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As the tragic events in Syria continue for the 6th month and innocent blood continues to be spilled daily,

all we can do is to call for a return to sanity and for everyone to understand that this is a war with 23 million losers and no winners at all. The tragic events continue to cast a dark and sad atmosphere that has all but stopped most social and cultural activities in the country leaving us with just a few events to cover, that is why we have been focusing more lately on our interviews, features, fashion and lifestyle sections. As always we have managed to score an exclusive interview with a big-name star to tell us about his latest blockbuster and shed the light on some parts of his life that used to be unknown for his fans, and our guest for this issue is no other than HUGH JACKMAN aka Wolverine- who told us all the details about his last role in Real Steal one of the most anticipated films of the year. The Features section is rich with several articles discussing various sides of the current crisis in Syria, with a special focus on interviewing people from different camps and asking for their opinions regarding the various topics of our featured articles. Our female readers will surely love our Fashion section which has a very informative and slick article about the winter fashion for 2012, a must-read for all fashion lovers, especially with winter knocking on our doors. While our male readers will spend a long time drooling over a set of 10 mind-blowing watches chosen by us as the Best Mens watches for 2011. The article is 7 pages long in our Lifestyle section and it also has some very useful tips about watches specifications and about how to choose the correct watch. Rock climbing is an extreme sport that we used to see in documentaries, I was pleasantly surprised however when a contributor of ours told us about a rock climbing club in Damascus who regularly organize climbing trips to some fine cliffs just outside Damascus. A detailed article with interviews is for you to read in our Travel and Heritage section. All the sections that you love: Culture, Events, Film & TV, etc. They are all here, and they cover all the important events taking place in the Syrian Society. Remember that our upcoming issue will be released on November the 15th, and that we are always ready to receive your valuable feedbacks, suggestions and contributions to:

November 2011 Issue No. 78

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November 2011 Issue No 78



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Rock Climbing in Damascus. The Norias of Hama: Remnants of a Great Past. Different Government Same Ill: cooked Decisions! Dont Shoot the Messenger!. The Honeymoon is Over!.


Time To Play!

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Emaar Company Breakfast (Iftar). Syrian Kuwait Insurance Company Breakfast (Iftar). Damascus International Book Fair. Solidarity Insurance Company (Cooperative Insurance Union) Breakfast (Iftar).

Volkswagen Middle East committed to regions ecological sustainability: Raising the awareness of fuel efficiency. Let the tablets war begin Apple iPad2 VS Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Selecting the Best Mens Watch. Top Mens Watches for 2011.



Editor Letter



HUGH JACKMAN: Made of Real Steel

Culture 15

classic escapades that have enthralled generation after generation with their one-ofa-kind mix of action, humor and scintillating tale-spinning in The Adventures of Tintin, The Secret of the Unicorn. Based on the internationally beloved and irrepressible characters created by Herg, the story follows the unquenchably curious young reporter Tintin and his ercely loyal dog Snowy as they discover a model ship carrying an explosive secret. Drawn into a centuriesold mystery, Tintin nds himself in the sightlines of Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine, a diabolical villain who believes Tintin has stolen a priceless treasure tied to dastardly pirate named Red Rackham. But with the help of his dog Snowy, the salty, cantankerous Captain Haddock and the bumbling detectives Thompson & Thomson, Tintin will travel half the world, outwitting and outrunning his enemies in a breathless chase to nd the nal resting place of The Unicorn, a shipwreck that may hold the key to vast fortune . . . and a ancient curse.
Director: Steven Spielberg Stars: Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig.

Omar Abu Risha: The flute of the Syrian poetry. The Scene and Unseen.

Film & TV
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In the not-too-distant future the aging gene has been switched off. To avoid overpopulation, time has become the currency and the way people pay for luxuries and necessities. The rich can live forever, while the rest try to negotiate for their immortality. A poor young man who comes into a fortune of time, though too late to help his mother from dying. He ends up on the run from a corrupt police force known as time keepers.
Director: Andrew Niccol Stars: Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy.

Created by: Khaldoun Qaddoura


Whats On Movies.

Writer/Director Craig Brewer delivers a new take of the beloved 1984 classic lm, Footloose. Ren MacCormack is transplanted from Boston to the small southern town of Bomont where he experiences a heavy dose of culture shock. A few years prior, the community was rocked by a tragic accident that killed ve teenagers after a night out and Bomonts local councilmen and the beloved Reverend Shaw Moore responded by implementing

Interview In the fall of 2009, Jackman made a return to Broadway in the Keith Huff-penned A Steady Rain. Co-starring Daniel Craig, the play tells the story of two Chicago cops who are lifelong friends and whose differing accounts of a few traumatic days change their lives forever. On February 22, 2009, Jackman took on the prestigious role of hosting the 81st Annual Academy Awards. Live from the Kodak Theater, he wowed those in attendance and helped ABC score a 13% increase in viewership from the previous year. This wasnt, however, Jackmans first foray into Awards show hosting. Previously, Jackman served as host of the Tony Awards three years in a row from 2003 2005, earning an Emmy Award for his 2004 duties at the 58th Annual ceremony, and a nomination for his 2005 appearance at the 59th Annual ceremony. In late 2008, Jackman appeared in 20th Century Foxs romantic action-adventure epic Australia, directed by Baz Luhrmann. The film, set in pre-WWII northern Australia, sees Jackman as a rugged cattle driver who assists an English aristocrat (played by Nicole Kidman) in driving a herd of 2000 cattle across hundreds of miles of rough terrain, where they must also face the Japanese bombing of Darwin, Australia. In early 2008, Jackman was seen in the 20th Century Fox film Deception opposite Ewan McGregor. The dark film explores the mystery of a womans disappearance and a multi-million dollar heist. Jackman has also starred in Darren Aronofskys The Fountain, Christopher Nolans The Prestige and Woody Allens Scoop. He has lent his voice to the animated features Happy Feet and Flushed Away. Other films in which he has had leading roles include Someone Like You, Swordfish, Van Helsing and Kate and Leopold, for which he received a 2002 Golden Globe nomination. For his portrayal of the 1970s singersongwriter Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz, Jackman received the 2004 Tony Award for Best Actor in a musical as well as Drama Desk, Drama League, Outer Critics Circle and Theatre World awards. Previous theater credits include Carousel at Carnegie Hall, Oklahoma! at the National Theater in London (Olivier Award nomination), Sunset Boulevard (for which he won a MO Award, Australias Tony Award) and Disneys Beauty and the Beast (MO Award nomination). Jackmans career began in Australia in the independent films Paperback Hero and Erskineville Kings (for which he won the Australian Film Critics Circle Best Actor award and a Best Actor nomination from The Australian Film Institute). In 1999, he was named Australian Star of the Year at the Australian Movie Convention.


Were you consciously looking for a movie like thisthat is really for everyone? No, I wasnt. It came to me as a film script and I read it and really loved it. However, when Shawn Levy came on board, that just strengthened it even more. I knew it was a big movie, but it wasnt relying on me for action. It was almost the opposite. I get beaten up in one scene, but apart from that, theres no peopleaction for me. This is the first time youve worked with Director Shawn Levy. If you could describe him in one word, what would it be and why. Phenomenal. Hes become a genuine friend, which is not easy in this business. You can probably count on one hand the amount of friends I have who I think of as real friends. Hes like omnipresent. He knows everything thats going on, from a producers point of view. If I go up to him as an actor and have an issue, hell already know what it is. And Im like, how can you be thinking that? He thinks of everyone and gets the best out of everybody. Hes very generous and hardworking. I think in this film hes really taken his game to another level and full of heart. I cant say enough good things about the man. I actually miss not being on set with him. Hes a rare breed. There are very few people like him who are as good at what they do and who are as nice as he is. Youve had some background in boxing, but what was it like getting in the ring with Sugar Ray Leonard? It was interesting. The first day we were working together, they had a film crew filming behind-the-scenes footage. Hes champion of the world, so he was just sparring with me pretending to punch my stomachwhich kind

of hurt! Because the camera was there, he just wanted to play around. Hes such a great guy; weve hung out quite a lot, and I really like him. Was there an important lesson you took away from your experience with him? He really talked to me, which surprised me, about the corner man. My character in the film is the corner man. Hes not the boxer. I own and control these robots and promote them, so Im the guy in the corner. Sugar Ray really got very intent with me. He said that he didnt think I realized how important the corner man is in boxing. And, even though there are robots in there, what you need to convey is that youre the rock; youre the strength. Sugar Ray said he used to hire Angelo Dundee for the last two or three weeks leading up to a fight, precisely because Angelo knew exactly how to talk to him during a fight. He said if you get a corner man who doesnt know how to talk to you, theres nothing worse. I need to know when to pick my fighter up, when to shut up, when to say the right thing. And its in the training; how you get mentally prepared. The connection between the fighter and that corner man cannot be broken at any point. And its something I hadnt really focused on. So it was terrific. He was also very open about the cost of boxing, the personal cost, not just the physical cost. The pursuit of that goal, that excellence, to become champion of the world, is difficult. Things get sacrificed on the way for the attainment of that goal. And he says six weeks out from a fight, its like you go do your own thing. And you have to push everything and everyone out. And that can be hurtful to people.
November 2011 Issue No 78

HUGH JACKMAN (Charlie Kenton) is a native of Australia.

Words by: Khaldoun Qaddoura

He made his first major U.S. film appearance as Wolverine in the first installment of the X-Men franchise, a role he reprised in the enormously successful X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006. Most recently, he played Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which serves as a prequel to the popular series.


Interview What was your first step to create your character, Charlie Kenton? The first step was really getting in touch with the idea of someone who thinks hes a failure, with a low opinion of himself. And what makes someone act in that way; what makes someone deliberately try to be almost unlikable. He doesnt want someone to get close. That was the emotional side of him that I really worked on first. There was his physical side too. I told Shawn that we should get some photos of me in boxing shorts so we can have that. Then I went and put on twenty pounds because I wanted Charlie to look like he wasnt a boxer anymore. When I went for my first fitting, Shawn said, I think you went a little too far! You had a little too much fun! So I had to pull it back a little bit. What aspect of your character Charlie Kentons personality appealed to you as an actor? I love the idea of someone who has decided to take a view that the world is unfair to him; that in so many corners hes so disappointed in himself, such a low opinion of himself. He feels that hes failed at everything and now hes trying to eke out a living in this thing that he hates. The thing that is so humiliating as well as disappointing. And right up to that, hes just become hardened to the world, the world around him. The desperation hes in I thought was a really powerful thing to play; somebody whos desperate to get out and feeling trapped on all sides. But to be honest, the most powerful thing is the opportunity to redeem himself. That frightens him, because now hes aware of what hes got to lose. And if it doesnt work out, how would he live with himself. Charlie is a failure, but he gets a second chance. How do you relate to second chances? I perceive failure in a different way than Charlie. I do have that sense of wanting to succeed to please myself as well as others. So, I do relate to that. I can understand fully that feeling that the second chance is more frightening than the first. Even though I know whats at stake, I force myself to say yes, because I dont like being a prisoner to any kind of fearthat feels worse than the fear itself, so Ill go for it. But you know whats at stake, and for Charlie, and actually for the kid and for the robot too, if you think about it, theyre all discarded characters. And I think what I love most about this story is how terrified Charlie becomes with the idea that he genuinely has a shot to redeem himself. Charlies resigned himself at the beginning of the movie that life sucks, it doesnt work out. Hes angry at the world. Hes angry with everyone around him. Hes put it out there and he doesnt want to blame himself. But when you become aware that its you and you try to fix it, and you fail, thats very difficult to live with. I cant say that my life has ever been as much a collection of failures as Charlies. But the fear of failing I can relate to. Do you think you have to play it safe in life? No, in my work I try not to be safe. I just did a one-man show and that was a little frightening because its just me out there singing and dancing and its my show. But its a good feeling. Im more comfortable with that feeling now, though, than I was earlier. The most scared Id ever been was the first time I sang at a rugby match, Australia versus New Zealand, in front of one hundred thousand people. I had a panic attack the night before because people have been booed off and never worked againjust singing one song, the national anthem. So Ive never been more scared than that, even the Oscars, not as scared as that moment. Because I believe actually the more you do something, the less frightening it becomes because you start to realize the outcome is not as important as you think. I was probably more scared of my high school exams than I was of the Oscars. At the time you think its everything and if you dont do well, your lifes over. Opportunities are gone. So the more you do it, the less the fear is present. Is this movie a new take on what we think of as a sports movie? Absolutely, in terms of being one of those rousing, get out of your seat sports dramas. Real Steel is a sports movie, but its a drama too. Its a lot about the characters and thats what Shawn was going for.

HUGH JACKMAN Did you find that your training in musical theater was good preparation for boxing choreography? Yes. The scene of me shadow-boxing was actually done with a live person on stilts. We had to choreograph that so we were in exact motion together. And that was like a oneshot. So, that took us quite a bit of work. Absolutely, that is theater training. And those fight sequences also go back to all the musical theater training. I actually think the best training you can do for fights is dance. To be a stunt man you crash into walls, crash a motor bike, and all that, but to take a punch is the hardest thing. A fight punch is a weird mixture of tension and relaxation. Because when you really get hit, your head snaps, so you have to be able to ask that of your body, which is all dance, really. Talking about dance, Dakota Goyo busts some dance moves himself. Correct? Right. He was really nervous about dancing in front of 5,000 extras. I was really proud of him. Thats a big call for a ten or eleven-year-old.

Whats more important for you in your personal life, winning or getting respect?

Im quite a competitive person, so I do quite like to win. But for me the important thing is to have a go. To have a go or lets have a go is a common expression in Australia. Its part of our belief that Australia is a nation where the only real regrets that you have are the things that you didnt do, and even if you fail at something, at the end of the day you dont usually regret it. So just have a go. What I respect as far as in myself and in others is the spirit of just doing it. For better or worse, it may work and it may not, but Im going to go for it. Ultimately I probably prefer to be respected for that than whether it works out or not, either winning or losing.


