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Gravity is an implosive force which travels inward and cools. Radiation is an explosive force traveling outward and heats.

Heat always seeks cool. Low frequencies are cooler than higher frequencies. The Searl Effect Generator operates at an extremely low frequency and converts higher frequencies like nuclear radiation to a lower frequency which resonates with the SEG. As the SEG eliminates the half-life of radioactivity, the reaction creates excess electricity which we can practically use for energy to power things. There is limitless background radiation in the universe, therefore the SEG will run forever because that IS its fuel source. Mainstream science has yet to discern the dynamics of positive and negative electricity. The rate at which a stable or relatively stationary particle heats will determine how much positive electricity is generated as the equal and opposite reaction. That reaction heats wires and burns out machines and the system looses energy while gaining weight. The rate at which a radioactive particle cools will determine how much electricity is put out as an equal and opposite reaction. But this negative electricity has the inverse reaction. There is a drop in temperature until superconductivity is

achieved at which point there is a dramatic loss in weight causing the system to gain energy. This is a demonstration of the MOCK UP, not the Prototype. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8qvSNkiB9M What you are seeing in this video is 8 pounds of weight turning 200 orbital RPM and 14,500 Centripetal RPM all from 1.5 volts @.06 amps. The difference is that the mock up sends an electric charge TO the magnets which makes them spin. This is to demonstrate the characteristics of spin forces and magnetic waveforms on the oscilloscope. The prototype doesn't need the coils to keep the magnets spinning. The SEG runs at an idle speed of 2000 orbital RPM and 145,000 Centripetal RPM. The coils on the prototype are to collect the energy FROM the magnets. Mock up = Electricity From coils. Prototype = Electricity To coils. The SEG is an open system like a hydroelectric dam. In this case, we are controlling the flow of electrons rather than water. The reservoir is the unmagnetized rare earth material Neodymium. The dam itself is the dielectric material Teflon. The electrons will accelerate from the rare earth material in an organized fashion through the teflon like water shooting out of a pressurized and controlled hole in a dam. The teflon can only hold back so much electron pressure just like a dam can only hold so much water pressure. The electrons will pass through the teflon into the ferrite permanent magnet layer where they are accelerated outward in a ring. The magnets act as the diode and one way valve. The electrons are accelerated into the copper layer. The copper acts as the emitter for the electric current which is now a constant flow. We place coils around the rings as to collect the available electricity.

While neutralizing nuclear radiation and biohazardous waste, we are able to power homes, cars, hospitals, villages and anything we use today. The radioactive particles are attracted to the neodymium core. The magnets orbiting the stator of the SEG are spinning on a Centripetal axis at an excess of 145,000 RPM for every 2000 orbital RPM. And that's just at idle speed. The centripetal spin of the magnets on the SEG will rotate well over 1 million RPM. That spin is so great that the radioactive heat from each given particle is thrown outward from a reactionary centrifugal force. The rate at which each given radioactive particle cools is astronomical thereby creating an equal and opposite exponential reaction of useable electric current. This is not a question of physics anymore. We know how the device operates. It's a question of electrical engineering. Show me the circuit in a hydroelectric dam for a given drop of water and I'll show you the circuit for an electron in the SEG. The answer is that you can't because that water drop evaporates into a different form which becomes part of the whole system. At the quantum level, the water drop disperses to become part of all other water drops which then condense in the clouds and then rain into the reservoir. Nature is a self perpetuating system. The SEG operates in the same fashion as an open source system following the laws of Nature. The second law of thermodynamics doesn't apply to a hydroelectric dam therefore it doesn't apply to Searl Technology or the SEG. This is a new era of clean technology based on implosion, gravity, and creation of life rather than explosion, nuclear reactions, destruction and death.

http://www.JohnSearlStory.com/ http://www.SearlSolution.com/ http://www.SwallowCommand.com/ Please enjoy this playlist of Professor John Searls work with magnetics, free energy and inverse gravity: http://www.YouTube.com/view_play_list?p=F9EBB4FBBA29759B Tesla Tech album (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=683583301&aid=184888

