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Volume IV

the Survivor
in You!

Nancy Ogburn
Tomato Palms,
A Green Company

Cayce, Chapin, Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, West Columbia, and White Knoll
Volume IV

the Survivor
in You!

Nancy Ogburn
Tomato Palms,
A Green Company

Cayce, Chapin, Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, West Columbia, and White Knoll
Lori Duncan Goes To
Jail April 1st For MDA
2009 Lexington Lock-up
to help the Muscular
Dystrophy Association on

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Lexington Arms Restaurant
Uniting to help families served by
MDA in our community

I Need Bail Please Mail Donations To:

Money! PO Box 85282, Lexington, SC 29073

Make Donations Online at:

Lexington Men love Lexington Woman!

Call To Advertise With Us

(803) 808-0866

P.O. Box 85282 | Lexington, SC 29073

Thank you Carolina Springs Middle School and White Knoll Middle School coaches for being a part of this issue.

Celebrating the Achievements of Women IN BUSINESS, THE COMMUNITY AND LIFE

WOMAN 2 WOMAN “We know what an exceptional business you are,
ENTERPRISES let us get help you get that message to Lexington women”
Know a young lady who should be featured here?
We have decided to make this article a staple in upcoming issues of
Lexington Woman and would like for you to help us by submitting
local young ladies who are working hard toward their future goals
like Lauren, Rachel, and Sarah Jane. Please email your submissions
to ld@woman2woman.sc for consideration in our next issue.
Call Julie today
to learn more about
becoming an agent

“We’re in control — of our days, our business,
7 Technology Circle
our income, our destiny. We’re not just
Suite 400
earning a living. We’re building a life.”
Columbia, SC 29203
www.sfyourstyle.com julie.mcdowell.jfqi@statefarm.com
Welcome to your
neighborhood café
featuring made from
scratch comfort food for
the family. Our mission is
simply this – to provide
quality food in a positive
environment that has
cusotomers and staff feeling
better for the experience.

...nourishing your body, Make this a Great day...

uplifting your spirit! don’t leave it to chance!

Lunch — Dinner — Take Out

Monday through Saturday 11:00am – 9:00pm

Telephone: (803) 951-0405

940 Old Barnwell Road • West Columbia
DANIEL’S Fine Furniture and Bedding

Over 20 Years of Experience

The Only Local Dealer with an England Gallery

Monday-Friday 10:00am-6:30pm • Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm


(803) 955-3618
3911 Edmund Highway • West Columbia, SC 29170

• Website Design
Globalpundits, Inc. • IT Staff Augmentation
Making IT Work
• Software Design
and Development

Rebecca Meinnert 4715D Sunset Boulevard

Brittany Burton Lexington, SC 29072
Jennifer Sawyer Phone: 803.354.9400
Fax: 803.996.1055
Web: www.globalpundits.com

Mi Pueblito
Authentic Mexican Flavors and Dishes

With 2 Locations to Serve You!

205 Columbia Avenue 2410 Augusta Hwy, Ste H
Lexington West Columbia
Etzatlan in the state of Jalisco,Mexico (803) 358-0725 (803) 794-3517

Mention this ad and receive 20% off your first visit

(Valid with $20 purchase or more)
Carolina Urology Practice Our Services Include:
111 West Hospital Drive
West Columbia Drive Treatment for: Innovative Procedures
(803) 796-8515 phone • Urinary Incontinence • Interstim
(803) 796-8516 fax • Overactive Bladder • Urodynamic Studies
• Pelvic Organ Prolapse • Laparoscopic Surgeries
• Kidney Stones • Pelvic Floor Repair
• Bladder Cancer • Bladder Slings
Carolina Continence Center • Kidney Cancer • Microwave Therapy
7021 St. Andrews Road • Erectile Dysfunction • HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment
Columbia, SC 29212 • Infertility • Brachytherapy Seed Placement
(803) 732-6367 phone • Enlarged Prostate • Cryoablation of the Prostate
(803) 732-6902 fax • Prostate Cancer
Carol Jodie knew we
were one of the best places
to work in the state long
before the South Carolina
Chamber of Commerce
confirmed it.

