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The Mother of All Mantras is the primordial sound by the earth was created.

The past, present and future are blended in this one all-inclusive sound. When chanted, O Aum frees the consciousness to remember its natural sta connection to infinite source energy or Creation. By using symbolic image, the concept of infinite love and infinite cre is conveyed beyond the limitation of words or ideas. This s when used on water re-structures the molecules of the wa carry the same divine resonance. Also, when used anywh visible to others, it rediates the message to all living bei
Om -

beyond the limitations of conscious thought.

This symbol represents the illumined mind an sighted wisdom. Representing the words and sounds of the Gayatri Mantra, one of the most powerful Vedic affirmation removes the possibility of making wrong choices in life by empowering all truth. Calling upon Infinite Creation to enlig all living beings, the symbol focalizes complex and cosmic wisdom about all earth elements, plants, trees, animals, ins fishes and birds, making an understanding of the wholelifecreation available to all who view it. Using the Gayatri Yant spiritual practice has a number of positive effects, including ability to sharpen one's intellect and spiritual awareness. Us water, it carries the harmonic resonance of the wisdom of a On a larger, universal scale, the use of the Gayatri Mantra a the sacred symbol, the Gayatri Yantra, representing those enlightened sounds, radiates vast and powerful knowledge beings. Spiral - The Spiral, which is the oldest symbol known to be u spiritual practices, reflects the universal pattern of growth a evolution. The spiral represents the goddess, the womb, fer and life force energy. Reflected in the natural world, the Sp found in human physiology, plants, minerals, animals, ener patterns, weather, growth and death. The Spiral is a sacred symbol that reminds us of our evolving journey in life. Whe as a personal talisman, the Spiral helps consciousness to ac the turnings and changes of life as it evolves. The acceptan change is one of the greatest freedoms a human can exper putting consciousness in the present moment where the po
Gayatri Yantra -

creation is condensed. On a larger scale, using this symbol assures all beings are reminded of their inward and outwar evolution, a balanced and centered state of mind. On water carries the power to flow and change.
Hamsa, Hand of Fatima -

The Hamsa or Hand of Fatima, was na after the daughter of Mohammed, but the symbol is used a protective amulate by Muslimm, Christians, Egyptians, Nort Africans, and Jews. Hamsa, or Hamesh, refers to the five d The Two thumbs are often said to represent Osiris and Isis, the fingers representing the offspring of that union. This sy is used to represent the Goddess whose hand wards off evi and radiates love as a downward gesture of non-aggressive handedness. This is truly an early peace symbol. In using t Hamsa, an energy of peace prevails in all beings simply bec the power of the hand radiates the cosmic connection betw the hand of action and the heart of peace, which is a much needed positive force in the world right now. Many people p the Hamsa above their doorways, wear the symbol on chain draw it on their possessions. The sacred nature of this sym that is sends a message of love and protection to all beings water, it carries the power of peace and sends a message t down arms, open hands and invite love. Luna Goddess - Symbolic of the regenerative, life-giving force the cosmos, Luna Goddess represents the Moon as a keepe wisdom and magical power. Her hands connect above her creating a halo of sacred knowledge. Her belly contains the genesis of light within the darkness of the womb. She holds frequency of all life honoring the Great Cosmic Mystery in b with the manifestation of earthly creation. Using this symbo enhances sacred creativity within the consciousness of the individual, and on a larger scale, helps to maintain a sacred

