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12HA Hp Turbine Over speed-Alarm 20AA Atomizing Air Bypass Solenoid3-Way Valve 20CB Compressor Bleed Solenoid 3-Way

Valve 20CF Fuel Clutch Solenoid 20CS Starting Clutch Solenoid 20DA Diesel Engine Accelerating Solenoid 4-Way Valve 20DV Diesel Engine Stop Solenoid 20FG Gas Fuel Stop Valve Solenoid Valve 20FL Liquid Fuel Stop Valve Solenoid Valve 20PL Liquid Fuel System Purge Solenoid Valve 20TV Variable Inlet Guide Vane Solenoid Dump Valve 20VG Gas Fuel System Vent Solenoid Valve 23HA Space Heater-Accessory Compartment 23HT Space Heater-Turbine Compartment 23QT Immersion Heater-Lube Oil Tank 26AA-1 Atomizing Air Temperature Switch 26AA-2 Atomizing Air Temperature Switch 26BT-1 Turbine Compartment High Temperature-Alarm 26BT-2 Turbine Compartment Temperature-Fan Shut Off Cont 26DT-1,2 Diesel Engine Cooling Water-High Temperature-Trip 26HA-1 Accessory Compartment Thermostat 26HA-3 Space Heater Thermostat(Accessory Compartment) 26HA-4 Space Heater Temperature Limitor(Accessory Compartment) 26HT-1 Turbine Compartment Thermostat 26HT-3 Space Heater Thermostat(Turbine Compartment) 26HT-4 Space Heater Temperature Limitor(Turbine Compartment) 26QA-1 Lube Oil Header High Temperature Alarm 26QL Lube Oil Tank Temperature-Low 26QN Lobe Oil Tank Temperature-Normal 26QT-1 Lube Oil Header High Temperature Trip 28FD2,3,7,8 Flame Detector Combustion Chamber No 2,3,7,8 33CB1,2 11 th Stage Compressor Bleed Valve Limit Switch 33CS Starting Clutch Limit Switch 33FL-1 Liquid Fuel Stop Valve Limit Switch 33HR Hydraulic Ratchet Limit Switch 33TV-1 Turbine Compressor Inlet5 Guide Vane Limit Switch 39V-1A Vibration Sensor Turbine (Bearing No.1) 39V-3A Vibration Sensor Turbine (Bearing No.2) 39VS-1 Radial Vibration Probe No.1 Brg(Non-Contacting) 39VS-2 Radial Vibration Probe No.2brg(Non-Contacting) 43DE Diesel Engine-Control Switch 43HR Hydraulic Ratchet Control-Switch 63DA-1 Atomizing Air Compressor Differential Pressure 63DM Diesel Engine Minimum Speed Switch 63FL-2 Gas Fuel Press-Low Alarm 63FL-2 Liquid Fuel Pressure-Upstream Of Stop Valve