November 2011 Issue No 78

Interview When you have simulated crowds and simulated marketing in future boxing, did this movie change how you think about sports? No. Im a mad lover of sport. You cannot say a bad word to me about sports. So I know business is involved and I know it can be cynical, and, of course, I watch it, but for me its pure. When I was in Canada once shooting, curling was on every channel. I started to get into curling. Its a great leveler. You can be any age, shape, whatever, and still be a great curler. I love that in a sport. Then in London, I was into the darts championships, so I guess Im just drawn to sport. What about boxing? Its got athleticism and human endeavor, and also people bleeding. Are you a fan? Yes, Im a boxing fan. I train at this place in New York, which was part of preparing for the role because I did want to look like I could throw a punch. The trainer told me he was going to train me like I was going to have a title fight. I loved that. My father was an army champion boxer in the British army. And so he loved boxing and talked it up as a sport. But then when my brother and I were beating the crap out of each other, he was always trying to tone it down. But I am a fan of boxing. Did you spar with Evangeline Lilly? Her arms look like she also trained. I would not mess with Evangeline. I counsel you guys not to mess with her. Shes a force. What is your definition of a good actor? If you as an audience fully believe the role the actors playing, if you can be transported, if you can really sort of believe in that story and an actor can make you feel things, thats a great actor. Is it difficult, with the press and the business, not to become cynical? You do have to guard against cynicism. You can look at the film business with cynicism or you can see it for what it isan incredible opportunity to work in an area that obviously interests you. After a while, you can take any job for granted. But taking for granted is the thing youve really got to watch out for. I think cynicism usually comes out of disappointment, so if theres a feeling that you havent lived up to what you expected, which is not dissimilar to the character Im playing, then a bitterness comes in and its easier to be cynical about something, than to really own up to ita fear of failure, really. Do your kids think that youre cool? Oh, no. I just did a tour. I was doing this one-man show and I was in Toronto. And on Sunday both the kids came, and theres one song I sang for my wife, and I pulled her up and my sons face said it all. I like to dance, but, you know, Im Wolverine and thats not cool. And later I was dancing and being a bit of a goof ball, so he turned to his mom and said, My dad is so embarrassing. Most of the things I do are embarrassing to him! What charities are you involved in? There are three or four Im involved with. But Im going to tell you about one, which I havent told anyone about. Im about to launch my own, with my partners, coffee and tea company. Its called Laughing Man Coffee and Tea. I was always inspired by two men: one is Muhammad Yunus, who won a Nobel Prize for founding the Grameen Bank and his social entrepreneurship, and the other is Paul Newman.

HUGH JACKMAN I read his book and thought, I want to create some kind of business where I could use my profile to help promote it that gives jobs, that works as a business, and gives back. So we created this coffee that were launching in October. Right around the time this film actually is launching. Im really proud of it. Were going to give all the profits to charity; theyre all going to go to education charities.



November 2011 Issue No 78



A gritty, white-knuckle, action ride set in the near-future where the sport of boxing has gone high-tech, Real Steel stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When Charlie hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo) to build and train a championship contender. As the stakes in the brutal, no-holds-barred arena are raised, Charlie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a comeback. DreamWorks Pictures presents Real Steel, directed by Shawn Levy and produced by Don Murphy, Susan Montford and Shawn Levy, screenplay by John Gatins with story by Dan Gilroy and Jeremy Leven, based in part on the short story Steel, by Richard Matheson.



Omar Abu Risha English, French, Spanish and Turkish, in addition to his perfect knowledge of the Arabic history and literature affected deeply his poetry. This knowledge affected his style and enriched his poetic diction. His poetry is full of music, lyric and metaphors. He joined the classical heritage of poetry with the romantic one, as well as the aspects of the symbolism school. His knowledge of Arabic history and Arabic culture appeared through his usage of a large number of the famous figures in the Arabic history like: The prophet Muhammad, The leader Saef al-Dawla, the poets al-Motanabbi and Abu al-Alaa al-Maarri and others in addition to some samples of the world history like: Sameramees John Dark The classical feature of his poetry appeared by his usage of language. He used to be careful in selecting his words from the rich source of Arabic language and other foreign languages. He could build a fine harmony among the words inside his poetry. This aspect is the most distinguished feature of the great poetry. Romanticism is attending also in his poetry. Love, woman, nature and description are main topics of his poems. His love for woman is pure. It is a romantic human feeling which is based on the eternal relation between man and woman. Even when he described the beauty of the woman, he described it honestly and respectably. The reader of his poetry finds that he was fond of nature. Many of his poems were about the beauty of nature. Here he used fine combined metaphors full of: stars, trees, moon, colors, music, in this stage the influence of the symbolism school on his poetry was appeared, especially the poetry of the great poets: Edgar Alan Poe and Charles Baudelaire in addition to the Arab pioneers of romanticism.

The flute of the Syrian poetry

mar Abu Risha (1910-1990), the late Syrian poet, dramatist and diplomat is considered one of the Syrian figures in the second half of the twenties century. He managed to combine the different literary schools in his poetry: classical, romanticism and symbolism in addition to his ability to modernize the Syrian and Arabic poetic movement. His poetry was also full of love and emotions for man, nature, home and the Arabic history and civilization.
He was born in the year 1910, in Menbej- near Aleppo, northern of Syria. He had his elementary and secondary education in Aleppo before he moved to Beirut to continue his high education at the American university. After that His father sent him to England to study chemistry, but he left London to Paris before he returned to Aleppo in the year 1932. He joined the national movement which was fighting against the French occupation until the independence of Syria when he fought against the bad social and political conditions in Syria during that period. He started his practical life as a manager of the book house of Aleppo, but he was soon selected to be a diplomat. This selection forced him to spend the majority of his life abroad. As a diplomat, He moved among: Argentina, Chile, India, U.S.A and other countries until the year 1990 when he died in Saudi Arabia. These long journeys around the world, no doubt, caused him suffers from strangeness on one hand, but on the other hand it enriched his knowledge, experience and, of course, his poetry. His first poetry collection appeared in Aleppo in the year 1936. It was entitled poetry through which he expressed his vision towards nature and woman, love for man human emotions in addition to his love for his homeland and its freedom. His second poetry collection was From Omar Abu Risha- 1947 which was followed by selected poems which published in Beirut in 1959.he published more than 14 poetry collections During his long life in addition to a number of plays like his master plays: Thiqar and al-Toofan-the flood. It is important to refer that his wide culture and knowledge of the foreign languages:

Words by: Murhaf Zino

Finally, the late poet lived in the age of the giants of Arabic poetry in Syria and other Arab countries, especially in Egypt. In addition to that he was not affected by his contemporary poets. On the contrary, he affected them all and managed to establish a special school of poetry which continued to be affective through the previous generations of poets up to date. It was not strange that the late poet gained many garters and medals from many Arabic and foreign countries during his life, not only for being a diplomat but because he was a remarkable poet and author too.

November 2011 Issue No 78



The Scene and Unseen


oil paintings by the Spanish plastic artist Louis Moreno are being shown now in an exhibition which has kicked off at the S.C.C, Cervantes in Damascus on 7 October and will continue till 22 October.

The artworks of this exhibition can be described on one hand as a cultural dialogue between the Arabic Islamic culture in Andalusia and the western Christian culture, and as a reflection of the Oriental Islamic Sufi culture and the oriental Christian culture on the other hand.

The title of the exhibition, the scene and Unseen, refers to the main theme of the works. The word scene points to what can be seen or perceived through the natural human senses, it is concerned with materials and reality. While the word unseen points to something invisible and cannot be seen through unaided eye or perceived by our senses. It is concerned with mind and spirit. It can be linked with the Islamic spiritual illumination and Sufism. The works of the exhibition present many questions about life and death. They ask questions about universe and the man destiny

in life and his relation with God. The most important point which the paintings are dealing with is the relation between religions and the links between Islam and Christianity. All these points appear through the contents of the works and by the techniques which the artist used. Before talking in detail about the former idea, it is important to mention that the artist had studied the religions dialogue. He has also a deep knowledge of the oriental and Islamic

heritage as well as the European culture and Christianity. He has been living in the Arab countries since 2005. He has been living in Syria since 2010 and still living at the monastery of Mar Moses in Damascus countryside where he painted these works throughout more than a year. The effects of this experience are clear through his works and artistic vision. The theme of the majority of the works is about the story of prophet Ibrahim and his sons: Ismail and Isaac in addition to his two wives: Sarah and Hajar. The exhibition also contains a painting-Icon- of Virgin Mary with a verse from Quran. Thus, the exhibition deals with some holy stories and situations and sacred figures according to both Islam and Christianity. The artist used definite titles and comments to express his vision clearly. He put a title for each painting which is related to its idea and the main theme of all paintings. Some titles are derived from Quran and the Bible, others are taken from the poetry of Arabic Sufi poets or Spanish famous ones. Thus, the paintings have titles like: al-Waad-the promise, I dont want to die, I had seen who saw me, etc. In addition to some quotes from the poetry of some Sufi poets like: al-Hallaj and Abu Bakr al-Shibli, and some quotes from the poetry of the famous Spanish poets Robert Desinos and Lorka. These comments, quotes and verses help the viewer to understand the paintings because the artist used a strange, albeit suitable to his vision, style. He combined between the art of the oriental icons and the Surrealism school, and to achieve harmony between them he used different materials to accomplish this goal. He used: cloth, canvas, wood and collage. Moreover, he even Arabic calligraphy in some paintings! It is clear that this artist has a message concerning with the dialogue between religions and he chose to express this message through art.



November 2011 Issue No 78


Rock Climbing in Damascus

t is p r u i n ro b a b l y Word to Sy s, citad not t s By: Majo road ria. But els, souk he first t rie V hing s and look lead an L Mou ing t a bit eijen yo u sisha ntai o th s usu think fur th ns pr e Le er al of ovid ing a banese and you ly fill the doing w p h w perfe borde r, th ill find ages of t en you ct se a e lim he to just tting There is Sabbourah urist re in Sy eston outsi for s Cliff, Monte Rosa, The Valley of ri d g ome e ro c k c l i f f s o e Da m a s u i d e b o o a ; Vigs, the Roman Road and many more rock that f the cus, ks clim climbing sites, all at a convenient distance o bing A of the Swiss activ nti-Leb n the from Damascus and furthermore, prepared expat Jrg Neidhardt. anon ity. for climbing. Although a quick look may not Although he left Syria at the end of
tell, around 200 bolted climbing routes are established in this area, carefully prepared by some active individuals of the Syrian-Swiss Alpine Club. One of the names that cannot miss out when looking at the climbing scene in Syria is last year, he lived in Damascus for many years, working as a senior production geoscientist for Shell. Being a fervent climber for years, he decided to continue his hobby in Syria, where he certainly left his traces on the climbing sport community of Damascus. When I came to Syria, I saw the perfect cliffs for climbing, but with few bolted routes. I started creating these routes bit by bit, he explains, and his efforts have not

November 2011 Issue No 78


heritage & travel been limited to the pinning down of metal hooks into the rocks. In 2006, a revised and updated edition of the Climbing in Damascus guidebook came out on his account. In these 80 pages the routes of the four main climbing sites are described and facilitated with maps and general information about rock climbing. A group of around 30 people is going out for rock climbing on regular basis, usually visiting one of the sites in the weekend. It is an informal group of mostly expats living in Damascus, although there have been some Syrian participants too. Every now and then the group is accompanied by newcomers, curious to learn more about the seemingly challenging sport. When I first joined the group, I knew nothing about rock climbing, but I was somehow intrigued by the idea of reaching a higher point by using my own power, says Gabriel, a Belgium expat working for the UN. Jrg taught me all the techniques, and I simply started loving it. It is not easy, but it is not scary either. The trick is not to rely on your hands to much, as the muscles in your hands and arms will not be able to support you throughout the whole route, explains. As long as your feet find the right spots along this route youll be fine, he says and he climbs up the cliff as a spider in his web. Gabriel has clearly mastered the skills of the sport, but there are also people finding more difficulty to reach the end of the route. It is all about learning skills, says one of the climbers. There are different techniques you can use to get up there, and you will only figure them out while being on the cliff. Sometimes the climbers help each other out by shouting some advices up in the air, and everyone needs to learn how to belay a climber.

Rock Climbing in Damascus

If only a few people know how to belay, half of the group will be waiting most of the time. The ideal group of climbers is equal in number and with everyone capable of belaying the other, explains Gabriel.

Although the routes in these sites are taken care of, there are a couple of things each climber needs to think of before taking off to the site. There is no climbing without the right equipment, as Jrg explains, and this includes at least a girdle in the right seize. The girdle is what every person needs to have, even the one who is belaying the climber, as the rope will be attached to it, he says. And then there are the shoes that are especially designed for rock climbing, which are not necessary but would certainly make climbing a lot easier. Equipment like this is hard to find in Syria and until now there have been no climbing sport shops in the country. You have to go to Jordan or Lebanon to find these things, advices a climber and this makes climbing in Damascus a bit difficult. However, newcomers to the group in Damascus can probably count on some help. The main equipment is available and there can always be some swapping, says Gabriel, who believes that everyone should give it a try. And with the perfect cliffs waiting to be climbed just outside the city of Damascus, it would indeed be a missed chance not to do so.



November 2011 Issue No 78


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The Norias of Hama

he mere mention of the name Hama, the Syrian town 140 km south of Aleppo, triggers images of giant waterwheels gently turning along the banks of a river. Most travellers drop in for a short visit on their way to the larger metropolises of Aleppo or Damascus.

Remnants of a Great Past

The city of Hama, or Hamat (means citadel in Arabic) lies boasts with a long history dating back to 2000 BC. The giant wheels (nawaeer) were built by the Byzantines and have been used to lift water from the Orontes river (nahr el-Assi) onto nearby land, orchards and houses. Today, they stand as prominent historical and ancient landmarks that add a decorative touch with restaurants and cafs that line up the towns riverside Norias were used in Hama since at least the 5th century. There is an old mosaic in the Hama museum, found in Apamea and dated to 469 A.D. showing their use!! The wheels seen today were designed in the 13th century by the Ayyubids, who built around 30 of them. Out of the 100 norias that originally existed in and around Hama 17 survive today (Dating from the 14th and 15th centuries). They have been rebuilt or reconditioned during the Mamluk and Ottoman times. The noria wheel is up to 20 meters (66 ft) in diameter. The water in the river is channeled into a sluice so that its flow turns the wheel around. Wooden boxes attached to the wheel raise the water from the sluice and discharge it into an artificial channel at the summit of the wheels rotation. The water is then led by gravity along a series of aqueduct channels. It was distributed to domestic or agricultural users in Hama; access to the flow was regulated at carefully worked-out times so that the water could be shared.

