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The Pony Express

Trabuco Hills High School PTSA Pony Express 27501 Mustang Run, Mission Viejo, CA. 92691 (949)768-1934

Volume 3 Issue 3 Dec 2012 / Jan / Feb 2013 Craig Collins, THHS Principal Rachel Ward, PTSA President

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Saddleback Valley Council PTA Fourth District PTA California State PTA National PTA Andrea Padian , Editor (Position Open)

Challenge Day - Be the Change You Want to See

had experienced the program before. The Challenge Day program is lead by two coaches who have put on 1000s of Challenge Days throughout the world. And like last year, they were an incredible team. This program is provided entirely by the THHS PTSA with the help of Madeline Jaroch and Craig Collins and some sponsorships from businesses and foundations so your support and membership in the PTSA helps provide this amazing and vital program. The day begins with games to loosen up the crowd, followed by a discussion about the real you verses the you we show others. The coaches talk about how, like an iceberg, only 10% of who you are is usually revealed to othersit is the image you want people to seewhile on the other hand, we tend to keep 90% of The PTSA held three Challenge Days this year and who we are below the surface...things that might ineach day was an inspiration and success. The hardest clude your fears, your dreams and reality. The coaches part was turning away students because the days were share their own stories and then the group breaks into so full. But, the PTSA hopes to continue the program small groups where they go around a circle, For two every year so that after four years of school at least half minutes each person shares their true selves. If you our students will have participated. Each day included really knew me Challenge Days present a safe envi100 eager student participants, approximately 30 inronment for kids and adults to talk about issues, fears, credible adult participants, and 25 student leaders who pressures...anything they want to discuss, while others
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Courage is contagious. When a brave person takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened. ~ Billy Graham

December 2012 / January & February 2013, Volume 3, Issue 3

page 2

Trabuco Hills High 2011-2012 PTSA Board Members

Rachel Ward, President Craig Collins Trabuco Hills High Principal Michelle Ramacher Executive Vice President & Convention Chair Christina Simon Vice President Membership & Silent Auction Chair Diane Williams Vice President Ways & Means Jessica Shipma,* Student Leader (President) Mike Padian, Treasurer Nicole Cassens, Financial Secretary Lisa Semon, Historian Linda Boud, Recording Secretary Louise Robertson, Auditor Suzann Gastreich, Parliamentarian Larry Hausner, Legislative/Advocacy Representative Joan Rosenberg, Foster Care Liaison Kim Saavedra, Volunteer Development Lisa Bauer & Andrea Padian, Grad Night Co-Chairs James Peredo, Webmaster Andrea Padian & Tonga Prather , Reflections Chris Burns & Liz Busch, College Fair Co-Chairs Tish Witkin, Arts Advocacy Chair Sheryl Titchener, & Andrea Padian Challenge Day Mike Padian, Mini-grant Chair Yvonne Arnett, Special Education Chair Michelle Wincek, Welcome Committee Chair Gabriela Peredo, Outreach Brenda Hanrath, Discount Cards & Restaurant Nights Jill Azuma, Ralphs & E-Script Chair Andrea Padian & Lisa Bauer, Taste of the Hills Chairs Diane Depreta, Teacher/Staff Appreciation Andrea Padian, Newsletter Editor Jenny Morgenstern, Drugs & Alcohol Prevention Jennifer Brase , Senior Scholarships & Award Night Michelle Gerry, Adopt a Book Chair Gloria Briones, Campus Beautification Chair Sharon Neubauer, Paper Drive Chair Mike Briante & Lynette Berke, Grant Writers Health Advocate, Kim Knoble Parent Education ChairsOPEN Publicity LiaisonOPEN

Challenge Day

(continued from page one)

just listening. No one interrupts. After each person talks, they are acknowledged with hugs of support and understanding. The group then does an exercise called crossing the line. This is a pretty amazing lesson for all there as participants stand before a line and cross the line if they have experienced a certain event or experience in their life. It might be as simple ascross the line if you are under 18. Or cross the line if you have ever felt judged because or your weight, your race, your sexual orientation. If it applies, participants cross the line and look back at those that didnt. But the message is simple. If you cross the line, you find you are not alone. Cross the line if someone you know was killed by a drunk driver; cross the line if you or someone you know has tried to commit suicide; cross the line if anyone in this room has done something to hurt you; cross the line if youve ever felt abandoned; cross the line if you feel pressured to perform in school With few dry eyes in the house, everyone begins to realize they are not alone and others realized that they dont really know everything they think they know about the people around them. Everyone has things they hide, that they dont share. You cannot tell who a person is by the way they dress, or talk or look. And the message is clear, if you dont know someone, you shouldnt make judgments about that person. Its about acceptance. Its about being able to be who you really arewhether people think you have everything going for you in life or not. After crossing the line, everyone breaks back into their small groups again and each person takes two minutes to talk about why they crossed the line. The day ends with a free for all, where kids and adults step up to make comments about the day, what they plan to do to make the changes they need to make in order to treat each with more respect and love. It is impossible to describe, but suffice it to say, everyone walks out changed. Without going through the experience, it is hard to imagine, but this is a day that can change lives. With lots of hugs and genuine appreciation for each otheryou leave continued page 3 Trabuco Hills High PTSA Student Board
Jessica Shipma, Student Leader/President
Open, Freshman Representative Open, Sophomore Representative Josh Nuzzo , Junior Representative Andie Wong, Senior Representative Chiara Burns, College Fair Chair Brendan Busch, Special Ed Chair Alayna Zuckerman, Grant Writer & Challenge Day Leader Julia Mihaylov, Newsletter& Website Natasha Behnam, Publicity Chair Nicole Peredo, Outreach Hadar Albo, Volunteer Coordinator James Padian & Duncan Bauer Grad Night Co-Chairs Alexa Simonton, Advocacy Airon Hojas, Reflections Chair Michelle Briones & Niki Neely, Campus Beautification Open, Membership Open, Paper Drives Chair