A Message To the World from Searl Magnetics: English Version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39140466/Message-From-Searl-Magnetics-Inc Japanese Version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39306586/A-Message-From-Searl-Magnetics-inJapanese Spanish Version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39202113/Un-Mensaje-de-Searl-Magnetica-Inc

Italian Version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39290975/A-Message-From-Searl-Magnetics-inItalian Arabic Version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39270991/A-Message-From-Searl-Magnetics-inArabic Chinese Version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39206990/Searl-Magnetics-Inc-Message-inChinese Russian Version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39303921/A-Message-From-Searl-Magnetics-inRussian Hindi Version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39300366/A-Message-From-Searl-Magnetics-inHindi Greek Version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39327011/A-Message-From-Searl-Magnetics-inGreek German Version http://www.scribd.com/doc/39327430/A-Message-From-Searl-Magnetics-inGerman French Version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39328000/A-Message-From-Searl-Magnetics-inFrench Sweedish Version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39331703/A-Message-From-Searl-Magnetics-inSweedish Tagalog Version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39332189/A-Message-From-Searl-Magnetics-inTagalog

The unique magnetization process achieved by Searl Magnetics Inc. accounts for an asymmetrical or angled flux, so, as a magnet sits upright, it is as if the magnet is sitting at an angle. We can see this by using a standard viewing film. This is a revolutionary breakthrough in the physics of magnetism. This is like creating a helical gear out of a magnetic field.

Normally, a magnet will have a flat flux when standing upright. A flatline is death in the medical profession, as is in the magnetic aspect of energy generation.

ANY variation or tilt in that field becomes exponentially significant with increasing RPMs. A variation literally means a pulse which = life. As the magnets spin, they generate a gyroscopic waveform or sine wave. But this is not an acoustic or audible waveform. This too is a revolutionary breakthrough and concept in magnetic research. The angle of magnetic flux will determine the pitch or magnetic frequency as the rollers spin around the stator. The speed at which they rotate will equal the intensity of the wave. We can't call this volume because magnetism is silent. This is the inverse of a hertzian wave. By having magnets at a 45 degree angle inside a cylinder, we can Simulate the magnetization process used by Searl Magnetics Inc which is unlike anything else known in the area of magnetism research.

Video of crude example of the wave forms:

Searl Magnetic Sine Wave Simulation using Angled Magnets in a Cylinder

Magnetoelectric Spectrum and Magnetic Sine Waves - Inverse Gravity - Anti signals and Synergy

Oscilloscope Affected by Spinning an Angled Magnet

Having alternating magnets on a ring that want to repel creates 1 wave. (X Axis) The attraction to the ring itself is the second wave (Y Axis) The 45 degree angled magnets alternating while spinning create the third wave form. (Z Axis) When the diameter of the roller and stator are in resonance with the angle of flux and number of magnets.... synergy occurs in a way science has yet to witness on a massive scale. We can provide that experience and reality of Harmonic Magnetic Technology. This is what contributes to creating the low frequency magnetic wave which radiation will seek and be converted into useable electric current.

Imagine the round object above as a radioactive particle. If it were just sitting on the ground, the heat would rise while the underside was slightly cooler. The distribution of heat would be uneven and random. But if we spin that particle like a basketball on your finger, the reactionary centrifugal force will push all the heat outward radially in a uniform fashion. The heat itself are still smaller particles vibrating at a high frequency. They are attracted to the next layer of the SEG which again is the Neodymium. Like water in a dam or a one way valve, the particles are prevented from backtracking and will continue to be accelerated in a Centripetal fashion faster and faster. More heat will shed, thereby reducing the amount of radiation in the immediate vicinity. That radiation is being cooled and the radioactive particles are returning to a stable state just as fast as an atomic explosion, but without the resulting destruction. Rather than splitting a given particle to release the energy, we are spinning the particle to shed it's energy. The lost energy on that atomic and near quantum scale is useable electricity rather than thermal heat. With a nuclear explosion comes an EMP. But with the SEG, all we get is the EMP because it operates using basics of Implosion rather than complex explosions. We can't accurately call it an Electro Magnetic Pulse because it's a Direct Magnetic Wave at a constant.

