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Cutting and automation for shipbuilding industries

Shipbuilding Manufacturing process diagram

Koikes cutting machines and welding carriages respond to various needs from the cutting to welding of steel plates and stiffeners.

We offer a wide range of cutting machines for processing outer plates and inner structure materials.


Panel, internal member

Full-surface printing system

Flame planer

Gas bevel cutting machine

Steel Plates

NC line marking device

Plasma cutting machine

Laser cutting machine

Marking system Devices that rationally print infor mation regarding the next process on steel plates prior to their delivery to processing plants. Full-surface marking system Line marking device NC line marking device (KAMS)
Panel line cutting machine Portable cutting machine

Stiffener printing instrument

Shaped steel cutting system

We provide high-precision, high-quality NC processing of various angle steels, flat steels, and valve plate strip materials.

Shaped steel

Line marking device

Forming & Welding

Block assembly

Heating torch

Wel-Handy-Mini Heat liner



Printing systems for next-process work information management

Steel plate full-surface printing system

Processing marking data in the full sheet and mark alphanumeric information on to the plate simultaneously to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Printing sample: large characters

A multiple number of printer heads travels across the steel plate and prints characters and diagrams. Running costs and maintenance costs were cut down by reducing the number of heads to less than 1/4 compared to similar conventional methods. Automated high-speed processing ensures high productivity (can process more than 120 plates per day). With a printing speed of 36m/min, a 4.5M25M steel plate can be processed in roughly 250 seconds using 15 printer heads.

Printing sample: small characters and diagrams

Specific advantages
Dramatic increase in the amount of information that can be written on a steel plate. Elimination of writing errors and misunderstanding that previously occurred from handwriting. No need for onsite operators to work in a semi-crouching position. Collective printing not only of processing information, but also of assembly and rigging information. Processing of multiple downstream printing work is possible with a single unit, when installed in the upstream stage of processing. No upper limit to characters, diagrams, and character size.
Information no longer needs to be handwritten Full view of steel plate printing

Improved cutting machine capacity with the incorporation of a line marking function.

KAMS series | NC marking device

Automatic positioning, program rotation and other automatic function helps to improve quality, efficiency and accuracy in marking automation.

Marking torch capacitance sensor

Marking shape: Diagrams and characters composed of straight lines and curves. Marking method: Spray-type torch for white/blue background (set of two). Rail span: 4,000 6,500mm (models available in 500mm pitches). Printer head can be mounted. The processing performance of cutting machines can be enhanced by transferring the marking/printing process to the NC marking device. Specifications Main unit structure Control panel Drive system Rail span Total rail length Rail span Printing range NC unit Markable material Markable surface treatment Markable plate thickness Marking speed (on white) Marking speed (on blue) Printing speed Rapid traverse speed Power supply voltage Gantry style, dual side drive Stand-alone type Rack and pinion 4.0m/4.5m/5.0m/5.5m/6.0m/6.5m Extendable in 3m increments 37kg/m Effective width: Rail span 0.7m Effective length: Total rail length 2m FANUC Series 30i-MODEL A Mild steel, high-tension steel Zinc primer, wash primer 2.3mm to 30mm 24m/min 18m/min 20m/min 24m/min 200V/220V 50Hz/60Hz

Printer head and edge detector

Printing specifications (1) Character size (height x width) a) PJ1B type 0 1) 21 x 23 (7 x 5 dots) 2) 36 x 36 (12 x 8 dots) 3) 48 x 48 (16 x 12 dots) b) PJ1B type 2 1) 21 x 23 (7 x 5 dots) 2) 16 x 17 (12 x 8 dots) 3) 21 x 24 (16 x 12 dots) (2) Printing distance (height) a) PJ1B type 0: 20mm from relevant surface to nozzle tip b) PJ1B type 2: 10mm from relevant surface to nozzle tip (3) Character color: White (4) Character type a) Alphabet: 26 characters from A to Z b) Numerals: 10 numbers from 0 to 9 c) Symbols: 27 symbols d) Katakana (extended character registration): to , voiced sound mark, semi-voiced sound mark e) Special characters (extended character registration): Up to 100 characters, including katakana characters, can be registered (optional) (5) Max. characters printed per command: Approx. 200-250 characters (incl. spaces) (6) Printing memory: 512 bytes (incl. control codes) (7) Printing speed: 20,000 mm/min (8) Paint drying time: Dry to touch in 5070 sec (depending on temperature and humidity)

