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Donna Sophie Rosie Tanya Allie Lisa Tina Sam Carmichael Bill Anderson Harry Bright Skye Alekos Claire Mifsud Emily Mifsud Jessica Micallef Nicole Tabone Juliet Camilleri Tiziana Gauci Valentina Varazzo Clint Rizzo Mark Borg Chris Scicluna Kurt Azzopardi Dorian Scerri

Scene 1 The Letters

(Alekos the postman is walking across the stage with his carrier bag. As hes about to leave, Sophie runs on stage and starts trying to catch up to him)

Sophie: Hey, Alekos! Wait!! Alekos: (turns and sees Sophie) Hey Sophie! Good morning! Can I help you with anything? Sophie: Yeah... Can you post these for me? Theyre kind of important. Alekos: More invites for your wedding, right? (Sophie nods) Dont worry, Ill make sure they arrive! Sophie: Thank you, Alekos! Alekos: Youre welcome... Sophie: Ive got to go meet my friends at the pier! Adio, Alekos! (Runs off stage) Alekos: Adio! (turns and looks at the envelopes) Sam Carmichael... Bill Anderson... Harry Bright... Hmmm...

Scene 2 The Arrivals

(Allie, Lisa & Tina run on-stage, almost knocking Alekos over as hes getting off. Sophie sees them and runs to greet them.)

Sophie: (hugging them) Oh my gosh! I havent seen you guys in ages! Allie: Sophie how are you? Hows everything going? Sophie: Everythings great...oh I am so glad you are here cause... I have a secret... And I cant tell anyone else... Lisa: Is anything wrong? Sophie: No, nothings wrong... Its just... Ive invited my dad to my wedding...! Tina: Youre joking! Lisa: Youve found him?! Sophie: (looking a bit akward) Erm... no... not exactly...you know how my mum says that my dad was a summer romance, and he was gone before she even knew she was pregnant...? I accepted that that was all Id ever know about my dad... Before I found this... (shows them an old diary) Its the diary my mum kept the year she was pregnant with me... Tina: Oh my...! Allie: Sophie! Sophie: (Reading aloud from the diary) July 17th... What a night! Sam took me over to the little island... Thats here, by the way... We danced on the beach... and we kissed on the beach... and... dot, dot, dot... Lisa: (puzzled) Dot, dot, dot...? Sophie: (smiling cheekily) Thats what they did in the olden days... (Allie, Lisa & Tina exchange looks of astonishment and beckon Sophie to keep reading) Sams the one! I know he is! Ive never felt like this before! (Honey Honey starts) Sophie: Honey, honey, how he thrills me, ah-hah, honey, honey Honey, honey, nearly kills me, ah-hah, honey, honey Id heard about him before I wanted to know some more And now I know what they mean, hes a love machine Oh, he makes me dizzy!

Tina: So this guy, Sams your father? Sophie: Wait... The plot thickens... (continues reading) All this time Sams told me hes in love with me, but really hes engaged and hes gone home to get married and Im never gonna see him again... Allie: Poor Donna! Sophie: August 4th... What a night! Bill rented a motor boat and I took him over to the little island... Allie, Lisa & Tina: Bill?! Sophie: Though Im still obsessed with Sam, Bills so wild! Hes such a funny guy! One thing led to another and... Dot, dot, dot...! August 11th. Harry turned up out of the blue, and I said Id show him the island... Hes so sweet and understanding, I couldnt help it and... Sophie, Allie, Lisa & Tina: Dot, dot, dot! Honey, honey, how you thrill me, ah-hah, honey, honey Honey, honey, nearly kill me, ah-hah, honey, honey Sophie: Id heard about you before I wanted to know some more And now Im about to see what you mean to me... Allie: Sophie! Tina: What are you gonna do now? Lisa: And what are Skye and Donna gonna say when they find out what youve done...? Sophie: (interrupts them) Theyre not going to find out! Im sure Ill recognise my dad when I see him! Allie, Lisa & Tina: But Sophie...! Donna: (coming on stage behind them followed by Skye) Here come the bridesmaids... (the girls all stop abrubtly and turn to look at Donna and Skye) Look at you! Stop growing! (Allie, Lisa & Tina each
hug Donna, while Sophie goes towards Skye) Skye: Hey there girls! (he hugs Allie, Lisa & Tina) Sorry but Ive gotta run and meet with the guys to set up tonights stag night... (smiles mischeviously) See you later... Girls... Donna... Soph... (kisses Sophie and runs off stage)