The TWO Spectrums of the Universe

Electromagnetic Radiation and Magnetoelectric Gravitation Thermodynamics & Conservation / Cryodynamics & Liberation Observation / Intuition Explosion / Implosion Science / Spirituality Linear / Non Linear Physical / Aetheric Random / Uniform Friction / Freedom Modern / Ancient Particles / Waves Action / Intention Straight / Vortex Chaos / Order Loud / Quiet Death / Life Yang / Yin Time / Space

Cymatics Electric Vibration and Harmonic Magnetism

Ernst Chladni, first Cymatic experiment, late 1700's. By strumming a violin bow on a piece of flat metal, he observed that sand particles would orient in symmetric geometric designs as a result from the vibration caused from the bow.

First electric Cymatic Experiments begin in the late 60's to my knowledge: This video is recent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtiSCBXbHAg

Hans Jenny took it to the next level by vibrating water in a bowl rather than particles on a flat surface.

But magnetism doesnt vibrate particles, it affects the very gravity by which those particles are able to vibrate. A particle can travel along a carpet, or you can ripple the carpet itself and move the particle that way. A Chladni pattern uses Harmonic Electric Vibration rather than Magnetic Standing Waves. By generating the magnetic version of any given electric wave we can duplicate cymatic patterns. By using Harmonic Magnetic Sine Waves = to the Harmonic electric notes of Positive Polarity Cymatics, we can literally shape the world around us. So I want to take it to the next level and get rid of the speakers. Rather than sand or water, use iron shavings or mercury. Rather than a speaker, use angled magnets that spin according to the desired

frequency. A Magnetic Standing Wave is created by tilting a magnet at an angle and encasing it inside a cylinder. It creates a magnetic sine wave when you spin the cylinder. This is a non linear, non hertzian wave. Radiation falls in the electromagnetic spectrum. Consider radiation as Acid. If you have a hydrochloric acid burn, do you pour lemon juice on it? No. You use an alkaline equal to the intensity of the acid. Consider gravitation as alkaline. A magnetic sine wave and an acoustic sine wave are 2 different spectrums. One will cancel out the other. Gravity is a frequency that can be cancelled as well as radiation and disease itself. Dis-ease can be fixed so that people feel at-ease. This is another reason why the SEG is so important. It creates 3 dimensions of harmonic magnetic fields that emanate outward from the device. As the device converts radiation to useable electricity, it is creating a symphony of magnetic standing waves. Even though we cannot hear them, they are affecting our bodies and DNA in a beneficial manner. The proof can be found in the plants surrounding the radius of the device. All the plants will grow faster, healthier and will have more vibrancy and nutrients. Please also see my video called Fist Fights with Physicists The Caduceus Coil:


Harmonics of Wobbling Spheres and Equatorial Rings This note is to be coupled with my most recent videos, Visualization of Spherical Harmonics (Magnetism) verses String Harmonics (Electricity)

And my recent visit to Searl Magnetic Headquarters:


If a straight line = 0, then we cant use the integer 0 in Spherical Harmonics because a straight string wrapped around a rounded object becomes a ring. There are no straight lines on a sphere. The shape of the fundamental frequency in String Harmonics can only be achieved if work is exerted on the string. You cannot maintain a constant fundamental frequency without a constant force being exerted on the string by a violin bow. But the bow is only so long, therefore the constant of the fundamental frequency will correlate with the length of the bow. But it doesnt take any energy for the equator of a sphere to maintain the shape of the fundamental frequency of String Harmonics. If you were looking at the equator of a sphere from a straight on perspective, the ring of the equator would APPEAR as a straight line. But with a simple tilt of the sphere, the observers perspective changes and exposes the illusion of the straight line which becomes the shape of String Harmonics fundamental frequency.

