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You are holding in your hands the company review of Graboplast Floor Covering Manufacturer Ltd. Thank you for giving it your attention. 105 years of tradition and expertise make Graboplast condent and enthusiastic about its future. The key components of our success are exibility, innovation and persistent work. State-of-the-art production technologies and a life-long commitment to quality are the basis of stable and reliable business partnership we offer to our clients all around the globe. Due to continuous research and development and implementation of advanced patented procedures, Graboplast is able to face the challenges and expectations of the modern oor covering industry. Be a welcome partner in our business and enjoy the advantages cooperation with Graboplast is willing to offer you!

Pter Jancs
President CEO

A tradition embracing generations

Studying the business history of a company by analyzing its major products in the dynamics of their development generates a picture broader than just a series of facts and events in the context of the worlds industrial progress. This approach provides an insight into the companys mentality and helps understanding of its present and concept of the future. When Miksa Grab and his sons decided to set up a company in Hungary in 1905, their decision must have been undoubtedly encouraged by the favorable conditions and the geographical

supplies (making tent cloth, martial cloaks and position of Hungary, as well as the availability of Partnereinktl chemical protection clothing), while orszgban a vevi sufciently qualiedDr. Schutz GmbH szoros partneri kapcsolatot hozott ltre, elsegtve ezltal a vilg szmos in peacetime theignyek manpower. Equally important, A Graboplast zRt s a company worked to satisfy civilian orders. however, was the optimlis kielgtst. understanding that the key factor After of a long-term success is the ability to develop Gerhard Schfer Export Manager - Dr.Schutz GmbH padlpolsi cg (D) WWII and the nationalization of the A Graboplast zRt az elmlt vekben hromszzezernl tbb SUZUKI gpkocsi elksztsben mkdtt kzre, mint beszllt. advanced products that would meet the ever more Kenyeres Jnos Beszerzsi vezet - Rba Kft. - Suzuki beszllt (HUN) sophisticated market requirements Jrmipari AlkatrszgyrtGrab-factory in 1948, for political reasons the accent A Graboplast termkei tbb mint 10 ve segtenek hozz ahhoz, hogy Eurpa egyik legjelentsebb tncpadl disztribtorv vljak. was shifted to textile manufacturing. Nevertheless, and possess a substantial added value. Gnterh Lach Tchler GmbH Sznpadtechnika (A) leaders The newly established business rsttermkeit Olaszorszgbandue to the foresight and enthusiasm of the Az vek sorn kialaktott focused on the Tbb mint 20 ve kpviselem a Graboplast lakossgi, kzleti s sport felhasznlsi terletekre. engaged termkportfolija production and as a result production of impregnated textiles, but dueGraboplast llandan fejldin leather-cloths logisztikai rendszere jl illeszkedik a piac s a stratgiai egyttmkdsnk killta az id prbjt, a to the of successful product engineering by the companys amazingvltoz ignyeihez. gazdasg capacity of its owners to anticipate new Armando Englaro olaszorszgi kpvisel (I) company began technical team, the factory nally received support trends and lines of development the 2002 ta vsroljuk a Graboplast termkeit, cloth very nem tallkoztunk mszaki for ligisztikai problmval. to manufacture nitrocellulose leathermely id alatt soon, and funding vagyfurther research. Ing. Martin Klofanda Iveco Czech Republic, a. s. (CZ) In the early 1950s the company started the which became the companys key product as early A Graboplast mindig eleget tett ktelezettsgeinek s elgedettek vagyunk termkeik minsgvel. production of PVC articial leather and laid down the as the beginning of the igazgat - Budapesti Kzlekedsi Zrt. (HUN) 1910s. Vg Pter Combino Projekt foundations of Rocket sportpadljt. Ez a termk mindenben Responding to the market situation, during hasznlta a Graboplast zRt. Grabo the research and development of the megfelel a A BVSC a 2008/2009-es szezon hazai mrkzsein WWI and modern Graboplast Company. WWII production was adjusted to support military


