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Everything is fair in love and war

BUS 401 Assignment 1 January 27th, 2013

Prepared By Fariha Tabassum ID # 093 0242 530

Prepared For Dilura Afroz Khan (DAK) Section 2 Lecturer School of Business

Everything is fair in love and war

Business ethics according to me is the decisions making process in a business which is morally and socially acceptable by the employees of the company or the business. There has to be a justification of every decision that is taken in a business. Justification needs to be given to the employees, stakeholders and also to their clients.

Ethically if we think then according to me everything is not fair in love and war. There are lots of reasons to disagree with this statement. First of all both love and war we need dedication, dedication to love only one person and dedication towards winning in the battle or war, but only dealing it with emotions would not help to achieve anything. The reason behind this is when we are emotional we do not think about right or wrong so basically we are ethically wrong as our morals are not fixed, rather we take decisions out of our emotion.

Second of all if everything was fair in love and war then war would have never taking place in our country BANGLADESH, because then Pakistan would have said this is our country and everyone is bound to listen to us because we love our country too. War took place because more then our emotions we wanted Bangladesh to have its own identity; we wanted freedom to speak our language bangle freely without being scared. What was fair to Pakistan was unfair to us. If everything was fair in love and war then today after 41 years we would still not have been fighting to punish the people who betrayed our country being a Bangladeshi. If everything was fair in love and war then why does instability of our government makes the general people react. This is the same government which fought for our rights and conducted the war. Since everything is not fair in love and war this is the reason we do not except anything wrong and even if it is the same government who conducted war, we do not support them when they are not right.

If we consider business, then even everything is not fair in love and war. Example: If a couple works in two different banks but in same departments and they are both competing against each other to grab a client, it would be ethically and morally completely wrong if anyone of the spouses pass each others information, so this example proves that ethically everythings not fair in love and war because if it was then they would shared internal information with each other and act as if it was right as theres suppose to be no secrets between a couple. Professionalism is very important when it comes to business. Because if everything was fair then ethically it would have become impossible to run a business as most of the couples are working and they are working in different places so if they start exchanging information it would be next to impossible to stop the leakage of internal informations of a company. We have war and competition to balance the relationship between company and personal relationships.

If everything was fair in love and war then there would not have been so much of increase in divorce rates. Most of the people now choose war over love. Increase of divorce rate shows love hardly matters, everyone is selfish and self obsessed. Couples now only think about their career. So how can we say everything is fair in love and war! If it was fair then couples would have been more sacrificing for each other.

Love and war are both complete two opposite things, war is a form of expressing hatred on the other hand love is extremely attached to someone or something that we would not like to hurt or loose at any cost. Therefore the phrase conflicts itself. How can you hate someone and also love someone at the same time can be fair? Both cannot occur at same time, its either one of them. So I would like to conclude by saying everything is not fair in love and war.