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TracPhone V3

Commercial Airtime & Leasing Rate Sheet

Mobile, affordable, high-speed satellite communications
KVH TracPhone V3 It will change the way you think about using SATCOM at sea!
KVH has changed the game with the new TracPhone V3 and made SATCOM at sea both simple and affordable. With a small size for fast and easy installation, an affordable hardware price, and breakthrough low prices for data and voice, not only can you consider getting SATCOM for your fleet or vessel, but now you can actually use it to stay in touch with headquarters, family, and friends!

KVH TracPhone V3 Simple Airtime and Lease Plans

Monthly Data Plans1 Plan Monthly Allotment MB/Month Monthly Rate $/Month $/MB In Plan $/MB

(all rates in $USD)

$/MB Over Plan $/MB

M50 M250 M500 M1000

50 250 500 1000

$49 $249 $499 $999

$0.99 $0.99 $0.99 $0.99

$1.99 $1.99 $1.99 $0.99

Add a Leased TracPhone V3 System to any Airtime Monthly Data Plan for only $499/month!2

All phone calls to land or cell phones WORlDWiDe, only $0.49/minute!3

All plans as fast as 2 Mbps Down /128 Kbps Up. All hardware leases require 3-year airtime subscription and are subject to KVHs 3-year Master Lease Agreement and KVH Airtime Services End User Agreement. Lease does not include installation time and materials. Taxes and fees may apply. GlobalCare Premium Support Program may be added for $195/month. Contact KVH Sales or visit www.kvh.com/globalcare for details. 3 Both incoming & outgoing calls are charged at 49/minute. A few select countries & satellite phone services are blocked. Please contact KVH Airtime Services for special rates for these areas & services.
1 2

Go Figure!
To help you determine which plan best fits your needs, here are some estimated data usage amounts to help you get started: Send/Receive/Download: 1 e-mail (text only) 1 e-mail w/attachment 1 Web Page load 1 Hi-res Smartphone photo 1 30-second YouTube clip 1 3-minute song
(typical Word, PowerPoint or Excel)

Approx. Data Usage: 0.01 MB 0.30 MB 0.30 MB 1 .00 MB 1 .50 MB 1 .75 MB

You can do A LOT with a MB!

100 e-mails for 99! 3 e-mails w/attachments for 99! 3 Web Page loads for 99! 1 Hi-res Smartphone photo for 99!

1,024 KB = 1 MB; approximate usage only; actual amount of data for described activity can vary significantly.

Satellite communications is now small, simple, fast, global, and affordableall at once. Say hello to the new TracPhone V3!

KVH TracPhone V3

Commercial Airtime & Leasing Rate Sheet

TracPhone V3 enhanced Voice Service the Best in the Business!

TracPhone V3s Enhanced Voice Service is a managed solution optimised for satellite communications and fully integrated into the mini-VSAT Broadband solution. Enjoy critical advantages, including significantly lower bandwidth use compared to off-the-shelf VoIP solutions and network voice prioritisation that protects the bandwidth allocated to each telephone line to guarantee the high quality of your voice connection. As a result, voice quality takes priority and remains outstanding even while other users surf the web, log into corporate networks, or send and receive e-mail. Plus, make calls to land or cell phones anywhere in the world for only $0.49/min USD.1 With TracPhone V3s Enhanced Voice Service you are guaranteed always-on voice connections, no interruption to voice conversations when data transmissions occur at the same time, and a great suite of convenient features and account management tools that you can access anywhere in the world!

mini-VSAT Broadband Coverage

The TracPhone V3 offers a tremendous coverage area with high-speed, reliable Internet and voice connections, bringing this exciting new service to the most widely used shipping routes around the world. For up-to-date mini-VSAT Broadband coverage information, visit: www.kvh.com/minivsatmap.

Both incoming & outgoing calls are charged at 49/minute. A few select countries & satellite phone services are blocked. Please contact KVH Airtime Services for special rates for these areas & services.

mini-VSAT Broadband Airtime General Subscription Conditions

All plans, prices, rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. All services and plans are subject to KVH Airtime Services End User Agreement. All prices are in $USD and do not include any taxes or fees that may apply. All plans are based on a minimum 1-year contract. Published data rates are based on the mini-VSAT Broadband networks service limitations and may vary in different regions and under different conditions. Subscribers will experience maximum speeds ship-to-shore that are 70-80% of the published data rates. All subscriber use is subject to KVHs Fair Access Policy (FAP). Subscribers may increase their subscription plan during the contract period, but only prior to the new billing month. Service suspension is allowed for 1-month increments for no more than 3 months every 12 months of service. A de-activation fee of $100 applies and contract will be extended by the period equal to the suspension. A maximum of 5 Static IP addresses are available per modem. Virtual local telephone numbers can be added for a monthly fee of $9.95 per number (5 per phone line). The list of available area/city codes worldwide can be found at www.kvh.com/mvbservice.


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