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INTRODUCTION The book is made to be summarized and to be reviewed in the English Class.

The books is entitled The Other Side of Midnight which is written by Sidney Sheldon. The book has surprisingly four hundred sixty two page (462 ). The Other Side of Midnight is published by Warner Books at New York New York, with a copy right of 1973. I choose this book because I have heard that Sidney Sheldons novels were very famous, and that every novel she has written is a big hit. When I read the paperbacks preface and the first line of the first chapter I knew in an instant that this novel is the one I choose. I begin to like Sidney Sheldon, and perhaps I am very interested in Romantic novels that why I choose this book. The cover is good, and it does tell about a princess who becomes a queen of whore in the character of Noelle Page. After researching about Sidney Sheldon, I found out that the novel I choose has been Number One best seller in New York and in fact it has a movie of the same title too. I liked romance novels and with a twist of course, logical novels have made me more interested in continuing reading. Sidney Sheldon never failed to impress me after reading the whole 462 pages of this novel.

MAIN CHARACTERS The main characters are Noelle Page, a model, a princess on her own, Catherine

Alexander, a bright lovely lady, Larry Douglas , an army, Noelles first found love, Bill Fraser, a famous man, boss and lover of Catherine, and Constantin Demitris, the present husband of Noelle before Larry came to Paris. He is a wealthy and famous man in Paris and also very influential. They are the main characters as to what I have read, the story have evolved into them, the conflicts and the main twist. Noelle Page was left by Larry Douglas, pregnant with his child, and Noelle became obsessed on finding him and bringing him home to her, while Catherine on the other hand was involved with Bill Fraser her boss and met Larry Douglas in one of her assignment and has fallen in love with him and married him, she left Bill for Larry. Noelles secret agent has been giving her news about Larry and whom he had married, she became friends with Catherine, hearing news about Larry and her. And because Larry is incapable in any job that he was chosen for, Noelle found every chance to make Larry and Catherine move to Paris so she can find ways to be with Larry without Catherines knowledge and without Constantins knowledge that Noelle was playing with fire behind his back on their personal pilot Larry.

OTHER CHARACTERS The other characters in the story that has made the story twist in the lives of Larry, Noelle, Catherine and Bill was Israel Katz, the intern who was helping Noelle at the time when Larry left her and has done an abortion. Armand Gautier, a director, who has been Noelles livein after Larry, he made Noelle a famous actress and model and yet he was sacrificed by Noelle for reason that he cannot imagine, living with a more powerful man, to make Larry hers. Christian Barbet, the detective or the secret agent that Noelle hired to cover for Larrys activities, he is the one who give all the information about Larry to Noelle, and all of Catherines data for her..

SUMMARY For me it is a thrilling movie, full of revenge and redemption. Almost all the chapters and even on its end, the novel was taken place in Paris. As to what I have read, the Nazi is covering was in the country, it was taken place at 1900. The other physical location is in the theater, where Noelle was famous, where she had made almost all the men in pity for her body and attention, the other was in Airplane, where Larry was a pilot and was making it all for Noelle behind Constantin knowledge. The book was scary for the side of Catherine, after she was left by Larry in the caves, but for Noelle it was exciting, she has all the things in the world yet she search for her first man, Larry. She has been very obsessed on owning him even if he is married. The plot was slow paced because the novel has introduce the lives of Catherine and Noelle and on how they would cross their lives because of Larry. Catherine Alexander, a lovely lady, a virgin at her college days, a simple woman with a smart brain has met Bill Fraser, her boss and she a secretary and made love with him. She thought that her world now belongs with Bill but after meeting Larry, an army, an arrogant man in her thoughts, she had fallen madly in love with him and decided to marry him. Bill Fraser, a wealthy and famous man was left behind, he was willing to help Catherine if she would be needing his help. He would remain a friend to Catherine and Larry as to his thoughts. Larry before meeting Catherine has met Noelle in Paris. Helped her to recover from her running away. He found himself living with her, and constantly telling her that he would marry Noelle after his flight and fight in war. But Larry has forgot everything about Noelle after the war and never came back for her. Noelle is born a princess. A very lovely lady. Her mother was seeing a sailor that is likely her before marrying Noelles father. They are not that rich but still the man, who Noelle believed was her father had made her a princess and kept in her mind that she is and someday that she would be leading a fleet. Noelle is obsessed on the thoughts that she is really a princess, until his father gave her away to a Monseniour after her mother died. She was changed after it,

she has been a rough woman, she was told by his father that Monseniour would give her anything she please and that they two would live a nice life. Days has pass and Noelle decided to run away. Parish is her new hometown. Larry and Noelle plans to erase Catherine and Constantin in their lives. They wanted to be together again and to continue their love in the first chapter of Noelles life before he left her in Paris. The mere fact that Catherine is refusing to get a divorce, Larry has been obsessed of Noelles and has thought of killing Catherine to get rid of her. Catherine was hurt and was depressed on the tragic accident she had encountered in the cave and has tried to escape what she has heard. She was imagining things that Noelle and Larry was taking to evict her. She eventually escape and uses a boat to sail out to see and leave Larry and Noelle alone. Constantin had moved quickly to make Larry and Noelle pay for their sins. Catherine was nowhere to be found after it. Constantin charge both Noelle and Larry Murder of Catherine Alexander. And because Constantin is a very influential man, a hurt man perhaps after discovering Noelle his wife was playing with fire, he had use his money to trial, and has convinced both to plead guilty of their case. Noelle and Larry was sentence to firing squad after the trial. A triumphant smile was to be seen on Costantins face.

PERSONAL IMPRESSION AND CONCLUSION My final thoughts on The Other Side of Midnight, is that not everyone was given an opportunity to live a life they had dreamed of. Noelle has everything after her first heart ache with Larry but she continue to search for her demands. Noelle is a symbol of a woman who has no contentment, a woman obsessed with being famous, wealth and on what she believe is love. I like the book, it has told me everything has its reason, and that we have encountered problems and these problems should always be our lessons. Never commit a sin twice, and because if you repeated a sin, it is not by chance but it is by choice. The book has given me thoughts that even on 1900 mistress has been there, and thus, Noelles character is not a prostitute but a whore, who will give what a man wants to get what she wanted. All in all, the book was good, the flow of the story should be read by adult, it was made to give out ideas on consequences on having an affair out of a relationship.