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11. Refer to the exhibit. Which three sets of configuration commands were entere d on theASA 5505? (Choose three.)2.

1- interface e0/02.2.- switchport access vlan 22.3.- no shut2.4.- exit3.1.- interface vlan 23.2.- nameif outside3.3.- securit y-level 03.4.- ip address Which three compone nts must be configured when using the Site-to-Site VPN ConnectionSetup wizard in ASDM? (Choose three.)authentication methodencryption algorithmsIKE version13. W hich three components must be configured when implementing a clientless SSL VPN onan ASA 5505 device? (Choose three.)boo mar listsconnection profile namegroup policy14. Which option lists the ASA adaptive security algorithm session managem ent tas s in thecorrect order?1) performing the access list chec s 2) performing route loo ups3) allocating NAT translations (xlates)4) establishin g sessions in the "fast path"15. Refer to the exhibit. A remote host is connecti ng to an ASA 5505 via a VPN connection.Once authenticated, the host displays the highlighted system tray icon. On the basis of theinformation that is presented, what three assumptions can be made? (Choose three.)The host has connected to th e ASA via a client-based SSL VPN connection.The host is connected via the AnyCon nect VPN client.The host is connected via the Cisco VPN client.16. What are thre e characteristics of ASA transparent mode? (Choose three.)This mode does not sup port VPNs, QoS, or DHCP Relay.This mode is referred to as a "bump in the wire."I n this mode the ASA is invisible to an attac er.17. Refer to the exhibit. Accord ing to the exhibited command output, which three statementsare true about the DH CP options entered on the ASA 5505? (Choose three.)The dhcpd auto-config outside command was issued to enable the DHCP client.The dhcpd address [start-of-pool][end-of-pool] inside command was issued to enable theDHCP server.The dhcpd enabl e insidecommand was issued to enable the DHCP server.18. An administrator has su ccessfully configured a site-to-site VPN on an ASA 5505. WhichASDM menu sequence displays the number of pac ets encrypted, decrypted, and securityassociation re quests? Monitoring > VPN > VPN Statistics > Crypto Statistics19. In what three ways do t he 5505 and 5510 Adaptive Security Appliances differ? (Choosethree.)in the maxim um traffic throughput supportedin the number of interfacesin types of interfaces 20. Which three security features do ASA models 5505 and 5510 support by default ? (Choosethree.)intrusion prevention systemstateful firewallVPN concentrator