To ensure the constant movement of the wheels, the river flow was channeled by little dams into a series of sluice gates. The gates are in use today, and the closing of a gate will completely stop the wheel from turning. The norias emit a distinctive moan as they turn, the result of friction between the wooden central pin against two wooden pads that support it. Every noria makes a distinct sound, and expert noria workers can diagnose the exact condition and health of the wheel just by listening to the sound it makes. There are two norias on the river close to the citadel. Upstream from the town center at Bichriyat, are four more wheels that can be viewed from outdoor restaurants. Downstream from the center is the largest noria, the al-Mohamadiyya, which used to supply the Great Mosque with water. Part of its old aqueduct still spans the road. It was built in the fourteenth century and restoration work on it began in 1977. The use of norias as an irrigation tool was abandoned in the middle of the 20th century, they were replaced by diesel pumps which operate today. The Syrian government still allocates some funds for their maintenance, ensuring that this particular Hama icon does not die.



November 2011 Issue No 78


features have proved that they are not capable of comprehending the meaning of running a states economy and the scale the effects of even the simplest of decisions can have on the livelihoods of millions of citizens. From quadrupling fuel prices overnight to slashing interest rates by 9% -overnight also- to the recent sudden and immediate ban of imports; all are critical and life-qualitychanging decisions taken recklessly and without studying there social effects and there short and long term consequences on how the Syrian economys wheel is spinning. As a result of this reckless decision; prices of most types of food, clothes and tools have skyrocketed, traders and sellers are stalking goods instead of selling them hoping to be able to sell them later at higher prices and the average consumer is dumbfounded by this out-ofnowhere blow!

Different Government Same Ill- cooked Decisions! foreign currencies and using those reserves in meeting the citizens basic needs for as long time as possible. According to the Governor of Central Bank of Syria, we have some 18 billion$ of reserves, and during the last six months Syria has spent about 1.7 billion $, which means that we still have some 16-17 billion $, which should be fine by all standards. This latest procedure, however, shows the opposite. Back to the Minister of Economy who tried to assure uss that Syria can withstand and maintain such suspension because we have the necessary fundamentals for self-development, he assured us that Industrialists and traders in Syria can successfully deal with the suspension because they have the means to create solutions and to produce everything the Syrian market needs, adding that If we saw that the negatives of the decision are more than its positives, well take the appropriate decision. The Ministry takes its decisions on the basis of the citizens interests. He pointed out that the list of materials exempted from the decision, which includes 51 materials, is not final and could be adjusted according to the national needs. The minister added that this resolution is protective, and temporary, it will contribute to the revitalization of the production process by giving the opportunity for factories to produce goods that stop the importation of similar products, while creating new jobs or reemploying workers in some closed factories. Sounds optimistic, but, deep inside, everyone know that such decisions cannot be anything but harmful and damaging for any economy on the long run. According to many industrialists and traders, the list of materials is Improvisational and needs serious discussing and no one can work with the few and limited materials in the list. It will result in non-controlled rising in market prices. From his behalf, the minister stressed that sometimes prices rise because of international causes and that is normal, but some traders try to raise prices just to get more profit. Syria is experiencing a crisis that forces us to sacrifice and we must give Syria all what it needs to stand and rise again. The Minister concluded by saying that this decision was taken because of the current crisis, adding that In every decision, there will be beneficiaries and sides which are damaged by it The standard is to increase positives and limit negatives. This shocking decision caused a barrage of criticisms and debates among people, traders and industrialists and between them and the government so much so that the Cabinet called upon the Ministry of Economy and Trade to take steps to monitor the market prices to prevent the exploitation of the temporary suspension of importation, particularly the prices of food and locally-produced products, in addition to reconsidering some articles in the suspension decision to achieve national interest. Traders, industrialists and people on the streets have a very different point of view that does not share the optimism of the government: Khaled Ajaj a trader said: The decision to suspend the importation of certain materials is a good decision, but it should ban the goods that we could produce, we must consider the products that we cant produce locally, and they should decrease the customs costs to give the chance for modern industries to take the first step. By the way, I think that the sudden way that the ministry of economy issued such a decision is wrong, they should have discussed it with the traders and industry chambers and activate it gradually to give those affected with the decision the time to take appropriate steps. Some people compared the decision to similar decision in china in the era of Mao Tse-tung and said that while it will be great if Syria had the chance to become like china, however we cant because we need money, we need job opportunities. The miracles time is over; we are in the 21st century we cant go back in time 30 years. This decision will take Syria back to the 80s and late 70s no one can adapt with it ever, Sameer Tawel, student said.

he ingenious decision of suspending the import of all products and materials whose customs exceed the 5% threshold has been canceled now, just one week after its issuance, but at what cost? Prices for virtually everything have sky-rocketed with an increase of as a much as 50% overnight! And from what we have seen until now (1 week after cancelation) they (the prices) are not going to go back to what they used to be anytime soon, if ever.

Economies should be steered carefully and surely, just like steering a ship, not with the sharp and sudden turns of a motorcycle! A simple yet perfectly-correct rule that has escaped the mind of whoever (inside the government or beyond the government) came up with the ingenious decision of suspending the import of all products and materials whose customs exceed the 5% threshold! Painful decision after painful decision, all the successive Syrians governments

Syria is witnessing a tsunami of misfortunes these days, its tourism and services sectors have been all but wiped out due to the civil and political unrest throughout the last 6 months. The European and American sanctions have effectively stopped all its oil exports which together with tourism are the source of some 90% of its hard currency income and the employer of some 33% of its working force. To make things even worse, early this week the Syrian the Minister of Economy driven by overwhelming determination (probably form a higher authority) to guard the countrys precious 17 billion dollars of foreign currency reserve has issued a very sudden and surprising decision to temporarily suspend importing cars and all materials and products with +5% customs, which means, effectively, that Syria will never import anything except some materials which are considered essential for life and for main industries, the list of the 51 materials exempted from this ban or suspension can be found in another space of this article. According to the Minister the decision will help to revive the Syrian industrial sector and will support the successful steps towards reform and development, and most importantly- it will preserve the foreign currency reserve. Al-Shaar, the Syrian Minister of Economy said: the decision aims at preserving Syrias reserves of

Misfortunes come together



November 2011 Issue No 78


features Ammar Kamel, unemployed, said: CHINA! What are you talking about? Mao Tse-tung used to spend his life wearing work clothes; he forced all his team to do like him. He used a bicycle to move from place to another. He accused and sentenced his wife due to her corruption. Such decision needs pure souls and good society; it needs years of studies and discussing. Corruption is the plaque that damages every successful project in Syria, every one say that we are fighting corruption but it takes time, too much stupid time, Samaher Bayazeed, 28 years old engineer is a supporter of the decision and regards it as positive and good it will provides the basic needs of Syrians and will save the Syrian treasury and reserves of foreign currencies, Im supporting it to the end. According to Samaher, it the decision will help Syria while, according to the traders: The decision is nothing but a disaster for the importers and traders in Syria because: 1- it is a sudden and shocking decision, why didnt they decide to activate it starting from 1/1/2012 for example? 2-How would traders and importers take back the money that has been paid to foreign companies? Have they thought of this?! We need Syrians to be more close together in such circumstances but such decisions will damage all what we are doing to control the situation in Syria. Abed El-rahman Saaid, an exportingimporting company owner said. The Minister tried his best to get public support for his decision but in vain, someone said sarcastically: I support this decision although I know it is the worst decision that could be made ever, but I support it as the second strike in our war on Europe the first strike was when we erased them from the global map and I am very optimistic about a third strike soon! The optimistic people rely on the wiselychosen new government; they say that the new government has the right to prove itself. We are facing very special circumstances which impose different solutions which we should support to the end: Syria is a great country, we had experienced a similar situation before and we managed to go over it and we will now, this decision is worthy to try it, others should be patients Joumana Maalouf said. The unbelievable decision has shocked the economists in Syria, they couldnt believe that such a step could be studied for more than four or five minutes because it doesnt help the economy, as we studied it in universities and from the long experience in the economic domain this is the first time that I witness something like that! How could they compensate the loss of the states treasury? This will decrease the taxes and customs duties, this will cause a big deficiency to the states treasury and to the merchants and it will force some merchants to smuggle foreign

Dont Shoot the Messenger!

currencies out of Syria, it will cause many bankruptcies among Syrian merchants and industrialists. Surprisingly, several medias have reported the same Minister of Economy saying that: He refused the decision from the very beginning! A weird and baffling statement from the same minister who has spent the whole last week defending and explaining the benefits of the decision! When the cabinet asked him to reconsider the decision he told Al-Baath newspaper, that he wasnt so optimistic about the decision and so he opposed its issuance! And the question is: If the Minister, himself, opposed the issuance why has he issued it? It seems that the government is trying to withdraw this decision and replace it with allowing the importation of goods but without being involved in financing these imports: If we cant use these reserves now when are we supposed to use it? Europe refuses our oil to exert pressure on us, I cant believe that our reaction was to stop dealing with 90% of the world! They tried to trap us and they failed, but by this decision we are surrounding and trapping ourselves! S A.O, an economic expert commented. The battle is still on, each team is trying to prove that he is right but in such kind of battles the largest losers are the people because they are the end users of everything and the most affected by the decisions of the government, Nassar Ramadan, a car dealer and owner of clothes factory said : this is crazy, cant they see what is going on the streets? Arent they Syrian? This decision is completely wrong, it will cause a big disaster, everyone in Syria knows that Damascus and Aleppo are full of merchants, industrials and importers; this will destroy the society in Aleppo, I am afraid that this decision will push Aleppo to get involved in the political dilemma in Syria, people of Aleppo has proved their loyalty to the regime but after

this decision everything is possible! They are making fun of us, when we were in the meeting of the chamber of commerce of Aleppo there was a big fight, merchants started to accuse each other of treason! this is unacceptable. I believe that such decisions were made just to help and to serve a specific and limited will-known people. There is a say: hungry people will do anything, Syrians are going to be hungry because of this decision, everybody know that Syria has the suitable resources to avoid hunger but it never had the right strategy to stop the greedy merchants. They will eat us alive, the merchants I mean, once the Ministry of Economic issued this decision they raised the prices, do you believe that if you want to buy one pack of eggs you should pay 220 SYP?! the price was 115 in Ramadan, people will not be able to pay for anything except bread and this is dangerous, I cant believe that the one who made such a decision is Syrian or lives in Syria Ahmad Da, business man.
Due to the decision, many or let us say millions of voices shouted: We cannot accept this, so the government asked the ministry to reconsider the merits of it. The ministry started to study the request and to deal with the new circumstances, which means that they didnt expect such a reaction of the people. So, did they study this decision before issuing it? Or was it the result of a 5-minute brainstorming session? Does the principle the end justifies the means work when it comes to deciding the destiny of 23 million people. Such a decision is just like when we treat a patient with cancer by using radiation, we can heal him from cancer, but we surely will destroy the rest of his body!

Arabs and Syrians in the USA

What does it mean to attack an ambassador of a superpower with eggs, rocks and tomatoes? More importantly, whom does it benefit? What does the country gain from such aimless and fruitless attacks? Does anyone believe that those who are attacking western ambassadors are actually regular people acting spontaneously? Why dont we see people form the other camp (the demonstrators) attacking the Russian or Iranian ambassadors? In this article we will try to answer the aforementioned questions through several quotes and comments by both international media and Syrian spectators and eye witnesses.
Baladna: Massa Kateb
The U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, was safe on Thursday after being attacked by a pro-government group a U.S. government official told CNN. It was an attack by an armed mob and he is ok, said the official, who was not authorized to speak to the media and did not want to be named. Ford, who has been outspoken against what he calls the Syrian regimes use of violence against protesters, is seen by many pro-regimers as an activist more than a diplomat. Ford sparked a diplomatic firestorm in July when he traveled to the restive city of Hama to express support for demonstrators. He was welcomed with flowers by local residents there who had suffered a brutal crackdown by government forces. President Bashar al-Assads government called the trip an attempt to foment dissent. Since then, Ford continued to be seen by some as more of a provocateur than a traditional diplomat. A crowd tried to assault Ford and embassy colleagues as they went about doing the normal work of any embassy, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said. The mob was violent; it tried, unsuccessfully, to attack embassy personnel while they were inside several embassy vehicles, seriously damaging the vehicles in the process, Toner said. Syrian security officers helped to secure the way back to the U.S. Embassy for the
November 2011 Issue No 78

Dont Shoot the Messenger!




features ambassador and his staff. According to cnn. com, while in another newspaper they used the accusing way. It showed that the attackers were legal and no one accused them, - this is badA tomato-hurling mob assaulted the U.S. ambassador to Syria and several aides Thursday as they arrived for a meeting with an opposition leader; an incident the State Department later said was deliberately staged by Syrian officials. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sharply condemned the attack on Ambassador Robert S. Ford, who U.S. officials say was trapped for more than an hour when the mob besieged the Damascus office building where the meeting occurred. No Americans were hurt, but several embassy cars were badly damaged. This attempt to intimidate our diplomats through violence is wholly unjustified, Clinton told reporters at a Washington news conference. A formal complaint was lodged with the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who Clinton said must take every possible step to protect our diplomats. says the Washington post. Pro-government supporters trapped U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford in the Damascus office of a Syrian opposition figure, reportedly taking aim at the diplomat as he tried to leave with tomatoes and other projectiles. Reuters news agency reports that two U.S. vehicles sustained damage as the angry crowd surrounded the home or office of moderate politician Hassan Abdelazim, who has demanded an end to President Bashar al-Assads brutal crackdown on opposition demonstrations. An eyewitness in Damascus tells CBS News George Baghdadi that he saw Ford eventually leave the house, but U.S. officials at the Embassy would not comment on the Ambassadors current location or condition. There was no indication he had been injured. Abdelazim later confirmed to the Associated Press that Ford did come under attack outside his office in the Syrian capital. According to Elfagr newspaper on its website. An eyewitness in Afif, the old quarter of the capital where the American Embassy is located, said that demonstrators tore down embassy plaques and tried to break security glass. The witness, who declined to be identified because of the delicacy of the situation, said the protesters traveled to the embassy in four buses, and that some of them were armed. In a post on his Facebook page, the American ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, said the attack on his convoy was more violent than previously reported. The attackers threw concrete blocks at the windows and hit the cars with iron bars, Mr. Ford wrote. On Thursday, many news sites, including The Leadership, reported that the ambassadors car had been set upon by protesters with eggs and tomatoes. Look at the photos of the U.S. Embassy vehicles; eggs and tomatoes do not do such damage, he wrote on his Facebook page. A Syrian protester at the French embassy said, I want to send a message to France specifically, and to Sarkozy and the ambassador who interfered in our affairs and went to Hama without permission from the Syrian Foreign Ministry. This is wrong. That goes for the American ambassador too. France also accused Syrian forces of being too slow to respond, and demanded the government abide by its international obligations, to protect diplomatic missions and allow envoys freedom of movement. Men dressed in riot gear and security officers appeared to do nothing to restrain the crowds at the US embassy. At the French embassy, witnesses said shots were fired into the air to disperse the attacks. US ambassador Robert Fords residence also came under attack. Earlier, Addounia, a TV station close to the regime, had called on people to send the ambassador a message. Washington and Paris condemned the attacks. The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, said: We demand [Syria] meet their international responsibilities immediately to protect all diplomats and the property of all countries. the guardian newspaper issued.

