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Lesson Observation Teachers name: Calmis Stela Observers name: Cebotari Tatiana Topic: Family The lesson I have

observed was on the topic Family. At the beginning of the lesson the teacher put a clear set of aims to the pupils. She had a lesson plan which helped her to organize the lesson better. She used a lot of additional material. First of all at the beginning she involved pupils into the lesson by completing a chamomile with the family members. Pupils were active and complete it with the words that was given by the teacher. Then teacher presented the new vocabulary Family with pictures. Teacher read every word and pupils repeated after her. After presenting the new vocabulary pupils practicing it by making words from scramble words, they did it individually and after that they checked. Again for practicing new vocabulary the teacher gave pupils to read some jokes about family. Every pupil read a joke. Then in pairs pupils did a family vocabulary quiz, again for practicing the new vocabulary. After that pupils played a game which was connected also with practicing vocabulary. The teacher gave the instruction clearly and pupils enjoyed the game. Then teacher presented a new game, for practicing vocabulary, where pupils must found all family ties which were given there. Pupils were active and found all of them. For testing vocabulary the teacher gave a family picture test to check the pupils knowledge at that moment. Then the teacher presented the new text. The pre-reading stage was missed, while pupils were reading teacher stopped them and asked with what the text will end, pupils gave some ideas which were appreciated by the teacher. Pupils read the text till the end and found the moral. At post-reading stage, pupils

discussed with the teacher the text, the teacher gave then question and they answer eagerly. The teacher gave a crossword with pictures which was also related to the topic and pupils were very interested to make it. After that they had a group work. The teacher first divided the class into groups, then she gave the material and at the end she told what they had to do. In the class was noise and not all the groups understood what they needed to do with the material. Till the end the teacher gave suggestions to the groups and they made it. At the speaking activity pupils spoke about their family tree, the teacher asked them question about their relatives and they answer. Then the teacher gave the word Family tree and the task was that the pupils must make from this word as many words as possible. The teacher gave on a sheet of paper to each pupil a family conversation where the pupils must guess the last question and who guessed first got a good mark. The activity was interesting and the children were active. As a homework teacher gave them to make an acrostic poem where the word Family was on vertical and each row started with a letter from this word. At this lesson the teacher have done a good job, she motivated the whole class at the beginning with the chamomile, then when presented the new vocabulary with pictures they understood each word which was given there but they didnt make sentences to improve their speaking and pronunciation, but anyway they were very active. The teacher presented a variety of activities and the pupils were very interested to make them. When the pupils made a mistake or they didnt know a word the teacher helped them. She was very kind to them and didnt shout at pupils, explain clearly the tasks. There were some misunderstandings to the group work but at the end it was solved. The teacher spoke clearly and encouraged pupils to make the task by telling them that who will finish the first will get a good mark.

In general the lesson was great and all the aims was achieved, the pupils were active and they liked the lesson.