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Why to be a victim for no appropriate reason?

The creation of all Gods, with supreme power, extreme anger, utmost love/prosperity and extended belongingness; Goddess Durga- a girls second image, Im certainly not against any men but the feminist part of me is just glued to myself for having scribbled my thoughts here. My true arousal of extroverted feeling or gleg towards reluctancy of the world for taking the goddess for granted in every sphere is totally out of rejection in my point of view. The public; be it rich or poor, of higher or lower cast, young or old have a strong unity and are agitatedly participating in the movement after a massive incident of Delhi. It is indeed wise for the Indian citizens to act likewise; I too take an active part in this situation. The offenders should face the uncouthness of life before their death hence should be inhumanly treated, though its legal for the concerned to treat them with the worst attitude. The rapists should be punished with severity Out of the blue I wonder why a rapist of 17 years is being handled in a different way (an advantage of being a juvenile yet a criminal) He never gave a second thought before participating in the assault, did he? So why to spare him? He should be treated with equality when he took the initiative to cooperate and presented himself in the ravishing plan. No, its not a bail-able offence; neither imprisonment for 50 years will decrease the crime in our country, its never ending unless awareness arises within oneself. I can see a future where sex ratio in India deteriorates to something which we cant even imagine! Instead of developing the country in every possible ways, few people demolishes it into fragments and that is the reason why India is still lacking behind as a developing country and if the people continue to limber up with their cheap mentalities it will forever remain as a developing nation. I dont want to bring our future prime minister or president of Indias racket here as for the dirty politics considered it to be a defamatory case. May be this is the reason why the so called government is taking a lenient action against the rapists, this vague knowledge is literally taunting my mind. In the other hand a huge remonstration all over the country had pamphlets written dont teach us what to wear, teach your sons to rape; at some point I disagree with the statement, yes, its good to deck oneself up, but sometimes due to over enthusiasm people tend to forget that we are still living in India, (a country with full of cultures and traditions) I just want girls to avoid nudity,(this is not America) there are lots of attires which one glam after wearing them. When one know how to protect or defend them self, feel free but why to be a victim for no appropriate reason?