Teacher RepresentativeOPEN

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Pony Express

page 3

Thanks to all those that participated and volunteered their help. Without you, this extraordinary day couldnt happen. inspired and uplifted. Its hard not to be. To enhance under- We also must thank our student leaders and Be the Change Club members, our dear partner, Madeline Jaroch (office standing, PTSA also pays for substitutes so 5 teachers each manager and Mr. Collins secretary,) Sheryl Titchener, our day can experience Challenge Day and the transformation that takes place in the room. They share their lives too, open- very pregnant and very crucial Chair person, and other team members who helped plan this event. ing up, and then are able to bring some of the lessons of Challenge Day back into their classrooms. To date, we have been able to put almost 500 students The second part of Challenge Day is bringing the message to through the program. With your help and participation in the the campus. This year, under Coach Fred Kendell, a extraor- PTSAs fundraising efforts, the hope is to continue this prodinary teacher at Trabuco, the Be the Change Club has gram for years to come. Ask someone that was there.did formed. Be the Change Club is an extension of Challenge they walk away changed in some way? Smarter about how Day, with the goal to keep the spirit & feel of Challenge Day their words and actions can help or hinder others? If they alive. The group consists of students that have been through said no, it would be a surprise to most participants there. Challenge Day. In January, they will have their first official Please support our PTSAs efforts to make a difference by club meeting of the year followed up in February with a joining PTSA this yearespecially if you participated. Our Challenge Day Reunion lunch where new Challenge Day motto, every child, one voice, really comes out in this proparticipants can say hello and learn more about the Club. gram and your support is greatly needed and appreciated. This event is also sponsored by the THHS PTSA.so if you were there this year or are a member of the Challenge Day Andrea Padian, Club now, look for announcements about the reunion lunch Challenge Day soon. Adults and teachers are invited, too. Leader

Challenge Day

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December 2012 / Jan & Feb 2013, Volume 3, Issue 3

Page 4

THHS PTSA Mustang Marvels

Lots of hardworking Mustangs to thank over the last couple months! Where to begin Our thanks to all the PTSA members who agreed to serve on the Nominating Committee for the 2013-2014 PTSA Board: Suzann Gastreich, Lisa Semon, Andrea Padian, Diane Depreta, Michelle Rachmacher, and Craig Collins. This is one of the most important committees PTSA has, as it comes up with a slate of officers that will lead the PTSA in the coming year. Thanks for offering your valuable assistance. We would also like to thank all of you that have thrown your name into the pool of potential leaders for the board next year. You are to be commended for understanding and agreeing to help with the leadership of the PTSAwithout which the PTSA could not exist. So thanks for caring about our school, students, teachers and parents. We would like to thank our Challenge Day leaders for another very successful series of days. Sheryl Titchener, Challenge Day chair person, who champions the event coordinating and getting parent participants lined up.a busy time for a mom-to-be. Luckily she didnt give birth and make it a truly challenging daythough she is expecting any day as this issue goes out. Thanks also to Madeline Jaroch and Andrea Padian, hardworking members of the team, who coordinated student and staff participants, student leaders, check in, travel arrangements for our Challenge Day leaders and much more, and Craig Collins, whose support is immeasurable. Thanks to Mike Padian, for his work coordinating the set up, and picking up lunches for over 500 people over 3 days. We also want to thank Fred Kendell, teacher and Be the Change Club Coach, and Alayna Zuckerman, student Challenge Day Chair and president of the Be the Change Club and her Be the Change Club VP, Samantha Sparks. They organized all our student leaders, coordinated meetings and plans for Februarys Challenge Day reunion lunch for student participants and leaders. Alayna was also instrumental in getting grants among other things like free hotel rooms at Ayres Suites for our leaders, that helped cut costs for Challenge Day. Thank you! We thank all the parents participants, student leaders, check-in and lunch helpers who made this day doable. Without all these volunteers, this day would be impossible to put on.so while the list is long, they all deserve a BIG note of appreciation for taking the time to make this valuable program a success once again. Many participating look forward to doing so again next yearand their commitment to the idea of Challenge Day is crucial. We would like to thank our Challenge Day sponsors, too, Ayres Suites, and the David & Julianna Pyott Foundation. Thanks to Diane Depreta, who put together the Cookie Exchange for Teachers and staff at THHS. Once again, she did a wonderful job. Wed also like to thank the helpers there that day and all the parents that donated home made cookies, bars and holiday treats for our school team. Great job! This is a favorite annual event for them all and wonderful treat. And lastly, our thanks to Yvonne Arnett, our Special Education Chair, for putting together a celebratory breakfast for our special ed teachers and aides in honor of Special Educators Day in December. Your help is so appreciated! You are not forgotten!