The position of the nodes and antinodes in Spherical Harmonics represent the 180 degree perspective of the equatorial wave while in a wobble. It seems we need some new scientific symbols in order to communicate this concept mathematically. We cant use T = string tension for Spherical Harmonics, because there is no string. We would have to use Voltage, because the amount of tension of an equatorial ring is dependent upon the amount of power used to magnetize a material. The equatorial ring in this case is the magnetic line of force. We cant use m = string mass because the RING of energy has no mass. We cant use L = string length because length refers to a straight line, we need circumference which is r^2 greater than the length of any given string relative to the equivalent length of the diameter of Sphere. Zero in String Harmonics is rest. But there is no rest in Spherical Harmonics if comparing it relative to String Harmonics. Rest in spherical harmonics is equal to 1 relative to the Strings. Any number other than 0, is infinitely greater than 0. Every number past 0 is that many times greater than infinity. But zero is rest, and zero IS infinity. Anything other than rest is motion. All things in motion seek a state of rest. The only constant in String Harmonics is 0. All integers are representative of something other than just a stand alone integer. 1 + 1 = 2, is only conceptual because the integers don't represent anything. The equation itself is a constant and doesn't accurately describe any scenario in nature because all things in nature that the equation would represent are constantly decomposing and breaking down. Coming to rest like the vibration of a string. Nothing ever remains a constant except the integer 0 itself. Any integer other than 0, came FROM zero and wants to return to it. Attempting to keep an equation or calculation at a constant is like trying to hold a basketball under water. All "things" degrade and decompose, even integers. All integers are trying to get back to 0 just like a vibrating string is constantly trying to achieve a state of rest. When you pluck the string, it instantly begins to achieve a state of rest. An integer is like the vibration of a string at it's peak.

All vibrations diminish the instant they reach their peak; therefore, the very equation you are calculating is naturally reducing itself back to 0. There needs to be a new scientific symbol to denote the simultaneous degradation of an equation AS you calculate and arrive at the answer. All matter shed particles while traveling from point A to point B. If an integer is describing something in the physical universe, then the reality of decomposition must be taken into account no matter how infinitessimal the decomposition may be. We can never be too technical in science and mathematics. All energy dampens from A to B just as all integers are slowly reducing back to zero as you calculate an equation and arrive at an answer. See my paper called The Apple of My Eye which describes the decomposition of an equation in reality, just as an apple is never a constant and just like the vibration of a string is never a constant. http://www.scribd.com/doc/48284399/The-Apple-of-My-Eye

In Spherical Harmonics we dont have to worry about the equation reducing to 0 because there is no string, the energy has no mass and the fundamental frequency is a constant. That cannot happen in the physical and electric universe of String Harmonics. But in the intangible and magnetic universe of the Harmonic Spheres, it is the only that can be. And it can only be that way because magnetism isnt physical therefore it isnt subject to friction or the laws of thermodynamics and conservation. Magnetism is the opposite. Physical friction causes heat. From the information Ive collected so far, I believe that magnetic friction causes cold and abides by an entirely different set of inversed mathematics with additional symbols not currently used. I refer to the dynamics of synergistic magnetic fields as Cryodynamics and Liberation. String Harmonics pertains to Physics. Spherical Harmonics pertains to Magnetics. I feel that we should make a clear distinction between the two sets of dynamics. Both can be individually calculated, but the laws for the Strings cannot accurately describe the dynamics of the Spheres.

Here is a spherical neodymium magnet. Using a standard magnetic viewing film, we can see the "magnetic line of force" (Bloch Wall) separating the North from the South, or Positive from Negative.

The magnetic viewing film acts as an oscilloscope so we can view the magnetic wave form:

The so called Line of Force is actually a Ring around the magnet. In string harmonics, we have a straight line to start out with. When the string is pulled tight and isn't moving, N=0 But a string around a sphere is a curve. There are no straight lines on a curve. So the first wave of motion in String Harmonics = a Spherical Standstill. A sphere standing perfectly straight up and down and spinning on its vertical axis. A crystal ball with a line drawn on it's equator will appear stationary even while in a spin.

There is no way to tell what rate of Centripetal Spin the sphere is rotating on it's axis until you tilt the sphere and initiate a gyroscopic motion. That line drawn on the equator will appear as a wave and you can measure the wave. But the 2D wave you measure isn't an accurate reflection of the 3D reality. Where N = 1 in String Harmonics, N will = 0 in the harmonics of spheres. Electric Harmonics seems to be a base 10 science while Magnetic Harmonics seems to be Base 9. We either skip N=1 in the spheres altogether, or magnetic harmonics will always be 1 number off from string harmonics. But the higher the calculation... that 1 number off becomes exponentially greater. The weight distribution on a tilted sphere is the same as upright, therefore it takes the same amount of force to create varying amplitudes. The angle of the Bloch Wall (magnetic line of force) while experiencing a vertical Centripetal spin will dictate the amplitude. The rate of spin will determine the frequency. A magnet's wavelength is always a constant since the circumference of the magnet itself remains a constant.