reverence for the darkness that is in the process of giving b light. Where darkness prevails on earth, within individuals o populations, Luna Goddess silently resonates a remembran a return to reason and balance. When using this symbol on water, the power of the Moon's magnetic resonance influen molecules to seek the Great Mystery and learn from Her Po Wisdom Eyes of Buddha - Through these eyes we are reminded look at the world with deep compassion, balancing earth re with higher consciousness. The spiral at the third eye repre the process of unfolding spiritual awakening, and is represe by primordial energy moving into manifestation. Below the appearing much like a nose, the reversed symbol is a styliz Sanskrit symbol representing the numeral "one", standing f unity of all things on earth. By balancing spiritual awakenin earth challenges, one is able to develop strong compassion themselves and others in considering the journey all beings when they enter this realm of consciousness. Used on wate compassion becomes second-nature as this harmonic reson passes through all molecules. Lotus - This powerful and ancient image symbolizes harmony spiritual illumination and unlimited potential. The lotus is a of water lily which rises from the sludge of muddy waters a opens into a beautiful flower. It is often used as a mandala circular symbol, but any way you use the Lotus in a spiritua practice, it will provide a resonant field that reinforces the concept of resurrection. Human mistakes and challenges ar fertilizer for brilliance and awakened creation as the Lotus s us. Borne in the murkiest of ponds, Lotus still emerges pure the Lotus as a reminder that "this, too, shall pass." Be assu that all fertilizer nurtures a beautiful new life. In the greate world, Lotus is a peaceful cosmic beacon for forgiveness, gratitude and compassion to prevail where the sludge of co

has resided. Using this symbol on water invites a balance between humility and pride. Yin Yang - Taoist symbol of the interplay of forces in the univ This represents the unity between all opposites the mascu and the feminine; the darkess and light. Yin and Yang symb the primal cosmic forces. Yin is receptive, passive, cold, fem energy. Yang is masculine, movement, force and heat. The and light represent knowledge and ignorance. In a spiritual practice, use the Yin Yang to help maintain a balance betwe opposites and instill unity personally and globally. In seeing opposites, it is noted that each has a little of the other, whi often overlooked in life. Instead of seeing absolute, learn to an all inclusive form of diversity. This symbol has been a universal symbol of balanced consciousness for thousands o years and brings inner radiance to all who view it. In using symbol on water, all elements will become balanced, all molecules will pass this balance to all beings. Seed of Life - This sacred geometry is the center of the larger Flower of Life, a sacred blueprint of all Creation. The patter also repeated in the Kabalistic Tree of Life and appears in m early religious traditions in the Middle East. Used in religiou it often represents the all-seeing eyes of God. The overlapp circles represent the omniscience of Creation honoring the connections of all life circles, nurturing diversity. As a spirit practice, use the Seed of Life to hold a morphogenic field o acceptance for all beings, all cultures, all beliefs, realizing t circles rotate through the center of creation, and thus establishing the holiness of all orientations. In a larger cont the Seed of Life resonates tolerance and infinite source ene all beings. Placed on water, the Seed of LIfe will be a silent reminder of your place in the web of creation.

(Toh-moh-ay) This symbol is frequently seen on Bu and Shinto temples. Its name means turning or circular ene referring to the motion of the earth. The Tomoe represents play of forces in the cosmos. Visually, the Tomoe is made u interlocked flames resembling tadpoles. These are energy patterns revolving through space and time, ever replenishe the center of all being. The most common Tomoe emblem h three flames and reflects the earth, the heavens, and huma To use the Tomoe in a personal spiritual practice, is to invit infinitely accelerated power of the cosmos to be part of you consciousness, providing balanced and abundance support endeavors. Universally, the Tomoe radiates a never-ending source of energy from the interaction of all three forces cre Regenerative Cosmic Consciousness as the source of all Cre Water becomes vibrantly energized with this symbol. Triade - The Triade, Triskele, or Triple Spiral, is an ancient C symbol related to earthly life, the afterlife and reincarnation drawn in one continuous line, suggesting a fluid movement time. Triades are one of the most common elements of Celt They are found in a variety of styles in both ancient and contemporary uses, especially in relation to depictions of th Mother Goddess. They also evoke the universal concept of t domains of material existence- earth, water, and sky; body and spirit; and the eternally spiraling cycles of time. Used i personal spiritual practice, this symbol reinforces the move and interconnection between the dimensions or realms of consciousness ordinary reality, the underworld, the overw all integral to a complete earth experience. In larger contex Triade radiates the potential of complete experience and wi for all. In water, the harmonic convergence of all truths brin quality to water that nourishes all cells with expansive pote for greater creation.
Tomoe -