Dont Shoot the Messenger!

It wasnt spontaneous

By analyzing the way the attackers gathered , and noting that they were all holding the same pictures you will discover the fact that nothing was spontaneous Rafeek Ahmad, 52 years old, said, how on earth did they know that the ambassador is visiting the lawyer, how did they manage to buy eggs and tomatoes so fast? he concluded. Why dont they deal with protesters with tomato and eggs? I demand police men and the security forces to deal with the demonstrators with eggs and tomato if they think it has a magical influence in fixing the Brocken things. This is madness; I cant believe that we (the Syrians) accept not to treat and hospitalize our guests the right way, even if they did something wrong this is not the way to solve problems. Says Abdoulhakem. Assaulting diplomats is bad and shameful, it contradicts with the conventions and international norms, it contradicts with our Arabian habits of hospitality and generosity, we all believe that the American ambassadors stances are against the dreams of the Arabs, but the ambassador himself is just a messenger; he adopts and executes his mission according to the policy of his country, he is an employee, no more, no less. What we witnessed in the last two months is not acceptable by any means; we should respect them and push them to respect us. They will defend us, and help us but we should make ourselves understandable first. Says a young man who wished to remain anonymous.

Syrians are so passionate, they understand that they have to choose the right and suitable reactions to keep their country away from what happened in Libya, most of them know that dealing with foreign diplomats should be done so carefully and must give the right picture of the Syrian to the whole world, some, however do not agree with this point of view: I dont care, what they say about Syria, I believe in Syria and I will destroy the whole world to keep it safe, we love the president and he loves Syria so we will fight anyone to protect him the president- and protect Syria. I am asking USA, and France and their Ambassadors to leave Syria immediately; we will keep attacking them if they continue to conspire on Syria. Attacking the Ambassadors with eggs and tomatoes has bothered them! They should thank God that we didnt use anything else. Haydara, 25 years old, engineer and shabeeh (pro-government militant) said.

On the other side of Damascus (the areas of the majority of the anti-regime) they dont care about the whole story, all they need is to demonstrate and to make their voices louder, Says M, a demonstrator, he is a well-dressed man who talks in a very low and calm voice: I want them both (the regime and the foreign diplomats) to listen to me; I dont care about the cars of the embassy or the one they hit by the car, I want them to respect my demands, this Hollywood movie will not convince a baby, how the hell is it supposed to convince the smart politicians around the world? I believe that they has been pushed by the government, the government has told them when and where to go in order to distort the image of the demonstrates by saying that they are spies and executing an American agenda, But as an educated man I am telling everybody that this is an uncivilized way to tell somebody the he is not welcomed in Syria and we all know who wants to isolate Syria. It is obvious that such an impulsive action will deliver the wrong message about the wise judgment of those who decide what is right and what is wrong for Syria, people cannot believe anything or everything. While asking the people in the area whether attacking the diplomat is right or wrong and why, someone shouted: Are you crazy? They pushed the people to do that, it is very wrong to do such a thing, I have the proof that the government knew about it before, he was too angry of news reporters and their silly questions: Why didnt they arrest them as they do here, I dont think that such a demonstration is acceptable in the Syrian law according to the new legislative. They ordered them to do it.

We are happy about such an attack too because it shows the wrong way they deal with problems and the way they use to control freedom in order to kill it. In the regime-supporters area the image is quite different: He deserves it, no one conspires against Syria and escapes, they want to destroy our country so they will pay the price, actually I am surprised, why are you paying attention to such things, it is only a symbolic massage to the administration of USA to keep clean and to stay away from Syria, they will never change the president and will never ever harm the Syrians, we dont care for the whole world, Syrians are under heavy attacks by the imperialism around the world and we should do whatever it takes to stop the attack and to teach them how to interact with Syria Al-Assad. One very enthusiastic man said!

Khaldoun Abaas, a real estate office owner said: We are the descendants of the eternal leader Hafez al-Assad, and the children of His Majesty, Mr. President Bashar al-Assad, may God protect him, will prove to the world that we are the heart of Syria al-Assad and we are not traitors or agents for Israel and America and will pledge allegiance to Bashar, attacking embassies is the right way to keep the ambassadors inside it and to limit their moves, I support such demonstrations and I wish I were there, foreign people will understand the reason behind such attacks and will thank us at the right time Syrian society is a very educated and successful society, it does have all what it needs to form a good dialogue team, says Tareq Sabagh, a high school teacher: We all know that the Americans are the killers of the Indians in old America, they killed the people in Vietnam , Iraq, Afghanistan, they deserve more. However, as a diplomatic action I dont approve attacking embassies because it is a protected territory and should be respected, if not; the whole world will never respect us anymore. It will distort the bright image of Syria.
In diplomacy science embassies were found to keep the relations between two countries warm and to keep the diplomatic channels between countries open, to avoid the one side judgments and to avoid unnecessary wars. If we play with such channels we might destroy them or distort them and might lose the chance to stop a war before it begins. Keep the hair between us and the rest of the world, you dont know when you will need it.

Lion cubs



November 2011 Issue No 78



The Honeymoon is Over!

arlier this week, Turkish media reports claimed that President al-Assad government decided to ban the import of all Turkish products subject to more than five percent customs tax. According to the Turkish reports, Syrian customs were informed about the issue on September the 22nd; however, because of pressure from Ankara, the implementation of the new regulation that was planned to take effect on September 25 was postponed to the next week.

is Over!

The Turkish Economy Ministry has warned the Turkish exporters associations to inform their members about the new regulation, the report alleged. However, last Friday, Turkish officials anonymously stated: The news piece is completely fabricated. If Syria has a decision to downgrade trade ties, it is their own call, but we are not informed of such an intention. Turkish officials also reported that there was no slowdown in vehicle traffic at the border gates between Turkey and Syria until now. Speaking to Todays Zaman, Turkish Exporters Assembly (TM) President Mehmet Bykeki noted that six months of insurrection have taken a severe toll on the Syrian economy: The ongoing unrest in Syria has caused many tourists to cancel their reservations, stopped its export to other countries. Thus the foreign currency reserves of the government are depleting. In respond to the situation, the government has suspended the import of many things other than basic goods. Underlining that not only Turkey but all countries exporting goods to Syria will be affected by the instable situation in Syria, Bykeki noted that the Ministry of Economy continuously informs exporters associations including TM about current developments. The ministry has announced that although they were on the list of banned goods, Syrian customs allowed fresh fruits and vegetables, textile products and all other goods that arrived at customs, so we inform our members about the issue, he added. Underlining that uncertainties create problems for businessmen exporting to Syria, Bykeki stated that Turkeys trade with Syria will continue without interruption when Syria becomes stable.

The Turkish Economy Minister Zafer alayan said that his country, the boggiest trade partner for Syria, might target Syrian exports to it should the Syrian government decided to go on with the decision of banning all imports with +5% customs. He said that Syria has huge exports to Turkey and we dont put obstacles in front of that 700-800 million Dollars a year worth of exports, but I want to assure them that if they (Syria) put any obstacles in front of our exports, we will do as well. The political stands of the Turkish government have affected the economic relations as well. The fact that Turkey keeps hosting oppositions conferences together with the statements of the Turkish PM about the situation in Syria led to high levels of tension between the two governments, a surprising and unexpected outcome considering the great relations during the past few years which were full of mutual visits and barriers-removing measures and agreements, especially in the tourism field, where the two countries have canceled entrance fees adopting an openboarder policy, in addition to signing many agreements that allow for goods and capitals to move easily between the two countries. The Head of the Tourism Chambers in Syria Rami Martini said that when the political situation with Turkey was better I always said that the tourists who come to Syria from Turkey were far less than the Syrians who went to Turkey, economically speaking: When Turkish tourists come to Syria, they spend 100 dollars for two to three days, while Syrian tourists in Turley spend some 1000 dollars for the

same period, especially in Antakia, and Istanbul. Even more, Syrian tourists buy the best Turkish products, while Turkish tourists buy the state-subsidized products from Syria, and they, sometimes, smuggle them, like sugar and tea for example, to benefit from their higher prices in Turkey! At the same time, Syrian Trade Minister Mohammad Nadal al-sahaar said that the free trade agreement between Syria and Turkey is not fair at all, because, according to this agreement, Turkey gained more privileges than Syria did. The agreement was signed in 2004, and took effect in 2007, leading to a 30% annual growth in the trade volume between the 2 countries.

The trade volume between Syria and Turkey reached 2.5 billion dollars last year; Syria exports some 800 million dollars according to the official records, which means that the Turkish side exports some 1.7 billion Dollars annually to Syria.

The decision That was eventually canceled few days later- as it turned out was not specifically targeting Turkish imports rather than banning all imports subject to +5% customs no matter what their origin is. The storm of comments from Turkish and Syrian officials, however, indicates one thing: The honeymoon is over and the prospects for Turkeys economic relationships with Syria will remain uncertain as long as the crisis in Syria is still going on, despite the significant growth in trade volume between the 2 countries since 2006 which was last estimated at 2.5 billion dollars.



November 2011 Issue No 78



Time To Play!

Time To Play!

Colorful winter
In the cloudy rainy winter be the one to shine with the fall winter 20112012 bright color trend. All colors are aloud this winter from yellow to pink orange, blue and red, so be bold and choose what suits you the most.
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November 2011 Issue No 78



Time To Play!

Eugenia Kim Miu Miu Burberry


Feminine, sexy, daring, and confident, those Louis Vuitton are the designers favorites characters for the 2012 woman. Mark Jacobs for Louis Vuitton was the best to translate this trend and a lot of designers follow on his footsteps. Dont be afraid to show your sexy side this winter but try not to exaggerate so you dont look tacky.

Sexy magic
Phillip Lim McQ

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Have you ever been curious to live like a man for one day? This season the designers gave us the opportunity to feel like a man. Dress like a man or borrow from your boyfriend closet but dont forget to add your feminine touch because that what will give the look it uniqueness and originality and that will distinguish you and keep you beautiful in all men eyes.

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November 2011 Issue No 78



Time To Play!

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Knit wear, everywhere!

You are not going to feel cold, because this winter is all about chunky knit wear. Cozy and wormy reminding us of our grannies blankets with it cheerful and colorful prints. So how can we not love this hot trend?
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40s back!
Giambattista Valli

Who can resist the elegance of the 40s? Chic, glamorous and sophisticated, the ladylike style is never out of fashion. Dig in your grandma closet or go to the vintage shops to collect the amazing antique pieces and it will last for always.

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November 2011 Issue No 78





Emaar Company Breakfast (Iftar)

Emaar Company invited their staff to an Iftar at Boulevard Restaurant Malki , attendance spent a great time.

Emaar Company Breakfast (Iftar) Date: 22 \8\2011 Place: Boulevard Restaurant Malki



November 2011 Issue No 78



Syrian Kuwait Insurance Company Breakfast (Iftar)

Syrian Kuwait Insurance Company invited their staff to an Iftar at Omayyad Hotel, attendance spent a great time.

Syrian Kuwait Insurance Company Breakfast (Iftar) Date: 24\8\2011 Place: Omayyad Hotel





November 2011 Issue No 78



Solidarity Insurance Company Breakfast

Syrian Vice President, Dr. Najah Al Attar, has inaugurated the 27th edition of Al Assad Library International Book Fair 2011, the inauguration saw the attendance of Minister of Culture, Dr. Riyad Esmat; Minister of Information, Dr. Adnan Mahmoud, as well as many cultural figures, publishers, writers, intellectuals and enthusiasts.

Damascus International Book Fair Date: 8\9\2011 Place: Damascus Fairground

Solidarity Insurance Company (Cooperative Insurance Union) invited their staff to an Iftar at Palm Village, attendance spent a great time.