In the early 1960s the company began the manufacturing of foamy PVC articial leather, which meant a break-through both in terms of innovation and increasing the capacity to satisfy the ever more sophisticated customer needs.The PVC leather soon became the key product group for the factory. These products proved to suit a vast range of applications, from shoe-making and decorative arts to the clothing industry, medicine and upholstery. Along with the PVC leather, a few more advanced product lines were launched in the 1960s, such as transport and commercial oor coverings and tarpaulins. The innovation and development boosted the company to the forefront of articial leather industry in Europe. From the early 1970s Graboplast started to supply articial leather upholstery materials to the European automotive industry giants. The success of articial leather production had a stimulating effect on

the growth of other groups of PVC-based product lines such as oorings, wall coverings, vehicle canvases, insulation materials and other technical products. In the 1980s manufacturing of oor coverings was recognized as the most promising of all Graboplast business branches. Apart from the growing demand, the new procedures developed by the Graboplast technical research team also contributed to the fact that after a short period of time the company management placed this product line in the focus of their attention.Generally, the success of this branch resulted in the investments and acquisitions for the following period. After becoming a private company again in the beginning of the 1990s, Graboplast further pursued its business strategy aimed at supplying advanced in-demand products with a high added value. The key product line this time was the family of the

Graboplast oor coverings, especially the commercial vinyl oorings designed for institutions and organizations. To support this product line, a large-scale project was implemented in the past decade, resulting in essential improvement of the technological process and impressive expansion of plant facilities. Research and innovation in the form of a patented production technique introduced by Graboplast has again ranked the company among the best in the industry. The 105 years of Graboplast history have been marked by respect of professional expertise, sensitivity to the needs of the market, enthusiasm and devotion of the team, individual creativity that has ever so often led to signicant advance, and readiness to contribute to the common effort. Many of us working here consider the more than hundred year-old Graboplast clock-tower as a symbol of these values.

The 105 years of Graboplast history have been marked by respect of professional expertise


Graboplast references all over the world

NORTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA Barbados Canada Mexico United States of America SOUTH AMERICA Argentina Brazil Chile Columbia Suriname Uruguay AFRIKA Algeria Egypt Ghana Kenya Libya Morocco South Africa Tunisia AUSTRALIA AND OCEANIA Australia New Zealand ASIA Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrein China India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Lebanon Malaysia Mongolia Pakistan Philippines Qatar Saudi Arabia Singapore Syria Thailand Turkey United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen EUROPE Albania Austria Belarussia Belgium Bohemia Bosnia-Herzegovina Bulgaria Cyprus Croatia Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Macedonia Malta Moldavia Montenegro Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands Ukraine United Kingdom

Partner feedback
The business partnership between Graboplast Ltd. and Dr. Schutz Gmbh will promote optimal compliance with customers needs and requirements in numerous countries of the world. Gerhard Schfer Export Manager - Dr.Schutz GmbH manufacturer of oor care products (D) As a supplier, over the recent years Graboplast Ltd has contributed to the production of more than three hundred thousand SUZUKI cars. Kenyeres Jnos Purchasing Manager - Rba Jrmipari Alkatrszgyrt Kft. - supplier for Suzuki (HUN) In the past 10 years Graboplast products have helped me to become one of Europes leading distributors of parquet dance oor. Gnterh Lach Tchler Gmbh Sznpadtechnika - stagecraft professional (A) I have been distributing in Italy the Graboplast products for residential, institutional and sport applications for over 20 years. The strategic cooperation established during this period has proved time-resistant. Graboplasts constantly expanding product portfolio and logistic infrastructure adapts well to the changing expectations of the market and economy. Armando Englaro Italian distributor (I) We have bougth oor covering Graboplast Inc. since year 2002 and we didn't have to face any technical, logistic or another problems during this period. Ing. Martin Klofanda Purchasing of Equipment of Bodywork - Iveco Czech Republic a.s. (CZ) Graboplast has always fullled its obligations and we are satised with the quality of their products. Vg Pter Director Combino Tram Project - Budapest Transportation Company (HUN) BVSC during season 2008/2009 home matches used grabo Rockt sport oor coverings of the Graboplast Inc. This product meets all requirements of the competitive sports, the athletes of international level are also totally satised with it. Herendi Ivn Director - Budapest Railway Sports Club, Table Tennis Section (HUN) We have been using Graboplast products in our hospital since 2001. Their technical performance and aesthetical value are ideal for healthcare environment. They have been serving us trouble-free since their installation. The Hospital of Verona (I) Our university is one of the largest higher schools in Italy. The Grabo oor installed in the halls has been trampled by thousands of students for many years. Its durability and easy maintenance have proved excellent over the time; therefore, we consider them highly suitable for application in public institutions. The University of Udine (I) Due to the innovative cooperation of Graboplast, we have gained a foothold on the market of exhibition oor coverings and expanded our product portfolio. This has opened to us a variety of new prospects that has helped our growth even in the new global economic situation. Thomas Rubik Rubik Gmbh- distributor of exhibition, design and commercial oors (D)