63HG Hydraulic Trip Press, Gas Fuel Stop Valve 63HL Hydraulic Trip Pressure For Liquid Fuel Stop Valve 63HQ Low Hydraulic Sup Pressure-Alarm 63QA-2 Low Lube Oil Pressure Bearing Header Alarm 63QD Diesel Engine Lube Oil Pressure 63Ql Low Lube Oil Pressure-Emergency Pump Start 63QT-2 Generator Lube Oil Pressure 65FP Liquid Fuel Pump(Bypass Valve)Servo Valve 65GC Gas Control Valve (Servo Valve) 71QH High Lube Oil Level 71QL-1 Low Lube Oil Level-Alarm 71QL- 2 Low Lube Oil Level-Trip 77FD1-3 Flow Divider Magnetic Pick-Up Speed 77NH1-3 High Pressure Set Magnetic Pick-Up(Speed Valve) 77RD-1 Keyphasor(Shaft Angular Position Indicator) 77S Starting Device Magnetic Pick-Up Speed 88DS Diesel (Starting) Engine Starting Motor 88HA Accessory Compartment Space Heater Blower Motor(Part Of 23ha) 88Hr Hydraulic Ratchet Pump Motor 88HT Turbine Compartment Space Heater Blower 88QA Auxiliary Lube Oil Pump Motor 88QE Emergency Lube Oil Pump Motor 90SR Stop Speed(Pressure) Ratio Valve Servo Valve 96FG-2A,2B,2C Fuel Gas Pressure Transmitter 96GC-1,2 Gas Control Valve Lvdt 96SR1,2 Stop/Speed(Pressore)Ratio Valve Lvdt 96VC-1-1 Axial Vibration Probe No.1brg BOS CA1 CA2 COF-1,2 CS1 CT-DA1,2 CW1,2,3,4,5 FA1 FA3 FA4 FCV-1 FD1 FF1 FF2 FH1 FH2-1, 2 FH3 FH5 Over speed Bolt Trip Assy Main Atomizing Air Compressor Booster Atomizing Air Compressor Control Oil Filter Starting Clutch-Jaw Compressor Temperature Discharge Annulus Left And Right Compressor Wash Shut Off Valve Atomizing Sir Booster Compressor Filter Liquid Fuel Nozzle Purge Filter Atomizing Air Control Filter Inlet Guide Vane Flow Control Valve Flow Divider Primary(Low Pressure)Fuel Filter Secondary(High Pressure)Fuel Filter Hydraulic Ratchet Supply Filter Hydraulic Supply Filter Hydraulic Supply Filter Liquid Fuel Servo Ratchet Pump Hydraulic Supply Filter

HM1 Torque Converter And Reversing Gear HM2 Hydraulic Ratchet Mechanism HX1 Atomizing Air Pre-Cooler LOF-1,2 Lube Oil Filter LOH-1,2 Lobe Oil Heat Exchanger LS-2 Fire Alarm Bell LT-B1D Lube Oil Temperature Turbine Bearing No 1 Drain LT_B2D Lube Oil Temperature Turbine Bearing No 2 Drain LT-BT1D Lube Oil Temperature Turbine Thrust Bearing Drain LT-OT Lube Oil Temperature In Tank LT-TH Lube Oil Temperature Turbine Bearing Header MG-1 Gas Fuel Nozzle P1 Dc Lube Oil Pump P2 Ax Lube Oil Pump PF-3 Shaft Drain Gear Pump PLF-1 Main Fuel Pump PH1 Main Hydraulic Supply Pump PH3 Hydraulic Ratchet Pump Assembly SMD Diesel Engine VA2-1,2 10 th Stage Compressor Bleed Valve VA17 False Start Drain Valve VA18 Atomizing Air By Pass Valve Air Operated VA19 Liquid Fuel Nozzle Purge Valve VAB1 Hydraulic System Air Bleed Valve VC3 Bypass Control Valve VCK1-1..10 Liquid Fuel Nozzle Check Valve VCK2-1..10 Liquid Fuel Purge Check Valve VGA Gas Valve Assembly VBC Gas Control Valve VH6 Gas Fuel Trip Valve VH14 Hydraulic Self-Sequencing Valve Ratchet And Clutch VH15 Atomizing Air Booster Compressor Unloading Valve VM4 Hydraulic Filter Transfer Valve VPR2 Bearing Header Pressure Regulator Valve VPR3 Compensator Hydraulic Supply Pump VPR54-1 Air To Purge Control Valve VR1 Main Lube Pump Pressure Relief Valve VR4 Main Fuel Pump Pressure Relief Valve VR5 Hydraulic Ratchet Pump Pressure Relief Valve VR12 Atomizing Air Booster Compressor Relief Valve VR13 Diesel Throttle Control Pressure Relief Valve VR21 Auxiliary Hydraulic Supply Pump Pressure Relief Valve VS1 Fuel Oil Stop Valve VSR Stop Ratio Valve VTR1 Bearing Header Temperature Regulator Valve VTR2 Atomizing Air Pre-Cooler Air Discharge Temperature Regulator Valve