Allie, Lisa & Tina: See you later Skye! Donna: And Im sure you girls have quite a lot to plan for your hen night too. Sophie: Yeah weve got loads to plan, right girls? (Gives them an urgent look. Allie, Lisa & Tina nod anxiously.) See you later Mum! (hurries over to the opposite side of the stage with Allie, Lisa & Tina) (Donna looks after the retreating girls and then glimpses Rosie and Tanya approaching her happily) Donna: Presenting... Rosie: (stops and poses) ...for one night! Tanya: (stops near Rosie and poses) And one night only...! Donna, Rosie & Tanya: Donna and The Dynamos! (cheer, laugh and hug each other) Rosie: Wheres Sophie? Donna: Upstairs with her friends planning the hen party. Tanya: (Puts her arms round Donna and Rosie and smiles mischievously) Lets go ask if they need any help, then!
(Donna and the dynamos run off stage)

Scene 3 Mamma Mia

(The dads walk on stage looking lost. Sophie, not recognising them, runs up to greet them.)

Sophie: Hi, can I help you? Bill: Sure, were here for the wedding... Im Bill Anderson... Harry: Im Bright... Harry Bright... Sam: Sam Carmichael... (seeing Sophie looking at them strangely) You are expecting us...? Sophie: Oh my gosh, yes! Sam: Youre not... Donnas daughter...? (Sophie nods and smiles shyly) Bill: I thought you looked familiar! Harry: Erm... would you mind if we see our rooms before we see your mother...? Sophie: No! No... (Slightly panicked at first, but then gets a grip on herself) I mean... yes, sure... But come this way... (Notices them looking at her suspiciously) You see... I sent the invites... My mum doesnt know youre here... (the men all groan) Well shes done so much for me... And shes always talking about you guys and the good old days and I thought it would be an amazing surprise for her that youre all going to be at my wedding... Sam: Youre a little minx, you know that? Youre just like your mother... Sophie: Please, stay! Just promise me you wont tell anyone that I invited you! Promise? Bill: Promise, baby... Sam: You got it... Harry: Well, I might regret it, but okay... Sophie: OK, now follow me, and be quiet! (Sophie leads them off stage, just as Donna and the Dynamos are coming on, talking and laughing. At first they dont notice Sophie and the guys, then Rosie spots Bill, whos the last one down.) Rosie: Ooooh... Whos that? (Runs forward to see properly) Will he be at the wedding? Donna: Who? (goes near Rosie to see and gasps as she recognises them) Bill? Harry? Sam? (Mamma Mia starts) Donna: I was cheated by you and I think you know when. So I made up my mind, it must come to an end Look at me now, will I ever learn? I don't know how but I suddenly lose control There's a fire within my soul Just one look and I can hear a bell ring One more look and I forget everything Oh, oh I was angry and sad when I knew we were through I can't count all the times I have cried over you Look at me now will I ever learn? I don't know how but I suddenly lose control There's a fire within my soul. Just one look and I can hear a bell ring One more look and I forget everything Oh, oh Mamma mia, here I go again My, my, how can I resist you?

Mamma mia, does it show again My, my, just how much I've missed you? Yes, I've been broken-hearted Blue since the day we parted Why, why did I ever let you go? Mamma mia, now I really know My, my, I should not have let you go (Donna starts crying uncontrollably, and The Dynamos go to see whats wrong) Tanya: Sweetie, whats wrong? Donna: Its Sophies dad! You remember when I always thought it was Sam, the architect, who ran off to get married? Well, Im not sure it was him... because there were two other guys around the same time... Tanya: (smiles at Donna mischeviously) Donna Sheridan, you shady lady...! Rosie: Why didnt you tell us? Donna: Well, how was I to know Id see them ever again... Let alone all three of them... at the same time... on the eve of my daughters wedding...! (looks as though shes about to start crying again) Tanya: (Runs back to the place where the men disappeared as if to make sure they were really there) Are you sure it was them? Donna: (Shouts almost hysterically)Of course Im sure! Do you think Id forget my own daughters dads?! (crying even more) What just if Sophie finds out? Oh, I was such a stupid, reckless idiot! Tanya: (laughing disbelievingly) Woah! Whatever happened to our Donna? Life and soul of the party... el rock chick supremo?! Donna: She grew up... Rosie: Well then grow back down again! (Dancing Queen starts) Rosie & Tanya: You can dance You can jive Having the time of your life See that girl Watch that scene Digging the dancing queen Rosie: Friday night and the lights are low Looking out for a place to go Where they play the right music Getting in the swing You come to look for a king Tanya: Anybody could be that guy Night is young and the music's high With a bit of rock music Everything is fine You're in the mood for a dance And when you get the chance
(Girls run on stage and dance)

