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Easter Revision Guidance Y12 Spanish You will be sitting examinations on the following days: SN1 (Oral) SN2

(Listening, Reading & writing, 2 hrs) SN1 Oral Examination Part 1 You will be given a card with a picture, or statement which is related to one of the topic areas covered this year. At the bottom of this card will be 3 starter questions about what you have read. You will be discussing the issues involved objectively (non-personal answers). Preparation: Revise the oral questions at the start of each booklet on each of these topic areas as these will help you to formulate ideas on each topic. You might also find it helpful to produce mind-maps on each of these topics as this will also help you to think as widely as possible around the topic and issues involved. Look at all the example oral cards included in each booklet to familiarise yourself with the style of the cards. Some you will have already done in class and with Odi. Learn key vocabulary for each of the topic areas Part 2 The second part of the oral examination is about you. You will need to talk about your hobbies and interests, your school experience and your plans for the future (each part for approx. 2 minutes). Preparation: Continue to prepare responses to these personal questions during the holidays. For both parts of the oral try and practice on a daily basis. Friday 3rd May (TBC) Thursday 23rd May

SN2 Listening, reading and writing (essay and translation) You should use your topic booklets as a basis for your revision Complete any outstanding reading exercises or translations. Please also complete the June 2010 SN2 and return to HBF on the first day of term. Download to your ipod the listening for SN2 June 2010 from: Public / senior school / Academic Subjects / languages / language media files / Spanish / Y12 / Sp2 June 2010, of from the Revision Centre. You have been given 15 booklets in total on the following topics. Please check and inform me straight away if you have mislaid one of your booklets: Leisure and Lifestyles Sport, hobbies & entertainment healthy living health and nutrition, diet and exercise unhealthy living (i) smoking unhealthy living (ii) alcohol unhealthy living (iii) drugs unhealthy living (iv) aids travel and tourism x2 customs & traditions

The Individual and Society relationships and responsibilities youth culture (values, peer groups, fashions and trends etc.) education X2 future careers and vocational training gender issues

To prepare for the essay Grammar: Revise all grammar points covered, in particular: key tenses: present, preterite, present perfect, future and conditional Subjunctive form and all uses seen so far Passive and avoidance of the passive Adjectival agreement.

Look back over all your essays and revise areas where you have made mistakes and learn the correct expression. Ideas: Learn key vocabulary for each of the topic areas. Revise how to write an essay (introduction, main body x 2-3 paragraphs, conclusion) and any useful introducing, linking or contrasting expressions. Try and write detailed essay plans for the following essays over the holidays: 1. En tu opinin Cules son las ventajas y los inconvenientes del turismo? 2. En cuanto a al salud, qu importancia tiene el deporte? 3. Las costumbres y tradiciones son importantes Discute. 4. Crees que la dieta es importante? 5. El ejercicio slo es importante para los jvenes Discute 6. El gobierno debera prohibir el fumar. Ests de acuerdo con esta afirmacin? Explica tus razones. 7. Para ti los amigos son ms importantes que la familia? 8. La eleccin de amigos es lo que provoca ms disputas entre padres y hijos Ests de acuerdo con est afirmacin? 9. Discute las ventajas y los inconvenientes del matrimonio. 10. Cules son los problemas que enfrentan los jvenes hoy en da? Y cmo podemos superarlos? 11. La educacin debera preparar los jvenes para la vida profesional Discute.

Checklist of what is expected to be handed in on first day of next term Essay Plans for at least six essays Completed past paper from this booklet Revision pack includes: Booklet 1: Revision guidance notes A copy of oral questions based on each topic (part 1 oral) A copy of the personal questions (part 2 oral) Booklet 2: Grammar notes + AS grammar revision exercises Past paper SN2 June 2010

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