show a recognition of punctuation and an understanding of meaning. Writing Process Standard: 6. Construct complete sentences with subjects and verbs. 14. Rewrite and illustrate writing samples for display and for sharing with others. Communications- Oral and Visual Standard: 2. Compare what is heard with prior knowledge and experience. 3. Follow simple oral directions. 4. Speak clearly and understandably. Lesson Duration: 30 minutes Interactive Poem- 15 minutes Writing Activity- 15 minutes Assessment Plan (including attachments): We will be able to assess the students by their ability to interact with the poem and their ability to complete the activity after the poem. Lesson Materials: -Paper, activity -Poem -Crayons -Pencils -Space to move

The Teaching Process

(Should include planned, open-ended questions to monitor student learning) 1. We will read them the poem first while they are sitting on the carpet.

Rationales for Teaching Actions

1. Reading each line to the students will help them hear the words and understand the poem. 2. Having the students read the poem with us will help them become more fluent with the ch sound. 3. Adding movement will engage the students and help them remember the intended phoneme/digraph.

2. The students will read the poem with us.

3. We will re-read the poem, but this time showing movements to certain words.

4. On our third and fourth time through the poem, they will echo the words and move using the movements we taught.

4. By repeating the poem with movements will help the students make a connection to the intended phoneme/digraph.

5. We will have the students read the poem and do the movements without our help. 6. We will send the students back to their seats and make the poem visible from every area of the classroom.

5. This is to check for understanding and participation.

6. Then we will explain the directions to the students.

7. Students will write a sentence from the poem and then draw and color a picture relating to the sentence.

7. Writing a sentence will encourage the students to practice their writing skills while learning the intended phoneme/digraph. Drawing and coloring a picture will help the students relate to the words in the poem.

Extended Activities: Having the students write a sentence from the poem and then draw and color a picture relating to the sentence.

CH POEM There was a crazy chimp who liked to munch. The chimp was so big, he ate a bunch. He climbed up a tree to grab a peach, But then he wanted to go to the beach. He used a pinch of sand on his lunch, So that he could go crunch, crunch, crunch!