Solidarity Insurance Company (Cooperative Insurance Union) Breakfast (Iftar) Date: 28 \8\2011 Place: Palm Village



November 2011 Issue No 78


19 and 20 October. Damascus Magic of the Orient By Golnar Dance Theatre Group Dar Al Assad Opera Theatre, Umayyad Square; 011 245 6144 at 8:00 pm 20 October. Damascus Karakoz Playing Poet Theatre activity for families with Zaki Kordilo Mustafa Ali Gallery, Hay Al Amine; 011 542 1988 At 6:00 pm 31 October. Damascus Slippers By the Kazan State Conservatory Company, Russian Musical Dar Al Assad Opera Theatre, Umayyad Square; 011 245 6144 At 8:00 pm Collections 15 30 October. Damascus Tajalliyat Gallery, Western Mazzeh; 011 611 2338 Kamel Gallery, East Mazzeh; 011 611 2965 Kozah Gallery, Midhat Pacha; 011 541 0900 Free Hand Gallery, Jisr Al Abyad; 011 334 7211 15 20 October. Damascus Book Fair Specialized in Poetry Al-Qishleh Shelter, Old Damascus 16 25 October. Damascus Art Exhibition (Painting, Sculpture) Featuring poems of Syrias most important poets, Mustafa Ali Gallery, Hay Al Amine; 011 542 1988 23 30 October. Damascus Autumn Exhibition of the Photography Club Arab Cultural Centre, Abu Rummaneh; 011 334 9376 23 27 October. Damascus Nisreen Darzi Exhibition Arab Cultural Centre, Yarmouk; 011 632 0830 23 October 3 November. Damascus Exhibition for Art Friends Society Al Shaab, Fardos; 011 231 9606 29 October 30 November. Damascus The Other Exhibition by Saad Yagan Art House Gallery, Mazzeh Jabal; 011 662 8112 15 October. Damascus Palestine Festival for Popular Arts Arab Cultural Centre, Yarmouk; 011 632 0830 At 6:00 pm 16 October. Damascus How Poetry Is Perceived in Syria Today Open discussion hosting Jamal Shehayed (critic), Said Al-Barghouthi (publisher), Samer Muhammad Ismail (poet, critic) and Luqman Deiraki (poet) Mustafa Ali Gallery, Hay Al Amine; 011 542 1988 at 6:00 pm 18 October. Damascus Lecture by Fakhry Al- Baroudy Arab Cultural Centre, Abu Rummaneh; 011 334 9376 at 6:00 pm 18 October. Damascus Old Poetic Voices Attending to Femininity Lecture by Thaer Zeniddine Arab Cultural Centre, Adawi; 011 442 02670 At 5:00 pm 18 October. Damascus Poetry in Italy and Sweden Open discussion hosting poets Jasem Muhammad ( Sweden) and Davide Rondoni (Italy) Mustafa Ali Gallery, Hay Al Amine; 011 542 1988 at 7:00 pm

18 19 October. Damascus Academia Syria Venue: Damascus Sheraton Hotel 27 31 October. Damascus Big 4 Show Venue: Damascus International Fairground The International Industrial Exhibition the Big 4 Show is a unique economic event that is annually organized to cater to the need for technologies and advanced industrial machines in the Middle East region. 27 31 October. Damascus Home Textile Venue: Damascus International Fairground The International Home Textile Exhibition Home Textile will offer an unmatched opportunity to Syrian and international manufacturers and suppliers to display their latest products to those who appreciate and seek them throughout the Arab region. 27 31 October. Damascus Safety & Security Syria Venue: Damascus International Fairground The International Exhibition for Safety, Security, and Risk Prevention. 27 31 October. Damascus Syria Logistex Venue: Damascus International Fairground Syria Logistex is organized to be the showcase of the most important logistic services that play a role in supporting the national economy and in driving the economic development forward, while also providing an opportunity for local, Arab, and international companies that function in this vital sector to meet and exchange experiences.

15 October. Damascus Luna Choir By Sham Group conducted by Hussam Eddine Brimo Church of St.Cyril / Kassaa District At 7:30 pm 15 October. Damascus Swedish Music and Poetry Night Jasem Muhammad (poetry), Alessia Pasini (vocal music) and Mell Morcone (piano) Al- Azem Palace At 7:00 pm 16 October. Damascus Percumania Band Conducted by Nuri El Ruheibani with the participation of Noura El Ruheibani Dar Al Assad Opera Theatre, Umayyad Square; 011 245 6144 At 8:00 pm 17 October. Damascus Solo Piano Marat Gubaidullin from Russia Dar Al Assad Opera Theatre, Umayyad Square; 011 245 6144 At 8:00 pm 17 October. Damascus Circassian Music and Poetry Night The band of the Circassian Association for Charity Dummar Cultural Complex, Dummar; 011 311 5142 At 7:00 pm 19 October. Damascus Italian Music and Poetry Night David Rondoni ( poetry) and Mell Morcone ( piano) Mustafa Ali Gallery, Hay Al Amine; 011 542 1988 At 7:00 pm

20 October. Damascus The Syrian Women Oriental Ensemble Conducted by Wafaa Safar, honouring the late great singer Suad Muhammad Dar Al Assad Opera Theatre, Umayyad Square; 011 245 6144 At 8:30 pm 23 October. Damascus Chilli Latin Big Band Latin music and dance Dar Al Assad Opera Theatre, Umayyad Square; 011 245 6144 At 8:00 pm 24 October. Damascus Tarab Orchestra Conducted by Majed Saray Eddine with the participation of Shahd Barmada, honouring the late great musician Baligh Hamdi Dar Al Assad Opera Theatre, Umayyad Square; 011 245 6144 At 8:00 pm 26 October. Damascus Puccini in Damascus Lubana Quntar ( soprano), Silvana Froli ( soprano), Stefano Meo ( baritone), Fabio Andreotti ( tenor), and The Syrian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Nahel Al- Halabi Dar Al Assad Opera Theatre, Umayyad Square; 011 245 6144 At 8:00 pm

20 October. Damascus Workshop for Kids with Special Needs By Rajaa Ashmawi Arab Cultural Centre, Jobar; 011 463 70040 At 4:30 pm 20 October. Damascus Poetry Night for Young Syrian Poets Mustafa Ali Gallery, Hay Al Amine; 011 542 1988 at 7:00 pm 31 October. Damascus Arabic and Syriac Languages By Joseph Asmar Malki Arab Cultural Centre, Abu Rummaneh; 011 334 9376a at 6:00 pm

Raising the awareness of fuel efficiency

Damascus, 04 October 2011- Volkswagen Middle East participated in the Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicle Associates (ANGVA) Green Highways 2011 event held in Dubai this week. The Green Highways project is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of fulfilling the vision of making natural gas and energy efficient cars available. The United Arab Emirates is the second stop on the Western leg of the ANGVA Green Highways route, which is a seven country tour concluding in Beijing, China, in time for the ANGVA 2011 event 18 20 Oct. 2011. Touring through countries in energy efficient cars, Green Highways emphasizes the importance of getting local industry and associations involved in exchanging information and experiences, in order to create a sustainable fuel future. Discussing the car manufacturers involvement at the event, Marcus Butros, Sales Director, Volkswagen Middle East said: The ANGVA Green Highways project brings together leaders in automotive innovation to discuss fuel consumption, and how natural gas technology is the future for cleaner driving throughout the region. The Volkswagen Group is committed to creating sustainable, efficient and clean cars utilizing the latest innovation and technology. As the Peoples car, Volkswagen has a number of technologies available including; Hybrid and electric solutions, with the use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) a key propriety within its sustainability strategy. The Dubai Government has also recently announced plans to convert at least 25 per cent of the public transport vehicles to use natural gas, with Volkswagen supporting this innovative solution which will lead environmental change and create awareness of alternative fuel. As an industry leader in the automotive world, Volkswagen has created new technologies which have set benchmarks in fuel consumption and emission values. Volkswagen has also created concepts within its Think Blue strategy which engages customers to focus on their environmental behaviour and approach to use clean fuels. Volkswagen not only has the innovation for fuel efficiency but is already creating models that utilize this technology. The Passat TSI EcoFuel is the first direct-injection turbo engine for the natural gas driving system. This model emits 23 percent less CO2 compare to similar petrol models. This shows how much effort is being put into researching alternative drive

Volkswagen Middle East committed to regions ecological sustainability

technologies so that future Volkswagens will be even more efficient. Were proud to be a part of the ANGVA Green Highways project and encourage the focus of sustainable fuel throughout the automotive industry. As part of Volkswagens Strategy 2018, and our aspiration to be the number one car manufacturer in the world, we have a responsibility to increase the use of sustainable fuel, creating cars which satisfy the customer and utilize the latest technology. concluded Butros.

November 2011 Issue No 78



Let the tablets war begin

Apple iPad2


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

By now, we all know the story behind these two razor thin tablets, though, its worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 takes the crown as being the thinnest and lightest tablet. To the eye, the two look almost alike in terms of thickness, but its only by a hairline that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 edges out the iPad 2. Still, we actually prefer the more refined and polished construction of the iPad 2 versus the plasticy nature of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. True, theres nothing too polarizing with their straightforward designs, but the premium nature of the iPad 2 undoubtedly makes it the more highly prized of the two especially when they sport the same price point. The plastic helps the Tab 10.1 to be lighter though. Again, we find yet another similarity between the two tablets since they sport the best-looking displays weve seen grace tablets thus far. On one hand the Galaxy Tab 10.1s PLS-LCD display sizes up at 10.1 with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, whereas the iPad 2 comes in with a 9.7 IPS display and 1024 x 768 resolution. The Galaxy Tabs wide screen format, however, might give it an edge when used for viewing films and HD content. Both the dedicated power buttons and volume rockers on the two tablets are distinguishable to the touch, while offering a sensible amount of feedback when pressed, but the iPad 2s buttons jut out just a tiny bit more. In terms of other ports, they both flaunt proprietary data/charging connectors and 3.5mm headset jacks. The iPad 2 has a single speaker located on the back corner of the tablet, while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 offers stereo support with its left and right speakers. Its worth noting that their batteries are not user removable and will require you to send it out for service if you need them to be replaced. Additionally, they dont provide any means of supplementing their internal storage capacities meaning, youre stuck with whatever you pick.

ith Christmas on the doors, tablets are increasingly becoming the gadget of choice to buy as a gift or even to carry along on those vocations away from home. Obviously, theyre much more portable than most traditional laptops, but even more, theyve evolved tremendously to offer an experience thats adaptive to our ever-growing needs. Although they share many physical characteristics with their designs, both the Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are seemingly regarded as the cream of the crop in the tablet market right now. Surprisingly priced evenly (some 800$ for the top-specs- model), the ultimate question comes down to which one is the better of the two.

Interface and Functionality

Considering that dual-core processors are all the rage nowadays, its not surprising to find them on these two premier tablets a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 1GHz Apple A5 processor on the iPad 2. Needless to say, theyre more than equipped to handle the rigorous demands of their respective tablet platforms. With most basic operations like opening up apps and maneuvering between their home screens, theyre effortlessly accomplished with barely any pause with their operation. However, its quite evident that the iPad 2 is more gracious with its movement since everything has this wickedly smooth feel to it. Ultimately, the biggest differentiator between the two is the tablet experience they have to offer. iOS on the iPad 2 is by far the easier and straightforward platform with its simplistic nature. Oppositely, there is a sprinkling of complexity attached to Android 3.1 Honeycomb on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1,

but it undoubtedly offers a ton more appreciable personalization with its live wallpapers and widget offerings. Moreover, Honeycomb better implements multi-tasking and notifications, which is still something not as clearly defined with the current available iOS experience. Apples obsession with tightly controlling everything in and around its products imposes a high level of rigidity in the look, feel, and functionality of the iPad 2. Consequently, all iPads are essentially identical, beyond the wallpapers and apps their owners install on them. In contrast, thanks to Androids greater empowerment of its apps, we were easily able to mold the Galaxy Tab into a highly personalized tablet experience, and do things on it that we dont have a clue clue how to accomplish on an iOS device. When it comes to inputting text, neither has a drastic advantage over the other since their on-screen keyboards are well sized and responsive thus,



November 2011 Issue No 78


technology minimizing mistakes while speed typing. However, if youd rather input text a different way, say like using your voice instead, Honeycomb on Galaxy Tab 10.1 offers voice recognition to easily speak what you want to write. Besides that, the overall traditional typing experiences on both tablets are identical to one another in terms of functionality, speed, and responsiveness. If Gmail is your kind of thing, then its a no-brainer reason why you shouldnt stick with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on this one especially when its running Googles tablet optimized platform. Of course, there are some additional features available at your disposal that tastefully emulates the desktop experience on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. However, the layouts of both email interfaces are basically the same as they utilize a familiar two-panel layout thats more than informative and adept at displaying emails in full fidelity. Taking a gander at their organizer apps, like the calendar and address book, theyre closely similar in presentation since they fully take advantage of their confines. For example, you have a two panel interface with their respective address books as one side acts as your scrollable list, while the other displays all relevant information associated to the selected contact. Again, we see similar elements in place with their calendar apps.

Let the tablets war begin


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the superior one when it comes to snapping photos. Blatantly, its 3.2-megapixel auto-focus camera produces images that are filled with better detail and color production. Looking at the same shots, you can clearly see that the iPad 2s results are filled with soft details and washed out looking colors making it look rather muddy and hazy overall. With macro shots, its obvious that images taken by the Galaxy Tab 10.1 are sharper looking. Additionally, theres a noticeable amount of digital noise evident with the iPad 2s shots in low lighting, which is something less prominent with the Galaxy Tab 10.1. At the same time, 720p video recording with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is considerably superior again versus the iPad 2s production and its like night and day between the two! Granted that they both shoot at the rate of 29 frames per second, we notice that there is a slight jerkiness to the Galaxy Tab 10.1s video, but its nothing too detracting from its overall good quality.


Internet and Connectivity

Thanks to its Adobe Flash support, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 offers you that true desktop-like experience with web browsing that some are sure to adore and appreciate. Although its lacking on the iPad 2, it still delivers a resounding experience seeing that its easily more fluid with its navigational operation like kinetic scrolling and pinch zooming. Complex pages load in a timely manner with both, but we still have to hand it to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on this one seeing that it has a tiny bit more features, like Flash support and incognito mode, that rounds out its overall appeal.

Sadly, there isnt any headway with the music player on the iPad 2 seeing that it carries over the same one that we saw with its predecessor. Naturally, its more than functional in playing some tunes, but its obviously lacking that polarizing presentation thats found with Cover Flow on the iPhone. However, the music player on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is tastefully full of eye-catching visuals especially with its 3D like carousel interface. Packing on left and right speakers, the Galaxy Tab 10.1s output is rather neutral in tone, and its surprising to find the single speaker of the iPad 2 outputting deeper bass tones. Without a doubt, both tablets excel when it comes down to playing high-definition videos since their processors effortlessly work in producing smooth playback. And since they have the ideal screen size for watching videos, they present a conducive experience for those long trips on the road. However, Galaxy Tab 10.1s 16:9 aspect ratio is the preferred choice since for movies, while the 4:3 screen of the iPad is better for internet browsing.

