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Instructor Overview Objective Concentration Recommended course (in-house)

English for presentation

Mike Limpinski Intro > Body > Conclusion +Q&A Technical Forum Presentation : found Mistakes in English Presentation English Language for presentations Body Language & Gesture Voice Control Eyes communication What to wear Creating power point slide The process of preparing and delivering an oral presentation WHO : Analyze your audiences WHY & WHAT : Develop Presentation : Getting the messages across Graphics Effective Language Rehearse Deliver (Switchable items) Intro > Body>Conclusion + Q&A Tell the audiences : What to be in the body Introduce yourself Thanks the host Thank the audiences Introduce your topic Outline the structure of your talk Tell the audience how they benefit from your presentation Tell a joke How long the presentation will last Inform the audience when they can ask questions To Introduce your topic & outline your Presentation use Future Tense Greeting : Good Morning Introduce yourself Introduction to the topic : Im going to (not gonna) _______/ I will (not shall)/Would like to_______ Ive divided my topic into ______ Structure & intention : I will be going to________/ I will________ Let the audience ask question anytime Using Technical Term/Jargon

Process : 3 Ws WHO WHY What

Overview Introduction

Language Examples

Common Pitfall

Phrases and sentences for Introduction

Greeting Thank you Subject o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Good Morning/Afternoon ladies and gentlemen My name is ________________________, Am very pleased to be here. Today, Im going to talk about______ The subject of my talk is_______________ The theme of my presentation is___________ Id like to give you an overview of_____________ Today, Id like to talk about the problem of___________ Ive divided my talk into _____ parts My talk will be in ___ parts Im going to divide First ___________ Second ____________ Third ___________ Finally__________ My talk will take about ________________minutes/hour But there will be a ____________minutes break in the middle / at_____ We will stop for lunch at 12 oclock Pleas interrupt if you have any question If you have any question, please save them for the end of the talk After my presentation, there will be 30 minutes for a discussion and any questions Discuss something Give somebody something Show somebody something Talk about_______ Report something to someone Look at_______ Bring someone to ________ Take a look at ________ Bring someone up to date on______________ Fill someone in on something Make some detailed recommendation about________________ Outline something Deal with something


Length Question & Discussion Opening word

The Main Body

The Level Signposting Ending the introduction Beginning o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o The attention curve Remember Curve Keep the audiences attentions along the topics transitions Linking transitions from one part to another part Thats all for the introduction So that concludes the introductions Lets move on to the first _______ which is about_____ So, Lets start looking at ____________ So, first ______ To begin with, I want to focus on ______ There are ___ things to consider, First --- second ---- third---- last First Then next - last At the beginning later- then finally Background present prospects for the future Secondly, Id like to _____ Now, lets turn to____/ come to____/ look at_____ Id like to move on to ______ So, now we come to ______ As I mentioned earlier If I can sidetrack at the moment Before going on, Id like to mention that_______ Finally, Id like to turn to _______ Id like to move on to the conclusion To conclude, Id like to deal with______ To sum up_____ To Summarize _________ Let me summarize the topics again. First ___ Right, lets stop there Ok, I think it covers everything Ive finished talking about Mention about Talk about Deal with Cove look at Explain Consider Mention Turn to

Listing/ sequencing

Link to another

Link to previous Sidetrack Link to Conclusion

Close Vocabulary

Using Visual
How it helps Attraction & understanding o Reinforce main idea + add variety o Increase understanding o Simplified information Audiences o Involve and motivate audiences o Keep audiences focused Presenter o Help control nervousness Visual tools o Diagram o Flowchart o Bar Chart o Table o Plan o Map o Pie Chart o Picture o Line Chart Line Tools o Dotted line o Broken line o Curve o Undulating line o Bar graph o Pie chart o Bar chart o Horizontal axis o Vertical axis o Fluctuating line o Solid line Visual Line o Rise / increase/go up/ grow/improve/raise/ reach to a peak o Improve /get better/recover/level out o Fall / Drop / decrease/go down / decline/ slump/ hit a low o Stable / Solid line/ Stay the same o Fluctuation / Go up and down/ Swing o Low point / Bottom out o High Point / Peak / Top Speed of Change o Rapidly o Dramatically o Sharply o Significantly o Moderately o Gradually o Slightly / slowly Level H o Dramatically o Sharply o Steadily o Gradually L o Marginally/ Slightly

