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Automatic Marble Polishing machine is a machine used for polishing of marbles and granites for flooring applications in the construction industry, since it is found that a labour is to be deployed for the polishing operation. In the construction company the marble is most preferred option, as far as the flooring needs of new establishment are concerned. Marble polishing serves the combination of various proven techniques to clean and restore the marble flooring efficiency. For example Grout Washing, this is used as a post installation process for surface finishing of floor. Grout Haze purifiers are commonly used for maintenance. Although, Marble is a nonporous and that precisely means it is blemish poof .However with time marble also experiences some loss in its shine and everyday wear and tear could result in open pores that always remain filled with muck and dust. To restore marble flooring is used. The process of marble polishing fundamentally makes use of marble sealer and various proven marble shine techniques. The sealer is mainly used for sealing any pores, which may have been left open during the installation, and the shining techniques, such as grout washing, are used to provide a new shine and gloss to the flooring. The set up includes Marble polishing disk which is mounted on the floor in turn is vertically fastened to the motor, which rotates at constant speed, the sensors are mounted over the panel to sense the obstruction or the existence of walls which senses and conveys the signal to control unit which is equipped with microcontroller, which is programmed to the moment of the machine in a grid pattern. A separate gear is used for the movement of the set up, which is controlled by micro controller for speed and direction.

Working Principle:
Sensors are used to apply four main functions: obstacle avoidance, wall follower, random wanderer, and blob detection. With these four basic functions, the robots can perform other more

complicated tasks.as it detects the obstacle it will take a curve depending upon the functionality as we will program microcontroller. The marble polishing motor will clean the marble with the water that will pour with the small tank which is located in the module, The marble polishing motor will be of 1440 rpm motor with the traverse speed will be some around 1.5-2mt/mnt, For the obstacle avoidance the sensor will sense the obstacle and the sensor will sends the signal to the microcontroller, the microcontroller controls the machine driving motors using the H-bridge system(L293d) which is used to run the motor in clock and anti-clock direction, the direction of the motor will be depending upon the signal that will receive the from the sensor to the microcontroller, the microcontroller what we are using is the AT89s52 which is manufactured by Atmel company, the microcontroller will be a 40pin Ic It has 4 ports Each port has its own functioning. The driving motor of the machine will be a 12v DC gear motor which is consisting the gear inside the motor which will help the motor to drive in the smooth condition with its 2way rotation technique. Both AC and DC can be used as the power source for the polishing machine, which will require the Power Supply Design for the machine, as it will take a Speed depends on the load of the machine and the machine will polish the required space available.

Present Scope:
Floor polishing. Floor cleaning.

Future Scope:
Glass cleaning for high rise buildings. Wall painting.

List of components:
Floor Polishing Plates Floor Polishing Motor(1440rpm) Floor Polishing Sensors(Wall detecting sensor) Motor Driving IC (L293D)

Battery DC Gear Motor(12v 60rpm) Microcontroller(AT89s52) Power Supply Design

Flow chart: