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This document explains how to install and fully activate the Adobe Master Collection CS6 using the patch from mkdev the procedure from Sibero and the batch file from DrZicMu. This procedure supposes that you are using the default paths for the installation. If you are not using these default paths you will have to adjust accordingly.

Installation Files
The tests have been done on an American version of Windows 7 X64 Ultimate using the MasterCollection_CS6_LS16.7z and MasterCollection_CS6_LS16.exe files, as well as on a French version of Windows 7 X64 Professional using the MasterCollection_CS6_LS4.7z et MasterCollection_CS6_LS4.exe files. These files can be found on the Adobe site:
File: CRC-32: MD5: SHA-1: File: CRC-32: MD5: SHA-1: File: CRC-32: MD5: SHA-1: File: CRC-32: MD5: SHA-1: MasterCollection_CS6_LS4.7z a2c77547 8babca589ebb036c74b2cad92331e320 314bed9c5b00e4133cd6fa6daa6f74fb1501b41b MasterCollection_CS6_LS4.exe b5ca303a 6938527b32627a4fd1a69818bdbda351 aad43062bb64da34dc7b1bbb2b675783c2ed6a6d MasterCollection_CS6_LS16.7z 7690d1c1 bfba9a3f1c90440482ebbe5bdc76c8c7 d5a76b1b82c42688cc37517b2e11f8d794cc9b45 MasterCollection_CS6_LS16.exe bceaeeb1 a8d0c043c3ff11a421bbd27f7210c68a 019bcfd1d79db64434aef7828187492b684b76a6

Install From Scratch

Disconnect from internet. Install the Master Collection Using Install - I have a serial number. Enter the following serial 13251455-8713-6444-8151-4768. When asked to connect to the internet select Connect Later selects the applications you want to install and the Language (English North America) in this example and click install. 3. At the end of the installation do not run any application and restart the system. 4. Run patch_drzm.bat as an administrator. At the prompt type 1 to install the patched dll, copy some miscellaneous files, and modify the hosts file. Warning: It is recommended to disable the real time protection of your antivirus as in many cases it disables the modification of the hosts file and the writing to some system area. If you do not want to use the batch file use the manual modification procedure. 5. Run Photoshop. After sometimes a windows popup saying that your trial will expire in 0 days. Click on License This Software. A new window popup indicating that an internet connection is required click enter serial number and then enter the serial 1325-1455-8713-6444-8151-4768, click next. A new window ask to connect to internet click connect later. Close Photoshop and restart it. This time the program should start immediately. 6. Run Premiere pro and verify that you have all the presets available. Verify that Encore run without problems. 7. Run patch_drzm.bat as an administrator At the prompt type 2 to restore the original dll 8. Now you can reconnect the machine to Internet 9. Run several applications from the suite to check that everything is fine. 10. In one of the application click the help menu and click updates.... The update window provide a list of available updates (Ae, Dw, En, Ext Mgr, Fw, Fl, Al 32/64, Id, Media Enc 64, Ps, Pl, Sg, Tools, Camera Raw for a total of 782 MB at time of these writing) leave everything checked so that everything will get updated and click update. 1. 2.

11. At the end of the Update you should verify that you can still execute every program correctly. For example the program Encore should now be in version 6.0.1 and still run correctly.

Manual Modification Procedure

1. The hosts file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc must be patched so it contains the following lines lm.licenses.adobe.com lmlicenses.wip4.adobe.com activate.adobe.com practivate.adobe.com




It is totally useless to use some of the hosts files that are floating around and that contains hundreds of lines with Adobe in the DNS. The above 4 lines are more than enough I have also provided a batch file called patch_hosts.bat (that must be run as administrator) that only patches the hosts file if necessary. You should verify that the hosts file contains the entries described above using for example notepad. To open an explorer window that points to the directory that contains the hosts file you can doubleclick my hosts-dir link. Replace adobe_oobelib.dll. The original adobe_oobelib.dll must be saved and replaced in the following directories: C:\Program Files (X86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDAPP\P6 C:\Program Files (X86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDAPP\LWA Delete content of several folders. You must delete the content of these folders (but not delete the folders): C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\SLCache C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\SLStore C:\ Users\All Users \regid.1986-12.com.adobe (if it exist) Note that C:\ProgramData is equivalent to C:\Users\All Users Replace the content of the three above folders with the content of the corresponding directories provided in the patch.