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C T Gov. Gregoire cuts
October 27, 2008 www.vancougar.com

SUPPLEM E N higher ed funding
S Gov. alienates voting age
college students by cutting
higher education funding.
Governor. However, an active Gover-
nor does not necessarily add up to a
good Governor.
We would do well to ask our-
selves what Gregoire has actually
In this issue: By Gregory E. Zschomler
done for us before considering a re-
placement. We must also ask what

PICKS and Gov. Chris Gregoire recently

called for cuts to the State budget as
the deficit soared above $3 billion.
Rossi might do for us were he in the
Governor’s shoes.
Gregoire’s stint in office has
PREDICTIONS The action took place as elections
grew nigh. A saving measure—for
made a difference. Let’s look at some
of the things she’s accomplished and
If you care these are OUR picks the State or for her campaign? you can decide if retention is in or-
and predictions for the issues As important as it is, let’s not der. She boasts creating more than
and candidates. BELOW think this election is only about vot- 200,000 new jobs and doubling our
ing for our next President. There are exports, and yet our unemployment
two important initiative measures on rate is higher than ever and indus-

JAKE the the ballot and several other positions

on the roster including Governor.
tries are laying workers off at alarm-
ing rates. Gregoire is also responsible

Two candidates vie for that office: In- for the current state-wide hiring
cumbent Christine Gregoire (D) and freeze that has affected WSU’s ability thing, but, as college students, what
former Senator Dino Rossi (R). to hire needed faculty—and depend- does it do for you?
Don’t think your vote doesn’t ing on your course of study, possibly Not only is her healthcare focus
Is the election one sided? A done affect your education. on children, so is her educational fo-
matter in this election. With our econ-
deal? Our own “Jake the Rake” She says she believes in health- cus. Gregoire recently cut the State
omy in disarray and a state budget
thinks so. See why on the back. deficit of $3.2 billion, the Governor’s care, but her emphasis has been only budget—a necessity due to its $3.2
race couldn’t be more important. upon children. “Like you, I believe billion deficit under her reign. And
While some of the past Washing- healthcare is a right, not a perk. So what did she cut? Higher education
TAKE OUR ONLINE ELEC- ton State Governors have been little we got results that provided health- funding—that is funding for Wash-
TIONS SURVEY on our more than “ribbon-cutters,” there are care coverage to 84,000 more of our ington State University as well as
webpage at www.vancou- those, like Gregoire, who are active kids and,” she said, “I took the next student aid—to fund K-12.
gar.com. See the results movers and shakers. Not since Dixie step and established a goal of cover- She should have frozen K-12
Lee Ray (1976-1980) has Washing- ing all kids by 2010.” building, and channeled the money
in the next issue. Healthcare for kids is a good saved into salaries and the arts.
ton State had such a vocal and active

“The basis of our government being Presidential Picks

the opinion of the people, the very As tradition would have it, stance not only as an editor, but as a
student for several reasons.
first object should be to keep that we could, as a newspaper, “I certianly did not want people
right; and were it left to me to decide endorse a candidate. We who know me, as a person or edi-
have chosen not to, but... tor, to think that I am biased in my
whether we should have a govern- By Kati Hughes & Greg Zschomler
reporting. I have never let political
ment without newspapers, or news- THE VANCOUGAR
differences get in the way of acurate
news. [Greg: “Nor I.”]
Our greater editorial staff ex-
papers without government, I should pressed reluctance at a personal staff “As all can clearly see, this is
not hesitate a moment to prefer the member by staff member endorse- not something I usually do, but here
I will share my political decisions
latter.” ~Thomas Jefferson (1787) ment. Nor did we feel that a news-
paper is proper in endorseing a can- and the reasoning behind them.
didate, though they traditionally do. “First and foremost, I am voting
for Barack Obama because I feel that

