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Energy plays an important role in dimension of sustainable development beside economic, social, environment and institutional.

Nowadays to meet energy needs for sustainable energy supplies it will require the use of energy resources on a large scale, and that is nuclear energy. Nuclear energy has a potential to provide energy supply with effective cost, reliable and safe. In this case nuclear energy is kind of technology that practically offer an unlimited energy source and for the usage can reduce pollution and emission of green house effect. However, the usage of nuclear has a duality, beside for alternative energy source their betters dont forget that nuclear is use for military purposes too, in this case to make the nuclear weapon. We all surely know that nuclear technology is first discovered by military scientists during World War II. So its interesting to know more about this controversy. Nuclear is made by the fission of radioactive atomic core because its strike by a neutron. This reaction can produce 2.5 neutrons and some new core, and for the atomic bomb this reaction is uncontrolled because the new neutron cant be prevented to pound the new cores that produce. This kind of reaction is first discovered by NAZI scientists Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner, Fritz Strassman, and Otto Frisch. No longer after that Albert Einstein told the US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt that Germany starting to pure radioactive atom and maybe will make the atomic bomb. The power of this bomb can be destroy a city only a few seconds. There are many development of nuclear weapon. Such as during the World War II there are US and Germany who tried to apply nuclear reaction for atomic bomb and as we can see that the bomb which exploded above Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the prove that US win and how the atomic bomb can cause a massive destruction. In other case during Cold War between Soviet and US who try to make their own nuclear weapons to destroy each other. In that time either US or Soviet have built the launcher of nuclear weapon in every country which is under influence these two superpowers country. They develop all kind of nuclear missile for any range, such as ballistic missile which is an inter-continent missile who can reach the other country in a few seconds. Great Britain also make their own nuclear weapon Hurricane in 1952 for fight the strengthness of Soviet power independently, and many more country have their own nuclear weapon. Nuclear weapons produce radiation that can be dangerous for human. For example in the case of nuclear reactor in Chernobyl. Because of that explosion hundreds people died because radioactive contamination and the other must be go out from that area which is now Chernobyl cant sustainable for any life until 30,000 years. And other people who still survive but contaminate by radiation of radioactive can be have a long-life disability. In brief, we can conclude that nuclear weapon is completely dangerous for the world. So its better not use any kind of nuclear weapon especially for superpower country like US who keep protesting when other country developed nuclear for peace purposes but they still have nuclear weapon. According to the statement from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Islamic Republic Iran, If nuclear is considered bad and we cant have it, why do you have it? And if its good, why we cant use them? its a warning not only for US and also

for their ally to be careful with nuclear power, dont use for bad things, because of many benefits we can take from nuclear power.