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1. Which of the following is to be done the auditor while internet banking services audit ?

[A] Tour the server room [B] The user is not allowed to login after defined repeated failed attempts [C] Contract clearly states the services that will be provided by the vendor [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A 2. ___________ can be one of the approach used to tax online transactions . [A] Permanent establishment [B] Residence based [C] Income based classification [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-D 3. To stop unauthorized access to the computer systems we should : [A] Have a trust worthy system administrator [B] Have a sound encryption policy [C] Have as good password policy [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C

4. An attack on network will not bother to do : [A] Network Investigation [B] Network Management [C] Access Gaining [D] Escaping [E] None of these (Ans):- B 5. Which of the following details do you think should be checked on security breaches? [A] Authorized access to system resources [B] Un-authorized access to system [C] Un-authorized attempts to change security definitions [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-D

6. The internet is an example of a: [A] Packet switched network [B] Cell switched network [C] Circuit switched network [D] All of the above [E] None of the above (Ans):-A

7. Which of the following methods are NOT used by kerbaos to establish a secure connection between the client and the target server? [A] OCR [B] Secret key [C] Password [D] Al of these [E] None of these (Ans):-C

8. ____________ is the process of organizing data in tables with the object of elimination redundancy and inconsistent dependency. [A] Data modeling [B] Normalization [C] Data mining [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-B

9. Which can be used for development for an application? [A] Data [B] Human factor [C] Technology [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-D

10. The security features of the application should be the time of [A] Programming phase [B] Conceptual design [C] Testing phase [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-B

11. Which of the following statements is FALSE pegarding selection of hardware / software? [A] Budget allocated for application is limited to hardware and software cost. [B] The application should be easy to use by programming rather than by the end user [C] The requirement for the application should be decided [D] All of these are false [E] None of these (Ans):-B

12. A good data base should have [A] Financial stability of the vendor [B] Scope for achieves [C] Provision for data integrity and system integrity [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-D

13. To check if data that is being entered does not have blanks, we have [A] A mathematically calculated check digit [B] Control check to verify if the data is in accordance to pre-determined criteria [C] Competeness check [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-C

14. A detective control is used to check if correct numbers are keyed in [A] Sequence check [B] Manual check [C] Check digits [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-C

15. On August 23,2005, an an accounting clreck prepared an invoice dated August 31,2005, Which control can check this ? [A] Size check [B] Hash total [C] Range check [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C

16. Processing control procedures have [A] Authorization and authentication of users [B] Access control for online data [C] Reporting of before and after images [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-D

17. Which cannot assure data accuracy in an application? [A] Control total [B] Limit and reasonableness test [C] Echo checking [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-C

18. A computer works faster with [A] GUI [B] Mouse [C] Keyboard [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-C

19. SMTP protocol is used for [A] Sending email messages between servers

[B] Sits between client server [C] Transmit news to all clients [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A

20. Which form of job scheduling uses triggers? [A] Manual scheduling [B] Distributed scheduling [C] Mainframe scheduling [D] Automated scheduling [E] None of these (Ans):-C PRACTICE SET 2 1. MICR devices can read: [A] Letters [B] Numbers [C] Both of these [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-B

2. Auxiliary storage consists of [A] Magnetic tapes [B] CDs [C] Both of these [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-A

3. Who can provides access rights to users? [A] Data custodian [B] Data owner [C] The data base administrator [D] Management [E] None of these (Ans):-C

4. Security policy of an organization need not have [A] The overall security philosophy of the organization [B] The authorization procedure for accessing data [C] Security awareness program [D] Highlights and identity of the sensitive security features [E] None of these (Ans):-D

5. In case of a virus getting into computer, which of the following will help? [A] Encryption [B] NORTON [C] Police complaint [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-B

6. Which of the following do you think is NOT necessary for computerization system in a bank? [A] Effective customer service [B] Effective back office integration [C] Focus on manual records [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-C

7. BCNF is needed because: [A] Otherwise tuples may be duplicated [B] When a data is deleted tuples may be lost [C] Updating is otherwise is difficult [D] When there is dependent attributes in two possible composite keys one of the attribute is unnecessarily duplicated in the tuples [E] None of these (Ans):-D

8. Which of the following is reliable service? [A] TCP [B] UDP [C] Both [A] & (2) [D] Either [A] nor (2) [E] None of these (Ans):-A

9. Firewall is used in PC for [A] Security [B] Authentication [C] Data transmission [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-A

10. A transmission in which receiver receives the data simultaneously as it is relayed is called [A] Video-conferencing [B] Online transmission [C] Real-time transmission [D] Offline transmission [E] None of these (Ans):-C

