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Motorola WBR 700 Series LTE BCU3 FDD & TDD Baseband Controller Unit
Relax. Now Deliver More Connections and Longer Sessions at Lower Total Cost of Ownership
LTE-Advanced Ready1 Baseband with Unprecedented Capacity, Density, and Low Power Consumption To compete for todays data-hungry subscribers, you need a mobile broadband network that can support more and longer data sessions while delivering better quality of service and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Motorolas Wireless Broadband Radio (WBR) 700 Series LTE BCU 3 is built exactly for that purpose. Motorolas WBR 700 Series BCU 3 is a benchmark 4th generation OFDM Platform with four times more capacity than average LTE baseband. It is designed to enable quicker, better, and longer video, voice and data connections while reducing your cost of service and promoting the longevity of your LTE network. Boosts Capacity The WBR 700 Series BCU 3 dramatically improves user experience and increases system capacity for a given coverage area with the significant improvements in Multiple Antenna Schemes and Intelligent Scheduler capabilities. The BCU 3 Multiple Antenna Schemes boost network capacity and are tightly integrated with the Motorolas proprietary Intelligent Scheduler that ensures simultaneous multiple connections and consistent QoS. Motorolas initial simulation show that compared to an average 2X2 LTE eNodeB WBR 700 TD-LTE 4X82 offers up to 200% higher downlink and uplink throughput translating to a fantastic user experience. Up to 30% Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Compared to a typical 2x2 LTE baseband, the BCU 3 offers features designed to reduce total cost of ownership: Advanced receiver design features such as Interference Rejection Combining (IRC), which delivers superior uplink performance while increasing cell edge data rates and cell radius, reducing the incremental number of sites. Zero footprint architecture in a compact baseband maximizes existing site re-use with discrete overlay. Typical power consumption is lower than a 150 watt light bulb, which is ecofriendly and reduces utility costs. The BCU 3 enables up to 50% lower eNodeB configuration time with advanced self-organizing network (SON). Faster configuration reduces LTE network planning, speeds installation and optimization, and reduces operational costs, errors and network complexity.

Assures Investment Protection The BCU 3 is designed to endure LTE network life cycle requirements and beyond. The most advanced processor, OFDM software technology promotes longevity of LTE network to enable a solution that is LTE-Advanced ready1 (3GPP Release 9 and 10). Motorola WBR 700 BCU 3 is so advanced that it is software upgradable to LTE-Advanced1 solutions.

WBR 700 Series LTE BCU3 FDD & TDD Baseband Controller Unit
SPECIFICATIONS Indoor Size (HxWxD) Weight (Max) Operating Temperature Power Consumption Power Inputs Spectrum Support* Duplex Mode Channel Bandwidth* Modulation Antenna Configuration* Backhaul Timing Options* Sector Support 43.7 x 450 x 330 mm (1.7 x 17 x 11.8) .7 (1RU x standard 19-inch rack mount) 10 kg (22 lbs) 0C to +55C < 150W Typical (Configuration dependent) +27VDC or -48VDC All bands FDD or TDD Up to 20MHz QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM* 2Tx/2Rx, 2Tx/4Rx, 4Tx/4Rx, 4Tx/8Rx Optical or Electrical Remote GPS, Integrated RF GPS, Integrated High Stability Holdover Module, 1588v2 Up to 3

* May require hardware and/or software release dependency 1 Subject to change. LTEAdvanced (3GPP Release 9 and Release 10) standard is under completion and depending up on standard configuration finalization hardware expansion may be required 2 Please contact Motorola representative for the availability of this planned feature

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