Unfortunately, neither offer any dedicated HDMI-out ports to easily share content with the big screen. However, you can accomplish that and get treated to a mirrored experienced with the iPad 2 by using an optional HDMI-out dongle. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, itll likely emulate the same functionality, but itll probably be in the form of some kind of pedestal dock. Again, there is nothing new present with the photo gallery on the iPad 2 and it pales in comparison to the glitzy presentation and sharing prowess of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. In fact, the 3D stacked look of the gallery app on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 emulates a field of depth as you tilt the tablet accordingly. Besides the bedazzling look of the gallery, theres a decent amount of sharing options with the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Oppositely, the only sharing function that you can execute with the iPad 2 is sending photos via email thats all! Although both tablets are available in 16GB and 32GB varieties, its only the iPad 2 that pushes it up one notch by offering a 64GB version. Happily, were still more than content to see pricing on the same level with both tablets even though we have seen others priced below the $500 mark.

tablet. Secondly, it provides integration with some of Googles other services like Google Talk, Latitude, and Buzz. And finally, 3D map view with select cities just about rounds out the depth of features found with the Galaxy Tab 10.1. As for the iPad 2, it only delivers the most basic functions with Google Maps such as getting directions, enabling satellite view, and getting street view. Primarily because it had a head start, there are more tabletoptimized third party apps found with iOS on the Apple iPad 2 versus the Honeycomb powered Galaxy Tab 10.1. Despite being approximately 3 months old at this point, we still find a lack of venerable third party Honeycomb apps in the Android Market.



On the surface, the YouTube apps on both tablets might have the same layout with its presentation, but we slightly lean towards the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on this one since there is more control given to the user. Specifically, you have the ability to choose either low or high quality with the Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab 10.1, but with the iPad 2, you can only get low quality if youre streaming over a 3G connection with high quality enabled all the time with Wi-Fi connections. Furthermore, the YouTube app on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 packages in the usual variety of sharing functions that we come to expect out of Android. Being a Google powered platform and all, theres no denying that the Google Maps experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is going to be drastically better than the iPad 2. First and foremost, you get free voice guided turn-by-turn directions with Google Maps Navigation on the Android

Literally, its a coin toss between the two mainly because they are priced evenly and have their own unique strengths that appeal to certain individuals out there. In terms of design though, we know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has the prestigious title of being the thinnest and lightest, but when thinking about their starting price of $500, the iPad 2s thin profile, solid construction, and choice of premium materials radiates more value for the buck. However, Android 3.1 Honeycomb on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 offers a higher degree of personalization, better implementation of notifications, and an integrated experience thats barely contested by the iPad 2. Additionally, Samsungs tablet is the go-to device if youre intimately interested in shooting photos and videos. In the end, its truly the platform experience that vastly separates the two, but no matter which way you dissect it, both are undoubtedly regarded as being the top contenders in this ever-growing tablet space right now.

While both the iPad 2 and the Galaxy tab 10.1 are capable and worthy tablets, the near future hold even greater promises for tablets customers. The most eagerly awaited tablet in the upcoming few weeks is no doubt the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Not only it is slimmer and more portable than the 2 tablets in this shootout, but it also has GSM functionality (Works as a phone), Wonderful Super AMOLED Plus 7.7 screen that is unrivaled when it comes to contrast and color production and, finally, it has both an SDCard slot and a mini-USB dock for syncing and charging.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7



November 2011 Issue No 78



Selecting The Best Mens Watch

ens Watches are an ideal gift for special occasions: Fathers Day, anniversaries, wedding gifts, birthdays, graduations, promotions, or a simple thank you gift. They not only help tell time, but accent ones wardrobe...while representing class and prestige. A classy watch is great eye-candy while youre out on a job interview, or entertaining clients. A high quality watch is something that you can keep for a lifetime.

With so many brands and styles, it can be difficult to decide amongst your favorites. In general, keep these pointers in mind:



November 2011 Issue No 78



Top Mens Watches for 2011

What do we mean when we say best watches? For some the parameter could be price tags, while for someone else it might just depend on pure performance. Someone might go for looks and some for brand name. Every individual is different and reasons could be numerous In an effort to provide best options for watches that suit every occasion and requirements, here we have compiled a list of best 10 men watches you can look for having in 2011. You can buy them for yourself or just order them for some special. The below listed top 10 men watches are not in any particular order.

Breitling Navitimer World

The Navitimer continues to be in production for about 50 many years. The identify of this Breitling watch assortment comes from your combination of the two phrases; Navigation and Timer. The Navitimer practically produced the popularity of Breitling, certainly to your basic public. It truly is an iconic timepiece and remains the companys most well-known collection. Today, the Navitimer assortment includes the Cosmonaute, World, Montbrillant, Montbrillant Olympus, Montbrillant Datora and Chrono-Matic. The World is the largest of the Navitimer collection with a casing diameter of 46mm. It has 25 jewels and a 2 time-zone, self-winding mechanical movement. The casing comes in steel, 18k gold or red gold.

Citizen Mens JY001050-E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Titanium Watch

3rd Generation Skyhawk Atomic Flight Chronograph. Atomic time keeping. Time is automatically set (or on demand) by the atomic signal. Ecologically friendly, light powered Eco-Drive Caliber U600 Japanese-quartz movement; charges in natural sunlight or indoor light. Durable, hardened non-reflective mineral crystal; case diameter: 48 mm; 2 Alarms; 1/100 second chronograph measures up to 24 hours; 99 minute countdown timer; rotating slide rule bezel Titanium case; black dial; perpetual-calendar; world time (43 cities) functions; Greenwich Mean Time display; atomic timekeeping with radio-controlled accuracy; Water-resistant to 660 feet (200 M).

Omega Mens 2221.80.00 Seamaster 300M Quartz James Bond Blue Dial Watch
The Omega Mens Seamaster Blue Dial Watch makes its statement with a sporty deep blue dial with luminous hands and hour markers, and a calendar window that sits at the 3 oclock. Precise Swiss-Quartz movement. Domed, anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, Case diameter: 41 mm, Stainless-steel case; Blue dial; Date function, Water-resistant to 300 M (1000 feet)

Breitling Mens BTA1332024B908BKRD Superocean Heritage Black Dial Watch

The watch comes in Stainless steel case with a rubber strap. Platinum bezel. Black dial with index hour markers. Minute markers around the outer rim. Luminescent hands and dial markers. Date display at 6 oclock position. Bronze. Automatic movement. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Case diameter: 46 mm. Case thickness: 17 mm.fold over clasp with double push button safety. Water resistant at 200 meters / 660 feet.



November 2011 Issue No 78



Top Mens Watches for 2011

Among watch aficionados, the Zeitwerk is one of the most praised timepieces of the last five years. The Striking Time takes the digital display (powered mechanically, of course) of the traditional Zeitwerk and adds two hammers to allow the watch to chime the time on the hour. It does not have to be activated like a minute repeater; it will simply chime on its own. This large watch is incredibly comfortable to wear for its immense complexity, and one that will give you instant street cred.

A.Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Striking Time

TAG Heuer Mens CJF2114.BA0594

This is a classy and beautiful mens watch which gets attention and compliments when worn. Its striking blue face changes hues in different lights, and its stylish brushed stainlesssteel case and adjustable link bracelet are heavy and solid without being restricting. The luminous silver-toned hands and numbering on the dial contrast nicely with the blue background and are easily visible through the glare-resistant, practically scratch-proof sapphire crystal window. There are three independent chronometer windows, a date window at the 3:00 position, and the bezel has a tachymeter scale inscribed on its surface. Its water-resistant for up to 660 or 220 meters. It is a standout among the best mens watches.

MB&F Legacy Machine No 1

Maximilian Busser and Friends (MB&F), an independent watchmaker known for its extreme designs, has taken the wraps off its new Legacy Machine 1 watch. The Legacy Machine No 1 is based on the idea of what if MB&F designed a watch not in 2011, but 1911. The end result is a watch that is traditional in shape. Beating inside the new MB&F watch is a handwound three-dimensional movement. It supplies a 45-hour power reserve. The caliber comprises 279 individual parts, including 23 jewels. It operates at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour. Integrated within the mechanism is a 14mm balance wheel with four conventional regulating screws, floating above the movement and dials. The balance spring is a traditional Breguet curve, which terminates in a mobile stud holder. The movement incorporates gold chatons with polished countersinks. It also boasts fine finishes, which include extraordinary hand-crafted finishing, created in the spirit of respect to the 19th century style; Geneva waves and hand-made engravings. The caliber finds its natural home in a 44mm case made of 18k red or white gold. It is composed of 65 individual parts.

TAG Heuer Mens CJF211A.BA0594

This particular mens watch is an excellent example of TAG Heuers strong commitment to both style and function. It winds without a standard battery as it is powered by your arm movement. The watch keeps consistent time by atomic clock standards. It has a beautiful see-through back, a scratch-resistant sapphire-crystal tachymeter bezel, and a black dial face with day and date displays. Telling time is both easy and a pleasure with the luminescent index points and hands. The interior and exterior of the facing is coated to reduce glare so it easy to view even in direct sunlight. It is a precision chronograph, and its brushed, polished stainless-steel band and case are waterresistant up to 220 M. This watch has a black dial face, with Day/ Date windows at the 3:00 position. Hands, hour and minute indexes are luminescent. Watch weight is a solid yet non-burdensome 2.3 pounds.



November 2011 Issue No 78



Girard-Perregaux ww.tc for Only Watch 2011

Girard-Perregauxs contribution to this years Only Watch auction is a unique version of their worldwide time control model. The entire piece has a very soft, smooth look to it, with rounded edges on the case, chrono pushers and strap. Girard Perregaux used ultra-light titanium oxide to produce the white single-piece watch-case middle, and the thin bezel is made of ceramic. As with some of the Only Watch pieces we have seen already, the ww.tc incorporates the white and red colors that are representative of the Monaco flag. Functions on the busy dial include hour, minute, small seconds, world time with day/ night indicator, fly-back chronograph, and date. The final exciting feature of this watch (unfortunately not pictured) is a case-back in smoked sapphire crystal.

Victorinox Alpnach Black Ice Chronograph

Victorinox recently announced a sporty new mechanical chronograph, the Alpnach Black Ice Chronograph. The 44 mm stainless steel case is treated with a scratch resistant black ice PVD coating. The case finish is brushed with polished lug edges. Inside is an ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph caliber. The 7750 has 25-jewels, runs at 28,800 vph (4Hz) and 42 hour power reserve. The dial is dark grey with orange accents and white markings (white Superluminova). Functions include hours, minutes, seconds, date, day of week, chronograph. Chronograph hours at 6 oclock, chronograph minutes at 12 oclock and small seconds at 9 oclock. Day and date at 3 oclock. Protecting the dial is a sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment. Sapphire crystal case back. Twin bezel in black PVD stainless steel. Polished PVD stainless steel crown and chronograph pushers. NATO-style ballistic nylon strap with black PVD stainless steel clasp. Water-resistance 100 meters.



film & TV

In Time

classic escapades that have enthralled generation after generation with their one-ofa-kind mix of action, humor and scintillating tale-spinning in The Adventures of Tintin, The Secret of the Unicorn. Based on the internationally beloved and irrepressible characters created by Herg, the story follows the unquenchably curious young reporter Tintin and his ercely loyal dog Snowy as they discover a model ship carrying an explosive secret. Drawn into a centuriesold mystery, Tintin nds himself in the sightlines of Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine, a diabolical villain who believes Tintin has stolen a priceless treasure tied to dastardly pirate named Red Rackham. But with the help of his dog Snowy, the salty, cantankerous Captain Haddock and the bumbling detectives Thompson & Thomson, Tintin will travel half the world, outwitting and outrunning his enemies in a breathless chase to nd the nal resting place of The Unicorn, a shipwreck that may hold the key to vast fortune . . . and a ancient curse.
Director: Steven Spielberg Stars: Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig.

Created by: Khaldoun Qaddoura

Writer/Director Craig Brewer delivers a new take of the beloved 1984 classic lm, Footloose. Ren MacCormack is transplanted from Boston to the small southern town of Bomont where he experiences a heavy dose of culture shock. A few years prior, the community was rocked by a tragic accident that killed ve teenagers after a night out and Bomonts local councilmen and the beloved Reverend Shaw Moore responded by implementing ordinances that prohibit loud music and dancing. Not one to bow to the status quo, Ren challenges the ban, revitalizing the town and falling in love with the ministers troubled daughter Ariel in the process.
Director: Craig Brewer Stars: Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid.

In the not-too-distant future the aging gene has been switched off. To avoid overpopulation, time has become the currency and the way people pay for luxuries and necessities. The rich can live forever, while the rest try to negotiate for their immortality. A poor young man who comes into a fortune of time, though too late to help his mother from dying. He ends up on the run from a corrupt police force known as time keepers.
Director: Andrew Niccol Stars: Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy.



www.intimemovie.com #intime

film & TV

Bennett Millers adaptation of Michael Lewis non-ction best seller Moneyball stars Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, a one-time phenom who amed out in the big leagues and now works as the GM for the Oakland Athletics, a franchise thats about to lose their three best players to free agency. Because the team isnt in a nancial position to spend as much as perennial favorites like the Yankees and the Red Sox, Beane realizes he needs to radically change how he evaluates what players can bring to the squad. After he meets Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), an Ivy League economics major working as an executive assistant for scouting on another team, Beane realizes hes found the man who understands how to subvert the system of assessing players thats been in place for nearly a century. However, as the duo begin to acquire players that seem too old, injured, or inept to play majorleague baseball, they face stiff resistance from both the As longtime scouts and the teams manager Art Howe (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who outright refuses to allow Beanes more-nontraditional acquisitions to play.
Director: Bennett Miller Stars: Brad Pitt, Robin Wright and Jonah Hill

A lonely and friendless boy nds and untangles a hurt dolphin that is caught in a crab trap. He becomes very attached to the dolphin when the tail must be taken off to save the dolphins life. The boy believes the dolphin would be able to swim normally if it was given a prosthetic tail.
Director: Charles Martin Smith Stars: Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd and Harry Connick Jr.