Go Mustangs! Go Blue!

In every community there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it. ~ Marianne Williamson Snowflakes are one of natures most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together. ~ Vesta M. Kelly May our adversaries make us strong. May our victories make us wise. May our actions make us proud. ~ H. Brown

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Pony Express

page 5

Special Educators Day Breakfast

By Yvonne Arnnett, PTSA Special Ed Chair

The Special Educators Day breakfast was a huge success. We were able to discuss the needs of our Special Ed students, and the teachers and aids discussed their various concerns and needs as well. PTSA advocates for and supports all our students - including our special education students and teachers/

Annual Holiday PTSA Teacher & Staff Cookie Exchange

December 2012, January & February 2013, Volume 3, Issue 3

page 6

Trabuco Hills Sports GOGO-GOGO-GO Mustangs!!!!

James Padian runs for a try against Tesoro as the THHS Varsity Rugby team (in white) continue their undefeated season. THHS Frosh/Sophomore soccer team play a preseason game against Santa Margarita High School. Pictured: Megan Logsdon


Varsity 2012 League versus Laguna Hills High School Pictured: THHS player, Clare Loper

JV 2012 Mustang Cup Finals Pictured left to right: Megan Lucas, Hannah Terry (varsity) and Katia Fenner

THHS Wrestling Team celebrates another victory! The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of stars in the world, but if they dont play together, they wont be worth a dime. ~ Babe Ruth

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Pony Express

Page 7

Campus News Keeping Up with Natasha

sports are participating; such as girls and boys soccer, girl water polo, and even the Comedy Sportz team! All the teams will be doing a dance for the student body in hopes of winning the grand prize of $100 towards their sport team. Speaking of sports, our basketball team played against our rivals, El Toro High School, this past week and the crowd was rallied up and excited! Although we didnt go home with a victory, the spirits for this season are still high after our nail-biting win against Esperanza High School, our first home game of the season. Another exciting event coming up at THHS is food fair! Food fair is on Friday, February 8th. There are over 15 clubs participating and selling food from all around the world. This year, in addition to our culturally diverse booths, food trucks are also going to be at the food fair providing even more varieties of delicious snacks. Even though it sounds too soon to be true, we only have two more Got Spirit Days this year until the much anticipated Battle of the Grade Levels assembly in March! The assembly will determine which grade level wins Got Spirit this year. There will also be a Got Spirit themed informal dance in our gym after the final Got Spirit competition week.

By Natasha Behnam Natsha.behnam1@gmail.com

Hey there Mustangs! Weve got another exciting couple months headed our way, as usual for Mustang Country! Things may seem bleak right now as Trabuco students are bustling to get their grades up and to keep them up throughout the upcoming finals week, however, second semester is only about three weeks away, and then comes all the fun! The finals schedule is as follows: Tuesday January 22: period 1 final Wednesday January 23: period 4 and 7 finals Thursday January 23: period 2 and 3 finals Friday January 24: period 5 and 6 finals

Coming up right after finals is our Willy Wonka Winter Formal Dance. This year, The dance is at the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda from 8-11:30pm. ASB is announcing the kings and queen for each grade level during With so much going on, finals week will seem like a small halftime show at the basketball game on Friday, January 25th. Make sure to come out and support your mustang bas- blur as we keep busy this next month or two. If you have any important information you want to get out there, always ketball team and see an entertaining halftime show! feel free to email me at Natasha.behnam1@gmail.com. And Even sooner than that, on January 17th ASB is putting on an as always, go blue mustangs! extended rally for all of the winter sports coming up. Many

Go to the CAPTA website for more tips and information Purpose: The CAPTA offers Graduating High School Sen- about the scholarship program at www.capta.org/sections/programs/high-school-grad.cfm . ior Scholarships ($500) to recognize volunteer service by high school seniors in a school and community. Look for more information about the THHS PTSA scholarThe Scholarship Program provides funds for PTA members ships that are due May 4, 2013. We offer 4 scholarships, to register for courses at accredited colleges, universities, two for community service, almost identical to the State trade or technical schools PTA scholarship application, one for the arts (you must be majoring in one of the arts: visual arts, creative writing, Eligibility: Successful applicants must meet the following music, theater, dance/choreography, video/film production criteria. or photography. Look for more information in the Career PTA member graduating from a high school in CaliforCenter soon. Those scholarships will be presented at the nia between January 1 and June 30of the current acaSenior Award Night Ceremony in June.

CAPTA Graduating Senior Scholarships Due February 1, 2013

demic year. Current member of his/her high school PTA?PTSA which is in good standing. Scholarship used during fall semester following high school graduation at schools mentioned in paragraph 2.

March, 2011, Volume 1, IsDecember 2012, January & February 2013, Volume 3, Issue 3 page 8

PTAs Around the Country Send Snowflakes to Decorate New Sandy Hook School
Under the direction of ASB and in conjunction with the PTSA, Nicole Pedero, Student PTSA Outreach Chair, gathered snowflakes collected from and made by students at THHS to send to the Connecticut PTA. Their State PTA is collecting snowflakes from around the country to decorate the walls of the new Sandy Hook school so when students return, they will find a winter wonderland awaiting them. Many students included words of sympathy, compassion and hope for families of Sandy Hook Elementary, where 26 people died in that recent school tragedy. Thanks Nicole and everyone at Trabuco Hills that participated in this project of love. The snowflakes and messages were beautiful!