Printing sample

KOIKE cutting machines for outer plate processing

LASERTEXZ | Laser resonator-mounted cutting

As one of the largest capacity laser cutting machines of its kind, LASERTEX-Z provides high-precision cutting, high-productivity unmanned operation and other advanced thick-plate cutting performances.

Sigma Box

Laser resonator mounted on machine

A light, compact and strong CO2 laser resonator mounted on the traverse carriage of the cutting machine stabilizes the light path. (Worlds first). Stability of the light axis increases cutting capacity and long-term stability (3-fold compared to conventional machines), and dramatically improves the processing performance of large spans and reduces maintenance needs. (Maintenance instances reduced to half). The scope of application for cutting medium thickness plates is largely expanded when equipped with a V-bevel cutting instrument.
Bevel torch block

Features of KOIKEs laser bevel cutting unit Specifications Machine structure Effective cutting width Resonator mounted on torch carriage 3.55.5m (separate agreement needed for effective cutting widths over 7m) Max. 47m Horizontal: 24m/min Vertical: 36m/min Vertical with option: 54m/min Effective length +3m 24m/min Mild steel: 25mm Mid steel: 19mm 30V, I-cut: 25mm The traverse mechanism is an endless system that is unrestricted by NC data, as with gas/plasma cutting machines. A new nozzle capable of cutting both I and V grooves is adopted, developed based on the highly popular AFT nozzle. An internal high-speed automatic focusing instrument and high-speed, high-quality HSQ piercing allows for stable bevel cutting. An anti-torch collision device prevents damages to the torch block. A plug-in lens holder makes it easier to clean the lens.

Effective cutting length Rapid traverse speed

Rail length Marking speed I-cut torch cutting capacity Bevel torch cutting capacity

VERSAGRAPH | High-speed, highproductivity OXYGEN PLASMA BEVEL

Versagraph boosts productivity by combining high-speed motion with high-quality cutting performance.


Equipped with the new SUPER-400PLUS/600PLUS plasma system. Shorter total processing time and increased productivity are achieved in combination with 3D Link, a lightweight and compact bevel torch block. To more effectively reflect the natural high-speed cutting performance of a plasma cutting machine, all operations of the cutting machine were reexamined, and production time was dramatically shortened in the Versagraph.
Newly improved 3D LINK PLASMA BEVEL HEAD Our former 3D Link heads, more than 100 units are in shipyard use. Accumulating users voice, we have improved our 3D Link. Re-design the head even smaller and lighter.

Specifications Main unit structure Control panel Drive system Rail span Effective cutting range Cutting speed Travel speed (horizontal) Travel speed (vertical) Marking speed Rotating speed Carriage vertical movement speed CNC unit Memory Number of programs Rail Power supply voltage Installed plasma system Gantry style, dual side drive Right-hand use (left-hand use is optional) Rack and pinion 4.0m/4.5m/5.0m/5.5m/6.0m/6.5m 3.1m/3.6m/4.1m/4.6m/5.0m/5.5m 6m/min 45m/min 48m/min 36m/min 60rpm (using 3D Link) 20m/m FANUC-300i 15 color LCD 1,280m 1,000 37kg/m (with CP15 rack), 15m (basic specification) Three-phase 200V/220V 50Hz/60Hz SUPER400PLUS/SUPER600PLUS
Double the bevel angle and positioning speed. Decreased movement and distance in bevel motion to increase plate efficiency. It also made it possible to cut complicated bevel shapes.

KOIKE cutting machines for outer plate processing

MYNUC | NC Plasma cutting machine

MYNUC is a large-scale NC plasma cutting machine suited for cutting outer plates and inner structure materials.