Pres. Floyd raise

We feel this way for two reasons:
One, it is unfair to the staff as the war started by George W. Bush
they likely do not all personally en- —which will also be continued in a
dorse a single candidate. How can McCain Presidency—is not only im-
the paper speak for them all? moral, but one of the reasons for our
WSU Pres. calls for ex- Two, it presents the media as current economic troubles.
pense cuts and a hiring having a bias. Thus, how can the re- “As far as the gubernatorial race
freeze then gets a raise on porting be seen as impartial? goes, I am voting for Chris Gregoire
In the case of The VanCougar in spite of her decision to cut higher
his $600 ,000 salary we also feel that we represent the education funding. While I am a col-
By Kati Hughes voice of the students and those voic- lege student who will be moving on
MANAGING EDITOR es are varied. Therefore we wish to to graduate school in the next year, I
extend an opportunity to you to ex- can’t vote for my own interests alone.
As you may have read in the The money that would have gone to
press your opinion and be heard.
above article, Governor Christine You can participate in our elec- higher ed will now go to K-12 ed.
Gregoire recently cut higher edu- tions survey by clicking the link at “I happen to work for the Van-
cation funding so that K-12 public our website: www.vancougar.com. couver School District, and I have
school can be better funded. Know- Just for the record “I (Greg) seen firsthand the need that K-12
ing this, it may come as a surprise will be turning on my long history schools have for funding. Not only
to hear that President Elson Floyd as a Republican and voting Obama are students in need of materials,
received a substantial raise in sal- for change. McCain would give us but the teachers and paraeduca-
ary this year. more Bushism and I am soooo tired tors (like myself) don’t get paid
While this decision was made of Bush, and the Iraq war, and...Bush nearly enough. In addition, there
in August - before Gregoire made has been beating the same dead horse isn’t enough funding for special ed
her decision – the current economic have been thinking, given the fact
that Floyd had recently called for for long enough; we don’t need Mc- and life skills students in the public
climate raises an important ques- Cain to continue. school system. I am voting for Chris
tion: where does all of this money extensive spending cuts and a Uni-
versity-wide hiring freeze when the “I also will be voting for Rossi in Gregoire because, like her, I feel I
come from? the gubernatorial race, I’ll endeavor must put the education of children
Floyd’s salary has increased pay increase was voted in.
I would love to get a 20% to retain Sam Reed as Sec. of State before my own interests.”
from $600,000 to $750,000. Where and I’m voting NO on both initatives
will this come from? With the ris- raise right now, but with the econ-
omy falling down on our heads I (see my commentary on the back).” OUR PREDICTION: Obama will de-
ing costs of tuition—and every- “I (Kati) am doing what is kind finately win the Presidental race in
thing else under the sun—my guess wouldn’t want to take it from any-
one else. Especially the students of the same-old-thing for me and Washington State. We believe he
is out of our pockets. I also wonder voting Democrat. I have actively has a very good chance of winning
what The Board of Regents could I’m supposed to represent.
attempted to conceal my political the election nationally.
2 The VanCougar EDITORIAL
The VanCougar
The VanCougar is a student-run newspaper
serving the students, faculty and staff of WSU
No need for drastic measures
Vancouver. Copies of The VanCougar are
