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As long as there has been life there has been life's struggle with nature.

Each creature has to adapt and mature through it's own specified design to gain the abilities and instincts for it's optimal survival in order to, live, survive, mature, and procreate. It is not easy because many creatures are not able to adapt to change. Bad habits are one of the most prolific self destructive behaviors, especially among the human species. It is no wonder that many of our greatest pleasures are bad habits. We could even be doing things that are not good for us and not realize it, all for the pleasure of it. This accounts for more than just substance abuse, gambling, and criminal behavior. It is also things like, greed, lust, and building up debt, need I say more? As anyone should notice most human or animal behavior is motivated by pleasure. The line between good and evil is the difference between good pleasure and bad pleasure. Good pleasure comes from things that are both enjoyable and benificial. Bad pleasures may be enjoyable , but are never benificial and usually harmful. It is as simple as that. We as human beings are a slight exception though due to the fact that we are able to see the error in our ways and effectively make changes. It is my hope that the world will always proceed to make changes for the better. Morality is a concept that comes from the realization that certian behaviors were harmful to people and the integrity of civilization. This is why we have law and all good law is designed to protect us. Our rites are also our responsibilities as well and we should be mindful of and responsible with our rites, otherwise you could do harm to yourself and others or get in trouble. Once that happens your chances of succeding in life are greately reduced. When I think about the Bible, I can see that the whole content of it is absurd. I do not believe any of the stories in it or that most of the people in it, including Jesus ever existed at all. It says the Earth was created literally in 6 days and the entire population of Earth came from 2 people. It is totally fairy tales and fables. The one good thing about the Bible is that it addresses moral issues. It expresses the necessity of good moral standards which did turn out to be good for believers. Even though I don't believe that Jesus Christ was real. I can say that the example of him was an inspiration that made good changes in the world and my life. I believe in God and many of my beliefs about God were inspired by Christianity, but I have no reason to believe anything in the Bible is true. The worst thing about the Bible is that it professes the belief in the existance of a Satan. A deposed and powerful ark angle named Lucifer who was

condemned by God and named Satan. The Bible says that Lucifer wanted and tried to be like God. It is a common Christian belief that this is why God had problems with Lucifer. Lucifer was named Satan and then cast down to Earth where he has, out of his contempt for God has been causing us problems ever since. The Bible leaves us to only speculate why a loving and caring god who created us for the purpose of his love would unleash this powerful, spiteful, and brutal being on us. Think about the book of Genisis where Eve is tempted by a snake (who was suppose to be Satan) to eat the for bidden fruit form a special tree in the center of the garden. When Eve ate the fruit she gave Adam some and only after both have eaten the fruit did their eyes become open. When God found out he kicked them out of the garden which was like a paradise to face the harsh realities of life. Then It makes me wonder why God put that tree in the middle of the garden in the first place. Satan is a bad belief, because it justifies evil as an excuse by saying it was the work of the Devil and the person or people who did the acts were not actually themselves, but under the influence of Satan. Satan makes God look bad, because he imposes on the belief that God is all powerful. If Satan exist and God is all powerful then Satan would have to be working for God, so that would mean that God is the true evil. As a person who believes in God I refuse to believe in Satan because of this obvious contradiction.