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Candidate: Fabiola Rodriguez

Cooperating Teacher: Pam Kraiss

Date: May 4, 2012

School: Greenfield Middle School

Grade: 8th Subject(s): Language Arts: Cite Your Sites

Planning and Preparation (AEA: Conceptualization, Diagnosis WTS: 1,7 DISP: Respect Responsibility) Evidence (Candidate . Demonstrates knowledge of content and pedagogy . Chooses and creates learning experiences based on appropriate objectives

. Selects services or resources, e.g., media, technology, materials, to reinforce instruction

You are very well prepared and can speak easily on your feet. You know the content and have designed activities that allow students to practice the skills you want them to learn (lesson objectives). You have all of the resources readily available and the students enjoy using books about Wisconsin. ____Inadequate ____Emerging __X__Proficient ____Distinctive

Classroom Environment (AEA: Coordination, Integrative Interaction WTS: 2,3,5 DISP: Respect, Responsibility) Evidence (Candidate and Student) . Reinforces a learning community in which individual differences are respected and in which students work collaboratively and independently . Plans for and delivers motivational instruction by relating lessons to students interest, providing student choice, questioning and investigation . Organizes, allocates, and manages resources of time, space, activities and attention to engage students productively . Maximizes the amount of class time spent in learning by creating expectations and procedures for communication and behavior

Great presence in front of the group! You get them started right away in a fun/engaging way, you have a hard decision to make, 1 or 2. They choose 2 and you read them a scenario that they then have to respond to. Great way to begin the lesson the students love it and are enthused. I like that you get their attention by speaking Spanish they stopped talking and immediately focused their attention on you this allowed you to give additional directions. ____Inadequate ____Emerging __X__Proficient ____Distinctive

Instruction (AEA: Communication, Coordination, Diagnosis, Integrative Interaction WTS: 2,3,4,5,6,7 DISP: Respect Responsibility) Evidence (Candidate and Student) . Models and supports active listening, interactive discussion and thoughtful responses in reading, writing and other media . Uses different types of explanation, levels of questioning and discussion techniques to challenge and support student thinking . Actively engages students in meaningful learning . Adjusts instruction to meet student needs and styles in order to enhance learning . Varies her/his role in the instructional process in relation to the content and purposes of instruction . Communicates with sensitivity to cultural and gender differences

You have planned ways for students to be actively engaged throughout the lesson, which these eighth graders love. The scenario you shared was a great way to begin a lesson on plagiarism as they had to decide what they would do given the scenario. The scroll you write on is a nice tool, more interesting than the chalkboard. Moving around the room as groups are working is a great way to check for understanding while monitoring student progress. ____Inadequate ____Emerging __X__Proficient ____Distinctive

Assessment (AEA: Diagnosis, Integrative Interaction WTS: 8,9 DISP: Respect, Reflection) Evidence (Candidate and Student) . Uses appropriate formal and informal assessment strategies that are linked to lesson objectives . Monitors the impact of teaching on student learning, modifying plans and instruction accordingly

The checklist that you reference may be a good way to assess; it s hard to say as it s not included. You might consider a rubric that addresses accurate citations, ability to paraphrase, and use of direct quotations. If the students had this rubric while they worked on their activity they would be aware of your expectations.

____Inadequate ____Emerging __X__Proficient ____Distinctive

Professional Responsibilities (AEA: Communication, Integrative Interaction WTS: 10 DISP: Collaboration, Communication) Evidence (Candidate) . Relates professionally and effectively with the cooperating teacher and faculty . Dresses professionally and consistently portrays a professional demeanor . Reflects on own performance in relation to Alverno Education Abilities and WI Teacher Standards

You are dressed professionally and have a positive relationship established with the students and your cooperating teacher. She has wonderful things to say about your teaching style ~ you have a quiet confidence. ____Inadequate ____Emerging __X__Proficient ____Distinctive

Summary Statement and Areas to Concentrate on Improving: You have a very easy pr esence in front of the group and the students respond very positively to your instruction. They are focused on you an d participate willingly when you ask questions. You clearly know the importance of getting students actively involved from the very beginning of the lesson having two scenarios to choose from was a great idea as you were able to give students the choice betwee n 1 and 2. You asked the students if they understood what is meant by paraphrasing, which was a good way to gauge prior kn owledge. You showed them how to create a citation for their book do they know how to create an in-text citation with just t he author and page? They are being asked to do those two things and you do have an example for them to view but it might be good to d emonstrate how to create a direct quote with citations if this is new information for them. Part way through the lesson, you regroup th e students because you notice they are having trouble with in-text citations. You provide them with the example you had prepared , exp laining the how and they why. This was a great modification based on student need! You are in command of the class at all times and understand the importance of repeated monitoring to keep students on task.

Final Reflection Feedback: I loved your final reflection! You articulated your g rowth and development, providing specific evidence for each. I am so glad that you are more comfortable speaking to your students and absolutel y love that you use your Spanish as a way to bring the class back together! You have a lot to offer students and you have proven to yourself that you do indeed, have what it takes. You took on the planning and preparation by yourself and used your cooperating teacher for guida nce as needed. While you may not have been happy with one of the six lessons taught, you should be very proud of all of your lessons your CT was impressed and thought you were ready to take on a class of your own. Go into your next field with confidence there is more to learn (and th ere always will be) but your openness and willingness to try new things will serve you well. I wish you the very best as you move forward!

Overall Performance: ____Inadequate ____Emerging __X__Proficient ____Distinctive