Donna, Rosie & Tanya: You are the dancing queen Young and sweet Only seventeen Dancing queen Feel the beat from the tambourine You can dance You can jive Having the time of your life See that girl Watch that scene Digging the dancing queen
(Everyone runs off stage laughing)

Scene 4 The Hen and Stag Parties

(Intro music of Voulez Vous in the background. The girls are on-stage laughing. The guyz are around the stage dancing. Voulez Vous starts and the guys crash the party. The dads and the Dynamos also join.)

Girls: People everywhere, a sense of expectation hanging' in the air Givin' out a spark, across the room your eyes are glowing' in the dark Boys: And here we go again, we know the start, we know the end Masters of the scene We've done it all before and now we're back to get some more You know what I mean All: Voulez-vous Take it now or leave it, now is all we get Nothing promised, no regrets Voulez-vous Ain't no big decision, you know what to do La question c'est voulez-vous Voulez-vous
(Everyone runs off stage, except for Sophie, whos more anxious than ever now that her Mum has seen her dads. Bill goes up to Sophie looking excited. Voulez Vous continues in the background.)

Bill: Sophie, do you know who youre named after? Sophie: (distractedly) Yeah, Sofia, an old lady who used to live on the island... Why? Bill: Exactly! My grandma, Sofia! Do you know what that means...? Sophie, Im your father! (Sophie looks at him in disbelief) Sophie: What? Oh my gosh! (smiles) You know what comes next...? Bill: Sophie, it will be my honour to give you away tomorrow! (They hug and Bill goes off to dance with Rosie. Sam suddenly runs up from the other side of the stage and pulls Sophie. Hes also looking very excited.) Sam: Sophie, I know why you brought me here! Why didnt Donna tell me? How long have you known that Im your father?!

Sophie: (looks at him in disbelief) What?! Not long at all! Sam, listen to me, my mum doesnt know that I know, so can this wait until after the wedding? Sam: Sure... By the way, whos giving you away tomorrow...? Sophie: (determinedly) Nobody! Sam: Wrong... I am! Our secret til then! (he runs off happily. Sophie starts panicking again, when Harry appears next to her.) Harry: Oh my gosh, Sophie, Ive just figured it out! Im your father! Thats why you sent me the invite! You wanted your old dad to walk you down the aisle! (Sophie starts trying to protest but hes too excited to notice) Well, I wont let you down! Ill be there! (Harry runs off stage laughing. Sophie continues panicking and Skye goes to see whats wrong.) Skye: Sophie, whats wrong?! (She faints in his arms. Donna, the Dynamos, the dads, Allie, Lisa and Tina run up to her while the rest of the crowd looks up at them.)

Scene 5 The Truth Revealed

Skye: Sophie, baby?! Lisa: Sophie, are you allright? Allie: Stand back everyone! Tina: Give her some air! Donna: (pushes the dads away) You...! Get away from her! All of you! This is all your fault! All of you arriving at the same time... And the day before her wedding! How could you be so selfish?!
(The dads look at each other akwardly)

Sam: What if I were to tell you that Sophie wants her dad at her wedding? Donna: What? Sam, dont do this to me now! I cant hear this now. Sam: Donna, listen to me... This is about us!
(while theyre arguing, Sophie has got up but no one has noticed.)