The Theory of Relativity assumes that the universe operates under the laws of String Harmonics. But that's only the 2D interpretation we perceive. The fallacious notion of a fabric of space-time or flat meniscus to the universe upon which all celestial bodies sit is absurd.

What the problem of the scientific community seems to be, is that people are trying to measure the dynamics of Spherical Harmonics using the math of String Harmonics. Can't do that. That's another reason why John Searl's Law of Squares is so important. In string harmonics no motion is N=0. One oscillation a second is N=1. Two oscillations a second is N=2. And so on. But in Spherical Harmonics, N=0 is equal to N=1 in String Harmonics. So the more complex the equation, the farther off the calculation. What science calls a Magnetic "Line" of Force is actually a fixed RING around a magnet. The strength of a magnet is a constant, therefore the diameter of the ring is a constant. Just as the length of a string is a constant in wave harmonics. A line is 2 Dimensional. A sphere is 3 Dimensional. String Harmonics (Electricity) is a 2nd Dimensional Force, Magnetism is a 3rd Dimensional Force. Electricity IS resistance, so trying to use electricity to generate more electricity is

futile. And that's what people have been doing which is why people don't "believe" in over-unity. You need to start from the source. Magnetism generates electricity. The metal of a magnet is made up of electric waves, yet the force itself is magnetism. They repel each other, so the only place for the magnetic force to go is outward radially in a ring. Using electricity as we are now and starting from N = 0 is like experiencing the resistance of an entire dimension when initiating any given action. A line is linear. A sphere is non-linear because that same line becomes a curve. In order to maintain a curve in string harmonics, you must exert an x amount of force. Work has to be done in order to maintain a curve (oscillation) in string harmonics. Simply by using Spherical Harmonics, we don't have to exert any force to maintain a curve. N = 0 is STILL getting power even though the math says it's not. Math is a meter. And we aren't getting any signal, yet the integer 0 is performing as if it were a non zero. r^2 in this case seems to refer to the ratio of energy increase from string harmonics to spherical harmonics. If the fixed length of a string (diameter) determines the amount of ultimate power or height of the wave, then you will get dramatically more power in spherical harmonics because it takes more string just to wrap around a sphere (circumference). More string yields more power. So the same equation will reap exponentially bigger calculations simply by using the geometry of a platonic solid rather than a 2 Dimensional straight line. We are able to perceive sound, light, heat, etc, because WE are the eddy current which renders a 3D wave into a 2D force. A 3D wave is naturally silent, but when it meets resistance, it looses energy. That lost energy is what we interpret. The harmonics of the spheres are the sounds of silence. You can't hear magnetic waves. But you can hear the electric reactions initiated by magnetic waves. A harmonic sphere is a magnet. The magnetic line of force is the string. By wobbling the magnetic line of force, you are plucking the string. 0 = 1 in spherical harmonics. Math is a meter and 0 doesn't register on a meter. By the time you reach high frequency wobble, the math will be off many

calculations. Your observation will contradict what you "know" to be true. Here is a recent test conducted by the European Space Agency validating Searl's work and many others. http://www.esa.int/SPECIALS/GSP/SEM0L6OVGJE_0.html According to the ESA, "It demonstrates that a superconductive gyroscope is capable of generating a powerful gravitomagnetic field." "the measured field is a surprising one hundred million trillion times larger than Einstein's General Relativity predicts." "We ran more than 250 experiments, improved the facility over 3 years and discussed the validity of the results for 8 months before making this announcement. Now we are confident about the measurement." And they were only spinning a FLAT magnet! The reason they measured such huge variations was because it was vibrating at high RPMs which made it WOBBLE. Imagine the readings they'd get if they angled that big magnet at a 45 degree angle! They would see a dramatic loss in weight and more. The angle of a magnet will determine the amplitude of the wave while in a Centripetal spin. The ring will wobble creating a wave form. If viewing this waveform on an oscilloscope, you will observe the illusion that the wave travels from one side of the screen to the other. That is a 2D representation of viewing a ring from the side.