Areas of application
The wide range of Grabo oor coverings will help you to nd an optimal solution for any specic needs. he regions forest industry. Diverse surface design and treatment techniques add to the value and durability of our products. PVC FLOOR COVERINGS Underfoot comfort, simple installation, easy maintenance, aesthetical design and safety are the most common features of our residential ooring products supplied in a variety of width and thickness specications.

Residential use
PARQUET The natural beauty of wood and the precision engineering have merged in our 3-layer strip parquets based on the wood species common to Central and Eastern Europe and on the products f

Bus, tram, train or subway we have a solution for any vehicle. These products have been tested for compliance with the standards of the transport industry. Along with traditional vehicle ooring designs, we also offer innovative products that contribute to a safe, relaxed and aesthetical passenger environment.

Show business
We offer a unique range of oor coverings for show business, either it is a theatre stage or an exhibition site, catwalk or dance parquet, a TV studio or a casino, with temporary or permanent oor covering. The choice of color and design will add to the atmosphere of the show and can be exibly adjusted to the specic needs of the customer.

The wide range of Grabo oor coverings will help you to nd an optimal solution for any specic needs.


Commercial Vinyl Floorings

EDUCATION Our commercial vinyl oorings offer a diversity of ideas to make the inside of educational institutions safe and balanced. Our products with special acoustical characteristics can be an advantage for classrooms, libraries and laboratories.

HEALTHCARE Grabo Silver Knight is the rst disinfecting ooring specially developed for the healthcare industry. Due to it's double defense line Silver Knight eliminates more than 99% of bacteria. Beside the the unique disinfecting property grabo Silver Knight is a durable and d easy-to mainten oor covering,
bacteria destroyed

thus it offers a professional and cost-efcient solution to hospitals, clinics, outpatient facilities and nursing homes. PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS Our extremely durable products with high wear resistance for public and commercial use provide aesthetical solutions for large areas such as shops, restaurants, museums or recreational facilities.

Our company is a global leader in the manufacturing of indoor PVC sport oorings, with references from locations all over the world. The properties of our products have been adjusted to the requirements of certain sports and specic use, from home tness rooms to school gyms and professional sport halls using oor coverings with multilayer systems.


Our products comply with the industrial standards of their designated application areas. Compliance is guaranteed and proved by testing held at our business partners. Graboplast has set itself as a task the development of products and design patterns for the oor and wall coverings that would take into full account the needs and requirements of the nal customers for residential, institutional, public and special (transport industry, sport) applications. All development and research activities involving product engineering are adjusted to the specic needs of the target customer groups. This includes the use of various design solutions for different regions and countries even within a similar application area. Our innovative approach to product engineer- ing was acknowledged by the special prize of the Jury (the Prize for PVC Innovation) at the bid of the Solvin Company in 2007, and by the Grand Prize for product innovation in 2010 at Neocon Trade Fair. (grabo Silver Knight) The place of installation, method of use, design, compliance requirements and budget factors help to set up the desired product conguration and

Quality assurance
Merging the 105 years of experience and tradition with the XXI century quality management trends and technologies has resulted in the advanced Graboplast quality assurance system. The ISO 9001 quality management system implemented by the company provides the framework of our quality-centered philosophy.

determine the direction of development needed for its implementation. Complexity of customers expectations inspires the search for creative solutions, and the ability to depart from conventional thinking moves us ahead on the way to success. Our production is based exclusively on our own technologies and original procedures continuously developed and improved by the R&D. The result of constant upgrading of the production technologies is the steady increase of performance and an excellent price-value ratio of our products. The product samples elaborated in our design studio by industrial design professionals contribute to the competitive growth of our products. Customized color schemes created individually for various clients help them to build up a unique business image and strengthen their market positions.

