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Case Study in F&B/ Restaurant Industry

Profile Pu Tien Restaurant Pte Ltd humble beginnings as a coffee shop has been a reminiscient factor in now its successful trade in the restaurant business. Founded at 2000, it now boasts of 9 branches all around Singapore, one in Indonesia and another opening in Malaysia, continually expanding its reach and growth in the Asian market. From mouth-watering appetizers, delectable main courses and delicious sweets and desserts, Pu Tien Restaurant has come a long way from being a coffe shop to becomCustomer: Pu Tien Restaurant Website: www.putien.com Country: Singapore Industry: F&B/ Restaurant Partner: Asterisk Computer (FE) Pte Ltd

ing one of Singapores most popular and top food chains. Having a centralized kitchen system was a norm in restuarants and Pu Tien was not an exception, as its business slowly expanded into multitides of outlets within Singapore. Managing costings, deliveries, food items, expirations, not to mention the individual activity and team effort of each branches would be an important act that would have a significant impact in the over-all success of the Pu Tien Restaurant Pte Ltd.

Costumer Profile Pu Tien Restaurant Pte Ltd

Software and Services Microsoft Dynamics NAVI - Food & Beverage/ Restaurant Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Challenges Difficulty in Managing Several Outlets Since Pu Tien Restaurant has several branches in the region, overseeing the operation of each and every outlet becomes a taxing process. As there is no centralized system that quickly provides updates and reports on necessary matters, tracking the progress and/or slumps of every branch activity became a burden for the team, especially for the management. There was no quicker way of finding out the particular needs of each establishement, what needs to be improved and changed. Inventory movements and identifying profitability trends are hard enough. Financial up swings and downswings are a burden to deal with, since the data needed to view and compare them is not easily available. Fragmented Approach & Efforts Since there is no systematic way of overseeing several branches, delivery operations and schedules most of the time are not integrated, causing delays, slip ups, missed products and forgotten items in the process. Cost of food production increases as lack

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of a unified system that enhances data harmonization in and out of the several outlets of the Pu Tien Restaurant is glaringly noticeable. Even item request are sometimes ignored and eventually forgotten as an organized system is clearly missing. Issuing of production orders are hard to manage and modify. Noting and keeping track of pending issues and eventual problems is just another headache added to the ever growing concerns of the Pu Tien team. Ineffective Recipe Managment System

Microsoft Dynamics NAVI - Food & Beverage/ Restaurant Solution became the top ERP system choice and Asterisk Computer (FE) Pte Ltd became the selected vendor to implement and deploy it. Having 20 years in the business and with a committed and highly-experienced team of consultants (averaging 10 years of experience), Asterisk Computer (FE) became the topmost trusted vendor by UBT (HK) to implement a marine-industry solution.

Manageable Day to Day Operations Careful evaluation of ingredients and recipes used to deliver a certain type and amount of food commodity is complicated enough not to mention tracking items that are about to expire and should be thrown away. Generating a summmary of available raw materials aand determining those that needs to be replenished or those that have not been used yet is a complex process. Even producing a default quantity that more or less gives an accurate calculation of the ingredients needed forrecipe batches is hard to come by. Tracing problem areas with regards to affected product batches can be a complicated, futile effort. Creating a system that can effiiciently oversee the entire operations of the Pu Tien Restaurant, along with its several outlets was a huge relief to the team, especially the management. Providing of updates and reports from the other branches became a breeze, as well as tracking the progress and the day to day activity of the different restaurant establishments. The balances in the inventory and costings from the largest up to the smallest of branches became readily avaialable. Individual managers as well the over-all supervising team can now see eye to eye, with regards to their day to day operation activities, compare profits, trends and changes in their area, as well as quickly implement solutions needed for their business. Solution Organized & Unified Methods Pu Tien Restaurant badly needed a system that would cater specifically to the food & beverage/ restaurant industry, that can effectively handle centralized kitchen related undertaking, unify those with other restaurant activities such as delivery, recipe management and monitoring of the profitabily and even shortcomings of all its outlets in the region. The people behind Pu Tiens success would require a system that can match their multi-tasking expertise and restaurant-specific endeavors, a method that can catch up with their skills, talent and hard work. An improvement in delivery performances became a noticeable result, as the system was implemented and deployed. Delays, slip ups, missed deliveries and uncoordinated efforts greatly decreased, allowing the team to move quickly and process orders faster and better. Item request are meticulously noted and taken care of and even special instructions for production staff became a careful process instead of a haphazard activity. Unsolved issues are quickly acted upon on. Future



concerns are anticipated with a confident stance and ready to issue solutions, instead of a troubling and unproven system.

Product Overview MS Dynamics NAVI - Food & Beverage/ Restaurant Solution

Efficient Recipe Management System A delicate processing of ingredients and recipes as implemented, producing even a default quantity for food items and request already processed before, speeding up the entire system. Ingredient quantities can now be cautiously chosen based on your food inventory. A Material Requirements Planing function was provided, making it easy to review all available raw materials and identify those that needs to be replenished and those that are not used uet. Wasted items or even product batches can be now completely avoided, as effortless recall and reporting methods are established.

allows you the following functions:

Harmonized Sharing & Use of Information Easily locate product information and details by sharing real-time data across your organization. A centralized database is made available for storing each and every one of your departments activities, from financial, manufacturing, inventory & distribution, makes it easier to comply with regulation requests and measurements. Everything is automatically stored & updated in the system, including individual transactions and related events. View buying histories, create user specific criteria allowances and share updated information with customers regarding your products and services. Make it easy for them to put in an order, follow it up and for them to keep on coming

Benefits Pu tien Restaurant currently enjoys a roster of success in several of its local branches as well as for those overseas. With Microsoft Dynamics NAVI - Food & Beverage/ Restaurant Solution, overseeing several outlests with great care, efficiency and confidence became a possibilty, ensuring their continued triumph in the F&B/ Restaurant business. Mind turning food spoilage are avoided, revenues are greatly controlled and food productions are completed levelled. The several team and the over-all management of Pu Tien cannot help but sigh with relief and continue happily with their expansion, all with the help of Microsoft Dynamics NAVI - Food & Beverage/ Restaurant Solution.

back for more. Quickly identify profitability trends, inventory movements and monitor your orders and fulfilments. Effective Recipe Management System Calculate the production yield of each recipe with ease and measure the output of the finished goal and compare it against the ingredient used. A Materials Requirements Planning function is provided, giving a summary of all available raw materials and identifying those that needs to be replenished or those that have not been used yet. The system also allows a systematic arrangement based on picking rules such as FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out). Theres an over-all sense of efficiency in handling the food processes, ensuring a HACCP compliance system is engaged.



Product Overview User-Friendly System Functions are familiar to use, ensuring less training time for your staff. It also enables data customization by attributing and setting up characteristics and values to your recorded information, which youll need to better understand the flow of money in your organization, as well as the improvements that can be made.

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