We don't see the other half of the orbit on a sphere from our perspective (while in a flat spin). That means we are registering half the energy. But if you angle the magnet and then spin it, you will only see points of intersection, or experience points of resistance; therefore, you will see a wave. A flat line or disk that wobbles will appear as a wave if viewing it from a 90 degree side view. In regards to Magnetic Sine Waves, we are actually viewing wobbling rings of energy. The WPS, or Wobble Per Second will determine the "hertz." RPM = Revolution Per Minute and is referring to either a Centrifugal Orbit or Centripetal Spin. WPM (Wobble Per Minute) = The 3rd wave form which helps perpetuates the other two when all are in sync. Orbit, Spin, Wobble.

The magnetic RING of force is always fixed around a magnet, but you can expand or collapse the size of a ring using electromagnets. The size and charge of a magnet will determine the diameter of the ring of energy. The rate at which the ring wobbles will determine the frequency. The angle of the magnet / ring will determine the amplitude. A 90 degree angle is the maximum amplitude on any given size magnet while in a Centripetal Spin. This means the magnet is tumbling end over end N S N S N S. But that doesn't register a wave. That's more like the teeth on a spur gear clanking together. But anything other than 0 or 90 will register a wave and act as a helical gear. Less backlash and more efficiency. A ring with a 45 tilt seems to create an optimum sine wave. People are trying to create free energy devices by rotating magnets at either a 0 or 90 degree angle. That creates maximum resistance with greatest amperage or none at all.

A wobbling gyroscope seeks to balance itself. So if you pulse a charge and knock the spinning needle off balance, it effortlessly returns to a stable position without any need for an additional pulse to restore its position. If you keep pulsing the charge, a gyroscopic wave is achieved. The needle wobbling is evidence that the magnetic field is wobbling. A wobbling magnetic field is a magnetic sine wave, which is a non hertzian and non linear wave. If you can increase the frequency of the wobble to every 30 degrees, 22.5, 15, 7.5, etc. the magnetic wave will increase. Pulsing a charge every 22.5 degrees of a 360 degree rotation will result in a 16 "hertz" wave. But we can't call it hertz, because it's a spherical wave, not an acoustic wave. So, you can make a deal. Sacrifice some amps to create a Synergistic weave of interlocking waves (Constructive Interference) abiding by the laws of Cryodynamics and Liberation.... or try to go full force, lose energy in the process be subject to the laws of Thermodynamics and Conservation. You'll generate energy both ways, but the bigger the machine operating with angled waves will experience less resistance, will cool and gain energy, while the bigger the machine operating with straight or 90 degree magnets will experience maximum resistance, will heat and loose energy.

A string is a straight line. Like a harp, guitar, piano, etc. But there are no straight lines on a magnet, because the magnetic field itself is a ring. No part of a ring is straight. So imagine an instrument with curved strings. How would a string sound pulled tight yet be curved? You can't do that with a string, or any straight line for that matter. Every time you pull a string tight, it will straighten out. But that's what a magnetic field is trying to constantly do. It's trying to straighten out. But it can't. So the energy is a constant because it's trapped in a ring constantly trying to become straight. Strings are matter. And matter is electric. Even the sound produced from plucking a string is electric. We want magnetism which can't be touched and can never travel straight. As Walter Russell stated, All direction is curved and all motion is spiral. All matter in the universe is electric. Sound vibrates the particles within our relative gravity field. But magnetism vibrates the very gravity by which those particles exist!! You can roll a ball across a carpet were it will constantly touch the carpet and be subject to the friction of it... or you can grab the carpet with your hands and ripple it which will send the ball flying across the room riding the wave you initiated. It doesn't take any more energy to maintain the wave to the end of the carpet after you put in the work to create the ripple.

It doesn't matter if you spin a sphere 1 time a second or 186,000 times a second, a harmonic sphere (magnet) will render a "flat line" unless it's tilted. (And science says that you can't spin, orbit or wobble matter faster than 186,000 times a second. That's maybe true individually, but when all 3 types of spin are working harmoniously together, they cancel out the bi-products of inertia, friction, etc. Magnetic waves aren't matter, therefore it can spin, orbit or wobble, many times faster than what science labels the speed of light." This is the difference between traveling through space and riding a gravity wave. Or rather, repelling the matter around you while you travel through space.