On-board dust collector

KOIKEs development of the worlds first oxygen plasma bevel cutting system began by incorporating a tapering correction function (aiming for zero) for cutting surfaces unique to plasma cutting. This, combined with such high-tech functions as an automatic V-bevel torch angle setting unit and an automatic torch rotating device helped dramatically improve motion speed and cutting processes. With respect to the steel materials of a ship, MYNUC can perform bevel cutting continuously with a torch angle of -45 to +45 degrees for both front and back V grooves with high accuracy. With a cleaner vertical plasma cutting surface and longer life of consumables such as electrodes and tips, the necessary man-hours have drastically decreased. The rigid machine structure allows a dust collector to be mounted on the machine. With a capacity to process large-span plates, MYNUC can cut two components from a single plate. Installation of the lightweight and compact 3D Link helps shorten total processing time and improve productivity. KOIKE succeeded in developing the worlds first cutting machine with an onboard dust collector. Delivery performance: The worlds largest number of units has been delivered to date.

Stand-alone dust collector: With a rigid machine structure, MYNUC can achieve faster speeds and respond to a maximum rapid traverse speed of 45m/min.

Specifications Machine structure Control panel Drive system Rail span Gantry style, dual side drive Right-hand use (left-hand use is optional) Rack and pinion 4.5m/5.0m/5.5m/6.0m/ 6.5m/7.0m/7.5m/8.0m (9.0m or greater spans are optional) 3.5m/4.0m/4.5m/5.0m/ 5.5m/6.0m/6.5m/7.0m 6m/min 54m/min (Stand-alone dust collector type) /36m/min (On-board dust collector type) Max. 36/min FANUC-300i 15 color LCD 1,280m (basic specifi cation) 1.000 37kg/m (with CP15 rack) or 50kg/m (with m5.5 rack) Three-phase 200V/220V 50Hz/60Hz SUPER400PLUS/SUPER600PLUS

Effective cutting range Cutting speed Rapid traverse speed

Marking speed CNC unit Memory Number of programs Rail span Power supply voltage Installed plasma power supply

VERTEX | NC gas bevel cutting machine

Versagraph boosts productivity by combining highspeed motion with high-quality cutting performance.

Equipped with a function for simultaneously cutting two different gentle curves, VERTEX can cut two plates of symmetrical components, such as the starboard and portside outer plates of a ship, at the same time. CNC control provides functions not only for cutting gentle curves with 2 axes and 3 axes, respectively, but for cutting molds, preliminary line marking, and labor-saving cutting of four-sided surfaces as a CNC flame planer.

The combination of manual angle setting and an-Xbevel block makes it possible to cut I, V, , Y, , X, K, etc. grooves. Various types of bevel cutting are made possible by an automatic angle setting bevel block. An automatic feed rate setting device automatically adjusts the flame, a task that previously required much skill.

Manual angle setting X bevel block

Automatic angle setting bevel

Specifications Main unit structure Control panel Drive system Rail span Effective cutting range Cutting speed Rapid traverse speed Marking speed CNC unit Memory Number of programs Rail Power supply voltage Gantry style, dual side drive Right-hand use (left-hand use is optional) Rack and pinion 5.5m/6.0m/6.5m/7.0m/7.5m/8.0m/8.5m/9.0m/9.5m/ 10.0m/10.5m/11.0m/11.5m/12.0m 3.5m/4.0m/4.5m/5.0m/5.5m/6.0m/6.5m/7.0m 6m/min 36m/min Max. 24m/min FANUC-300i 15 color LCD 1,280m (basic specification) 1,000 37kg/m (with CP15 rack) or 50kg/m (with m5.5 rack) Three-phase 200V/220V 50Hz/60Hz

KOIKE systems for effective utilization of scrap materials

Navigation system for remnant plate processing

A CCD camera and KAP system work together for the effective utilization of remnant plates and scraps.