Describing Timeline
Past Event Started >>yet finished Happening trend & Change Will happen / Future trend o o o o Past Simple tense Present Perfect tense Present Continuous Will / Be going to

Making Prediction
Verb Adverb o o o Predict / forecast /ecpext May / Might /could Likely / probably/certainly

Talking about graphic

Drawing attention o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Id like us to focus on____ Lets look at the graph If you look at the ____area____ Lets look at the figures for_____ The next slide shows_____ The figures in this table show ____ This chart compares______ something stood at ____ from ___ to____ Something + verb + by______ increase of ___(number)__ over ___ (time)____ The X axis represent ______ and the Y axis shows_____ The Horizontal axis represent ______ and the Vertical axis shows_____ Each section of the pie represents _____ The ____line represents ___________ The top half shows _______ What is interesting / important here is _____ Its important to notice that_____________ We can conclude that _________ The lesson we can learn from this is ______ The significant of this is __________ As we can see _________ Pause briefly and signal clearly that you are now ready to finish your presentation. a brief overview of what you had said, recapping main points depends on the purpose of presentation align with the summary thank the audiences ask for questions begin a discussion pass around your presentation handouts

Describe in general Preposition

Identify axis of the graph

Give message & Conclusion

Summary & Conclusion : tell the what you told them

Getting attention Make a summary Conclusion (where required) Closing

What to say
Signal Summarize o o o o o o o o At this stage, Id like to go over Let me summarize what weve looked at Ill briefly summarize the main issue Let me just go over the key points again Id like to summarize To summarize, Ill run through my three topics Id like to end by emphasizing the main points Id to end with - a summary of the main points - some observations based on what Ive said - some conclusions / recommendations - a brief conclusion Id like to conclude by strongly recommending In my opinion, the only way forward is to __ To sum up In conclusion, Id like to leave you with the following idea To conclude, Id like to leave you with the following thought What we need is ____ I think we have to _____ I think we have seen that we should _____ My recommendation/ My suggestion/ Our proposal / would be + something We recommend /suggest/ propose + doing something We recommend /suggest/ propose + someone + do something Ok, thats the end of my talk Thats all I want to say for now on____ So, that completes my presentation So, that brings me to the end of my presentation Well, that covers everything I want to say thank you for your attention Thank you for listening Ill now hand out if you have any question, Id be happy to answer them Now Id like to invite your questions So, now Im very interest to hear your comment

Conclusion & Recommendation


o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o


Closing Remark Inviting Question & comments

Handling The Situation

Presenter Be polite Listen very carefully Ask for repetition or clarification Keep calm Tell the truth (Most of the time) Dont say anything that youll regret later Check understanding if necessary by paraphrasing Agree partially before giving own options : Yes,But__

What to say
Dont understand the question or ask for repeating or clarifying the question Check questioners satisfactory Dont want to tell everyone Finally understand Making yourself clear Stop interrupting question Close the presentation Avoid giving the answer o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Sorry, Im not sure I understood your question, could you repeat it? Im not sure what youre getting at Are you asking of___ Do you mean___? Does that answer your question ? Is that ok? Perhaps, we can talk about it when I have finished Oh, I see, what you are asking is_____ Perhaps, I didnt make myself clear, what I was trying to say is___ Sorry, Could I just finish If there are no more question, we should stop here Im afraid thats not may area Thats a difficult question to answer in a few words In my experience,____ I would say___ I dont think Im the right person to answer that. Perhaps , (Name) can help I dont have much experience in that field