By day, Kate Reddy works for a Boston-based nancial management rm; by night, shes a devoted mother to two adoring children and the happily married wife of out-ofwork architect Richard. When Kate lands a lucrative new account that will see her traveling across the country on a regular basis, however, her new business associate Jack reveals his irtatious side and Richard receives a job offer he cant turn down. Though it looks as if Kate and Richard couldnt possibly take on any more responsibility, the demands of modern living ensure theyll never have a dull moment, even if they try.
Director: Douglas McGrath Stars: Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan and Kelsey Grammer

Soon after her return from a business trip to Hong Kong, Beth Emhoff dies from what is a u or some other type of infection. Her young son dies a few days later. Her husband Mitch however seems immune. Thus begins the spread of a deadly infection. For doctors and administrators at the U.S. Center for Disease Control, several days pass before anyone realizes the extent or gravity of this new infection. They must rst identify the type of virus in question and then nd a means of combating it, a process that will likely take several months. As the contagion spreads to millions of people worldwide, societal order begins to break down as people panic.

Director: Steven Soderbergh Stars: Matt Damon, Kate Winslet and Jude Law.

Eons after the Gods won their mythic struggle against the Titans, a new evil threatens the land. Mad with power, King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) has declared war against humanity. Amassing a bloodthirsty army of soldiers disgured by his own hand, Hyperion has scorched Greece in search of the legendary Epirus Bow, a weapon of unimaginable power forged in the heavens by Ares. Only he who possesses this bow can unleash the Titans, who have been imprisoned deep within the walls of Mount Tartaros since the dawn of time and thirst for revenge. In the kings hands, the bow would rain destruction upon mankind and annihilate the Gods. But ancient law dictates the Gods must not intervene in mans conict. They remain powerless to stop Hyperion...until a peasant named Theseus (Henry Cavill) comes forth as their only hope. Secretly chosen by Zeus, Theseus must save his people from Hyperion and his hordes...
Director: Tarsem Singh Stars: Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke and John Hurt.



November 2011 Issue No 78






Aga Khan Network 3343610\1 Agency for combating unemployment - Acu 6122607 Amal Al-Ghad 3741010 Boosting and Inspiring Dynamic Youth Achievement - BIDAYA 33502373 Euro Info correspondence centre - EIcc 6133865 German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD 371925 uN Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO 6121145/6 International committee of the Red cross - IcRc 3310476 International Organization For migration - IOm 6121370, 6121375 Syrian-European Business centre - SEBc 6133865 Syrian Family Planning Association - SFPA 3310396 Syrian Young Entrepreneurs Association - SYEA www.syea.org Strategy Highlighting and building Abilities for Business - SHABAB 6611689 united Nations 6129811 united Nations childrens Fund - uNIcEF 6122592/3/4 united Nations Development Programme - uNDP 6129811 united Nations Food Program Agency - uNFPA 6113773/8 mob 0944593854 united Nations High commissioner for Refugees - uNHcR 2139961/2/3 mob 093210 0273 united Nations Industrial Development Organization - uNIDO www.unido.org united Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees - uNRWA 6133035/9 united Nations Volunteers - uNV 6129811 mob 0988805745 World Food Programme - WFP 612 0597/8 World Health Organization - WHO 3329315, 3315053 mob 0933400316


ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform ministry of communications and Technology ministry of culture ministry of Defence ministry of Economy & Foreign Trade ministry of Education ministry of Electricity & Energy ministry of Establishments & construction ministry of Expatriates ministry of Finance ministry of Foreign Affairs ministry of Health ministry of Higher Education ministry of Housing and construction ministry of Industry ministry of Interior ministry of Irrigation & Water Resources ministry of Justice ministry of Local Administration and Environment ministry of Religious Affairs ministry of Petroleum and mineral Resources ministry of Planning ministry of Social concerns & Labour ministry of Supply & Internal Trade ministry of Transport

2227600, 2213613 3320807 3338600, 3338633 8813236, 3721287 2213513, 2213514 4444702 2228334, 2229654 2223596, 2246690 3134302 2220200 3713255, 3713256 3311020, 3311022 2129862, 2129861 5431076, 2217572 2231834, 2231845 2220101, 2211001 2221401, 2221402 2214108, 2213738 2226005 4419080 4455972, 4445610 2218854, 2218853 2225984, 2210355 2219241, 2219044 3339111, 3336801

Embassy of Afghanistan Embassy of Algeria Embassy of Argentina Embassy of The Republic of Armenia Embassy of Australia Embassy of Austria Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain Embassy of Bangladesh Embassy of Belorussia Embassy of Belgium Embassy of Brazil Embassy of Bulgaria Embassy of canada Embassy of chile Embassy of The Republic of china General consulate of cuba Embassy of the Republic of cyprus Embassy of the czech Republic Royal Danish Embassy (+Greenlandic Embassy) Embassy of Egypt Embassy of the Republic of Equador Embassy of the State of Eritrea European commission Delegation Embassy of Finland Embassy of France Embassy of Germany Embassy of Greece Embassy of Hungary consulate of Iceland Embassy of India Embassy of Indonesia Embassy of The Republic of Iraq Embassy of Iran Honorary consulate of Ireland Embassy of Italy Embassy of Japan Embassy of Jordan Embassy of the Republic of North Korea Embassy of Kuwait Embassy of Libya Embassy of Latvia Embassy of malaysia Honorary consulate of Thiland Honorary consulate of malta Embassy of mauritania Embassy of morocco Embassy of Netherlands Embassy of Norway Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan consulate of Philippines Embassy of Poland consulate of Portugal Embassy of the State of Qatar Embassy of Romania Embassy of Russia Embassy of Saudi Arabia Embassy of Serbia Embassy of Slovakia Embassy of Somalia Embassy of South Africa Embassy of Spain Embassy of Sudan Embassy of Sweden Embassy of Switzerland Embassy of Tunisia Embassy of Turkey

6112910 3331446, 3334548 3334167/8 6133560 6116692, 6132424 6138010 6132314 2212648 6118097, 6118098 6122189 6124551/2/7/9 4454039, 3318485 6116692, 6116851 3311891, 3338443 3339594 3339319, 3334609 6130812/3, 6131823 3331383, 3339395 6190900 3332932, 3333561 33488820, 33488877 6112357 3327640 6127570/1/2 3390200 3323800 6115009, 6113035 6110787 4467110, 4452090 3347351/2 6119630/1, 6117939 3341290 3710826, 6117675 3342144 3332621 3338273, 3332553 6136260/1 4424735, 4417614 6117644/5 3338851, 3333914 2451321, 2212462 6122811/2/3 3316144 / 3316214 3733601 3309317 6110451 3336871 6122941 6110408, 6622506 6132694/5/6 3335844 3333010, 3336010 3320253,3337716 3320044 3327570/1 4423155/6 3334780, 3334915 3336222, 3333689 6132114/5, 6133648 3335534 3222650, 2229200 6132900/1/2 3304470, 3302470 3340070 6111972, 6111975 6132700/4 3331411

Embassy of Turkmenistan Embassy of ukraine Embassy of united Arab Emirates Embassy of the united Kingdom Embassy of the united States of America Apostolic Enunciator of Holy See (Vatican city) Embassy of Venezuela Embassy of Yemen General consulate of Iraq General consulate of Turkey General consulate of Armenia General consulate of Russia consulate of France Honorary General consulate of Portugal Honorary General consulate of ukraine Honorary General consulate of Hungary Honorary General consulate of Italy Honorary consulate of Austria Honorary consulate of Belarus Honorary consulate of Belgium Honorary consulate of Benin Honorary consulate of Brazil Honorary consulate of Bulgaria Honorary consulate of canada Honorary consulate of chile Honorary consulate of the czech Republic Honorary consulate of Denmark Honorary consulate of Finland Honorary consulate of Germany Honorary consulate of Greece Honorary consulate of malta Honorary consulate of morocco Honorary consulate of Norway Honorary consulate of Pakistan Honorary consulate of the Philippines Honorary consulate of Romania Honorary consulate of Serbia Honorary consulate of South Africa Honorary consulate of Spain Honorary consulate of Sweden Honorary consulate of the Swiss confederation Honorary consulate of Tunisia Honorary consulate of the united Kingdom


2241834 6113016 3330308 3391505 33914444 3332601, 3332446 3335356, 3337490 7186682



021-2641068/9 021- 26499670/80 021-2687240 021-2232401, 2269377 021-2211829, 2219823 021-2235566 021-2660375 021-2122626 021-2214601 021-2114072 021-2110933 021-3622667, 3622665 021-2277022/33 021-4600004 021-2660375 021-2684160 021-4642666 021-4663500/20 021-2281398 021-2123001/2/3 021-2639898/9 021-2633787 021-2211888 021-2679051 021-2677438 021-2113461 021-5110220 021-2266601 021-2255926 021-2121333 021-2233095/6 021-2689644 021-3634634 021-2665002, 2669785 021-2280510/1

cham city centre Damascus Boulevard Damasquino mall Ski-land mall Town centre mall Al-mounchieh city centre New mall

2117189 3235650 www.damasquinomall.com 5475551, 5475566 6217780, 6224444


021-2227030 021-2674010


Honorary consulate of the Republic of Turkey 041-473777, 041-475357 Honorary consulate of Belgium 041-477966, 477966 Honorary consulate of Finland 041-470171/2/3 Honorary consulate of Greece 041-467881 consulate of the Netherlands 041- 472531/4/5 Honorary consulate of Sweden 041- 470171/3 Honorary consulate of the Republic of Turkey in Lattaika 041-473777 Honorary consulate of Greece Honorary consulate of the Republic of Turkey


ABS Abu Staif & Sons A.S Bader Ghloul Grand mart - city center mall Rami Soubeh Shereen Teeba Zain El-Abdeen Zaid mdawer Zenobia Al-Diwan Al-mazrahe Al-Saha Al-Skhra marosh Twenty Four (24)

6113080 6119373 3730206 3336785, 3314470 6326410 8881637 6625160 4458154, 3315220 2764825 3733231 6212282 3730625 021-2269055 021-4601333 021-2114823 021-2680985 021-4642101 021-4659401 031-2622662 031-2220674 031-2510423 031-2761592 031-2122842 031-2113004 031-2222925 033-523249 033-316866 033-314617



043-221104, 325000 043 -211114

Abu Al-Awad Al-Ashraf Al-Rawda Al-Shahbaa Al-Syoufe Al-Taleb Al-Tasweek Wal Tawfeer Al-Henem Al-malab Al-Nour





November 2011 Issue No 78



Last Station Olabi Patisserie Old House Lacasta cafe & more Stop 5 Al-Andalous Garden cafe Beite cafe Blue Stone city cafe mamma mia Restaurant Al-Qalaa - The citadel Al-Atlal Broasted Fawaz Le Jardin Sultan Restaurant 041-468871 mob 094657765 041-461013 041-475744 041-477919 031-416915 031-234032 031-2459999 031-239755 031-2112400 031-7340493 033-222234 033-223884 033-25335 033-235104 034-5913073 034-913600 034-910878 Azem Ecole Beit Al-Aqqad Beit Nizam chapel of Ananias Dahdah Palace Jamaa Al-Jadeed Khan Asad Pasha Khans of Souq medhat Pasha (Straight St.) madrassa An-Nuri maktab Anbar mausoleum of Salah El-Din minaret of Jesus (column) Sayyida Ruqayya mosque Sayyida Zeinab m ausoleum Shrine of Hussein Shrine of John the Baptist (Prophet Yehia to muslims) St Pauls chapel Takiyya As-Suleimaniyya The citadel The Tomb of Beybars umayyad mosque





Apamea Azem Palace Khans of the Souq of Hama Qasr Ibn Warden - Palace The Beehive Houses-Sarouj & Twalid Dabaghein The castle of musyaf The Grand mosque The Norias

East Wall Palace-Qasr Al-Heir Al-Sharqi Qalaat Jaabar - castle Qalaat Najm - castle Qalat Ibn Saman - castle Temple of Bel The Theatre The Tower of Elahbel-Valley of the Tombs Dura Europs-Tal Al-Salhiyyeh mari-Tel Hariri Qasr Al-Banaat Rasafa-Al-mansoura Saray-Qanawat


Art caf Art cafe Ninar maharaja Indian Restaurant Abu Rummaneh Damascus Gate Al Farouk for food and sweets Al-Karieh Restaurant Al-Khawali Haretna Sushi Beit Jabri canoun Al-Tennin casablanca Elissar Inhouse coffee Kanaan Palace Resort Kaser Al Wali Restaurant La casa Leilas Restaurant & Terrace Narciss Linas Segafredo Taj mahal Tarboosh Al-Sham Tche Tche cafe Trovka Restaurant Zaman Al-Khair Restaurants Zenobia Quattro cafe-Restaurant chopin cafe Bazar Alcharq Beit Alkaisar Beit Sissi Beroea cantra Dar Ward Delta Emeralds Kan Zaman Kaser Alwali Larose Lily house mejana metastrada Taj Alklaa Wanes

2325757, mob 0988995566 4522257 mezzeh 2005 3355555 5475500 or 1/2/3/4, 0933202075 2131322 5475551/2 2225808 5441148 3354077 5443200 6116967, 6114778 5417598 5424300, 5428577 3336039 7138201/2/3/4 4461389, 3322336 3331288 5445900 5416785, 5431205 2143798 2316070 - 2142420 - 6117363 2453434 6115158 2216339 0988995566 6440175/6 2220575-2450116 6133625 5436502 021-2249120 021-5230130 021-4651444 021-9325 021-2122010 021-3620620 021-2122411 021-2126987 021-3311299 021-9911 021-2642241 021-2222501 021-2027 021-4663300 021-9250, 021-4606033 021-2116002 043-326083 043-220408 043-313313, 213900 043-328755 mob 094667887 041-850027 041-843231 041-458000 041-475403 041-456200 041-447207

Ishtar Hotel Villa Palmyra restaurant Traditional Palmyra Restaurant Al-Rashid Restaurant Lazaward Hotel Restaurant DEc Lailati



The Basilica of St George The church of St Elias


022-241919 022-216120/2 051-220469 051-229648



muSEumS - DAmAScuS



Backdoor club champions Pub Le Serai Pub Blue Bar Domino Jar Al-Ward Jet Set Kasabjy Le Serai Pub marmar massimo Pub Oxygen Le Piano Bar XO Bar Z Bar Dome Baron Hotel Bar Sissi House