Stand-alone navigation system

On-board navigation system

An image of a material placed on the cutting table is captured with a CCD camera, and the KAP system analyzes its shape and dimensions with high accuracy. Part shapes are nested within the outline and converted to NC data in a short time. The system automatically corrects any distortions in the image produced as a result of the unique characteristics of the camera and creates an accurate data of the materials shape to allow for high-precision nesting. Navigation system operation procedure

A CNC or NC cutting machine can be flexibly combined with the system. The stand-alone type allows the CCD camera to be installed on a pillar inside a building, and the onboard type allows the camera to be mounted on a standard cutting machine.

1 Place remnant plate on the cutting table

3 Capture an image of the remnant plate with the CCD camera

4 Download the image to the NC control panel or the KAP (PC)

2 Start up the CCD camera

6 Cutting begins with a press of the START button


5 Parts (products) are automatically nested in the image

KAP-8030N | NC automatic programming system

KAP-8030N is a CAD/CAM system incorporating KOIKEs wealth of cutting expertise.

KAP8030N is a Windows OS compatible software configured as a CAD/CAM system which integrates the CAD function of FIGDEF8 and the CAM function of KAP8030N. Graphic interface: Using pull-down menus, screen menus, and icons, the system flexibly adopts various Windows functions for increased speed and easy to understand functionality.

Increased work efficiency: The system aims to increase the work efficiency of cutting machines, and takes a flexible approach to processing materials in accordance with cutting machine operations. Response to cutting technologies: The multiple numbers of tables within the unit is the latest technology KOIKE offers as a leading cutting machine manufacturer. Know-how for responding to various changes in cutting technologies can be easily installed and utilized in daily operations.

Operation is simple, even for a beginner.

The wide range of functions is sure to satisfy even skilled operators


KOIKE cutting machines for strip steel processing

Stiffener inject marker

The device takes the place of an on-site operators handwriting task, and automatically prints the name of the material, assembly instructions, and other such information on strip steel materials. When incorporated into a conveyor line, the necessary information can be printed while the material is being feeded to the processing line. The processing capacity of the AB-GRAPH system can be improved by transferring the printing process previous conducted by the cutting machine to the strip material printing machine.

Stiffener inject marker sample

Stiffener line marker

3D strip steel materials can be accurately marked or cut in accordance with their warpage and curves. The device can make inverse line markings and circular markings around web faces.

Strip steel marking sample

Shaped steel NC printing machine Shaped steel NC cutting machine Central control room Cutting stage Small scrap elimination pil Output stage
age picking st

Printing stage Input stage

Circulating carriage

Picking machine Short material sorting stage Return scraps Long material sorting stage

Picking machine

ABGRAPH | NC angle bar automatic cutting system

AB-GRAPH provides a comprehensive processing system for angle bars by combining automatic programs with an NC processing machine.

3D strip steel materials can be accurately marked or cut in accordance with their warpage and curves. The device can make inverse line markings and circular markings around web faces. Stiffeners (various angle steels, flat steels, and valve plates) can be NC processed with high accuracy and high quality.

A free clamp inclination table (patent) is adopted to achieve high precision and high productivity. The system can be used in conjunction with an air sensor or laser sensor.

Specifications: Stand-alone dust collector type / On-board dust collection type Main unit structure Rail span Cutting speed Rapid traverse speed Marking speed CNC unit Cutting shape (unequal-sided shaped steel) Cutting shape (equal-sided shaped steel) Cutting shape (valve plate) Cutting shape (flat bar) Inclined (20) gantry style or cantilever style 1.7m 6m/min Horizontal: 36m/min Vertical: 36m/min Max. 12m/min FANUC-300i 15 color LCD; X, Y, Z, U, A (5-axis control) 100L to 600L 100L to 200L 170L to 250L 100L to 450L


Wide-ranging KOIKE products for all types of needs

IK72T | 3D cutting machine

The ultimate all-position cutting machine. Conventionally, the cutting of 3D structures and 3D curves in particular, depended on hand-held cutting equipment. IK-72T not only simplifies 3D cutting but also promises high accuracy. In addition to straight cutting and curved cutting of flat boards, IK-72T can also cut various types of steel, including walls and slanted surfaces of structures and even steel plates with a rounded surface. To maximize its features, the machine is principally made of aluminum alloy and weighs a mere 4.5kg. This allows for outstanding workability and simple setup and operation. A degree scale allows IK-72T to perform high accuracy bevel cutting simply by tilting the blowpipe to the desired position on the scale.