available free of charge every other Monday Initiative 1000: Assisted suicide. Initiative 985: Transportation issues.
ACT: Initiative Measure No. 1000, AN ACT Relating to INITIATIVE
Editor-in-Chief death with dignity; amending RCW 70.122.100; reenact- Initiative Measure No. 985 would open carpool
Gregory E. Zschomler ing and amending RCW 42.56.360 and 42.56.360; adding lanes to all during non-rush hours, require cities to syn-
Managing Editor a new chapter to Title 70 RCW. chronized traffic signals on main streets, and provide
My mother suffered from a disabling disease known more money for emergency roadside assistance in order
Kati Hughes
as Supernacular Palsy. Basically, her muscles, over time, to clear accidents more quickly. I-985 would also create a
Ad Manager became ridged like stone. The whole process seemed to special account to be spent for traffic congestion relief, to
Dan Rauchenstein take about three years. First her arms and legs slowly be- be funded by revenues already being collected: 15 percent
came non-functional, then her speech, then her ability to of the sales tax on vehicle sales, the former “half-percent-
Advisor swallow. At that point she could have been fed trough a for-art money” if it comes from a transportation-related
Dean Baker tube, but chose not to. She lived out her remaining days public works program, and revenue from red-light ticket
wasting away, though not in physical pain. Funny, she cameras in cities.
Copy Editor could still smile. And even though she could do little to Let’s go through this line by line. Carpool lanes,
HELP WANTED participate in our times together, you could tell how valu- good; synchronized traffic lights, good; roadside emer-
able they were to her. She died peacefully one day. Hos- gency funding… Whoa Nelly! Did you read that? Fund-
ACE Editor
pice was good. The care facility was good. Mom was a ing—the word was funding. By using 15% of the sales
Beau Baxter Rosser trooper, she faced death with true dignity. tax. If it can be spared, why not just reduce our tax by that
Sports & Rec Editor Long illnesses and severe debilitating conditions much? Revenue from red light ticket cameras?! Oh, boy!
Katie Wells are not pleasant to think about and much less so to live There’s where the funding will come from.
through. But, to end one’s life? You’re not finished ‘til Maybe we ought to rethink that one. This would pri-
Staff Writers & Photographers you’re finished. (Who knows what you might add to the marily benefit the Puget Sound area anyway. Let’s vote
Beau Baxter Rosser, Rosann Bartel, lives of others in your remaining days?) Pain can be man- NO and let them pay for it with a city tax. Oh, and let’s
Robert Chu, Matt Hunter, Collin aged, death is final. I’ve always felt that Someone greater reinstate the ½% for art money. Art will be retiring soon,
then I was better at deciding when “my number was up.” he needs the bucks to buy his RV.
Rickman, Willy Chi Shue Tsang, Louise
I urge you to seek life; vote NO on 1000.
Wynn, Jason Garcia, Hannah Walker, BTW: The measure calls for an “’Informed deci-
Shane Monroe, Kevin Raymond, Danielle For more info and the full text of these initatves
sion’” mean[ing] a decision by a qualified* patient, to re- see the Washington State Voter’s Guide online at:
Mosier, Ruth Zschomler, Kyle Ralston, quest and obtain a prescription for medication that the http://wei.secstate.wa.gov/osos/en/Pages/Onli-
Jake Kleinschmidt, Isaac Madsen, qualified patient may self-administer…” Fully informed
Matthew Wright means that they would be advised of “the potential risks neVoterGuideGeneral2008.aspx
associated with taking the medication to be prescribed.”
Illustrators Thus, “Possible side effects include death.” *read measure. ~Editor-in-Chief
Danielle Mosier and Anita Fleming

