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Brandtailors gains double recognition internationally, with its winning iriac Holdings rebranding program

Bucharest March 5th, 2012

Brandtailors strategic brand consulting and design company was awarded a new trophy at the 2013 REBRAND 100 Global Awards, honoring the excellence of the iriac Holdings rebranding program. This years award is the second recognition the company achieves internationally for a single project, after the program won Gold at the 2012 Transform Awards gala.

Beatrice Dani Brand Strategist Brandtailors

Valentin Safta Marketing Director iriac Holdings

Holding no less than 10 globally coveted brand transformation awards, Brandtailors draws the attention and acclaim of branding specialists worldwide, once more. The corporate rebranding program developed by the company for iriac Holdings the group of companies created and managed by Ion iriac, the renowned Romanian entrepreneur and professional tennis player was awarded a new trophy for excellence, at one of the most prestigious rebranding competitions in the world: the REBRAND 100 Global Awards 2013. The news that the rebranding program we developed for iriac Holdings was awarded a new international trophy came as no surprise for Brandtailors. We were certain to win, given that the iriac Holdings program stands out by means of its honorable performance and functionality. From its rigorous research-based development, to its strategic approach befitting the groups full range of activities and to the translation of its defining values into an unique creative idea, the whole undertaking is a mark of maturity for both Brandtailors and the Romanian branding industry, having


managed to set a double benchmark within the global industry which we can now join as main players and undisputed winners. Beatrice Dani, Brand Strategist Brandtailors Developed in a two years span and successfully implemented at the beginning of 2012, the iriac Holdings rebranding program also received the Gold prize for Best Rebrand by Region: Eastern Europe and Bronze for Best Brand Consolidation at the 2012 Transform Awards, held last year in the UK. The outstanding rebranding program iriac Holdings underwent for two whole years, with extreme dedication and determination, is the utmost representation of the professionalism that our group of companies reflects and that our specialists exhibit in their everyday work. For this reason, the award received at this years REBRAND 100 Global Awards is a strong reconfirmation of the pre-eminence of our endeavors across all of the groups companies and activity fields. Valentin Safta, Marketing Director iriac Holdings The Merit award Brandtailors received at this years edition of the REBRAND 100 Global Awards is the eighth prize in the companys record that has been won as a result of continuous submission of remarkable projects to the American competition, from 2008 onwards. The Brandtailors team members who contributed to the development of the REBRAND 100 Global Awards 2013 winning project are: Alina Crang, Beatrice Dani, Bianca Dumitracu, Diana Papuc, Ilinca Apetrei, Ionu Militaru, Janos Kurko, Lehel Mor Mako, Mihai Prplea, Monica Dumitriu and Ovidiu Pop.

Extra info: Brandtailors is the brand consultancy and design firm that has launched more than 100 projects during its 8 years of existence on the Romanian market, having left a sharp imprint on the development of over 70 local and international brands pertaining to 45 different industries. Strategy, vision, methodology and efficiency embody the most accurate description of Brandtailors' approach to the branding and rebranding projects it has developed across the years. In the light of these ideas, we are the first and only Romanian brand consultancy and design firm to have divided its product branding and corporate branding operations into two distinctive teams of professionals. Our collaboration with such clients as Albalact, iriac Holdings, Intact Media Group, Kandia, Petrom, Pepsico, Tetra Pak, Interstar, The Coca-Cola Company, GlaxoSmithKline, Intersnak, Lactalis, Scandia Food, Azuga Waters and Titan confer us pride in the projects that have defined and redefined not only the brands we have worked for, but the entire category they belong to, as well. The dare to redefine the industry's current practices and the indisputable results of our projects have replenished our portfolio with such brands as iriac Holdings, Agricola, Antena 1, Ymens, Naturlich, BCR Open Romania, Zuzu, Rarul, Melliris, Kandia, Silvana, ROM, Grania, Azuga Ap de Izvor, Peak, or Eurovita most of which are now recipients of international awards and worldwide acclaim in prestigious brand transformation competitions. The creativity of our strategic solutions, the rigor of our brand design, the quality of our client partnerships, our team's ability to reinvent itself one project after another and the commercial efficiency of our projects are translated by means of the "spectacular" standard, the reassertion and confirmation of Brandtailors' role as flagship of the Romanian branding industry.

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