The operation of our plant facilities equipped with modern and continuously upgraded machinery is supported by a quality control organization following and checking all processes within the production cycle. Most of the pre-conditioning and production processes are computer-controlled in order to permanently ensure the highest quality of the nished product. Nevertheless, at the checking points of critical importance where exceptional operator skills and special human knowledge are required machine functions are assisted by experienced controllers.


Graboplast for natural environment

The Graboplast Company takes considerable efforts to maintain a healthy environment for both its employees and people living around. Protection of the natural environment is a basic principle of our business philosophy. We are proud that our company group operates in compliance with the requirements of the environmental management system ISO 14001 and uses the most advanced, healthand environmentally friendly procedures, technologies and materials. Our system of byproduct and industrial waste management ensures: re-cycling of PVC byproducts sawdust compaction use of wood waste for energy generation In the course of product development, we attempt to produce low-energy, cost-saving and environmentally friendly oor coverings with minimum maintenance requirements. Partners visiting us admire our unique collection of agave plants which has been a special attraction of the site for over 40 years now. Our factory premises are noise-controlled and hold low-noise production equipment. The new millennium Graboplast products and procedures are solvent-free. We do not use heavy metals for our production. Our products do not require any additional surface treatment. Therefore their maintenance does not involve the use of environmentally harmful chemicals. We recommend the use of ecologically safe water-dispersion adhesives for the installation of the oor coverings. Due to excellent durability, the service life of our products is considerably longer than the average; therefore the environmental load connected with their replacement (production of the replacement product, waste management, re-installation etc.) is considerably lower.

Graboplast and the society

Support of education
Our company is investing into establishing and maintaining balanced relationships with its environment. Support of knowledge and education is a No. 1 issue on our list of priorities. Graboplast Ltd. is a sponsor of several schools engaged in technical education and training (Jakab Fellner Vocational School, Tatabnya; Technical Department of the Kecskemt College; Medical University, Szeged; Szchenyi University, Gyr, etc.). Support of educational infrastructure in the cities with Graboplast locations is a priority task for us. Therefore, Graboplast membership includes the Universitas-Gyr Foundation, the Technical Development Fund of the Kecskemt College and the Tatabnya Foundation for Secondary Education.

Support of local recreation activities

For many years, Graboplast has been sponsoring local sports development programs. We are backing up several branches (rowing, canoeing and handball) of the Sports Society of Gyr famous for their both national and international performance, as well as recreational and youth sports, primarily at schools and in the kindergartens.

Foundation membership
We are regular supporters of several foundations focused on the development of professional education and training.


Grabo Show ooring provided the exciting background for the opening ceremony of London Olympic Games during the Olympic Games in BEIJING in 2008, the passengers in the three Olympic cities (Beijing, Tienjin, Qingdao) were carried by 2000 city buses equipped with Grabo Ecotech ooring? in China the Grabo 20 JSK ooring has been used in the Warner Brothers franchise movie theatres since 2005, recommended by an English designer? in Milan the models step on the Armani catwalks covered by Grabo Unioor? in the Abu Dhabi shopping centre in the UNITED Arab Emirates the childrens playgrounds are covered by Grabo Diamond Color and Diamond Plaza oorings? in Shanghai, two lines of the worlds second largest subway are operated trains by Grabo Safety 25 installed in the carriages? in Dubai, 4 schools used Grabo Acoustic Color oor covering ordered by the sheiks wife? the University of Udine in Italy uses the Grabo Acoustic Uni ooring in the halls and auditoriums? starting from 2009, Line No. 3 of the Shenzhen subway also runs carriages having Grabo Safety 25 oorings?

Did you know that

Grabo Transport oors are the most popular products in Russian buses there are about 500 sporting facilities in the USA where Grabo Sport oors are installed? the ballet dancers who performed at the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra at the New Year Concert2006 stepped on the Grabo Unioor? Robbie Williams jumps and runs on the Grabo Unioor during his concerts? the Grabo Unioor covering was used for the blue box special background in Harry Potter lms?

there are about 500 sporting facilities in the USA where Grabo Sport oors are installed?




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