When the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce named us one of the best places
to work in the state, it came as no surprise to Carol Jodie. Carol’s a perioperative
nurse who joined us 38 years ago, just days before we opened the doors of our facility.
“All of us at LMC feel that we’re part of a family,” says Carol, “and management goes
out of its way to satisfy our professional and personal needs.”
Some of the benefits employees enjoy are full health and dental plans, annual
health screenings, access to a freestanding wellness
facility, flexible work hours, an onsite child
development center and opportunities for advanced
education. All of us at LMC are honored to have been recognized by the
South Carolina Chamber of Commerce as one of the best places in the state
to work. And as far as Carol’s concerned, she wouldn’t work anywhere else. www.lexmed.com
For Your Entire Hearing Healthcare Needs

Michele B. Frazier, M.Ed. Kenneth H. Johns, M.Aud.

One Wellness Boulevard Three Richland Medical Park

Suite 108 Suite 130
Irmo, SC 29063 Columbia, SC 29203
749-3371 (FAX) 771-9084 (FAX)

(803) 765-1919 www.midlandhearing.com

Over two decades of
making star-quality smiles!


502 North Lake Drive • Lexington SC 29072
Women’s Back Pain
Is Different From Men’s
Possible Causes of Back Pain...UNIQUE TO WOMEN
• Lifting children • Job related stress
• Stress • Exercise (running, cycling, aerobics,
• Standing over countertops other sports)
for long periods • Gynecological conditions
• Smaller, weaker abdominal (endometriosis, PMS)
muscles • Osteoporosis
• Pregnancy • Fibromyalgia
• Childbirth • and more

Call and ask about our FREE 19-Point Women’s Back Pain Solution Examination!
(x-rays included)

G. Adam Bunce, DC
5225-B Sunset Boulevard
www.HealthSourceChiro.com Lexington, South Carolina 29072
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
Enjoy the astonishing effects good nutrition can
make in your life with Reliv International’s
patented nutritional supplements. Then discover
what true financial freedom is as an Independent
Reliv Distributor.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your

income, or launch your own home-based business,
Relive offers one of the most rewarding compensa-
tion plans available among network marketers.

Call today for complete details about what Reliv

can do for you.

Independent Reliv Distributor
Registered Nurse

Independent Reliv Distributor
Insurance Professional

TOLL FREE www.reliv.com

Envision Proudly Offers
The Vera Bradley Breast
Cancer Awareness Frames!

803.996.2020 ∙ www.EnvisionFamilyEyeCare.com
5166 Sunset Blvd, Suite J ∙ Lexington, SC 29072
Riley’s Drugs, Inc.
Your better health is our concern.

Services we provide:
• Full prescription services • Compounding services
• Medical equipment • Diabetic shoes and testing supplies
• Private patient consultations • Breast pump rentals
• Enteral nutrition • Infant formulas (WIC approved)
• Full line of vitamins • Full line of over the counter items
• Incontinence products/diapers • Wound care management
• Natural hormone replacement • Adrenal fatigue/thyroid supplements
• Veterinary compounding/ • Hospice/palliative care services
products • Medicine by mail
• Automatic refill program • 24 hour refill line

(803) 359-2587 • www.rileysdrug.com

304 Columbia Avenue • Lexington, SC 29072

Lifeline Healthcare Professionals

Locum Tenens Lifeline Healthcare Professionals
specializes in the placement of locum
Physicians tenens and nurse travel positions
Nurses throughout the USA.
Travel Positions
Our expertise includes, but is
not limited to, acute and sub-acute
Corporate Office
care hospitals, rehabilitation clinics,
4175-D Sunset Boulevard, out-patient facilities, long-term
Lexington, SC 29072 facilities, physician’s offices, skilled
Tel: 803-526-3333 nursing facilities and home health
Fax: 803-996-1055 agencies in all 50 states.


MORE TIME TO be active.
MORE WAYS TO have fun.
spend your day. HOW TO


W hen you’re looking for the best in assisted living, Morningside of Lexington has it all, right here
in the area you love to call home. At Morningside, our beautiful, convenient location is only the
beginning of the lifestyle you’ll enjoy. It’s our people who make the difference – our dedicated
team of caregivers who are happy to provide as much or as little assistance as you need to enjoy more
of life, every day.

