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HP-UX Volume set addressing : Ensure that ports that are used for HP hosts are set properly, and LUN IDs are set using volume set addressing rules. SPS will ensure that devices are mapped to ports that specify volume set addressing.

This means that the director port on the Symmetrix needs to have the Volume set addressing bit set active, otherwise no paths will be found for the HPUX hosts. with the Autopath function.

How do I map devices for an HP-UX host from the command line? HP-UX is restricted in that valid lun addresses are in the range 0-7. When mapping devices to an FA configured for HP-UX hosts a command file of the following syntax must be created

map dev XXX to dir FA:P, vbus=X, target=Y, lun=Z;


XXX is the Symmetrix device being mapped

FA is the director the device is being mapped to


is the port on the FA


is the virtual bus value (valid values 0-F)


is the target id (valid values 0-F)


is the lun address (valid values 0-7)

Although you may see luns above 7 in the symcfg -sid xxx list -available -address these are not valid for HP-UX. You will have to find the next available lun 0-7. If there are not anymore available addresses on any vbus you can map a device and specify the next VBUS. This creates a new VBUS and then adds the available luns. Notes: In the case where the HP-UX host is shared on the FA with another host type and heterogeneous port sharing is being used, it is only necessary to specify a lun address. The software will error if a vbus and target value are specified if the Volume Set Address (V) flag is not enabled on the FA itself. The lun address specified should be 3 digits, containing the required vbus, target and lun values. This lun address will be interpreted as vbus, target and lun when the HP-UX host logs into the symm.

The vbus value is only required when mapping a device to an FA where the Volume Set Addressing flag

is enabled. This flag is generally enabled for HP-UX hosts attached to the FA.

file:///E|/EMC%20Knowledge/Provisioning/hp-ux_vbus.txt (1 of 4)5/23/2010 7:17:57 AM


The vbus and target values do not need to be specified for Solaris, AIX or Windows hosts connected via a switch to the FA.

Error message: An invalid vbus mapping value was specified Problem: Parameter vbus not specified in map dev command Root Cause: When volume set addressing is enabled on an FA port, the vbus parameter must be included in the map dev command Fix: Update the command file to specify the virtual bus (vbus) address that the device is to be mapped to.

To obtain a list of used addresses, including the next available vbus address, use the following command:

symcfg list -SA DirectorNum:PortNum -address -available

Then use the vbus=FibreVbus option in the command file to specify the virtual bus address as follows:

map dev SymDevName to dir DirectorNum:PortNum target=ScsiTarget, lun=ScsiLun, vbus=FibreVbus;

Notes: For example, to list the available addresses on port FA 16C of Symmetrix 938, run the following command:

C:\>symcfg -sid 938 list -FA 16C -p 0 -address -available

To then map device 00A7 to director 16C port 0 as target 3 lun 3 vbus address 0, use the following command file:

C:\>type map.txt

map dev 00A7 to dir 16C:0 target=3, lun=3,vbus=0;

FA Flag Settings for diff OS

How to set or change Symmetrix FA port flag settings with Solutions Enabler software using symconfigure command

"How to set or change FA Symmetrix port flag settings with Solutions Enabler?"

Create a text file and insert the appropriate flag setting from the list below and the FA and port number

file:///E|/EMC%20Knowledge/Provisioning/hp-ux_vbus.txt (2 of 4)5/23/2010 7:17:57 AM


involved. Remember, some flags on this list are marked as being not available for host based configuration changes. In these cases, contact your EMC Customer Engineer.

set port xx:x attribute=enable|disable; Some examples for clarification:

Set the Volume Logix and Volume Set Addressing bits on FA-3c:A

set port 3c:0 vcm_state=enable; set port 3c:0 volume_set_addressing=enable; Disable the Unique WWN and C bits on FA-4d:B

set port 4d:1 unique_wwn=disable; set port 4d:1 common_serial_number=disable; Save the text file and run symconfigure command against it as follows:

symconfigure -sid xxx -v -f filename preview symconfigure -sid xxx -v -f filename prepare symconfigure -sid xxx -v -f filename commit (Note that its not until the commit stage that the changes are actually loaded to the Symmetrix)


If the devices on FA port use sequential LUNs with no gaps in addressing, then this problem will not occur. The LUNs of these devices will automatically be changed to LUNs which are valid under Volume Set Addressing as part of the configuration change.

However, if the LUNs are out of order, or are sequential but have gaps, this error will occur as SymmWin does not perform any sorting or checking prior to converting the address.

The offensive LUNs must be unmapped from the FA port and remapped with a valid value under Volume Set Addressing, then change can proceed. Would recommend following the order below to make the changes as this order will ensure that any devices mapped back are in fact valid under Volume Set Addressing as symconfigure will not allow LUN higher then 7 to be mapped to an FA port with VOLS bit enabled.

Unmap devices with offending LUNs. Device must be first write disabled or not ready on that port (see emc61721 for commands on how to do this):

unmap dev 020:025 from dir 5a:0;

file:///E|/EMC%20Knowledge/Provisioning/hp-ux_vbus.txt (3 of 4)5/23/2010 7:17:57 AM


Set port flag to enable Volume Set Addressing:

set port 5a:0 volume_set_addressing=enable;

Map devices back:

Use command symcfg list -FA 5a -p 0 -address -available to determine the next free LUN to use for this device on this FA port, for example:

map dev 020 to dir 5a:0, vbus=0, target=2, LUN=4; See emc25128 for further information on variables required when mapping devices to be presented to different types of operating system.

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