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FUNDRAISING AND MEMBERSHIP ACTIVATION Discourse Analytics has done work to enhance fundraising efforts and spark activation

for large and small organizations. Our work has helped clients target key groups and communicate tailored messages to them, making them more effective and successful in achieving their mission. Post-project analysis has validated Discourse Analytics work, proving the value provided to clients. CASE STUDY: 2012 CHARLOTTE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION Discourse Analytics was proud to partner with the host committee of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte to improve its fundraising and encourage more potential supporters to attend the event. We were tasked to understand the preferences of a broad group of people who already expressed some support for the Democratic Party or President Obama. Discourse Analytics research informed fundraising messages, surrogate selection, and incentive development. The conclusions helped the committee activate their potential donors and target those most likely to donate. Importantly, Discourse Analytics was able to validate the survey results by analyzing actual donor behavior after the Convention. Those in the survey that we identified as likely to donate went on to give 2.8 times as much money and made 4.9 times as many contributions as those identified as not likely to donate.

WHAT DISCOURSE ANALYTICS CAN DO FOR YOU Activating a membership or potential supporter is hard work. But Discourse Analytics can help you target your audience and create resonant messaging that cuts through the clutter. By finding key preference drivers and unlocking the secret to activation, Discourse Analytics can help organizations grow membership, raise money, or affect change.

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