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Tanu Weds Manu Tanu Weds Manu Theatrical release poster Directed by Anand L.

Rai Produced by Vinod Bachan Shailesh R. Singh Surya Singh Story by Himanshu Sharma Starring R. Madhavan Kangna Ranaut Jimmy Shergill Music by Krsna Cinematography Chirantan Das Editing by Hemal Kothari Distributed by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures Paramhans Creations and Movies N More Pvt.. Soundrya Production Release date(s) Running time 119 Minutes[1] Country India Language Hindi Budget 17.5 crore (US$3.19 million)[2] Box office 56 crore (US$10.19 million)[3] Tanu Weds Manu is a 2011 Hindi romantic comedy film directed by Anand L. Rai, and produced by Shailesh R Singh. It stars R. Madhavan, Kangna Ranaut and Jimmy Shergill in the lead roles.[4] The story of the film has been written by Himanshu Sharma, music is directed by Krsna and the lyrics penned by Rajshekhar. The film released on February 25, 2011.[5] Upon release, the film performed well at the box office particularly in Delhi, Indore, Bhopal, Kanpur, Lucknow and East Punjab,[6] hence was dubbed in German titled Tanu Und Manu Trauen Sich.[7] [edit] Plot Manoj 'Manu' Sharma (R. Madhavan) is a NRI doctor living in London. He comes to India to find an Indian bride and get married. The day he arrives, he is taken to Kanpur by his parents and his friend Pappi (Deepak Dobriyal)to meet Tanuja 'Tanu' Trivedi (Kangna Ranaut). While at Tanu's house the parents talk and decide they like family very well and if Manu likes Tanu they should officialise the relationship the very same day. But before anyone can meet Tanu, her mother tells Manu's family that she was ill since yesterday and asks if Manu would mind going up to meet her. While Manu talks to Tanu, who seems shy and quiet behind her Ghoonghat, Manu realises that she is in fact asleep. Yet he likes her, and tells both the families that he is willing to marry her. Soon after the families go on a pilgrimage, and during the train ride Tanu takes him away from their family members, and confesses that she had intentionally taken five tablets to fall asleep so as to be rejected by him. She tells him in rather rudely that she loves someone else, and that she has his name tattooed on her chest; she also tells him the thugs who had roughed him up when he initially came to Kanpur were sent by her boyfriend. She demands that Manu rejects her. Manu considers the odds, and though he likes her, he asks his father to announce that he cannot marry her. Weeks pass, and Manu sees different girls, but cannot forget Tanu. Among all the girls, he meets Ayushi (Neha Kaul), who has trouble using her left hand, and her brother Raja (Jimmy Shergill), a small thug. When Raja asks him about his thoughts of getting married to his sister, Manu says that

he does like Ayushi, but can't marry her because he loves someone else. Though Manu decides to return to London, Pappi tells him that their friend Jassi (Eijaz Khan) is getting married, and asks him to come to Punjab with him. Upon arriving, Manu finds out that Tanu is present there, and she is a friend of Payal (Swara Bhaskar), Jassi's bride-to-be. Over the course of few days, he becomes close to Tanu, but their new friendship is shattered when Tanu's parents arrive, and Tanu thinks that Manu called them. Due to this, Manu decides to return back. However, Tanu realizes her errors, and asks him not to leave, as her lover is coming tomorrow, and she wants help in eloping and marrying him. It turns out that Tanu's lover is Raja. They are about to be married, but are not able to find a pen to sign the papers. Though Manu has one, he lies about not having it, and the marriage is postponed. Raja confesses that he doesn't want to be married this way, but no one in Tanu's family will accept him, that's why they are eloping. Manu talks to Tanu's father, and convinces him to accept Raja. During Tanu's wedding preparations, Tanu sees Manu's wedding gift (A poster made up of her pictures Manu had taken on different occasions), but does not realize that he loves her. Raja is not able to buy Tanu a wedding dress due to time shortage, so he asks Manu to help him out. After Manu gets Tanu her dress, he confesses to Tanu that he did have a pen, but did not want her to be married, that is why he lied. At that precise moment, Raja appears, and takes Tanu with him. Now Tanu has mixed feelings, and after reaching home, when she confirms with Manu that he loves her, she decides to marry him, not Raja. Raja, however, is not willing to call off the wedding, and says to Tanu's father that if the wedding does not take place, he will kill him. Manu still prepares for the wedding. By bribing the Inspector, the family of Tanu get Raja arrested. However, Raja arrives to the wedding place at the same time as Manu, and he threatens to kill him. Manu however refuses to be scared and proceeds with Tanu for the wedding. It is then when Raja realizes that Manu is the right choice for Tanu, and allows them to get married. [edit] Cast R. Madhavan as Manoj Sharma (Manu) Kangna Ranaut as Tanuja Trivedi (Tanu) Jimmy Shergill as Raja Awasthi Deepak Dobriyal as Pappi Rajendra Gupta as Mr. Trivedi (Tanu's Father) K K Raina as Mr. Sharma (Manu's Father) Navni Parihar as Mrs. Trivedi (Tanu's Mother) Dipti Mishra as Mrs. Sharma (Manu's Mother) Eijaz Khan as Jassi Swara Bhaskar as Payal Ravi Kissen as Raja's Friend Neha Kaul as Ayushi Archana Shukla as Bulbul Sas Mika Singh as Sardar (Special Appearance in song "Jugni") [edit] Production The film had been originally announced with Konkana Sen Sharma playing the role of Tanu. However after a period of stall, the film was re-announced with Kangna Ranaut replacing the character.[8] [edit] Reception [edit] Critical response The film opened to generally positive to average reviews. According to critics, Tanu Weds Manu has

