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Prsentation BIM

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Architektur_Lena Gotzl

Tragwerksplanung_Martin Neier
Building Science_Bebe Ivan



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Sttze: 60 / 25 As,erf = 42,4 cm ( 8 26 )

STB Massen lt. FEM Programm

Energy concept

Energy certificate



above sea level

cadastral community Project indoor temperature heating degree days area floors Building elements construction U-Values - range heating



[C] [Kd]

20 205


6 Concrete structure


0.102- 0.73 Central

warm water
Installations ventilation lighting cooling type [m] [m] [m] opaque [m] [m]

Mechanical/ natural Artificial/ daylight AC/ night office 6700 33437 10156 8628 1196 9824 6 20 -12.6

Table of U-values
Area [m] 7376
1196 1252 332

External walls
Windows Roof Ground

U-value [W.m-2.K-1] 0.102

0.73 0.188 0.343

area volume Building envelope area

transparent against outside air change rate indoor temperature Heating demand

[1/h] [C]

outdoor temperature HWB reference

[kWh.m-2.a-1] [kWh.m-2.a-1]

12.99 13.19 0.211

U-Value average

HWB location

Class A building

Energy simulation

all round board shades 0.2 / 1.2 m improvement of heating and cooling gains natural and artificial ventilations in crucial zones

Heating and Cooling loads

Ventilation concept

main ventilation fan on the roof pipes will be inserted through special chambers air that goes in = air that goes out Heating, ventilation and air conditioning all together

fresh air goes in via pipes situated near the windows

Ventilation floor plans

Ground floor

First floor


Ground floor

each floor will have 4 main fresh air supply/ absorbent pipes
0.75 x 2 m is the size of each main pipe medium air change rate: 5.81

Upper floor


Ground floor

First floor

Illumination ground floor

Value chart


led based luminaries

possibility of manually dimming of light luminance values according to the norms, even without natural light

Fire safety plans

Basement Ground floor

max area per fire section in normal floor < 1600 m

max area per fire section in basement < 800 m

exit routes < 40m

First floor

Considered aspects:

Assembly points Exit routes Fire sections Staircases

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