Call us today at 803-957-3600 to schedule a visit!

218 Old Chapin Road • Lexington, SC 29072

www.morningsideoflexington.com Pet
Our goal is to achieve mental and physical wellness
through our combination of Complementary/Alternative
therapies with traditional Occupational Therapy.


• Occupational Therapy • Cosmetic Laser Treatment for Skin Care

• Physical Therapy • Weight Loss/Toning

• Reiki Therapy • Ayurvedic Diet

• Pediatric Therapy • Pre-natal/Post-natal Exercises

• Therapeutic Massage • Aqua Therapy and Aqua Detox

• Yoga Fitness • Myofascial Release Treatment and

Craniosacral Therapy Center
• Personal Fitness

Hima N. Dalal 803.359.1551

Occupational Therapist
Reiki and Myofascial Release Consultant
www.vitalenergytherapy.com 163 Charter Oak Road
Sports Personal Fitness Consultant
Lexington, SC 29072
Comparision — gram per gram
700% more Omega-3 than 100% more Fiber
Atlantic farmed or wild salmon than bran flakes

500% more Calcium 500% more Protein

than milk than kidney beans

200% more Iron 300% more Selenium

than spinach than flax seed

100% more Potassium 800% more Phosphorus

than bananas than whole milk

1400% more Magnesium More Antioxidants

than broccoli than blueberries

Introducing MILA
The Miracle Seed
The ancient superfood of the Aztecs
Rediscovered by Dr. Wayne Coates

Packed full of Omega-3’s, Fiber, Protein

Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, Calcium
and much more!
Classified as a Whole Raw Food by the FDA
Non-GMO and Pesticide Free Contact Us to Become a Distributor

Available at: www.mysource.lifemax.net and locally at 4020 Fernandina Road, Columbia SC 29212 (Builders ProSource)
More MILA Info: email Chad.Lifemax@gmail.com • www.teamazure.net • (803) 394-7104
Health & Wellness

A closer look at Hospice Care of

Tri-County nurses
Elaine Samples

L isa Furr is a Registered Nurse who provides in home ho-

listic care to hospice patients, as well as support and en-
couragement to the families of her patients during difficult times
faced with loss. Add to her resume caring for her own family and a
patients by coordinating with all disciplines involved. “We provide
comfort and symptom management for our patients while working
closely with family members to help them provide quality care and
emotional support as they care for their loved ones at home. Lisa
son who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, in addition to spending (Furr) and I also train new hospice nurses for our regional area,
many years dedicated to missions in second and third world coun- which includes eight offices.”
tries, and it is apparent that most of Lisa’s life has been dedicated to
helping others. Nancy enjoys visiting her patients in their homes and not being
confined to an office eight hours a day. She feels as though the in-
Touched very personally by the pain of seeing someone she loves home visits provide her with a better understanding of the patient’s
suffer, Lisa is able to relate very closely with her patients and their lifestyle and needs, which enables her to better coordinate all as-
families. Eight years ago, her son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. pects of their care to ensure that their life goals are met.

“Lisa is grateful for her ‘eye opening’ Nancy feels as though her work at hospice has helped her to become
a more compassionate nurse as she deals with patients and families
experience with missions work, as she in “what is probably their time of greatest need. I’ve learned much
about people, different cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles. I hope that
was able to witness first hand families I’ve learned to take people where they are and lead them through
with no education and no resources the hospice journey.”

caring for dying loved ones.” Nancy is able to draw from her own life experiences and the com-
pelling comfort of a friend at a very difficult and trying time in her
Of the experience, Lisa says, “Thankfully, (my son) is doing well at life. In 1993, her husband’s job transferred him to Atlanta and her
this time, but unfortunately some of his ‘cancer friends’ have died. family was forced to leave all of their friends and family and their
I believe the Lord allowed me to go through this experience so I local church. “Every Sunday when we got home from church there
could help others through difficult times.” When asked if she had a would be a voice mail from my dear friend Marie Bridges encourag-
favorite quote or something of inspiration that assisted her in going ing us and letting us know she was praying for us.”
through some of those difficult times, Lisa referred to Isaiah 40:31:”
But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they When asked who had been the most influential persons in her ca-
shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be wea- reer, Nancy credits her mother with distinction, “My mom always
ry; and they shall walk and not faint.” wanted to be a nurse, but grew up in a family of ten during the de-

