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1. How will you introduce yourself to the customer? 2.

What are the important traits a candidate needs to have to be successful in a sales job? 3. It is said that Smile and patience are the vital aspects of the sales job. What is your opinion on this? 4. Why did you opt for sales as a career? 5. What is the definition of sale? To sale anything before you need to sale yourself, what do you understand from this? 6. Share one incident where your sales job was a learning experience for you? 7. Are you comfortable working under a team leader? 8. What is the one thing which you like the most about this job profile? 9. What kind of salary do you like? A fixed one or an incentive based one. 10. What do you understand by target oriented sales? 11. What are your goals and long term objectives in life? 12. How do you maintain your relationship with old customers? 13. What is your method to do follow up regarding expected sale of huge lot? 14. How many times have you been pointed out for shortage of achievements? 15. Tell us something about your creativity and rules or principles to convince a customer to move out a big order? 16. How do you evaluate your performance and per day outcome in daily routine? 17. Do you think that you have the potential of selling products which other are unable to do? 18. How do you rate your expertise in retail field? 19. Explain the special skills and qualities you have which make you perfect for this job? 20. What do you think are your biggest weakness and strength? 21. How do you deal with a customer in stressful circumstances? 22. What is the current rate of dollar today? Explain the effects of stock market over retail market? 23. How will you motivate your team to achieve targets in tight deadline? What will you do if some of your subordinates are not performing up to the expectations? 24. What aspects are important in sales? 25. What is your practice to wedged sale? 26. Sometimes, customers place orders for big stock, but afterwards they refuse to take delivery. What will you do in such a circumstance to convince the customer to order delivery and how will you ask the customer to pay full amount at the time of release? 27. How will you appraise your team work? 28. How will you motivate your subordinates to raise your performance graph?

29. If a weak candidate is being assigned to you. How will you sharpen him to interact with people? 30. What are your policies to cope up with team issues? How will you entertain an inexperienced candidate in your team? 31. Which is your biggest strength and what else you need to improve in your skills to meet satisfaction level? 32. Which is more important for you: high salary or desired designation? 33. Are you aware about target pool allotted to single person monthly? Do you think you have the ability to achieve such targets? 34. How will you make a call to interested customer to sale products? 35. How will you deal the customer who is seeking for discount of retails prices? 36. What do you understand by outside sales? How is it different from indoor sale? 37. How would you prefer to do outside sale, alone or in a team? 38. Do you think you have excellent convincing skills to motivate a customer to buy our products? 39. What would you do if the customer said no to fix a meeting with you? 40. What is your principle to understand practically a device? Can you give the demonstration in front of customer? 41. People generally do not like outside sale? What is your opinion about it? 42. How would you compare your products technology with competitors? 43. What do you like the most about this type of job? 44. The word target holds an important meaning in the career of a person who has opted for sales and marketing job. What do you have to say about this? 45. How do you plan to achieve the objectives of two diverse fields-sales and marketing? 46. Which is easier to deal with? Sales or the marketing aspect? 47. How do you plan to deal to remain stationed in a single place all day through? 48. What do you like the most about the inside sales job? 49. According to you, what is the amazing aspect of an inside sales job? 50. Give one instance where you were very delighted to attend a celebrity customer?