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Volume 2 MARCH 2013

AVC FOUNDATION - A Vision Created

Registration #1871018


Allison Vyfhius Caldeira Founder/President Lauren Ashby Bannister Vice President

Judith Leu Harrison Secretary

Lenny Goodman Accountant

Dear Friends, Another year has come to an end and although we have received our Non-Profit Status we are still waiting on the Canadian Government to issue our Tax Receipt number. Once received we will provide receipts to all those who have contributed $20.00 or more to AVC Foundation Inc. Where did the time go? We have been very busy fundraising, collecting donated items, implementing programs and building lasting community relationships. Laying the foundations to provide charitable relief to Guyana, participating in a community program in Stouffville, Ontario and so much more. In this issue we will attempt to give you a birds eye view of some of the projects we are involved in..... Without your donations and help we would not be able to accomplish and continue any of the achievements that we are sharing with you in this newsletter. Your ongoing generosity enables us to do what we do - You are the wind beneath our wings - Thank you so very much for trusting and believing in us.
Warmest Wishes Allison Vyfhuis Caldeira

Mission Statement: We are here, to be truly helpful by representing the forgotten and disadvantaged.




AVC received donations of used medical equipment from Yvonne TrIesman and family. These were shipped in coordination with GCC shipment in November 2012 and received by Uncle Eddies Home for the Aged in Tucville Georgetown and to St. Joseph's Infant incubator donated to St Joes Mercy Hospital. We thank (GCC) Guyana Christian Charities Toronto for all of their assistance in getting these items to their final destination allowing us to piggy back once again with their shipping arrangements. Anesthesia machine donated to St Joes

Over the Counter Medicine Drive

Thanks to an overwhelming response from the Guyanese-Canadian Community and its Canadian Friends, AVC has successfully completed its Medication Drive for 2013. These medicines reached the children living at RHCC, the Bosco Boys Home in Plaisance and to an Amerindian Village up the Essequibo. These items were shipped through Laparkan at a discount on Dec. 17, 2012 and arrived at the beginning of Feb. 2013 in co-ordination with Allison's visit to Guyana where she was able to dispense the medications to the recipients on behalf of AVC.

Major Contributors
Guyana Christian Charities Teva Canada Pharm Ltd. Rotary ClubScarborough Pharmasave Stouffville Met College of Guyana LaParkan Toronto TTC Toronto Transportation Commission Shoppers Drug Mart Maple: Jason Chauhan, Sabita Singh Williams Raymond Lee-Own -Triple Play

Mission Statement: We are here, to be truly helpful by representing the forgotten and disadvantaged.




The Bridges represented by Dr. Claudette Heyliger Thomas in the US graciously agreed to fulfill AVC's request to provide each child living at RCHCC medical treatment at the Dawn Hospital in Guyana. The Bridges medical contingent made up of American and Canadian Health Care Professionals included physicians, Audiologists, nurses, technicians and a support staff. The Bridges provided a full day of medical attention which was followed with lunch and completed with each child receiving a gift bag. Mr. Stanley Ming of Mings Products & Services Ltd., also Hearing test at the Dawn Hospital made this day possible as he provided the much needed transportation for the 23 children at no cost.

In the Works.
Thank you to Guyanas Women Reaching Out Organization (WRO) for purchasing, supplying and delivering Omarion's special milk

needs to RCHCC. This donation will end in April 2013. We are reaching out to you - Let us know if you are interested in a 2, 4 or 6 month donation to wards Omarion.

Many thanks to Silverline Cabs in Albertown who have provided much needed transportation for our charges at RCHCC. Radish, Julian and Omarian have been able to attend school for their special needs. All three of the boys also receive physiotherapy at Ptolomy Reed Centre.

Tina is also part of the taxi Service AVC provides due to health issues. This year she qualified for heart surgery in India and is recovering nicely.


Lauren, Judy, Lenny and I take this opportunity and space to express our thanks and gratefulness to you for embracing us through a common goal to make a difference little by little. PTOLOMY REED CENTRE: Who have received our orphans for physio-therapy and allows them to attend school there. RUIMVELDT LIONS CLUB: Terrance and his helping hands who distribute much needed food and supplies to the shanty town residents and who with our help can now continue to provide soup once a week to the Uncle Eddies Home for the Aged. WRO (Women Reaching Out): ST. JOES HOSPITAL: The ever helpful staff who continue to aid in the distribution of medications provided by you our donors . UNCLE EDDIES HOME : Who we have counted on whenever the need arises to share any additional equipment they are not using to benefit others we inform them that are in need.

Mission Statement: We are here, to be truly helpful by representing the forgotten and disadvantaged.


VISION STATEMENT AVC Foundation-a vision created, is a not for profit charitable organization committed to working with organizations, and individuals in an effort to enhance the living conditions of others in need.

2829 York Durham Rd. # 30 Stouffville Ontario L4A 7X4 CANADA


Phone: 647-223-6678 Fax: 905-640-5507 E-mail: avcfoundation@rogers.com

Mission Statement: We are here, to be truly helpful by representing the forgotten and disadvantaged.

Prepared & documented by Lauren Ashby Bannister