Lisa is grateful for her “eye opening” experience with missions “Nancy feels as though her work at
work, as she was able to witness first hand families with no edu-
cation and no resources caring for dying loved ones. The healing hospice has helped her to become a
power of compassion has been instrumental to Lisa in her work as
a hospice nurse. more compassionate nurse as she deals
with patients and families in ‘what is
As it is often said, “behind every great man is a woman,” the reverse
frequently holds true as well. Lisa credits her husband, Lee with be- probably their time of greatest need.’”
ing the biggest influence in her career. “He is my biggest fan and of
great comfort to me when I come home after a difficult day.” pression and didn’t have the funds to go to nursing school. She al-
ways encouraged me, prayed for me and even helped me study for
Growing up, Nancy Rush Geib always wanted to be a nurse and she tests.” Additionally, Nancy is grateful for Edna McCain as Ms. Mc-
always wanted to attend Clemson University. A few years before she Cain “has been the greatest influence on me in my hospice career.
graduated from high school, Clemson began a nursing program. She is the most fair and truly caring administrator I’ve ever worked
“That got me through nursing school,” says Nancy, “God led me for she knows hospice and she is never too busy to stop and help
to hospice 26 years later.” Nancy now works as RN Case Manager any of us figure out a way to better care for or meet the needs of our
and Preceptor for MSA Hospice. She manages end of life care for patients and their families.”
Another Service of Medical Services of America

With so many choices for hospice services in the Midlands, choose

Hospice Care of Tri-County a trusted leader in quality care

• Local Offices and Staff

It’s About Living • Timely Response and Dependable
• Same Day Admissions
• Medicare and Medicaid Certified
• JCAHO Accredited
• Experts in Pain Control
• Community Outreach and Education
• Award-Winning Administrator
• Chemo With Style
• Life Span Consulting
• GRACE Program
• Hospice Charity Thrift Store

(803) 400-1177 • (800) 894-7541 Providing Quality Care

166 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 100 | Columbia SC 29210 to the Midlands for 13 Years

Camden Sumter Columbia Newberry Orangeburg

HOSPICE (803) 432-1195 (803) 905-7720 (803) 400-1177 (803) 321-0341 (803) 535-0537
OFFICE LOCATIONS (877) 675-4368 (888) 900-6334 (800) 894-7541 (866) 469-6334 (800) 620-3597
Dr. Steven J. Hutchinson, DMD
Jennifer P. Hutchinson, RDH
Cosmetic | Restorative | Preventive
(803) 359-0566
209 West Main Street | Lexington, South Carolina 29072 Now Accepting New Patients
“Adding Life To Your Days”

Because Everyday Matters.

Toll Free: (888) 798-1102

Office: (803) 798-1102
200 Center Point Circle, Suite 170 · Columbia, SC 29210

There’s always something blooming at Wingard’s.

1403 N. Lake Drive • Lexington, SC 29072 • 803-359-9091 • www.wingardsnursery.com

There’s No Place
Like Home...
If you ever thought that being
elderly, being sick or being physically
challenged meant you had to leave
your home for proper care, you can
rest assured that a new day is
dawning with DayBreak!

DayBreak Adult Care Services is a

professional home care service that
provides personal care in the privacy
and security of your own home. All
of our caregivers are trained
professionals who are accountable
and dependable in every way. Each
employee is drug screened, PPD
tested, licensed, bonded, and
carefully screened through police and
human services background checks.
This assures our clients and their
loved ones that the highest level of
professional care is being given each
and every day.

Companionship | Household Chores | Laundry | Alzheimer’s Care
Grocery Shopping | Respite Care | Meal Preparation | Errands
Hospital Sitting | Transportation | Nursing Home Sitting
Assisted Living Sitting | Bathing Assistance | Dressing Assistance
Medicinal Reminders | Pet Care

B R I N G I N G C A R E H O M E T O Y O U .