Arial View

Side View

We will always travel through space, but the amount of resistance you experience is dictated by the polarity of the wave you initiate while traveling forward. Electric = Positive. Magnetic = Negative.

The faster you try and travel using electric waves will equally slow you down to resist. (Lenz Law and back EMF) Like pressure potential attracts like pressure potential. The more force and faster you travel using a positive polarity thrust (push) forward will determine how much resistance you experience. (Thermo) The more negative pressure (magnetism) you create in front of you will determine how much resistance you experience while traveling forward with the same amount of force. Lowering the pressure means reversing the polarity and you will be pulled forward as if you are falling. Magnetism is negative, matter is positive. Matter is electric. Magnetism repels electricity. The more dense the matter, the faster magnetism will travel through it because there is more electric pressure to push off of while repelling through it. That's why metals are so reactive, they are denser per particle.

The Yin Yang symbol seems to be representative of an angled spherical magnet spinning on a centripetal axis which gives the illusion of the magnetic line of force appearing as a wave.

WHY IT IS SO DIFFICULT TO GET FUNDING: I'm learning a lot about the legalities of raising money for this project and just how difficult the system makes it for us to get funding. Searl Magnetics Inc. is NOT a non-profit organization. It will eventually be a business to specially magnetize materials and manufacture the SEG in production lines. It is ILLEGAL to go door to door and collect money unless it's a non-profit. You CANNOT advertise sale of securities and you can go to jail unless you have a license to sell shares. It is ILLEGAL to give or receive donations unless you declare them on taxes. The Security Exchange Commission will throw you in jail, Especially if it's for a Free Energy Technology that would end up making them obsolete. We cannot have grants, loans, or ties to a system that can seize the company if ever go into default or make a late payment of any kind. Papers are also manipulated and even if you follow all the rules, all it takes is for one person to lie on a form that you were late. It is ILLEGAL to advertise for donations. You never see a company like McDonalds advertising for people buy shares in their company. Only for the services or goods they offer. So until we have SEGs to sell or some merchandise, we can't advertise. In order to get money for SEGs... we need to gain exposure and raise money. But a company cannot go around asking for donations to help make their business better...... unless of course you're the banks that are "too big to fail." So private banks are a business, yet they get "donations" from the Federal Reserve, which in turn gets it directly from the US Mint. So it's illegal if WE want to get money to build an SEG unless it's a VENTURE CAPITALIST. Banks can get money from all of our "donations" (taxes) but WE CAN'T??!?!? Please see this 30 minute explanation of the system in place called The American Dream. Replace the dog with the SEG in the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPWH5TlbloU

The funding is a HUGE issue. We CANNOT receive donations. Only money from selling a product or service. It's illegal to get donations unless you're a NonProfit 501c3. Searl Magnetics is a for profit business that will eventually Sell the product the SEG and the magnetizing services. But as of now, there is no service offered and the only product available is the John Searl Story DVD from http://www.JohnSearlStory.com But it took money to make the DVD, and most of the money per sale goes back to the distribution company, the original investors, and the materials to make the actual product. People who have the false notion that John Searl gets big bucks are ignorant and have no conception regarding the reality of an economy. So unless we have merchandise to sell, or a venture capitalist to fund us, we can't get money through any avenue. The Security Exchange Commission and Federal Laws block everything. So the trick is to have the DVD, Searl T-Shirts or SOME product to SELL rather than just receive Donations. Even if you give a homeless person a dollar, you're supposed to declare it to the IRS and so is he. You have the right to go back to that homeless person in a month and say..."What do I get for my dollar I gave you a month ago?" He will say, "You get nothing. I still need money." Then you say he is just trying to collect money and doesn't give anything back. But with an actual product, people know what they get upfront and that money can go towards building the SEG. So now is the time where we are developing products such as stickers, pens, autographed and framed photographs, etc. Ill give public updates as they come in and information on how to purchase any available products.

Thank You. --Jason Verbelli http://www.Facebook.com/Verbelli Research and Public Relations for Searl Magnetics Inc.