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Training on E-Return Tool


E-Return Tool is developed by EPFO Head Office. This is a windows OS based software This can be downloaded from EPFO head office website (www.epfindia.com or www.epfindia.nic.in or www.epfindia.gov.in ). Help pdf files and Video files are available at this site so that this software can be downloaded and used by all the establishment without the help of a third party. This training class will further help you in using this software.

Why this tool is required

From April,2012 onwards EPFO requires Data of Returns (Form-5/10/12A/3A) in Electronic Format also. As this is the transition phase (some changes are happening in EPF Returns and its submission), for some more time, establishments have to submit the Returns in Printed/Written format also. It is easy to prepare EPF returns using this tool

How to prepare and send data to EPF This tool helps to prepare all the EPF Returns such as F-5/10/ 12A/

3A/6A, Form2 and challan in TWO formats (1) Electronic format and (2) Printable format.

No additional work is required for generating the Electronic format. When you print the Printable form (PDF), the electronic form is also saved.
Electronic format does not mean that copying the printable format itself in a CD and submit, but means that the data submitted to EPFO in the CD/ Email should be in the prescribed uploadable format The printable form is to be signed and then submitted to EPFO as before and the Electronic format of all the Returns are to be submitted in a CD or by email (epftvm@gmail.com ) to EPFO. When Email is sent, The subject should be clearly mention about (1) KR Number (2) Which Form and (3) month & year. Eg:KR/1234 F-5, F-10,F-12A for 4-2012 (1) Monthly Email KR/1234 F-3A for 2011-2012 (2) Yearly Email

You may use Validation tool to check the data Format before sending/uploading to EPFO

Advantages of E-Return Tool.

Once you save the basic data of an employee such as Name, DOB, DOJoin etc (employee master creation is one time job), then the recurring data entry required is only monthly Wage. Contributions and other dues are automatically calculated. All the Returns (forms) and their data files are generated by a click of a button. No need for manual calculation. Last months wages can be copied to current month by a click of a button.

Form-3A to be submitted to EPFO along with settlement forms (form-19/10D/10C) can be generated easily which will result in speedy settlement of claims.
After the entering the wages of February, you may instantly generate the annual returns such as Form-3A/6A which will help EPFO to issue the account slips early. Your existing data can be imported to this software. This is official software and freely provided by EPFO Head office.

No internet connection is required for preparing the Returns. Internet connection is required only if/when you email or upload the data.

Software development problems and suggestions (not operational problems) can be sent to rc.ndc@epfindia.gov.in or epfohelpdesk@epfindia.gov.in. For installation and if do not know how to use the software, you may contact this office. If you are expert in computer and do not want to use this windows based software, the structure and format of text output file is provided with the software. But for some more time you have to submit the Printed and signed Returns also. The version of e-tool now available for download is version 3.0. Some changes are being introduced in EPFO returns and hence in this s/w also. The main change is Single Monthly Return (instead of Form5/10/12A/3A/6A). But, then also Data Entry required will be only Wages and Data already saved can be used in future versions of the software. That is, input is same and only the output will be different.

Backup of data
There is a folder/directory like C:\Program Files\EPFO\E Return Setup\App_code This folder contains the data . Hence the folder App_code should be copied to other device (pen dirive/cd/other computer) with date. eg: App_code27022012.


1.Download from the site items b,c,d ,e & f to Single/same folder 2. Extract the contents of b,c &d OR copy the contents of the CD to a single folder.

3. User should be Administrator. Users such Guest etc. should not be used. (To print any Return also, the user should be Administrator.)
4. Double click on setup.exe After Installation, change the Date Format of your computer as dd-mm-yyyy using Control Panel->Regional and

The Main Menu of the software


(one time data entries)

TRANSACTION (monthly Data Entries) GENERATION OF REPORTS FOR EPFO (generation of Electronic Returns and Printable Returns)


Operation: (Establishment Master) 1. Add your Establishment Code

SELECT the Office location eg: Thiruvananthapuram. Then Region code (KR) and office code (TVM) will appear in the left pan automatically. Then ADD and save you establishment code. Normally there will be no Establishment Extension for your est.code. Extension are given to sister concerns of main establishment. Now new independent code number is allotted to sister concerns also. Eg; 15A. If extension is there, Enter the Extension and Press TAB key on the keyboard. If No extension, just Press TAB. This will fill the extension field like 00A or 000. This is zero, not alphabet O If Region code / office code / establishment code / extension are not perfect, the data will not be linked in the system and the correction of this type of error is very difficult. This key field data is linked/attached to each and every record and each record is to be corrected separately. So always please note the top right corner of the software before you start entering any data.

Operation: (Estt.Master contd.) 2. Add your Estt. Name and details.

When You SAVE the Establishment code, the software creates a database structure for your establishment in the .App_code folder. After this, by selecting the Master>Establishment, You have to fill complete details of your establishment

Operation:(Employee Master) 3. Add Employee name and details

Add Name, Fathers name, Gender, DOB, Date of Join etc. Can Opt for contributions on Higher WAGES in EPF and EPS shares. EPF=Y means BOTH Employee and Employer Contributions are calculated on the Wage Entered without limiting the wage to 6500. EPS=Y means, Pension contribution is also calculated on the wages Entered without limiting the wages to 6500. If EPS=Y, then EPF is also treated as Y, because EPS is a diversion (8.33%) of EPF cont. by Employer. If only Employee wants to contribute more than of 12% of the Wage, that full Employee contributions (after separately calculating) should be entered into VPF column (EPF=N)

Importing of Data into this software

If you have all the required data in your computer, you may prepare CSV (comma separated values) files using that. Examples of CSV files are given in the www.epfindia.gov.in website. For this , Open/create your data file in EXCEL sheet, then arrange the columns/fields as per EPFO requirement, then SAVE AS csv(comma delimited) format. Import this csv file to the software.