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Solar Converters DC Autotransformers

These high-efficiency DC to DC converters can be used to step-up or step-down battery voltage. These converters are bi-directional so they can be used to increase or decrease voltage. They can be used to operate 12 volt loads on a 24 or 48 volt battery system or to run a 24 volt refrigerator on a 48 volt battery system. See the chart below for up and down voltage and current limits. 1-year warranty.
Solarcon Model EQ 12/24-20 EQ 12/24-50 EQ 12/48-10 EQ 12/48-30 EQ 24/48-10 EQ 24/48-30 Voltage 12/24 12/24 12/48 12/48 24/48 24/48

Samlex DC Step-Down Power Converters

These DC-DC converters are designed to decrease, the DC voltage that is input to the unit. These switching converters have a high efciency and provide regulated 13.8 VDC output from and input of 20 -30 VDC. Use them tp power 12 volt lights and appliances from a 24 volt system.
Samlex Model Output Max. Amps 12 20 Item Code 30.8720 30.8725 Price $70 $88

Amps @ Low Amps @ Voltage High Voltage 20 50 10 30 10 30 10 25 2.5 7.5 5 15

Item Code 38.8209 38.8751 38.8745 38.8760 38.8748 38.8754

Price $180 $390 $235 $475 $235 $500

SDC-15 SDC-23

Vanson SDR-70W Step-Up Converter

Vanner Voltmaster Battery Equalizer

This device allows you to power 12 volt and 24 volt loads from a 24 volt battery system without unbalancing the voltage in part of the battery bank. Without this device, if you draw 12 volt from part of a 24 volt battery bank, and charge the bank with a 24 volt charging system, the half of the bank that the 12 volt loads are not connected to will always be at a higher state of charge. This device allows you to draw 12 volts from the lower half of the bank while continuously recharging the lower half from the upper half. It automatically stops charging when the upper and lower half are at equal voltages. The 60-20A amp version can maintain even battery voltage with up to 20 amps of draw on 12 volt circiuts. The 65-60A allows the battery to supply up to 60 amps at 12 volts continuously. Inverters or other loads that are intermittantly larger than the equalizers capacity can be used as long as the average amp draw over time is less than the capacity of the device.
Vanner Model 60-20A 65-60A Voltage 12/24 12/24 Description Item Code Price $350 $600

Step-up DC power converters for notebook computers. This 70 watt converter is powerful enough to run most notebook computer from 12 volt batteries. They are a perfect addition to a Xantrex Power Pack. Input voltage from 11-14 VDC at up to 8 amps. The output can be set to 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 22 or 24 VDC. Maximum output is 3.5 Amps at 15 to 20 VDC and 2.9 amps at 22 and 24 VDC. Five adapter plugs t many computer. Others are available from electronic supply store.
Description Vanson SDR-70W Step-Up Converter Item Code 30.8879 Price $70

DC Smart Adapter

The Smart Adapter is a high efciency DC to DC converter that converts the the 12 volt output from a car lighter socket to the voltage required to charge many brands of notebook computer battery or a cell phone, or power a device with a co-ax power jack that can operate on 30 watts or less at 6 to 19 volts. It can be used to power and charge small notebook computers, PDAs and phones directly from a car cigarette lighter socket. Output voltage is adjustable from 6 to 19 volts. Choose one of the three enclosed coaxial ends included or purchase a specialty plug from an electronics supplier. Warranty: 1 year warranty
Description Smart Adapter 30W Converter Item Code 30.8875 Price $39

20 Amp Battery Equalizer 45.8107 60 Amp Battery Equalizer 45.8112