Elizabeth Drakeford
General Manager

7576 White Bluff Road
Savannah, GA 31406

A Comfortable Stay at a Cozy Price

Palmetto STYLES

9 9 6 - 5 5 3 2 •117 E. Main S tr ee t • Lexingt on

Lake Murray Tours (803) 749-8594 1600 • Marina Road, Irmo, SC • www.lakemurraytours.com

Welcome Aboard!
The Southern Patriot is a 65 foot double deck cruise boat located on beautiful Lake
Murray, South Carolina just a few miles north west of Columbia. The Southern Patriot
can carry up to 100 passengers and is suitable for any type of event.

Available for: Anniversaries • Business Events • Family Reunions • Neighborhood Groups •

Senior Citizen Groups • Birthday Parties • Wedding Events • School Groups • Luncheons
Southern Patriot • Meetings • Fundraisers

Flights | Hotels | Cars | Cruises | Vacation Packages

(803) 358-2220 or (800) 281-5149 109 G Old Chapin Road | Lexington, SC 29072
Monday through Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm
www.travelleaders.com/lexingtonsc Saturday by appointment
Our Pools Are Cannonball
A Blast! POOLS

(803) 518-7960
1847 Augusta Highway
Lexington, SC 29072
Enjoy living life everyday while we manage the daily details.
Participate in scheduled shopping and gallery trips, parties
and receptions. Keep active with scheduled fitness classes
and walking trails, play a round of golf or travel to your
Call 803-356-1158 today favorite destination.

Studio & 1 Bedroom Apts., Patio & Garden Homes

Month to Month Lease • No buy-ins
Cable TV and Internet • Utilities • Swimming Pool
www.southlakevillage.net Dining • Housekeeping • Transportation • Salon
123 Gibson Road • Lexington, SC 29072 24-hour security and emergency systems

When Quality & Service Matter the Most

Chauffered Limousines & Sedans
02/&%33)/.!,$)3#*/#+%93%26)#%3 Weddings • Birthdays • Party Packages
Anniversaries • Proms • Corporate Functions
Statewide Service • Weekend Van Rental • All Major Airports
Guaranteed Contracts • Buses
Ask About Our New Exclusive 10 Passenger “Wedding Car”


MOBILE (803) 983-5247 | 1-888-481-6669
3PECIAL%VENTS All Limousines
Are Smoke Free


Craving quality care?
Take care of that craving and we’ll take care of you.

tending to the unique nature of women

1301 Taylor Street, Suite 6-J, Columbia, SC 29201

Can you say, “YES, we are
a GO GREEN Business”?
Does your business need help making sure all
recyclable items in your office are taken to the
proper recycle center?
We provide FREE bins for offices, break rooms and cafeterias.
We pick up and properly recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles,
glass, inkjet & toner cartridges, copy paper, fax machines &
desktop printers.

In-Office Recycling Free Bins - We Pick up

www.tomatopalms.com 803-781-6363
Snipit...Save it...Serve it ®
A Recipe Clippings Organizer
that will hold from the smallest
clipping up to an 8 1/2 x 11
printed off of the internet.
Save family heirloom recipes
and those “snipped” from
magazines and

Price $28.95

Tomato Palms®
Eat-In With Take-Out
A Take Out Menu Organizer
for the home or office. 10
pockets separate the menus:
BBQ, Chinese, Deli, Subs &
Pubs, Greek, Grills & Diners,
Italian/Pizza, Japanese/Sushi,
Mexican, Steak & Seafood
and My favorites.

ISBN 978-0-615-22286-8
Price $21.95
The lessons your child learns at The Little Gym
will fill you both with pride: How to reach higher.
How to listen better. How to tackle challenges
with confidence and a smile.
Call to schedule a free introductory class.
Year round open enrollment.
Learn more at TheLittleGym.com.

The Little Gym of Columbia 738-1115

The Little Gym of Lexington 951-7235
Northeast Columbia Location Coming Soon!

