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Some General Data about Company: They have Two Companies: A. Ltd B. Pvt. Ltd.

(Sister concern)

DEPARTMENTS 1. Purchasing 2. Weigh Bridge 3. Production 4. Packaging 5. Inventory 6. Transportation 7. Quality Control 8. Sales & Marketing 9. Legal 10. Public Relation 11. Reception & Customer Care 12. Advertizing ( Product promotional purpose ) 13. Administration

DOCUMENTATION A. Waybill B. C-form C. Sales tax D. Service tax E. TDS F. Chelan G. VAT H. CST I. Excise duties J. Entry tax

All payment are done through BANK

Customers: 100 (inside Odisha) & 15 (outside Odisha) Vendors: 130 Service Vendors are excluded. ITEM

Finished goods: 300 (Spices-250, Pasta-50) Raw Material: 58 + 12= 70 Spare Parts: Packaging Material: POP material:

PURCHASE RETURN Issue Debit Note Stock refund Then inform to Accounts department

Manufacturing Unit Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4

Name Spices Pasta New Pasta Old Highway

PRODUCTION CENTER Product Spices, Vermicelli, Noodles Pasta, Ready To-Eat Pasta Chuda, Sattu

Location 2/8, Khapuria, Cuttack B18, Khapuria, Cuttack B34, , Khapuria, Cuttack NH-5 (Food Pot)

WAREHOUSE DETAILS Warehouse Location Consumables Spare parts Pack Mat FGoods WH-1 II/8 Y Y Y N WH-2 B18 Y Y Y Y WH-3 B34 N N Y N WH-4 NH-5 N N Y N WH-5 cold storage 1 N N N N WH-6 cold storage 2 N N N N WH-7 cold storage 3 N N N N WH-8 Balisahi, CTC N N Y N WH-9 in front of B34 -- only scrap & wastage materials are stored here. Rent basis Contractual Rent ( Om Packs Property )

Raw Mat Y Y Y Y




There is another store named LAKHESWSAR for damaged return item. After quality check some item are recycled and some are thrown away. Daily production finished goods stored for one day in every Plant then it goes to WH-2, B18.

1- Blended Item Raw mat in Cleaning 2- Turmeric Powder Raw mat in Cleaning 3- Chilly Powder Drying Mixing Grinding Packing

Grinding (milling & sieving)


Raw mat in


Grinding (milling & sieving)


4- Chilly Whole Raw mat in Cleaning Drying Packing 5- Coriander Powder Raw mat in Drying Cleaning Grinding (milling & sieving) Packing 6- Cumin Powder Raw mat in Cleaning Grinding (milling & sieving) Packing 7- Cumin whole Raw mat in Cleaning Packing 8- Rice flex & Sattu Raw mat in Drying Cleaning Blending Grinding Packing 9- Maida Raw mat in Cleaning/Sieving Production process Machine Packing 10- Biryani (Ready-To-Cook) Raw mat in Weigh Scale Mixing Packing 11- Biryani (Ready-To-Eat) Raw mat in Weigh Scale Cutting Cooking Packing 12- Papad Raw mat in Printing Stored Ready to Sale Every item Cleaning 1st Only Chilly item Drying 1st Every Cleaning process is manually done. Whole item Packaging (200g, 250g, 500g, 1kg) is also done manually Another 2 processes are Cooking & Frying. Frying only raw material of Chat masala, Dalma masala,

Order received by Telephone or Fax Dealer Company Dealer Sales Order to to to Company Dealer

By Telephone

Company -- by Fax Billing Delivery Incoming Payment (By Cash, Cheque, RTGS, NFT )

Payment Term 30 days credit for inside Odisha Customer Advance Payment for outside Customer Sales Return Issue Credit Note

Stock received Storage Quality check After that Re use some material and throughout wastage Then inform to Accounts department

CREDIT CHECK They check only open Sales Order & open Billing not open Delivery

Employee Both Permanent and Contractual Salary and wages Both Monthly payment by CASH Workers :-500-Skilled & Unskilled (Except security guard and daily labour) Executives- 30

Organization Structure (Hierarchy) CEO MD DIRECTORS EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS GM DY GM HODs (Admin, Accounts, Maintenance, Production, Purchase &
Storage, PR, Transport & Distribution, Sales & Marketing)

ASSETS LIABILITY EQUITY REVENUE EXPENSES Manual & System Entries both Cash Voucher (Debit/ Credit)

Bank Voucher (Deposit/ Withdraw) Cash Book/ Daily Book Journal Voucher Ledger TAX
CST OST/LST ET TDS Advance online Payment

ACCOUNTS DIVISION There are 2 Accounts Division in Om Oil Co. & 1 Accounts Division in Om Pack co. One Accounts for Spices division and another Accounts for Pasta New/Old in Om Oil Co.

In case of repairing the truck, the process is: - Job card prepared by supervisor Pass by GM Go to garage/pick spare parts from store Bill pass by GM again Accounts Outgoing payment. Month 1st 10th: - No repairs. There are 42 Trucks for transportation use and 7 cars for official use. In case of Truck maintenance they kept Mobil, Greece, Coolant, Distil water in their own stores. No other parts are there.