STATISTIC OR SURVIVOR What will your Child be?

The reality is that teens are injured and killed every day driving cars. More than 6,000 teens die in car crashes in this country every year, and over 300,000 are seriously injured, Every parent should be rightfully concerned about their child becoming a safe driver in this dangerous driving environment! THHS PTSA is teaming up with the LHHS PTSA to bring you a seminar that addresses this important subject. On Thursday, January 31, 2013 (6:30-8:30 PM in the Trabuco Hills High School Theater) MasterDrive of Orange County will provide a seminar for new drivers and their parents with very specific survivor strategies. This two-hour program is designed to equip parents with strategies for teaching their teen to become a competent driver. Come and learn about todays driving dangers, the licensing process, essential car control skills and response maneuvers, financial liabilities, cars for new drivers and much more. Each family at the seminar receives a complete packet with information and strategies for teaching teen driving. Also, MasterDrive is offering free Drivers Education Classes (a $200 value) for all teens that attend with a parent! Spaces are limited at this free seminar so reserve your spot now by emailing Linda Boud at boud@cox.net.

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Pony Express

page 9

2013 SVUSD

Board of Education Meetings

Join your THHS PTSA Today Today its not too late!
For only $15 you can make a big difference at your school. PTSA supports ALL our students, teachers and school families. Dont sit on the sidelines and watch - get involved! If you cant help with your time and talents, at least be involved with your membership. Our mid year Membership Campaign is underway. We need to increase our numbersso please help and join today. Email Christina Simon at dunes2river@cox.net for more information.

February 12th March 12th April 9th May 14th June 11th July 9th @ 6:30PM in the
SVUSD Board Room 25631 Peter Hartman Drive, Mission Viejo, California

20132013-2014 Board Positions

Are you interested in helping?


Monday, February 11, 2012
7 PM in the MPR
Get informed Join PTSA Principal & PTSA President Reports 2013-2014 PTSA Board slate announced 2011-2012 THHS Reflections Awards Buy Community Discount Cards Adopt a Book for our library Student Leader & ASB Reports Committee Reports Grad Night Information Elect Sacramento Safari Representatives

President Executive Vice President VP Membership VP Ways & Means VP Student Leader Treasurer Financial Secretary Secretary Auditor Historian Advocacy / Legislative Rep

You must be a PTSA member. If you have questions or are interested in serving, email Suzann Gastreich right away at

March 18th Meeting -

*2013-2014 PTSA Board Election *2013

Let your voice be heard!


January 2012, January & February 2013, Volume 3, Issue 3

Page 10

ASB In Action
Stangs 4 Change
By Clara Nguyen Freshman President

By Snehal Chitalia Sophomore Class President

Tis the season for Nationball at Trabuco Hills High School! Similar to Dodgeball, the participating teams are all composed of Trabucos very own students! According to Ben DePerry, the ASB student in charge of Nationball, this years Nationball is the craziest year of Nationball ever! With so much happening at one time during every game, the crowd is always captivated by the games entertainment. A great pastime for the student body at snack time, the games took place on Wednesday and Friday at snack. The teams playing Friday, December 7th, in the semi-finals were Team EOHIOHAA and Team Minorities. On Wednesday, December 12th, the teams of Bracket B played in the second day of semi-finals. Following the semifinals there was the much anticipated Championships! It's that time of year again, the time for giving, receiv- The winning team received a grand prize of $100! Naing, eating, sleeping, not doing homework, enjoying tionball is one of the most exciting and entertaining time with friends & family, but most importantly, activities to occur in the school, and it is definitely an CHANGE-ing. Change-ing? Yes, that means Stangs 4 attraction to all of the different groups of students at Change! Every year, the Trabuco Hills Mustangs host Trabuco. a week-long effort to help change the lives of the less fortunate. For the week of December 4th through 7th, we collected hundreds of dollars in coins and bills--all money reaching out to needy families of students here at Trabuco and to the children and teens in the Orange County Foster Care System. Homeroom teachers have been in competition with each other, trying to raise more money and fighting for the prize. The top three money-earning homerooms are also receiving a prize! This conscientious effort is crucial to helping our community and our Mustangs have got that down. What a better way to start the holiday season? Be the CHANGE in your school!
The best response to the long list of social ills is to put into effect the Noah principle. That is, stop looking for credit for predicting the rain, its time to start building an ark.
~ Johnetta B. Cole

If you think youre too small to make a difference, you havent been in bed with a mosquitos. ~ Anita Roddick

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Pony Express

page 11

ASB In Action!
By Mezu Ukah Junior President

continued from page 7

The Mustangs celebrated their third Got Spirit? Day of the school year on November 30th. During the snack rally, students participated in the cinnamon challenge, in which they attempted to swallow an entire cup of cinnamon, while in the middle of the rally stage, students participated in a game of Twister. This rally was unique in that it involved two activities on stage at the same time; truly a unique "twist" in plans. As of now, the current Got Spirit? points are as follows:

