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Michael McConnell

World History –Honors

Persuasive Speech
Galileo of Galilei

By definition, the greatest scientist is someone who we classify as the most accomplished during

a certain period in time; and during the Scientific Revolution only one man fit that profile – Galileo of

Galilei. He not only was an inventor, scholar, and clergymen, he also was a scientist. Many of his most

notable accomplishments include his perfected telescope, factual affirmation of the heliocentric theory,

and his Law of Pendulums. Galileo was a very busy man during the Scientific Revolution. He is the

most qualified man for this award due to the importance of his inventions, his advancement in

astronomy, and his work on the study of objects in motion.

Galileo both proved and disproved the ideas of many men during the scientific revolution. He

reaffirmed the ideas of Copernicus and heliocentric motion but also denounced Copernicus and his work

claiming that his ideas were incomplete. He did not invent the telescope, however he improved it and it

was used not only to study the motions of the planets, but in his home country and in Venice it was used

as a protection measure to predict attacks! The telescope was based on the basic idea that it magnified

objects to more than thirty times their magnification, which then caused things far away to be easily

seen. The telescope has many practical uses. Galileo also became fascinated with how chandeliers

swung back and forth in churches. He stated that when a chandelier, or pendulum, swings it takes longer

for it to go back to its rest position than it does to its second position. This meant that when the

pendulum began to swing, it lost momentum when it came back to its original position in its back swing.

This was due to wind resistance and gravity. However Galileo also noted that no matter how long it took

for the pendulum to finish one full cycle, it always took the same amount of time, though slowing down

its cycles each time. Finally he proved the heliocentric theory. The heliocentric theory stated that the

sun was the center of the universe, not the earth (geocentric). He used drawings and observations from
his telescopes to prove his facts. Galileo was a man of science; he based all of his reasoning only in fact,

and in things he could personally see or feel. This makes him the ONLY candidate worth his weight in

gold for this award.

One could only choose Galileo as the best scientist during the Scientific Reformation. This is due

to his many accomplishments and further progress in the scientific movement. Most scientists during the

Scientific Reformation were only known for two or three things, but our friend Galileo is known for so

many things that even the textbooks give him the most credit! Volumes upon volumes are written on this

man and he has become a household name. Not many several hundred year old men can be recognized

by the average ten year old! One person would agree and choose Galileo as the best scientist for any

prestigious award, it would be stupid not to.

Galileo of Galilei, scientist, astronomer, introvert, inventor, scholar, and clergymen, - now if that

list isn’t a qualified resume then one cannot see who else could be the most qualified man for the award.

Galileo was the only man during his time (that students study) which notably stood up to the church and

secretly won. He used his tact and wit to denounce none of his own work, and use fallacies of logic to

distract the church away from his points. This alone is perfect, and unfaultable to prove that he should

get an award. Not many men can prove someone wrong and make that person still think they won!

Galileo of Galilei, the only clever choice for Scientist of the Century