BEAVER | Handy automatic gas cutting machine

The BEAVER is a portable automatic gas cutting machine with a unique structure, which can be used in two different functions that is running stability of straight line cutting and tracing accuracy of curved line cutting. Try our BEAVER, and you will see why we call it unique, how well it works, how easily it can be operated. Best cutting of straight and curved line by shifting guide wheel. Easy to operate. Standing type needs little space to keep and easy to change cutting tip. Cutting thickness up to 150mm. With attachment possible to cut circles up to 700mm. Available in 42, 100 and 220V power supply.

IK92 PUMA | With plate edge guide roller

Portable automatic gas cutting machine. This unique handy-type machine is well known as a highly accurate straight line cutting and semi automatic (manually guided / circular) cutting with one hand. To meet shipyard requirement, the IK-92 PUMA can be equipped with the option Plate Edge Guide Roller. Features Edge Guide Roller: No rail alignment (saving time). Machine direction only backwards. Accurate Bevel up to 45. Accurate and reliable drive system. Perfect heat prevention system. Secure and easily adjustable torch holder.


WEL HANDY MULTI | Multiple purpose welding carriages

Twin Torch option. The wel Handy Multi Standard. It is easy to set up with 2 torches. Increase your productivity while de-creasing heat distortion. It can easily weld 350mm x 100mm stiffeners. It is equipped with an automatic start and stop of the weld to make automation and multiple use of the machine easier. Robust & Stable frame. The torch can slide to get optimum torch position.

HEATLINES | Portable automatic heater

Small, lightweight, and portable: Heatliner promises a strong pulling force (16kg) with KOIKEs patented strong magnet technology and highreliability stable motion. The heating torch has two heads. By setting the tip position by turning the heat torch, an effective heating layer can be easily obtained. Equipped with two heating torches for two-handed use, the simultaneous heating of two flat areas is possible. The torch block is supported by a link mechanism and a guide roller so that the tip is maintained at a certain height in relation to any warpage on the steel plate. Fine adjustments of the torch height can also be made from the handle of the torch holder. An adjustment valve and one-touch valve are used together for fluid structures. After adjusting the flow rate, the oxygen, LPG gas, and refrigerant valves can be opened and closed with a single touch of a button. A heat-insulating plate moves up and down near the heating area and effectively insulates heat in response to any warpage of the steel plate.

IK05 | Revolutionary lifting piece cutting machine

The cutting process of lifting pieces for shipbuilding, bridge construction and various block mounting is made possible with minimum labor. Automatic cutting allows anyone to easily achieve high quality cutting sections. Increase your productivity while decreasing heat distortion. It is easy to set up with 2 torches. The torch can slide to get optimum torch position. It can easily weld 350mm x 100mm stiffeners. It is equipped with an automatic start and stop of the weld to make automation and multiple use of the machine easier. Robust & Stable frame. Compared to manual cutting, the cutting section is clean, so the grinding work can be minimized. The finishing cut that was previously needed when reusing a lifting piece can be eliminated. Based on an extensive study of users onsite activities, IK-05 is equipped with a wide array of functions that only KOIKE can offer. A spring drive is adopted to allow for stable cutting even in a severe outdoor work environment. KOIKEs original preset valve device eliminates the troublesome gas valve operation for flame adjustment. In consideration of the rusting of work pieces, cutting speed is maintained at a constant 400mm/min using a spring drive method. Lifting pieces of various thicknesses can be cut by adjusting the flame.


KOIKE the spirit of cutting.

Advanced technology combined with face to face relationship and an in-depth understanding of customers cutting needs thats what KOIKE as a Japanese manufacturer of oxy-fuel, plasma and laser cutting technology stands for. Customers are companies active in shipbuilding, steel construction, vehicle manufacturing, fabrication and other heavy metal industries they all trust on more than 90 years of KOIKEs cutting expertise.

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