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Stone text

Ill be showing you how to make some stylish image of nature including striking grass. Ok, lets start! Firstly were going to make a nice background. Start by creating a new document in Photoshop sized 1000400 px, all the default settings. After making your new document, fill the background layer with colors of #595c69 and #0f1523.

Now, I would like to add some elements of nature where our grass will grow. For this I went to Google Images and searched for a picture of nature. I prefer to use this image. Open the picture, select Polygonal Lasso Tool and make selection as on picture below:

Press Ctrl+C to copy selected area of image, then go back to created document for design and paste the part of image. Your image should look as mine:

Now, lets start the text! First get the Horizontal Type Tool, and write out your text on the original picture. Ive used a font called Arial Black (160 pt, Crisp). After that use Select > Load Selection to select the text:

Go to previous layer with original image and copy selected area with Ctrl+C. Now go to Photoshop image again and paste the copied fragment.

Ok, now select the Eraser Tool with similar settings to the picture below to handle edges of every letter:

Your image should now look like the image shown below:

Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool select and cut every letter to the separate layer but only type one letter per layer and rotate and move it by using Edit > Free Transform.

Apply the Bevel and Emboss layer style to this layer:

I would like to add some shadows in the bottom of every letter, where the grass will grow. For this effect get out the Dodge Tool (Shadows, Exposure: 20%) and make little dodge work:

Time to add the grass! Create a new layer, then select Brush Tool and select the brush as shown below. This is standard Photoshop brush.

Then set up foreground and background colors similar to #678a25 and #faf04f and draw the first line of the grass.

Then create a new one layer and draw the second line of the grass. After that apply Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal to flip this layer horizontal:

Create a new one layer and draw the third layer of the grass. We are done with foreground.

Now we need to bring some grass to our letters and background. Select Brush Tool again and set up the smaller size of brush to make the grass a little bit smaller on the new layer.

Make the same things with other letters:

Ok, now create a new one layer more, set up the standard size of the brush again and add some grass on the background:

Looks pretty nice, doesnt it? But it is not finished yet. Get out the Burn Tool (Shadow, Exposure: 20%) to make the grass more three-dimensional and contrast partly. Apply this tool to every layer of the grass. Now you should have a background like this:

To finish of the grass we need to add I little bit of soil on the bottom of grass area. Select the Brush Tool with similar settings to these:

Make a little light strokes using color of #623a1f to get the next picture:

We are done with making the grass. Also we can bring some graphic elements to our design from the original picture of nature. You can see what we gave designed with this tutorial in the below image.

Looking pretty good!