4th PlaceSophomores 3,952 Points 3rd PlaceFreshman 4,317 Points 2nd PlaceJuniors 4, 616 Points 1st PlaceSENIORS 5,306 Points

Willy Wonkas Winter Formal Dance

Saturday February 2, 2013

Stephen Montgomery Senior Class President

This year the fall sports CIF Luncheon was held in the MPR on Wednesday the 28th of November. Five fall sports made it to CIF this year including, boys cross-country, girls cross-country, girls golf, girls volleyball and boys water polo. We celebrate all of these athletic Mustangs for their dedication. To show appreciation, Trabuco Hills had the CIF Luncheon during 5th period. Along with Chipotle burritos, there was also sodas, brownies, chips and cookies! Besides the delicious food and celebrating our Mustangs athletic achievements, each Coach gave a small speech congratulating their dedicated athletes, and ASB awarded each individual with a medal! Great job Mustangs and Go Blue!

8:00 11 PM
Richard Nixon Library, Yorba Linda, CA Buy your tickets soon before prices go

December 2012, January & February 2013 Volume 3, Issue 3

page 12

What Up?
Almost There
By Julia Mihaylov, julze97@cox.net Student Newsletter Associate
The end of yet another first semester of high school is just within view. Thanksgiving break has passed and now we settle into the craziness of pre-winter break. Teachers are already rushing to end their lessons, making tests earlier, and piling on the homework when students simply want to get into the holiday spirit. Every high school student knows to never lose focus before big breaks, even though that is exactly what we want to do. We must push ourselves to give it our all, do not take the easy way out, we will benefit from our hard work.

come. In the end, we ease into the holiday spirit and care less about the amount of work we are given and simply look forward to our well-deserved break. The days grow shorter, the weather gets colder, and we Californians love the change. We finally get to wear our jackets and scarves with a good reason. No more beach days or swimming pools, now we have our fireplaces accompanied by a blanket and some Starbucks: The time of year when being inside is better than outside. You cant get too much winter in the winter. -Robert Frost

Youve got to work hard for your success and youve Get ready for the next couple weeks that lie got to have a steady presence. Thats the ahead, stay focused, work hard, enjoy the cold, grab a secret. ~ Kid Rock cozy blanket, and get into that holiday spirit: Winter The closer we get to the holiday season, the more break is approaching. stressful things become. However, the closer we get to the holiday season, the more improved our moods be-

Being a Volunteer Volunteera Noble Profession

By Erma Bombeck
I was a thousand points of light long before volunteerism lighted up the sky and had an official name. I had my lights short-circuited, burned at both ends and occasionally punched out. I hang in there because generally volunteerism is a dazzling galaxy of gems that streak across the sky and illuminate the world when it falters and cannot find its way. I was thinking the other day that Americans are intrigued by royalty. Americans have never felt the need for a hierarchy who live in castles and get paid for waving and going to funerals, but I would like to propose a royal family for this country who would have no political power but would symbolize what we are all about and set the tone for our nation. ...the Royal Family of Volunteers. You cannot be born to this royal family. You must earn your way through the ranks. Congress will not appropriate a salary for your efforts. You wont even have your own principality, especially if you volunteer your medical services to travel down the Amazon River on your vacation to tend to the needs of children in Brazil. The perks of royalty, which usually add up to yachts, box seats, parades and state dinners, may translate to long hours, tired sandwiches, costs, rejection, cold coffee, and screaming kids. Royalty as a rule is recognizable. The Royal Family of Volunteers are nameless, faceless and forgettable. They are often taken for granted, and only a fraction of them are recognized for their talents. So how do you know youre royalty? Ah...its the crown jewels that give you away that sparkling tiara of smiles you have given and tears you have shared, and the rich legacy of caring.

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Pony Express

page 13

2013 Great Gradsby Party

Grad Night Co-chairs Andrea Padian @ apadian@aol.com Lisa Bauer @ isakaybauer@yahoo.com Student Grad Night Co-chairs James Padian @ jrpadian2@aol.com Duncan Bauer @ bauerd253@yahoo.com
What could be more fun than an entire night celebrating your graduation with your fellow classmates? This years Grad Night theme is the Great Gatsby or as it has been named.The 2013 Great Gradsby Party. A bit of roaring 20s fun, lots of delicious food for dinner and breakfast, speakeasy fun with mocktails and endless drinks, casino action, crazy rides & entertainment including fortune tellers, a hypnotist, crazy hair artists, balloon artists, all night dancing, raffle, movies, photos, and so much more. The fun begins right after the graduation ceremony. Students will meet at the tennis courts to pick up their ticket and get on a bus. Come with your friends as there will be NO prior bus assignments. Tickets must be purchased in advance and the price goes up throughout the year. No refunds are offered at this time. Dont miss the fun! Prices are currently $180.00. Complete your permission forms, make a check payable to the THHS PTSAGrad Night and drop both off in an envelope in the office with Debi Hope. Prices go up to $190 on February 19, so dont wait!