They always leave a little taller.

parent/ preschool/ grade sports parents’
child kindergarten school skills karate dance cheerleading camp survival
classes gymnastics gymnastics development night
Bouncing, Climbing & Sliding
Air Fun Rentals your way into fun
Inflatable Bounces • Slides
Obstacle Courses • Sports Cages
Rock Climbs • Bull Riding Parties
And Much More!


Private Parties and Corporate Events!
Schools, Pre-schools, Daycares and Fundraisers!
Community Events, Churches and Festivals!

(803) 808-4040 116 Meat Plant Road • Lexington www.airfunrentals.com

Is your child... Do you feel...
• Not focused? • Frustrated?
• Over active? • Your child needs
some real help.
• Lacking friends?

Get That Help Now.

Call Brain Bright Today!
(803) 360-9698 • www.BrainBright.com
3955 Southeastern Way (2B) • West Columbia, SC 29169 • Help for ADHD, L.D., O.D.D. and Asperger's

Flying High Academy Home of the Nationally Ranked

RAVEN ALLSTAR Cheerleaders!

(803) 794-2555 (877) 982-4337 Gymnastics Competitive/Non-competitive (18 mths – Adult)

75 Old Barnwell Road 1506 Meador Farm Road Tumbling Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
West Columbia, SC 29170 Florence, SC 29501 Cheerleading Competitive/Non-competitive (4 yrs – Adult)
Dance Competitive/Non-competitive (18mths – Adult)
Classes coming soon After school Lexington 1 and Lexington 2 Pickup offered
to Fort Jackson at Joe E. Mann Center

All staff USASF/USAG certified www.flyinghighacademysc.com





Summer’s Around The Corner....
What Are You Doing This Year?

NorthWest Family YMCA
Registration starts March 2nd Phone: 803.407.8007
We get kids EXCITED about Science!

Book Your Party in the Summer and Day Camps

Mad Science Laboratory Visit our website for complete listings

Call 739-2122 or visit • Vortex generators • Light Shows We also offer:

www.madscience.org/columbia • Cool Chemical • Rocket Launches After School Programs• In-class Field Trips
Recreations • Sound FX Comprehensive Remediation Programs Available
Mad Science of Columbia | 3681-D Leaphart Road • Slippery Slime • Cotton Candy Special Events • 21st Century Certified

Sparking Imaginative Learning The World's Leading Fun Science Provider

Working Studio   


"Complete, Compassionate Care From Your Other Family Doctor"
Small Animal Medicine Goats, Sheep and Llama
and Surgery Services
Small Animal Dentistry Nutrition and Retail Products
Equine Services Referral and Consultation

Pharmacy and Laboratory
Pet Lodge
Behavior and Training

Animal Tim Loonam, DVM

Hospital 803.808.PETS (7387) | www.gracepets.com
and Pet Lodge 147 Charter Oak Road | Lexington, SC 29072
Lexington’s Newest
Veterinary Hospital

(803) 359-0700
Linda Crapps, Realtor with
452 Old Cherokee | Road Lexington Keller Williams, brings her
(Just North of Publix) dog, Stevie, to Birchwood
Armstrong, KraftMaid &
Executive Cabinets

Wholesale ~ Direct Buy Hardwood Flooring for Less

• Bruce
• Columbia
• Robina
• BR111
• Heart Pine
• Natural Cork
• Cosima
• Shaw
• Mohawk
• KronoSwiss
• Perverco
• DuroDesign
• Exotic Hardwoods
(From Around the World)

Cabinets • Vanities • Granite Countertops (803) 731-1700

Hardwoods • Tile • Laminates • Carpet • Glass & Metalic Tile FAX: (803) 731-1774
Decking • Sinks • Faucets • Appliances 4020 Fernandina Road • Columbia, SC 29212

Visit us online at www.BuildersProSource.com • Email: Info.BuildersProSource@gmail.com

Betsy C. Mitchell, MBA

Providing Comprehensive Real Estate Appraisal & Advisory

Services Throughout the Southeast
7436 Forest Court, Suite 107, Irmo, South Carolina 29063
T 803.767.5050 F 866.430.6128 dhyleman@gmail.com
Professional Consultation, Planning and Support
for Aging or Disabled Persons and Their Families
We advocate for the best possible solutions to the challenges aging persons
face, and ease the minds of the family members who care for them.

