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Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association

The Pharmaceutical Industry is a human Industry an industry which caters to the health of public and is therefore of significant importance. As such, the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association came into existence on January 26, 1961 and the Government of Pakistan through the Ministry of Commerce registered PPMA as the only Representative body of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Country. The Government issued a Licence to this effect under Section 26 of the Companies Act, 1913 on July 18, 1961 . The Association was formally incorporated under the Companies Act, 1913 by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies. At the time of establishment of PPMA there were only ten members throughout the country who are the founder members of the PPMA and it was through their efforts that this Association came into being. Now, today the Membership of the Association is 210 (Approximately), who possess the licence for manufacturing drugs granted by the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan against a total number of 350 units approximately. We are proud of the hi-tech, essential and high quality National Pharmaceutical Industry which has significance for the country in term of self-reliance to a great extent. The Pharmaceutical industry Comprises around 400 manufacturing units including over 350 national or Pakistani owned and licensed manufacturing unites and 25 licensed International subsidiaries of well known worldwide based Pharmaceutical Corporations. However, we treat all such units as our national because all the people who work in this industry are all Pakistanis. PPMA feels strongly about the fact that all its members possess all requisite facilities necessary for the production of pharmaceuticals of quality and should comply with CGMP standards. PMA has its head office located at KARACHI with two Regional office, viz. Punjab & NWFP Regional Office at Lahore and Sindh & Balochistan Regional Office at Karachi .

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An ISO 9001-2000
Certified Company With Growing Sense of Commitment

Pharmaceuticals came into existence in 1995 as a dynamic progressive Pharmaceutical manufacturing and trading house. We have been into manufacturing Brands of different categories. As a progressive concern, Epoch Pharmaceuticals is fully aware of growing challenges both at the domestic as well as the global level. The level of success achieved in our manufacturing capabilities can be gauged by the most sophisticated, fully integrated, fully equipped, modern manufacturing plant located in Karachi. The manufacturing facilities have the capability to deliver international quality products to our diverse range of both direct and indirect customers.

Remington Pharmaceuticals Pakistan - Manufacturing & Marketing Highest Quality Branded Medicines.
Remington is a Specialist branded generics pharmaceutical companyhaving a state-of-the-art WHO GMP compliant manufacturing facilities with large capacities for manufacturing eye drops, tablets, capsules,syrups, dry suspensions, ointments, ear drops, and cephalosporins.

Bryon Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Is an ISO certified manufacturer of state of the art, international quality pharmaceuticals having more than 400 employees in manufacturing, marketing and administration. Bryon is involved in pharmaceutical sales and marketing through 46 distributors in the country. Bryon's medicines are continuously getting quality appreciation from the medical profession as well as the patients throughout the country & abroad, expressed by excellent growth in sales over five ...