Raise $$$$ for your Grad Night Ticket Car Wash Opportunities! Parent Help Needed!!!
Need help paying for Grad Night? How about spending a day or two helping at a car wash? All money raised by students who participate will be divided, including tips, and credited to their Grad Night accounts. You can also sell car wash tickets to Santa Margarita Ford with all proceeds going directly to your account. If you sell PTSA Community discount cardsyou can make $5 per card sole. If you dont make some effort to earn some money to pay for your Grad Night ticket, we will not be able to help you financially with scholarship funds unless you are in foster care, living on your own, in dire need of help & already working. If that is the case, contact us right away. All students requesting assistance will be assured of privacy regarding any arrangements made to accommodate them. Email one of the Grad Night Chairs to sign up and participate. We also need additional helpers (14 and older) who will receive community service hours for helping at one of our car washes. We are also currently looking for a parent to organize these car washes. We are hoping to do at least two this year in order to help our students out. Email apadian@aol.com if you can help. Doing so will mean a lot to students needing help.

G R A D N I G H T 2 0 1 3

Current Price $180, or $90 in January & $90 in February

December 2012, January & February 2013, Volume 3, Issue 3

Page 14
Trabuco Hills High

PTSA 20122012-2013 MiniMini-grants

Mike Padian, PTSA MiniGrant Chair padianteam@aol.com

For the third year, your support of the THHS PTSA reaches hundreds of students by providing much needed educational supplies directly to the classroom. Each year, the PTSA invites all of the teachers to make an application for a Mini-grant. The applications are reviewed and ranked by the PTSA and THHS Administration, with preference given to those that have the most impact on the most students. As in the past, most departments received a mini-grant. This year, among other things, the PTSA purchased a bacterial transformation bath for Mr. McDermitts Biology classes, interactive computer tablets for Mr. Waegner in Science, and Mr. Dekofsky Math classes, graphing handheld calculators for Mrs. Gordons advanced math, current book selections for the library, and a new audio/video cart for the school. The mini-grant program was started several years ago in response to cuts in funding for school supplies. Despite the recently passed tax increases, general school supplies are still substantially underfunded, and your continued support by becoming PTSA members and attending PTSA fundraising events enhances the educational experience of all THHS students. Mr. Dekofsky with some of the state-ofthe-art technology that the PTSA has acquired over the past three years. With these devices, Mr. Dekofsky is able to record every lecture, which he posts on his website, or which can be viewed by students in the classroom.

Mrs. Gordon with her graphing calculators.

Civic Classes Meet Sacramento Leaders

By Suzann Gastreich
The THHS PTSA assisted in having two prominent California Legislators pay a visit to the THHS campus. Republican CA Senator, Mimi Walters, and Democrat Rick Simpson, Chief of Staff to Speaker of the Assembly, spoke candidly and answered questions from our history and government students. newly passed Prop. 30. The students packed the theater and surprised the legislators with their knowledge and depth of questions. Our students represented THHS well and hopefully They covered topics such as, Special Interest Groups, the legislators will return next year for even more Campaign Reform, the Economy, Higher Education questions! Thanks PTSA!!! Costs, and there were many questions about the

Trabuco Hills High PTSA Pony Express

page 15

4th District Legislative Advocacy Communicator

Next State Budget Process Begins
The start of a new year means the beginning of a new state budget cycle in Sacramento. The governor and legislature will have to decide how to resolve the remaining $1.9 billion deficit and how to allocate the additional revenue resulting from the passage of Prop. 30. They will also have to determine if this is the right time to replace the existing school funding system with a weighted student formula, which would provide a base amount for each pupil plus an additional amount for low-income students and English language learners. Gov. Brown has announced that he plans to re-introduce this idea and propose ways to give school districts more flexibility in how they spend state funding. The first step in the process is the development of a proposed budget, based on estimated revenues, which the Governor must submit to the Legislature by January 10. The Legislative Analysts Office (LAO) will issue its analysis of this proposal by the third week of February. During the next months, Assembly and Senate budget committees will review the proposal and develop their own versions of the budget. In mid-May, the governor will issue an updated May Revise version of the budget based on actual revenues received through taxes. The LAO will again present its analysis. A conference committee may meet to resolve the differences between the Assembly and Senate versions of the budget, and there may be continuing discussions between legislators and the Governor. The state Constitution requires the legislators to complete the budget by June 15. If they miss the deadline, they permanently lose their pay and expenses for every day that the budget is not passed. If the Governor receives the budget on time, he must sign it by June 30.

Calendar of Events
Advocacy Roundtable
Friday, January 25, 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM Orange County Department of Education 200 Kalmus Drive, Costa Mesa *Open to all PTA members posed budget will impact education, go to www.edsource.org Additional information, including an easy to read guide to the budget process, is at the California Budget Project, www.cbp.org

The Latest Education News from Washington D.C.