4446255, mob 0988990066 4450676, mob 0988900096 3737061 3340240 5431120 5429185 2232300 4416184 3737061 5446425 www.massimo-pub.com 5444396 5420542, 5430375 3391000 2217700 0991555444

Ain Dara Site Al-Jdeida Quarters churches & cathedrals Al-madrassa Al-Halawiyya Basilica of St Simeon (Qalat Samaan) Bimaristan Arghan church of Qalb Lozeh cyrrhus (Nebi Huri) Ebla (Tel mardikh) Khans around the Great mosque madrass As-Sultaniyya mosque of Abraham Serjilla Shibani School Souq Bab Antakya Khans The Aleppo citadel The Great mosque

The Army museum The Historical museum of Damascus The museum of Arab medicines & Sciences-Nuri Health centre (Bimaristan) The National museum The National museum of Popular Arts and Tradition - Azem Palace The Azem Palace



cathedral of Our Lady of Tortosa-The citadel Qalat marqab-The castle


convent of St Thecla

Ayounak cave Khawaja Restaurant Yamak Viamidos


021-2210880/1 021-2124362 041-475744 041-330033 031-2112400 031-2459999

monastery of mar musa monastery of St Sergius The Salah Eddin castle ugarit

Lacasta cafe & more moodz Bar Abu Nawas Blue Stone


Air France Alitalia British Airways cyprus Airways Egypt Air Emirates Etihad Gulf Air Royal Jordanian Airline 2218990 2222262 3310000 2225630 2232158 9934 3344235 2221209 2315577

Al-Andalus cafe Al-Kordaha Restaurant Allegro cesar Express cafe Italian corner Restaurant


Azze Hrawe Residence church of the Girdle of Our Lady Qalaat Al-Hosn (Krak Des chevaliers) Outskirts of Homs St Georges monastery-Outskirts of Homs



November 2011 Issue No 78


Lufthansa mEA Airlines Syrian Air Turkish Airlines Syrian Air Air France KLm Airlines Lufthansa Syrian Air Syrian Air 2211165 2213147 2450098 2212263


DEDEmAN mansouriya Palace Sheraton 021-2661600 021-3632000 021-21211111



021-2241232, 2220501 021-2232238 021-2211074 021-2223005 041-476863 051-221801

Dummar cultural complex French cultural centre The Italian cultural centre Goethe Institute Russian culture centre Spanish culture centre

3115142 2316192 3319543 3719435 2317158, 2317351 3714003

Beit Wakil coral Julia Dumna Dar Zamaria mirage Park Hotel Riga 021-2117083 021-3330660 021-3636100 021-2288555 021-9895 021-9294 Aal Bal Art cafe Ninar Art House Atassi Gallery Ayyam Gallery Beit Al-Nur Beit Al-Sham Dar Al Baath Dar al mada Dar Ez-Zarqan for Arts Fateh muddaress Free Hand Gallery French cultural centre Galerie Abdal Gallery Sahar Occasions Galleria chantout Atelier Ishtar Khan Assad Pacha Kozah mustafa Ali Naji Al Ali Nassour Gallery Ninar Art caf Ruaa Art Gallery Rafia Gallery Tajalliyat Gallery Al Rywak Al-Sayyed Al Shaab ur-Nina Gallery Al-Sharq Showroom Dar El-mhanna Ebla Gallery Kawaf Fine Arts Gallery The Small museum Arts Home 5445794 4522257 6628112 3321720 6131088 5431287 3330038 6622141 2322276 5431899 2246710 3344219, 3347211 2316192 5445794 4444846 5436502 6617780 4465086 2215961 5410900 5421988 4423762 3710344 5422557 5610901 3310803 6112338 3337933 332 1450, 3334390 2319606 2243783 021-442861 021-2634098 021-2268757 021-2230985, mob 0933260301 021-2232596 041-477827 Al-Balabel Al-Beiruti Al-madar Al-mahatta Al-Nihlawy Al-Salka Al-Sham Kanawati for music mirza music mozart Asia Floyed King Radio one Rotana 2216826 3313475 3336722 54498761, 5410821 4441982 2214461 2457153 2323088 4470294 2321445



Ramsis Isis Jdayda

021-2111102 021-2126345 021-9225 \ 3632000

Afamia Rotana Resort Lattakia 041- 330033


Art House Four Seasons Talisman1 Dedeman Sheraton Damascus Old Vine cham Palace Ebla cham Palace Beit Zaman Hotel Dar al-Yasmin Hotel Semiramis Hotel Biet Rumman 6628112/5 3391000 5415379 3322650 2229300 5450164 2232320 2241900 2241945 5435380 5443380 2233555 5451092 - 5451094


021-2112993 021-2122596 021-2248440 021-4464063 021-2122702


Damascus International Airport (Flight queries 167-Reservations 187) 4530201/9 central Tourist office 2323953, 2210122 Immigration and passport office-Visa extensions 2219400 DHL 096345345 Amigo Net 5421694 Internet cafe Smile 2326239 Spotnet cafe 5433374 Tourist Office DHL concord Internet cafe Internet centre


Queen center Arjaan by Rotana Alfares Alarabi Omayyad hotel Blue Tower Hotel Damascus International Hotel Fardoss Tower Hotel maaloula Hotel Rawda Hotel Safir Hotel Damascus carlton Hotel Palmvillage Hotel

6664003 2225320 - 2248800 2235500 3340240 2311600/1/2 232100 7770250 6416206-7 / 6416210 6470140 2122000 3919004

021-2121228, 2230000 021-4440322 021-2247272 043-315906



messenger Internet cafe Tourist Office Happy Net cafe Tourist Office

031-2212336 033-511 033-216057




034-5910574 041-416926 041-465310


Al-Ahram Al Ameer cinema Biblous Al-cham cinema de cham Diana Dunia Al-Fardous Al Khaiyam cinema Al Kindi Rametta cinema Shamas & Ataasi Al-Sofaraa ugarit cinema Al-Zahraa Aleppo cinema Al-Ameer Al-cham cinema Al Hamraa cinema Al Khaiyam cinema Opera Rametta ugarit Az-Zahraa

2212504 2228513 2213355 4437008 2232300, 2232310 2211847 2211888 2213424, 2214472 4437008 2218899 3214384 2212388 2317008 2311539 2222212


Antique Khan Hotel Beit Rose Hotel Orient Palace hotel

5419450 5441241 2231351

Tourist Information Office center Net


Afamia Hotel Al Hossen Residence Al majed Hotel city Hotel Future Tower Hotel Al-Haramein Hotel Al-Rabie Hotel Ghazal Hotel

2228963 6471712 - 6471258 - 6420292 2323300 - 2323301 / 2 / 3 2219375 2315465 2317511 2319489 2318374 2313736

Arabic cultural centres Abu Rummaneh mezze Jobar Danish Institue Beit Al-Nur Dar Al-Assad for Arts and culture Dar Al Funoon

021-313935/310704 021-2112826 021-22405 021-322333/211071 021-311067 021-2120300 021-2112827 021-2124755 021-4444228 031-234131 021-2486340 041-234233 041-237430 041-833135

3349376, Adawi 6610678 , Yarmouk 46370040, Kafer Souseh 2238038, NIASD 5431287, British council

44202670 6320830 2139680 6120515 3330631 245 6165/44 2231679

Al Amir cinema Homs Damascus Al Ahram Al-Fardous




November 2011 Issue No 78




Al Kindi cinema Al Sabaa cinema Al Abbasiyya cinema Al Kindi cinema


043-224171 043-221139 043-220333 051-221593

Arabic Library for Arts & Tradition Al-Assad National Library The Public Library Al-Dar university Library Dar Al-mustaqbal The National Library

2216373 3334294, 3311073 2310744 021-2244230 021-3211096 021-2238205 031-2235710 031-2313559 031-2222180 031-2232862 023-235446

Al-Bahaa Al-Bierakdar Al-marifa Bookshoop As-Salmiyya Dar Al-Nada

023-719853 023-363017




016-230024 051-352323, 360905 015-230140


Ibn Al Nafees Ibn Sina The Italian Hospital The Red crescent centre Tishreen Yafa Surgical Hospital Al Ahli Al Amal Al Amir Al Ashtar Al Attar Ibn Rushd Al Kalimeh Al mwasat Al Razi The Red crescent centre Al Salam Al Shihan Saloum Al Shami Sraj Eddin Al Kindi

5123637, 5121211 5348834 3326030, 3326031 4421600, 4421601 5119450, 5119451 6112792, 6114795 021-2682801, 2682802 021-2676074, 2675991 021-2665551, 2667056 021-2667393, 2676390 021-2224420 021-4654977, 4654976 021-2674602, 2674601 021-2228738, 2238228 021-2676001, 2676002 021-4646800 021-4657800, 4657700 021-2661063, 2661062 021-4644830 021-2211750 021-2675652, 2675651 021-4642800, 4642801 052-426698 052-315053 052-750025 052-223107 052-750295 052-311171 033-440301 033-225331 033-416281 031-200474 031-2127408 031-2486475 031-2486478 023-548418 023-524524 023-717102 023-633460 023-850059 041-354825, 3177956



The culture House Library The General Islamic Library The Generality Library The modern Arzabic Library The Artistic Library


HAmmAmS & SPAS - DAmScuS


Data Line Al-Hoda Al-Naeem centre Arebya co. cD centre Eaksousy Encyclopedia Fanty Firas Golden Technique Hisham Hi-Tech Jessy Laser Lezary centre majal Art masaya Syrian Video centre Al-Qasr centre Rainbow Ahmed Al-Zebi Al-Ansar Al-Hob Al-Khoyoul Al-majd Al-mawas Al-Tahhan centre Al-Yanour Ayman Zahra centre miami Future Al-Hareef Safwan Al-Khateeb centre 9804 2317271 44670680 3319270 3338885 2321989 2320276 6666701 3111902 5321742 2213418 6352800 5432090 2457801 2456178 3336810 6719873 4460358

Hammam Al malek Alzaher Balloran Spa - Four Seasons Hammam Bakri Hammam Ammona Hammam Nureddin As-Sadat Bab Al-Ahmar Hammam Yalbougha An-Nasry Al-Othmani Baths Oriental Kharraz Al-Sadeya

2225330 3391000 5426606 2316414 2229513 021-3330519 021-3622640 021-3623154 031-2234395 031-2232540 033-215250


Al-Amin Al-Anwar Al-Fattal Al-Hariry Al-maghribi Al-miski Al-Noori Al-Tahhan Al-Walaa Al-Zahabi Abdul Rahman Bsout Al-Anwar Al-Arabi Al-Fidaa Al-Fourqan Al-manara An-Nawras An-Nour Al-umniya Abbas Abu Ahmad Al-Hagar Al-Hamawi Al-Hasen Al-Hayat Al-Nasem Al-Nedal Al-Nubalaa Al-Nur

2212041 2231199, 2244554 2456786, 2222373, 2234525 3320378 2452993 2237957 4419167 2222992 2231258, 2242104 3332581


Al-Amal Hospital Al-Hikma Hospital The National Hospital An-Numa Hospital Dr. Sulayman Al-Saleh Hospital Shaba Hospital Al-Asad medical Hospital Al-Asfar Specialist Hospital Al-Bader Specialist Hospital Al-Ahli Specialist Hospital Al-Hikmah Hospital Al-Watani Hospital Al-Watani Hospital






021-2255979 021-4442542 031-2470147 031-2211279 031-2127140 031-2618886 031-2135154 031-2211477 031-2468519 031-2471003 031-2477336 041-431450 016-251106 033-238238 033-224632 015-234752

021-3321441 021-4784163 021-2269239 021-2214227 021-2686492 021-2110494, 224 4385 021-3113833 021-4610320 021-2113577 031-2484996 031-2462907 031-2516874 031-2229655 031-2464181 031-2753447 031-2623620 031-2467522 031-2239587 031-2474733





Al-Sham Fitness Barada Gym Beauty & Fitness centre for Ladies Body Gym Dynamic Gym Gold Gym Fitness House Al Jalaa mayyas Womens Gym Life Gym Al-Hadad house Al-Vilat Al-Warak House Blue GYm Gym House

5617723 4450686 6315570 2130651 4429890 4447000 4427476 6622147 5127565 2321773 021-2289474 021-4465612 021-2228856 021-2332260 031-2453500

Al-Khateeb Surgical Hospital Al-maarra Surgical Hospital Areeha Hospital maternity House Hospital Saraqeb Specialist Hospital Al-Sufi Hospital






Abi Al-Fida Al-Dean Hayek Ibn al-Hytham maghmoumeh maher Fakhri


033-223107 033-237282 033-225256 033-224173 033-213690 033-217781, 217962 041-439724 041-439166 041-470890 041-826558 041-424879 041-433298 041-436671 023-529195 023-239630

GYm - HOmS

Al Salam Al Assadi Al Amal Al Hayat Al mwasat Al Rawda Surgery Al Razi Al Tawfeek Dar Al-Shifaa The French Hospital 9936, 0933000315 6132500, 6132501 4451334, 4451335 4455322, 4445043 2133000 3338392, 3330589 6118445, 6111600 2228250, 2216364 4414134, 4414120 4440460, 4448556

Al-Imam Jaafar Al-Sadeq Al-Abbas Al-Huda Al-maha Amar bin Yaser Beirut Zahrat Al-midan AL-Amer An-Nour


Abdullah makhseen Adnan Nomeir Adnan Tinawi Al-Falah Al-Farabi Al-Farawati Al-Fardoos Akram Khalifeh Akram Khoulani Fadi Dawood Al-Aasi Al-Aata Abdullah Arab Abdul Ahad Shallah Abdul Hannan Abdul Jaleel Al-Assaad

4443928 5420244 4625040 6114850 4421169 2217613 4444926 5121058 6214527 5617051



021-4787250 021-5506684 021-2666402 021-3216496 021-2687876 021-2247827 021-4448882



November 2011 Issue No 78



Damascus International Airport 011-453 0201/9 Flight - 167 Reservation - 187 Police Homicide military Police civil Defence Fire Station Traffic Police Ambulance Health Info centre Operator International call Operator Phone clock Tel-Information Tel-Telegrams Electricity Emergency Water Supply complaints Syrian Insurance company 112 159 116 109 113 115 110 161 141 143 119 147 146 118 114 186