11. A protocol is: [A] Service that helps in communicating [B] Rules that help computer talk [C] Way of transmission data over the net [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-B

12. Which of the following are relational integrity constraints? [A] Null value [B] Prim any key [C] Referential integrity [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-D

13. Which of the following do think is NOT to develop an application for computer? [A] Feasibility study [B] Designing [C] Testing [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-D

14. Binary equivalent to 87 is: [A] 1010111 [B] 1101111 [C] 1011111 [D] 10111111 [E] None of these (Ans):-A

15. In binary system the highest value of an 8-bit number is [A] 255 [B] 256 [C] 253 [D] 259 [E] None of these (Ans):-A

16. Which of them is true? [A] Data can be facts / figures / letters / words symbols etc. that represent an idea or object [B] Data is raw material from which information is derived. [C] Data is numbers, alphabets [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A

17. Maximum storage space is available on [A] CDs [B] Floppies [C] ROM [D] Hard disc [E] None of these (Ans):-D

18. ____________ deals with the restructuring of existing source code in reverse engineering. [A] Abstraction [B] Completeness [C] Users screen [D] Directionality [E] None of these (Ans):-D

19. Which of the following person should be made responsible for reporting maintenance problems in a LAN? [A] Network administrator [B] Users [C] Security officer [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-B

20. Software change management decides: [A] How to manage alternations, irrespective of the stage of the life cycle of a product [B] Development stages working [C] Maintenance stages working [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A

Practice set 3
1. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is used for: [A] Relating IP Address to Ethernet addresses [B] Preventing two computers from using the same IP address [C] Enables a workstation to know its IP address by broad casting its local address [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A

2. How many rollers are actually responsible for movement of the cursor in the mouse [A] 1 [B] 2 [C] 3 [D] Depends from mouse to mouse [E] None of these (Ans):-B

3. Which of there can have more than one value? [A] A composite attribute [B] A multi valued attribute [C] A Derived attribute [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A

4. Which of the following do you think is NOT true for SNMP? [A] It is connection less protocol [B] It guarantees data transmission [C] It can accommodate devices from different vendors [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C

5. What are the facilities offered by tele banking? [A] Balance enquiries [B] Enquiries about the specific transaction [C] Transfer of funds [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C

6. Approval for software projects has to be done by [A] The project head [B] The user department head [C] The senior management [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C

7. The base line for a software in term if software configuration management [A] Point of latest release of the software [B] Point of latest change of the software [C] Point of change approved in the software and added to the project data base [D] All the above [E] None of 1these (Ans):-C

8. The purpose of using computer in an organization is _____________? [A] To produce image , texts, reports etc. [B] To be able get on the internet [C] To process data in to information [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C

9. Which of the following mandatory parts of complete PC system? [A] Hardware and software [B] Input and Output [C] Keyboard and Printer [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A

10. The elements of computer processing system are [A] Hardware, software, information &people [B] Hardware, programs, and people [C] Hardware, Data, users, and procedures [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C 11. The program that is responsible for loading the operating system into RAM is the? (1) BIOS (2) Bootstrap Program. (3) Driver- Driver (4) Supervisor Program (5) None of these 12. Which of the following acts is useful in controlling HAWALA transactions? (a) FEMA Act (Foreign Exchange Management Act) (b) RBI Act (c) DICGC Act (d) Banking Regulation Act 13. Banks have recently launched a service through which money can be transferred using mobile phones. This service is known as (a) MMTF (Mobile Money Transfer Facility) (b) MTMT (Mobile To Mobile Transfer) (c) IMPS (Inter Bank Mobile Payment Service) (d) IBMPS (Internet Banking Mobile Payment Service)

*If you wanted to locate the hardware address of a local device which Protocol would you use? (1) ARP (2) RARP (3) ICMP (4) PING
* Since April 1, 2012__________has become the validity of cheques and bank drafts. (a) 2 months (b) 3 months (c) 4 months (d) 6 months * When you start up the computer, the boot-up stage at which the BIOS Version, manufacturer, and data are displayed on the monitor is called? (1) Bootstrap (2) Power-On Self Test. (3) System Configuration (4) Kernel Loading. * ________is the organization that maintains the borrowers history in India. (a) CRISIL (b) CIBIL (c) CARE (d) RBI * What does T in RTGS stand for? Time (REAL TIME GROSS SETTLEMENT) *In July 1969, how many Commercial Banks were nationalized? A.13 B.14 C.15 D.16 E.20 *