Jake the Rake

Layout and Design My take on I-1000
Greg Zschomler and Kati Hughes Usually when I don’t agree with
Web Editor someone, I can’t see the logic of their
Michael Hatch side. The situation I’m in right now
with I-1000 is unusual, because I can
© 2008 The VanCougar totally see the logic of voting no, but One Sided Election in 2008
I myself will be voting yes. By Jake Kleinschmidt
My personal experience with
death has been extensive and varied. The election was over in September. Senator Obama
CLS 212 has had the lead in the polls since then despite what the
My mother has said to me on many
14024 NE Salmon Creek Ave. occasions, “you’ve dealt with a lot media tries to push a “close race”. If you follow the Gal-
Vancouver, WA 98686 of death in your short life, kid.” It’s lup polls it’s fairly obvious that for the Republican Party
Phone: (360) 546-9524 true. I’ve watched an aunt, an uncle, it’s more of an embarrassment than a race.
Fax: (360) 546-9072 two grandmothers and a grandfather Joe six packs and Joe the plumber (who isn’t regis-
suffer through illness and die. tered to vote) are not enough to save the McCain cam-
General e-mail , comments, All but my aunt were stricken paign. During the primary elections the Clinton campaign
and employment inquiries with cancer, and they all chose to criticized Obama for not wearing an American flag lapel
vancoug@vancouver.wsu.edu be “troopers” like Greg’s mother, pin at a rally. Interestingly enough, at least two of the de-
may she rest in peace. I admire that, bates Senator McCain has been lacking his own pin and
Letters to the editor, guest and personally think it is the right lacking approval.
columns, and corrections choice to make. However, I see it as It could be said that Governor Palin was not the prime
a choice. choice for a running mate. It could also be admitted that
vancouged@vancouver.wsu.edu such an opinion would be subjective. Let’s turn to CNN’s
Who are we to say that ending
Advertising queries one’s suffering isn’t even an option? election tracking and Gallup polls. If you add the num-
After watching so many that I love bers from all the polls up it generates 353 electoral votes
vancougad@vancouver.wsu.edu for Obama and 185 for McCain. A conservative estimate
suffer for months and eventually
We are hiring! spend their last weeks incoherant would give Obama 326 votes and 212 for the Arizona Sen-
We are always hiring. No experience is nec- and in severe pain, I can see why a ator. If John McCain won every remaining battle ground
essary; we will provide all the training you person would want it to end. state in the nation, Obama will still have 277 votes and
need in journalistic style, photography, and I am voting yes on I-1000 be- win the election.
digital printmaking. E-mail us at vancoug@ cause although I admire the strength The chances of John McCain winning the battle
vancouver.wsu.edu or visit our office in CLS it took my relatives to hold on until ground states are next to nil since the endorsement of
212 for more information. the end came naturally, if any one of Obama from the republican’s former secretary of state
them had chosen to end their own Colin Powel. For the McCain campaign, it isn’t a matter of
Letters to the Editor
suffering I would not have tried to winning the election; it’s a matter of how badly are they
We encourage letters to the editor. Please
stop them. While I think that life is going to lose.
include your full name as part of the letter,
the right choice, voting yes actually Despite this evidence, some of you will vote for the
and a phone number or e-mail address for
makes it a choice. Arizona Senator. Washington is a blue state; it is leaning
confirmation follow-up. Letters must be by a
I’m not going to tell anyone how towards Obama and will be won by him. Voting for Mc-
student, faculty, or staff member.
they should vote on this very impor- Cain is in essence voting for a 3rd party candidate. Some
Guest Columns & Comics tant issue. I will only say this: vote of you may yet still vote for the Republicans out of prin-
The VanCougar accepts guest columns and your conscience. That’s the American ciple; statistically 40% of you do this for the Republican
comics from current students of WSU Van- Way. or Democrat up for election just because they have a D or
couver. Interested students should e-mail us ~Managing Editor R next to their name. This leaves 20% of the population to
at vancoug@vancouver.wsu.edu. decide who wins the election.
By now most of you have probably already voted,
Advertising queries NOTICE: The articles and it’s too late to change your decision. In four years you
Advertising information and rates can be herein are opinion pieces, will have a chance again to cast your vote for the proper
found on our website at www.vancougar. and, as always, the opin- candidate. Next time the right choice might be a Repub-
com. Advertising rate sheets are available ions expressed are those lican. Then again, given that incumbents almost always
via e-mail and postal mail. E-mail vancoug@
of the authors and not win there may not be a chance for you to vote R. It would
vancouver.wsu.edu for quotes.
necessarily those of The be nice to finally have a viable 3rd party candidate so we
Corrections policy could vote neither D nor R and actually have a real choice
VanCougar staff, nor the besides two complete opposites trying to look neutral.
It is our policy to correct errors. Please con- students, staff or faculty
tact the editors by e-mail at vancouged@
of WSU-V.

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