a cliched storyline, but has some unconventional and unpredictable situations. The narration of the story is slow according to some critics.[10] Critic Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama rated it 3.5/5 and noted that "Tanu Weds Manu is a feelgood, light-hearted entertainer with the right dose of humor, drama and romance, besides a popular musical score and some smart dialogue that act as toppings. If you like simple, uncomplicated films that tug at your heartstrings, then chances are that you might just like this sweet little rom-com".[11] Komal Nahta, from Koimoi says "On the whole, Tanu Weds Manu is a family entertainer which will hit the bulls eye. It may be a slow starter but it will pick up phenomenally by positive word of mouth and ultimately go on to become a hit."[12] Nikhat Kazmi, from the Times of India stated "the first thing that strikes you about Tanu Weds Manu is a striking sense of familiarity. It wasn't long before you saw Shahid Kapoor playing a similar sacrificial lover to Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met. But the deja vu doesn't last long. For despite the predictable and paper thin storyline, the film manages to hook you with its sheer atmospherics. Fun while it lasts, Tanu Weds Manu throws up Bollywood's newest obsession small town girls and their gunas (values) once again. A meatier storyline and a less messed up climax would have worked wonders for the film".[13] Anupama Chopra from NDTV gave 2.5/5 and noted "Though the director picked up an interesting subject, he has not succeeded in executing his story effectively on screen there are not enough laughs in the film. But there is something missing to make it a perfect romantic comedy. If you are looking for a great romantic comedy, this is not the one, but watch it for Madhavan and his chemistry with Deepak".[13] Critic Sukanya Verma from Rediff gave it a 3/5 rating explaining "Tanu Weds Manu is a pleasant experience for most part. Sharma fails to maintain the zing till the very end though. A disappointing, lengthy and gabby third-act makes Tanu Weds Manu's running time of 2 hours and 15 minutes longer than it is. It doesn't take offense at anything but will charm you anyway.[13] Monica Chopra from sify rated 3/5 and mentioned "What's not to like? There's the shaadi-baarat, the romance, lovely clothes, and the atmospherics that transport you into another world.Yes, the film is clich-ridden, has elements of rom-coms like Jab We Met, and Shergill's character track doesn't quite add up, but the film isn't aiming for anything more than a one-time watch entertainer. Anand L Rai (Thodi Life Thoda Magic, Strangers) makes a sweet romantic comedy that'll have you smiling as you leave the theatre".[14] Rajeev Masand of CNN IBN gave it a two star rating explaining "'Tanu Weds Manu' isn't all bad. There are portions in the first half that enjoyable. But held together by a fractured script, they fail to take good shape".[15] [edit] Box office Tanu Weds Manu collected Rs. 18.5 crore in its first week of release. The film held up well in its second week with collections of around Rs. 8.50 crore.[16] Its two week total was Rs. 27.25 crore nett.[17] Its business was steady in the third week with around Rs. 5 crore nett which took the collections to Rs. 32.25 crore nett in three weeks. In the fourth week, the film collected Rs. 3.50 crore nett taking its four week collections to Rs. 36 crore nett.[18] In week five, the film collected 2.50 crore nett to take its eight week total to 38.68 crore nett. The film was a hit and received most of its collections from Delhi/UP and East Punjab. [edit] Soundtrack The soundtracks are composed by Krsna with lyrics written by Rajshekhar. Upon release, the album received positive reviews from most of the critics.

[edit] Sequel Tanu Weds Manu sequel is under script again with actress Isha Chawla to star in the sequel along with south indian actor Sunil who recently appeared in Poola Rangadu (2012).[21] [edit] References [edit] External links Official website Tanu Weds Manu at the Internet Movie Database Tanu Weds Manu at Bollywood Hungama