Presented by

Jacque Chevalier
National PTAs Senior Education Policy Analyst

Friday, January 25 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Orange County Department of Education Building D, Rooms 1001 and 1002 200 Kalmus Drive, Costa Mesa 92626

All PTA members are welcome to attend. No need to RSVP...just show up!
Questions? Contact Fran Sdao at roundtables@fourthdistrictpta.org

U.S. Department of Education Turns Down Californias NCLB waiver (No Child Left Behind)

Californias application for a waiver from the NO Child Left Behind (NCLB) law has been turned down by the U.S. Department of Education. The law requires among other things, that states show they are moving toward 100% proficiency of all students in English language arts and math by 2014. There are repercussions for schools Information about the budget and the budget process can and districts that don't show enough progress toward this be found at the following sites: goal. The California Department of Finance will publish Currently 70% of California schools that receive federal the complete budget at www.dof.ca.gov Title I money are in Program Improvement, the LAO reports my be found at www.lao.ca.gov continued on page 14 For information and commentary on how the pro-

December 2012, January & February 2013, Volume 3, Issue 3

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designation for failing to meet NCLB goals. These schools must notify parents annually that they can transfer their children to another school, and must set aside 20% of Title I money for student tutoring and transporting students to schools of their choice. There are also restrictions on Title I dollars for teacher training. Statewide, this ties up $353 million that schools could use for other purposes. NCLB expired in 2007 and is overdue to be reauthorized, and possibly revised, but Congress has failed to act. Many people believe the goals of the law are impossible to achieve. The U.S. Department of Education agreed to issue waivers to states if they adopted rigorous academic achievement standards, programs to improve lowperforming schools and an accountability system that included the use of standardized test scores to evaluate teachers and principals. California education officials estimated that it would cost $2 billion to $2.7 billion to meet the waiver criteria and objected to the use of test scores in evaluating educators. NCLB inaccurately labels too many schools as failing, creating confusion among parents and the public, demoralizing teachers, and restricting the use of funding, said State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson. He and State Board of Education president Michael Kirst asked that California be allowed to use its own accountability system for schools. We want relief from the parts of the federal law that arent working, but that doesn't mean were retreating from accountability, said Kirst. Our system is better than NCLB at identifying which schools need help. NCLB tracks school performance through the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) reports, while California has its own accountability system, the Academic Performance Index (API). Waivers have been granted to 33 states and the District of Columbia. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said he might consider granting a waiver to school districts in states whose waivers are turned down, as long as the districts meet the criteria, including evaluating systems. Eight California school districts have come together under the umbrella of the nonprofit California Office to Reform Education (CORE) and have expressed an interest in applying for these waivers. They include Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento City and Fresno Unified School Districts.

Federal Education Budget Cuts Delayed by LastLast-minute Deal

The compromise deal approved by Congress on New Years Day to avert the fiscal cliff gave California schools a two-month reprieve from potential cuts in federal funding. Congress delayed a decision on the automatic spending cuts until early March. If the 8.2% federal spending cuts had gone into effect January 1, California would have lost more than $350 million in education funding. The federal government provides less that 10% of school spending in the state, but most of the money goes to programs for poor children and students with disabilities. The 8.2% in cuts for California would include: $139.6 million in Title I grants to districts with low-income students $107 million for special education, including services for preschool-aged children $75 million for Head Start $19 million in child-care subsidies $15 million for career and technical education The cuts to Head Start and to subsidies for school districts that serve families working at federal facilities were to take effect January 1. The rest were scheduled for July 1..

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Reflections 20122012-2013 The Magic of a Moment

A Reflections Co- Chairs,

Andrea Padian , apadian@aol.com, Tonga Prather, tonga160@yahoo.com

The winning Reflections entries have been selected at Trabuco Hills, within our district & in the Fourth District PTAs. This January all first place winners at our school district will be displayed at the Fourth District Open House and 1st place winners at that level will be announced. On February 11th, all winners at THHS will receive their awards during the PTSA meeting at 7 PM in the MPR. School district award winners have been invited to an open house reception at the district on February 25th at 6:30 PM. It will be attended by our superintendent, Clint Harwick, and school board members. Typically in the past, there has been a formal award ceremony, but because there were so many winners at this level, that would be impossible, and so the open house will be held instead. We had seven district winners this year! Cookies will be served and we encourage all families to stop by and see the amazing work all

our SVUSD PTA schools have produced. We have real talent in our valley! Winners at the Fourth District level will move on to the State PTA for additional judging and those winners will be announced at the State PTA convention in May. Our school and district winners are listed below. We had winners in almost all categories except Dance / Choreography, so hopefully some students will submit entries in that area next year so we can participate in all the art categories. Thanks to all of you that submitted entries this year. And thanks to all our teachers who encouraged their students to participate. Great job again Mustangs!.

THHS Winners & *SVUSD Winners Visual Arts

1st Place THHS & *3rd Place District

1st Place THHS & *1st Place District

Madeline Klein Happy birthday 2nd Place THHS Hannah Randal 3rd Place THHS Brandi Masci

Chiara Burns A Beautiful Struggle

2nd Place THHS & *3rd Place District

Renee Sanchez The Diner 3rd Place THHS Clara Nguyen

Special Artist
1st Place THHS & *1st Place District

1st Place THHS *2nd Place District

Lelia Woods Star Dragon

Elizabeth Elder Perception of Reality

1st Place at THHS & *1st Place District

2nd Place THHS *1st Place District

Brittany Boud Coming Home

New PTA Reflections theme for 2013-2014

Sarah McCarter Perception of Reality 3rd Place THHS - Sarah Hayman

Believe, Dream, Inspire

Due October 8, 2013
Go to www.CAPTA.org/sections/programs/ reflections.cfm for more information on this program.

