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3/ 11/ 13

Why i t he j ur nal necessar y i account i g s o n n

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Why is the journal necessary in accounting?



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Journal's are an important element in terms of accounting.It is said so because the journal records and shows the transactions made by the firm during a particular year.journal is the book where they record the primary and first handed entries.It is from this journal entries they make other entries in the book of ledger,trial balance..etc..If any entry in the journal goes wrong then the whole matter will go wrong.....All the best....keep gionging.....

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w i answ s. com / Q / Why_i _t he_j ur nal necessar y_i _account i g k i. er s o _ n n

3/ 11/ 13

Why i t he j ur nal necessar y i account i g s o n n

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w i answ s. com / Q / Why_i _t he_j ur nal necessar y_i _account i g k i. er s o _ n n

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