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RnHeals Monthly Journal March 2013 Name: Solis, Grace Marie Rallos Room Area of assignment: Labor/Delivery



This is my third month in the delivery room and I can say that right now I am quite confident about myself since everything we do right now serve as a routine. Still we monitor the patient's blood pressure, time contractions and examine the mother-to-be to see how close she is to delivering the baby. We are also capable of identifying any complications. Before labor, we educated a woman and her family on the stages of giving birth, and what to expect. During labor, we coached a woman how to do breathing exercises and when to push. We may also start IVs to administer Oxytocin, a synthetic hormone that stimulates contractions and helps a woman go into labor more quickly. And also another important responsibility of a labor & delivery nurse is to care for the mother and baby after the baby is born, and educate the mother on breastfeeding and personal care after childbirth.


It is so amazing where another phase of life begin to breathe, the moment we see another life on earth, the place where a new child is born: the delivery room. Once said, hospital is a place where financial issue remains to be debated and unresolved due to high hospital bills. Perhaps, to some or mostly indeed, but for what nurses and midwives do believe in every bad thought there is always a place where ideal care promises great competency. Delivery room an area where nurses and midwives always perceive and integrate proper assessment, heartily diagnosis, good planning, right implementation and steadfast evaluation. I do believe delivery

room nurses and midwives are incredible in mounting the finest quality of care to patients. Because learning is such a virtue, we, delivery room nurses and midwives must develop and enhance during our practice. By hospital policy and compassionate rationalization nurses and midwives aim to deliver the paramount understanding about rules and regulation in the delivery room on what every patient should know as well as with their significant others. We can update the patient and their significant others the situation the patient is undergoing, the needs they can give, the emotional and spiritual support and other necessary information that are essential and desirable. As nurses and midwives we are still liable to practice with good ethics. Furthermore, it's a huge impact to the society on what we do, how much we know and why is our profession important. Unlike other area or department in the hospital, the delivery room nurses and midwives gives humane and excellent patient care that is entirely different. From welcoming the expecting mothers, establishing rapport, comforting them during labor, explaining to them the proper breathing, positioning and so on and so forth until delivery progresses and when the baby is out. Convenience and respect as an individual manages the bonding between the nurses, midwives and their patients. Through laughter's and tears the healthcare team and patients undertake. It is a one of a lifetime event that stresses out how humanity witnesses their weakness and strength during labor and delivery. Not even science can stop the process because it is a natural occurrence of life. The delivery room is the heart of every hospital and to simplify the heart of nurses and midwives. Both providing and promoting the best tender love and care ever during the mother's labor and delivery as well as during bathing and feeding of babies. It is a whole new world in the delivery room each nurse and midwife learns how to work independently, boosting their knowledge, skills and attitude. It is a touch of heart to be honest we cannot deny how emotional we can be when we see the baby comes out during delivery. We see life at its best, the package we always remember how we as human was brought to earth and cried out loud at the delivery room. Its life and we should value it. We should all be grateful to the nurses and midwives who cared and assisted us during our momentous birth. "A hospital without a delivery room cannot relate the beauty of birth in humanity simply because it is the area where life begins to breathe and live. During delivery the milieu is superbly inspiring to be alive and to be thankful about life and to the Almighty Lord."


For me the issue is about information dissemination regarding the routine schedule for fumigation in the delivery room. District hospitals, lying in clinics and barangay health centers should be properly informed ahead of time regarding the fumigation process in order for them to give notification to the concerned pregnant women who will be having their EDC on the dates that are covered by the fumigation process.


My recommendation is for our institution to give an early notice especially to remote municipalities and barangays of the province of Cebu that relies majorly on the services that VSMMC caters, which is birthing and maternal care. Also we can use the local news agencies for the spread of the said fumigation, and lastly we can utilize radio broadcast to reach rural areas for them to be able some time and ready themselves. Another recommendation would be, if other agencies wish to refer patients, it should be valid and it should undergo proper phone endorsement and appraisal of patient from the referring hospital regarding the situation. But it would be very pleasing if the other hospitals would cater these patients so that the schedule for the fumigation will be on time and services will be back in full swing before theyll know it.

Prepared by:

Noted by:

Grace Marie R. Solis RnHeals Nurse

Mrs. Araceli Navarro Area Supervisor

Dr. Alma B. Ungab Chief Nurse