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Out of about 30 questions that appeared on the test, 20 are given below. Which one of these processes is used for the preparation of ethers? Bayer's Process Kolbe's electrolytic process Williamsons Reaction Haber's Process The total number of crystal systems are: three five seven infinite Which one of the following is a secondary alcohol? (a) (b) (c)

(d) None of the above How many amino acid units are there in DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)? 10 18 27 30 What is the formula of Epsom salt? MgSO4.7H2O MgSO3.5H2O

MgCO3.7H2O none of the above Maximum temperature at which epsom salt remains is 100C 150C 250C 300C Which temperature is not present in the lifecycle of epsom salt? 200C 300C 400C 500C The size and shape of orbitals are given by principal quantum number. principal and magnetic quantum number. principal, angular and magnetic quantum number. None of these Glacial acetic acid is anhydrous. concentrated. dilute. very dilute. Which will have a greater boiling point? Ethane Methane n-Butane 2-Butene

The study of thermochemistry is based on Dalton's atomic theory 1st law of thermodynamics 2nd law of thermodynamics 3rd law of thermodynamics Which prevents wood from moisture? Alcohol Aldehyde Acid None To prepare a carboxylic acid KCN is treated with? Alcohol Aldehyde Alkyl halide Alkene Questions regarding molality and molarity. Definition of molarity Hydrogen bonding is not given by Chlorine Sulphur Nitrogen Fluorine Maximum yield of N2 + 3H2 > 2NH3 is given at Low temp. and low pressure High temp. and low pressure High temp. and high pressure Low temp. and high pressure

Pure silicon exists as semi-conductor metal non-metal superconductor Glass is made of ___. Which is the hardest metal? Lithium (Li) Sodium (Na) Potassium (K) Magnesium (Mg)


Cr = ?


Cr-n Cn-r

None 57 = ? - 1 0 Which is correct?

If a matrix of order 3 x 4 is A, -A will be a matrix __ of A? Multiplicative inverse 4 x 3 order conjugate None Questions regarding the use of quadratic formula. Consider the series 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + .... S28 = ? 1170 2700 1800 1500 Questions related to Exercise 6.11 of the FSc Mathematics Textbook (1st Year). Questions related to probability. What will be the 8th term in the binomial expansion of (x - 2y)27? If sec = 9/4, cos = 4/9 3/6 8/3 1/4 Questions requiring to calculate areas of triangles from the given lengths of the three sides, using Hero's formula. Note: Answer choices were given in fractions. Formulae of circum-radius, inscribed radius and escribed radius. Questions related to the calculation of circum-radius, inscribed radius and escribed radius. (Much like those in the textbooks.) If f (x, y) = 0.5x + 8y, f (0, 0) = 5 8 1

0 What is the derivative of the function f (x) =

? 0 1 2 -1 What is the derivative of the function f (x) = (x2 + 2)100? 100(x2 + 2)99 200(x2 + 2)99 100(x2 + 2)101 99(x2 + 2)100 FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=integral of sin x w.r.t. x from o to Pi"

=? 0 1 2 4 Slope of a line parallel to x-axis is 1 0 2

A point on a Cartesian co-ordinate system represents a directed distance from origin x-axis y-axis all Definition of parallelogram. A point on x-axis at distance 3 units is (0, 3) (3,0) (-3,3) (3,-3)

For three lines to be concurrent 1 0 2 None A vector [i, j] represents a point. an ordered pair. another vector. none of these. Two questions related to trigonometric questions.


e 1/e e-2 e3 Probability that an event will not happen is 0 1

-1 Calculate the area under the curve y = x2 from x = 0 to x = 4.

Out of about 60 questions that appeared on the test, 41 are given below. Which cancer is cured by using Sr-90? Brain tumor Chest cancer Skin cancer None of the above Which of the following is affected by fast-moving neutrons?

U-235 U-238 both of these none of these Which one of the following is affected by slow neutrons? U-235 U-238 both of these none of these Which one of the following DOES NOT USE solar energy? Fissile element Oil Coal Gas According to Bohr's atomic model, electrons in an atom radiate energy continuously. when they jump from a higher energy level to a lower energy level. radial. when they collapse into the nucleus. The visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum is called Lyman series Balmer series Paschen series Brackett series The ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum is called Lyman series Balmer series

Paschen series Pfund series Two satellites are approaching each other by a speed of c/2. According to an observer on a 3rd spaceship, the combined speed of the two satellites will be 0 c/4 c c2 The work done by a force F through a displacement d is given as Fdcos, where is the angle between F and d. In what condition, the value of work shall be positive? < 90 > 90 = 90 F=d The angle between the three coils in a three-phase generator is 0 60 120 180

The wave fronts of light emitted out of a small light bulb are spherical. cylindrical. plane. none of the above. The electric field of a point charge is ___ in shape. spherical

spherical symmetrical plane cylindrical The central region of a transistor is called emitter collector base depletion region The majority charge carriers in an N-type semi-conductor are positive ions negative ions electrons holes Pure silicon exists as a insulator semi-conductor conductor superconductor Time period T is the reciprocal of frequency f wavelength amplitude xo energy E Two overlapping waves alter each other's path. don't alter each other's path. obstruct each other.

ALWAYS result into a wave of zero amplitude. According to special theory of relativity, if mass is const then we can increase the velocity by increasing kinetic energy (K. E.) potential energy (P. E.) internal energy U all of the above Dimensions of Planck's constant (h): [ML2T-1] [ML2T-2] [M2LT-1] None of these Cross product of two parallel vectors is O (null vector) 0 1 None of these If the instantaneous acceleration of a body is equal to its average acceleration, the body is moving with Uniform velocity Uniform acceleration Both of these None of these Impulse = F/t t/F Fxt Ft

What will be the orientation of two neutrons undergoing elastic collision and one is stopped?

All of these If r1, r2, r3, ... represents the radii of orbits of an atom, the position energy for an atom of one orbit will be in r1 r2 Nucleus None Which is a non-renewable source of energy? Tides Biomass fuel solar heat In a = -2x, a and x are directed in the same direction. in the opposite direction.

parallel. perpendicular. Two sources are said to be coherent, if the lights emitted by them have a path difference of n (n + 1) n + (n/2)

In X-ray diffraction a crystal acts as one-dimensional. two-dimensional. three-dimensional. None. The magnification is defined as (Image Height) / (Object Height) (Object Height) / (Image Height) (Image Height) x (Object Height) (Image Height)-1 x (Object Height)-1 Angular magnification is I/O O/I i / o o / i Images formed concave mirror are Virtual Erect

Real Both (a) and (c) Increase in temperature causes a change in state motion of molecules increase in internal energy None of these The units of electric flux are NC-1m2 NC-1m-1 NC-1m None Which the best material to be used for a standard resistance wire? copper tungsten Nichorme silver The alignment of domains in a material is disturbed by cooling. heating. both (a) and (b). none of these. A charged particle moving in a direction perpendicular to a magnetic field will adopt the direction of motion in circle parabola hyperbola straight

The reverse process of annihilation is materialization. combustion. ignition. none. If the mass of a body is doubled, its de-Broglie's wavelength is reduced to one-half. reduced to one-fourth. reduced to one-third. doubled. The weakest forces exist between proton-proton. proton-neutron. proton-gravity. electron-gravity. A hot body and a cold body are joined together. What is the effect on the entropy of the system? It increases. It decreases. It remains the same. None of these. The square of in Schrodinger's equation represents the ___ of an electron. location probability position momentum