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Raw materials of ERW pipe- hot rolled coils control to ensure that the coil part of the performance

uniform in cold controlled rolling process. ERW pipe raw materials - hot rolled coils, heavy billet, thick fine-grained surface of solidified layer, the columnar grain zone and shrinkage cavity and porosity, the composition of the deviation is small, compact. pipe fabrication process is characterized because of its raw materials. Uniform thickness, ovality is far superior to seamless steel tubes, anti-squeeze ruin performance than seamless steel pipe of the main reasons. ERW pipe is cold, and with reducing the state line straightening, coupled with unlimited double length, straightness is better; seamless steel pipe molded in a plastic state, plus the haplotype-foot (rolling to 3 ~ 4 times the foot) the straightness of the pipe end is relatively difficult to control. Seamless steel tubes used in billet outer surface of the defect, which can not be eliminated by hot rolling process, it is polished off defects after the completion of the finished; left spiral Road perforation in less wall can only get part of the elimination. ERW steel pipe with hotrolled coil is as a raw material, the surface quality of the coil is ERW pipe surface quality, therefore ERW pipe surface quality is much better than the seamless steel pipe . First, the diameter tolerance ERW Pipe: cold roll forming by 0.6% reducing sizing, process temperature constant at room temperature, and thus the outer diameter of control accuracy, a small fluctuation range, will help eliminate the black buckle; Seamless steel tubes: rolled molding process, the sizing is 8000C or so, its outer diameter of the steel pipe raw material composition, cooling conditions, as well as the roll cooling state have a greater impact, and thus the outer diameter control is difficult to accurately and fluctuations a larger range. Second, the wall thickness tolerance ERW Pipe: hot rolled coils as raw materials, modern hot strip rolling thickness tolerances can be controlled within 0.05mm, seamless steel tubes using round steel perforated produced, the thickness deviation of the subsequent hot rolling can partially eliminate the wall thick and uneven, but the most advanced unit can only be controlled at less than 5 to 10% t, corresponding to the steel pipe of 8.94mm thickness. Seamless steel pipe: wall thickness control accuracy limit is 0.9mm. Third, the ellipticity ERW Pipe: it is formed by cold roll, and thus the outer diameter is accurate, the fluctuation range is small. Seamless steel pipe: it is used hot rolled molding process, its external diameter of the steel pipe raw material composition, cooling conditions, as well as the roll cooling state have a greater impact on out diameter. and thus it is difficult to accurately and a larger range.