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Report Category

Report Name
Active Users Created Work Orders Other Task Report Task List

Report Description
Simple Count of Active Users by Team Simple Count of Work Zone WOs by Type, per Month List of Work Orders w/ Other as the Task Lists of Tasks by Asset Model

Administration: Users/Work Orders/Tasks

Financial: Costs, Invoices, Warranties

Asset by Costs by Model AVG Cost by Repair Category Comparative Cost Totals Part and Materials Used List Spot Purchases Summary Cost& Invoice Totals Warranties by Assets WO Count & Cost Total by Asset Model by Work Zone Avg Cost Breakdown per Category/Assigned Resource Summary for Properties/Work Zones List: Parts Used and their Cost by Property/WZ List: Spot Purchases by Assigned Resource/ Property Costs Compared to Invoices by Property and Month List of Warrantied Assets by Property

New Basic Reports: Popular Summaries

Active WOs by Team Active WOs by Team by Tech Customer Service Log Employee Time by Codes Employee Time by Work Orders Overdue Work Orders Store Room Transactions WOs by Customer/Time Zone Active WOs by Team Active WO Details Grouped by Tech, Status Customer Service Log by Portfolio Summary of Employee Time by Codes Details of Employee Time by WOs By Portfolio, Overdue WOs Store Room Transactions WO Details by Assigned To, Status

Other: Assets, Customers, Knowledgebase

Asset List Asset List with Attributes Customer and Contact List Customer List KB Models and Attributes KB Models and Tasks Filterable List of Assets in Work Zone List of Assets & Sub-Report of Attributes By Property, Customers + Associated Contacts Flat List of Customers in Portfolio List of Models by Type + Associated Attributes List of Models by Type + Associated Tasks

Parts & Materials: Inventory/ Transactions

Parts Used Product Catalog Product Details Stock Location Inventory Stock Locations by Category Transaction Details Report Transaction Summary Report List of Parts Used, By Month, Across Portfolio List of all Products in Catalog List of Product Info, Locations & Qty + Suppliers Basic Inventory Report by Stock Location Total Value in Stock Location(s), by Product Category List of Transaction, Line Item Details Number of Transactions and Total Value

Work Order Network


RMPM: Preventative/Routine Maintenance

Overdue PMs at Completion PM WO Details by Report PMRM Schedule WO HIstory Upcoming PM Schedules Overdue PMs, Completed, by Property Details of PM/RM WOs List of WOs Associated with Schedules List of PMs to Occur at this Property/Location Total Activity + Aging 3/15/30 Days Overdue Summary Results from Vendor Ratings Top 10 Issues in Completed Work Orders Count of Invoices and Total Value Exportable Scorecard Report Scorecard Report When WOs Created, by Type Highly Detailed by WO & Assigned To Open, Avg Age, Overdue, Unassigned Count, Avg TTC, Avg Cost, By Team, Billable Hours by Employee by Week Calculated Timings by Portfolio, by Month Basic Employee Vendor Contact Info WOs by Age, TTS, STC by Type and Priority Count, Avg: Cost, Age, to Start, Duration Cost, Age, by Specialty and Priority

Premium Reports: Graphs/Dashboards

Multi-Line Item Dashboard Overdue Work Orders Provider Scorecard Report Top Work Issues Vendor Invoice Review Report WON Scorecard Exp Report WON Scorecard Report Work Order Creation Summary Work Order Details Work Status and Backlog Comparative Team Performance Employee Billable Hours Report Portfolio Performance Report Resource List Response Time Team Performance - Priority Team Performance Specialty

Resources and Performance: Personnel/Vendor Contact + Performance

Work Order Reports: WO and Service Request (SR) Summary and Detail Lists
Appointments for Portfolio Count by Portfolio Open WO Details for Customer Open SR List for Customer Open WOs by Customer Open WOs by Portfolio Punch List for Customer/Time Zone Summary by Category and Portfolio Team Work Orders Trend Day Created Trend - Specialty Weekly Created/Completed WO Work Order Detail Customer Work Plan Child WO Details WO List by Appointment Date/Time Simple Count of WOs by Status and Priority By Status: Details - Line items & Notes List by Status & Priority Many Columns Age, Status Priority, Desc, Assignment, Notes Age, Status Priority, Desc, Assignment, Notes Punch List Line Items by WO Count, Avg Cost, TTC.Total Cost, Total Hours List of Active WOs by Assigned, Status & Priority Count of WOs Created by Day of Week Count of WOs by Specialty by Month Weekly Count of Created, Completed, Overdue WO Details Actions/Notes Child WO Line items by Work Plan

Work Order Network