Video / Film Production

1st Place at THHS

Mitchell Izykowski

December 2012, January & February 2013, Volume 3, Issue 3

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How Can YOU Help Support Our PTSA, Students & Teachers?
DONATION BIN: We have a donation bin in conjunction with Community of Change. Please donate your old clothing, towels, blankets, sheets, rags, purses and shoes! All textiles will be accepted. The PTSA will receive a dollar back for every 50 pounds of donations collected. The bin is located on the Santa Margarita Pkwy side of the school near the tennis courts, on the road that leads to the front of the school. You can just pull up to the bin and drop off your goods. Do it throughout the year! SPREEBIRD(formerly Screamin Daily Deals): Want to get a great deal on food, entertainment, massages, hair care and more? Check out Spreebird! You will get about 3 deals per day from local businesses. Purchase your deal, print the coupon and enjoy savings up to 70%! Sign up on the PTSA website, or www.spreebird.com, choose THHS PTSA as your school to support! Its free and our school is entered in a 100K giveaway based on new sign ups. KEY TO SAFE DRIVING: Protect your teen from texting & talking on their cell phones while driving! It does allow your teen access to 911 and parents in case of an emergency. The device is $95.00 and can be purchased from the PTSA website. ITALIAN ICE: Sold every Thursday from 2pm to 4pm in front of the school. Cost is $3.00 per cup and supports PTSA. Yummy, too! RECYCLING: Drop off your used printer cartridges, laptops, digital cameras, and cell phonebroken or otherwise in the office recycle box. If you know a business that would donate their old recycles, we can pick them up. Email Brenda at brendahanrath@cox.net for info. RALPHS & E-SCRIP: Go to the PTSA website at www.thhsptsa.org and sign up your Ralphs Club Card or Vons/Pavilions card with the Ralphs Community Contribution Program and/or EScript program. Its easy and a percentage of all your purchases will go back to the school/PTSA. It costs no money and doesnt take away from your own rewards. Don t wait! Do it today. Families can raise thousands of dollars this way, but not if you dont sign up. SIMONS AUTO BODY, INC: When you go to have your car fixed at Simons and mention the Trabuco Hills PTSA, he will donate 10% of the total bill back to our PTSA! The shop is at 23551 Commerce Center Dr., Laguna Hills, 949-951-5265.

Eat Out and Help our School

greek cafe
Join students, families and faculty to make our restaurant fundraisers successful. Be sure to print and bring a flyer before you go. You can find flyers before the event on the Daily Announcements in PDF form, pick one up at the office or download and print the flyer from the PTSA website at www.thhsptsa.org/ before you leave to eat. A percentage of your purchase will go towards purchasing paper and soft supplies for teachers and classrooms. Our January restaurant is Daphnes in RSM & Foothill Ranch .

Purchase Our New THHS PTSA Community Discount Card & SAVE
every day on Food, Car Services, Activities, Salons and much more!

Tuesday, January 22nd, 5:30 PM to closing 22245 El Paseo, Rancho Santa Margarita 26612 Towne Centre Dr. , Suite 1, Foothill Ranch ****Dont forget, your purchases help out all our classrooms, students and teachers

31 Vendor discounts to use every day until the end of August 2013. Earn your money back after just one purchase in many cases!!! Email Diane at dmwilliams@swlaw.com OR

Brenda at Brendahanrath@cox.net
for info &/or to buy a card. today. Help PTSA help our students, teacher & school and SAVE!

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Mark Your Calendar...

January 21 January 23-25 January 28

Trabuco Hills High NO SCHOOLMartin Luther King Day Finals Exams *Minimum Days Second Semester Begins Collaboration Day February 2 Willie Wonkas Winter Formal, Saturday 8 11:30 PM, Richard Nixon Library February 4-8 International Week February 8 International Food Fair February 11 Collaboration Day PTSA Association Meeting 7 PM MPR *2013-2014 PTSA Slate Announced *THHS Reflections Award Ceremony February 14 Valentines Day February 14-18 NO SCHOOLPresidents Weekend *one day may be eliminated as furlough days are returned to the school calendar March 11 Collaboration Day March 12 Board of Education Meeting 6:30 PM, SVUSD Board Room March 18 PTSA Association Meeting, 7 PM MPR *2013-2013 PTSA Board Election March 25 Collaboration Day March 27 THHS Open House March 29-April 5 NO SCHOOL Spring Break * March 29th may be eliminated as furlough days are returned to the school calendar

Volunteer Helpers Needed

2013-2014 PTSA BoardNew board members are nominated during January to fill the slate of elected board members for next years board. If you are interested in serving in any of the following positions, advise Suzann, our parliamentarian, at Suzann.gastreich@gmail.com. POSITIONS AVAILABLE: president, executive vice presi dent, 1st VP Membership, 2nd VP Ways & Means, 3rd VP Student Leader, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Secretary, Auditor, Historian, & Advocacy/Legislative Rep. Other appointed posi- tions will become available after the election in March. Look for more information then.

Grad Night Car Wash ChairOne or two people to organize car washes for seniors that need help paying for Grad night. We are hoping to do at least 2 car washes before May on a weekend. Email Andrea at apadian@aol.com or Lisa at lisakaybauer@yahoo.com Grad Night Committee Members and Grad Night volunteers for check in, goodie bag assembly, chaperones, security, ticket sales at snack on Fridays, publicity and more. apadian@aol.com Taste of the Hills Chair, Committee Members & Volunteersa fun event for all. Contact Diane at dmwilliamss@swlaw.com for more information.