Sophie: Mum, listen... Its not Sams fault... Or Bills, or Harrys... I invited them here...I know I was stupid! I shouldve told you! Im so sorry Mum! Please forgive me! Donna: (Starts crying and turns away from Sophie) I dont know... Can you forgive me...? Sophie: What...? (Walks towards Donna in disbelief) Are you kidding? I dont care what you did when you were young! Youre my Mum... and I love you so much! (Sophie and Donna hug. Sam suddenly interjects.) Sam: Hold on a second... Am I getting this right..? Sophie may be mine, but she may be Bills or Harrys? Sophie: Yeah! And its your fault! If you hadnt just dumped my mother and married someone else...

Sam: (interrupts) Hey... Wait a minute! I was engaged! I had to go... But I told Lorraine I couldnt marry her and I came right back! Only to find you had some other guy! (Donna and Sophie gasp) Donna: You... You came... back? Sam: Yeah...(shrugs)...but that doesnt matter now...Im just glad that at least I am a third of Sophies dad
(Bill and Harry move towards Sophie and nod their heads in agreement)

Rosie: (to Tanya) Typical, isnt it...? You wait 20 years for a dad, then three come along at once... Sophie: You know... I have no clue which one of you is my dad... But I dont mind...! Now I know what I really want... (goes to Skye) Skye, lets just not get married yet! (Everyone gasps and looks around in bewilderment) You never wanted this anyway! I know that! Lets just get off this island and go see the world, okay? Skye: (pulling Sophie towards him) I love you! (they kiss and hug. Everyone cheers.) Tanya: Donna, does that mean that the wedding is cancelled? Donna: Im not sure, actually... Sam: Hang on... (goes towards Donna) Why waste a good wedding...? (Donna looks at him puzzled) (Take A Chance On Me starts) Sam: If you change your mind I'm the first in line Honey, I'm still free Take a chance on me If you need me let me know Gonna be around If you've got no place to go When you're feeling down Donna: If you're all alone When the pretty birds have flown Honey, I'm still free Take a chance on me Gonna do my very best And it ain't no lie If you put me to the test If you let me try Sam & Donna: Take a chance on me Take a chance on me Sam: How about it, Donna? (goes up to Donna and puts his arms around) After all, youre gonna need someone to boss around on this island... Donna: (smiles and gives in to him) I guess I do! (sings ABBAs I Do a capella) I do, I do, I do, I do, I do! (laughs and kisses Sam) (ABBA Medley Intro starts. Everyone hugs and cheers,while congratulating Donna and Sam.)

Scene 6 ABBA Medley:

Does Your Mother Know? So I can dance with you honey, If you think thats funny, does your mother know that youre out? And I can chat with you baby, Flirt a little maybe; does your mother know that youre out? Take it easy (take it easy) thats no way to go Take it nice and slow Does your mother know? S.O.S So when you're near me darling can't you hear me S.O.S. The love you gave me nothing less can save me S.O.S. When you're gone how can I even try to go on? Money, Money, Money Money, money, money must be funny In the rich mans world Money, money, money always sunny In the rich mans world Ahaaaaaaaa All the things I can do if I had a little money It's a rich mans world Knowing Me, Knowing You Knowing me, knowing you (aha) There is nothing you can do Knowing me, knowing you (aha) We just have to face it, this time we're through (this time were through, were really through) Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go (this time I know I have to go) Knowing me, knowing you, it's the best I can do Fernando There was something in the air that night, the stars where bright Fernando They were shining there for you and me, for liberty Fernando The Winner Takes It All I don't wanna talk about the things we've gone through Though it's hurting me; now it's history I've played all my cards, and that's what you've done too Nothing more to say, no more Ace to play The winner takes it all, the loser standing small Beside the victory, that's her destiny Super Trouper Super trouper beams are gonna blind me But I won't feel blue, like I always do 'Cause somewhere in the crowd there is you So Ill be there when you arrive The sight of you will prove to me Im still alive And as you take me in your arms and hold me tight I know its gonna mean so much tonight

Waterloo Waterloo, I was defeated, you won the war Waterloo, promise youll love me forevermore Waterloo, couldnt escape if I wanted too Waterloo, knowing my fate is to be with you Oh, oh, oh, oh, waterloo, finally facing my waterloo Thank You For The Music So I say Thank you for the music The songs Im singing Thanks for all the joy theyre bringing Who can live without it? I ask in all honesty, what would life be? Without a song or a dance what are we? So I thank ABBA for the music... For giving it to me!