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SUNDAY , MARCH 17, 2013

One Word Substitution in English - Excercise 1

riends, One Word Substitute / Substitution is another important area in English Section. Now a days in almost all competitive exams they are asking questions from this area. In these type questions they will give you a sentence with four / five options below it. You just have to pick a suitable word which gives the exact meaning / idea as the given sentence (Ex : An account of somebody's life written by another person Biography). Here are some practice exercises of One word substitutions. Hope these will help you in your preparation. Happy reading :)




SSC CGL Previous Papers and Study Materials

1. One who does a thing for pleasure and not as profession a. Amateur b. Philanderer c. Empirical d. Imposter
a. Amateur

2. Government by the priests or a government which has its state religion a. Thearach b. Aristocracy c. Oligarchy d. Theocracy
d. Theocracy

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3. A hater of learning and knowledge a. Misogynist b. Misologist c. Mascochist d. Samaritan

b. Misologist

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4. A man with abnormal habits a. Eccentric b. Self centred c. Supercilious d. Arrogant

a. Eccentric

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5. Animals that eat flesh a. Herbivorous b. Carnivorous

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c. Graminivorous d. Vegetarian
b. Carnivorous

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6. The act of violating the sancity of the church a. Camouflage b. Descreation c. Sacrilege d. Heresy
c. Sacrilege

7. He says he can see things that you cant a. Martiner b. Adonis c. Pedant d. Clairvoyant
d. Clairvoyant

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8. An animal that is equally at home on land and in water a. Cannibal b. Domestic c. Amphibious d. Abstemious
c. Amphibious

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9. A person who does not believe in the existence of god a. Theist b. Atheist c. Agnostic d. Ascetic
b. Atheist

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10. A tank where fish or water plants are kept a. Nursery b. Aviary c. Aquarium d. Apiary
c. Aquarium

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11. A general pardon granted by the government to political offenders a. Amnesty b. Alimony c. Armistice d. Diplomacy
a. Amnesty

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12. Last part of speech a. Epilogue b. Conclusion c. Peroration d. Permutation

c. Peroration

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13. A person who readily believes others a. Creditable b. Credible c. Credulous d. Sensitive
c. Credulous

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14. Process of thought a. Machination b. Insinuation c. Cerebration d. Commiseration

c. Cerebration

15. The passage of soul after death from one body to another a. Post diedem b. Transmigration c. Transmutations d. Metamorphosis
b. Transmigration

That's all for now friends. Read more Easy English Tips here



Current Affairs 2013

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IBPS Specialist Officers Previous Year Question Papers Free Download Banking Awareness Preparation Material for IBPS Bank Online Exam IBPS Clerks Previous Year Question Papers Free Download

Avinash March 17, 2013 at 8:01 PM I appreciate your work. Reply

Sanju kumari March 17, 2013 at 8:25 PM Excellent...its helpful for all ssc exams.. Reply

Nivetha March 17, 2013 at 9:02 PM plz provide quick reference guide for sbi po for current affairs Reply

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