geri advocates 337 Oxenbridge Way

Chapin, SC 29036
care management, llc Fax: 803-345-3379

Debbie Kelly, MSW, C-ASWCM

Geriatric Care Manager

803-960-8524 | geriadvocates@sc.rr.com | www.geriadvocates.com

• Advanced Cutting Procedures
• Color and Foiling Methods
• Committed to the Development and
Empowerment of Women

Call 803-407-5811 for an appointment

Cheryl Thomas, Owner Open Tuesday through Saturday

7703 Saint Andrews Road, Irmo
(with Nick Arrojo, the popular hair makeover designer from TLC’s “What Not to Wear”) by appointment only
There is no end to the questions children have about
their bodies and health. Your child’s dental home Pediatric Dentistry
should be one that nurtures their desire to learn. Dr. Carol French
We welcome your child to a new dental experience. (803) 781-2511 Board Certified Diplomate, ABPD
After all, knowledge is still the very best medicine. www.drcarolfrench.com #1 Thames Valley ~ Irmo, SC 29063


Salon Styles and Color

SALON Manicure & Pedicure • Waxing Services
Microdermabrasion • Jane Iredale Makeup

Massage Therapy • Skin Care

DAY SPA Hydrotherapy • Body Treatments
Gift Certificates Available

Gold’s Gym Complex
800 Columbiana Drive | Suite 112 | Irmo

General and
Cosmetic Dentistry

(803) 781-8114
1380 Lake Murray Boulevard
Irmo, South Carolina
Cynthia Pace Photography
www.cynthiapacephotography.com “An Artist Celebrating God’s Creations...”

Let us capture the unique expressions of love that grow

more precious year after year.
Color · Black and White · Sepia · Hand Tints · Giclee · Heirloom Oil Portraits

1247 Sumter St., Suite 100 Columbia, SC 29201 803.765.9700

Bringing You Baskets and Faithful Foods, Inc. s#HRISTMASs/CCASIONS3ENTIMENTS

Specializing in On-Site
Custom Repair and Design

803-996-5530  903 North Lake Drive, Lexington (look for the black awning)
Call Melissa Kyzer for all your real estate needs!
Specializing in the Lexington,
Columbia, and West Columbia areas

Melissa Kyzer
Reliable, Respected, and Highly Recommended
L e x i n g t o n Wo m a n c e l e b r a t e s t h e s u r v i vo r i n yo u
Surviving the Holidays Fashion Show, November 2008
Learn more and see other photos at www.chemowithstyle.com

“Chemo with Style” was founded in November, 2005 by Paulette Criscione and Terry Vann-Shon and through all the
heart felt volunteers who have dedicated their time and belief in this class to help others. It's a class that invites all
types of cancer survivors to participate in a fun evening to learn about different headwear fashions and other
personal appearance tips. It helps to retore their sense of worth, which is crucial to help with their fight against
cancer. The class meets every other month, and since its beginning, it has helped many people. This class is no cost
to the survivor. Visit www.chemowithstyle.com for our class schedule.

The “Chemo With Style” events have been made

possible by the donations of many caring, loving

South Carolina Oncology Associates

Hospice Care of Tri-County

“Chemo With Style” Volunteers

Graciously accepting Donations

Please call Terry Vann-Schon
Paulette Criscione and Terry Vann-Schon

Contact Terry Vann-Schon for more information

803.400.1177 | 166 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 100 | Columbia, SC 29210 | www.chemowithstyle.com

“Chemo with Style” is a © copyrighted program with Hospice Care of Tri-County.

the Holidays
Offering Comprehensive
Hematology and Medical Oncology Services

Specializing in Patients with Cancer

and Non-cancerous Blood Disorders

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Take time to pamper yourself!
Specializing in hair replacement for men, women & children

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Offering comprehensive skin care for the entire family
along with a variety of Cosmetic services, a full line of
skin care products and Colore Science makeup.
Gift certificates are available for all occasions.
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Michelle Welch, M.D. • Board Certified Dermatologist

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